MAMA PLAYS AMONG US WITH US - She has 999 Imposter IQ

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Måned siden

Brooke plays Among Us with the Norris Nuts. She's actually a good impostor.
Watch us play AMONG US IN REAL LIFE here
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Norris Nuts Gaming
Norris Nuts Gaming Måned siden
Watch us play AMONG US IN REAL LIFE here
COOKIE 26 minutter siden
Hi Norris nuts! I love you guys so much ❤️ please upload more videos! :) 💕
sumaya Wardere
sumaya Wardere 9 timer siden
@Chillin' with Rachel 💛 okie
Charlie Games
Charlie Games 17 timer siden
Im gonna have channel in 2021 .
nevaeh osboren
nevaeh osboren 2 dager siden
You so cool
A.manda Alwin
A.manda Alwin 6 dager siden
Stay safe 🙂
Crazy girl Check
Crazy girl Check Time siden
I get triggered easily but I’m ok lololololololololololol
Rania Awaits
Rania Awaits Time siden
sabre is the worst when she screams i hate her!!!
Autumn 3 timer siden
i cant sign up to the email list ive been trying for ages :c
Jeila Jones
Jeila Jones 6 timer siden
mum: ¨im scared when i alone because when im alone i get killed¨
Elle Tollestrup
Elle Tollestrup 10 timer siden
Mum to max and biggy: we are all friends! Biggy and naz: AHHHHHHHHHH SHE GONNA KILL US!
SRK dancer
SRK dancer 14 timer siden
Love you guys
SRK dancer
SRK dancer 14 timer siden
Leilani Ocampo
Leilani Ocampo 16 timer siden
R.I.P. my ears I have AirPods on😭😭
T e d d y
T e d d y 17 timer siden
Mum:boggy stay with me!!!!! Two seconds later Mum: AHHH BIGGYS CHASING ME
Erica Kensen
Erica Kensen 17 timer siden
good job slender mum
Itz Maya Xc
Itz Maya Xc 19 timer siden
No heat at all but if you watch your guises new video that said that Momma killed her and she got a time out but when biggie said mama killed him he never got time out so
Mika 19 timer siden
Kind Vibes
Kind Vibes 19 timer siden
this is so good make million more pls
Abbie Free
Abbie Free 21 time siden
Hi I'm a big fan lol
Rylee Tesch
Rylee Tesch 21 time siden
Sockie:Mum lights mum LIGHTS Mum:It’s so dark Mum:*talks to random ghost* I’ve lost all my friends :.(
dancing Kelly
dancing Kelly 23 timer siden
naz swore
Kids play Toys
Kids play Toys 23 timer siden
I don’t like Nas she just doesn’t she just calls people out
Håkon Widmer
Håkon Widmer Dag siden
Alan Ade
Alan Ade Dag siden
Ewwwwww biggy why did you ate a wire
Aracely Pugalopez
Aracely Pugalopez Dag siden
Biggy cheated he yell ITS MUM!!!! and died did no one see here. 10:49
Leonardo Soils
Leonardo Soils Dag siden
Is it just me or is sockie is cross eye
anayah salehyar
anayah salehyar Dag siden
Funny thing is I’m from Pakistan too 🤘🏼
Rebekah Wilson
Rebekah Wilson Dag siden
at the start mama was impoater and you guys are funny the norris nuts are cool and the mum and dad are bad
Jaylina Nunez
Jaylina Nunez Dag siden
Riley Snider
Riley Snider Dag siden
Mum: we’re all friends Biggy and Naz: AhH sHeS ChAsInG mE
Toxic Lemon and Mimi
Toxic Lemon and Mimi Dag siden
Me like yeah like she won’t when it warned me me after 😤
sydney Dag siden
i love how mum types in all caps everytime
Erin Dag siden
Sockie the among us trainer/coach
Regan Thomas
Regan Thomas Dag siden
nazzy:MUMS CHASING MEE mama:were freinds
Maya Marin
Maya Marin Dag siden
hi Norris Nuts I just wanted to tell U that I can't buy the Norris Nuts fashion
Maya Marin
Maya Marin Dag siden
sorry but I am a big legen and this is for sabre i wish you can come to America because i and a American legan
sophia10 Harrison
sophia10 Harrison Dag siden
plz do more videos with mum i binch watch them like every time i love them!!
Muky Muu
Muky Muu Dag siden
Muky Muu
Muky Muu Dag siden
Mama is so funny
Karmin Meade
Karmin Meade Dag siden
Catch me Knuckles yeah for the legends
Anlumica Dumlao
Anlumica Dumlao Dag siden
When I found out I got perfect score in my exam my reaction be like this 5:33
Tammy Andreassen
Tammy Andreassen Dag siden
(When she slips out of her chair )😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hajra abbas
Hajra abbas Dag siden
You guys da best😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Other people:yeah i know them my two year old brother watches them Me:i am 22 bro😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emma Flores
Emma Flores 2 dager siden
Waffle Toca
Waffle Toca 2 dager siden
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Mama: Vote, are they noobs or something?!
jez spillane
jez spillane 2 dager siden
Rhianna Cooking
Rhianna Cooking 2 dager siden
Omg thos was so funny
Paloma Gutierrez
Paloma Gutierrez 2 dager siden
I love how everyone was so scared of dinosaur ❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liam Spiteri
Liam Spiteri 2 dager siden
Rat rat rat
Olivia Becerra
Olivia Becerra 2 dager siden
This was So funny Read more
•CookieAri• 2 dager siden
I love y'all
Rylee Earl
Rylee Earl 2 dager siden
hi I loVE LOVE LOVE all your channels and i am subed to everyone but can you do a video where you can't talk at all. or scream pls. like so they can see this. pls l l l l v
Celeste mcdonald
Celeste mcdonald 2 dager siden
Honestly mama is such a good actor
Lisa Lu
Lisa Lu 2 dager siden
pls do more
Yaznelie Cruz Espada
Yaznelie Cruz Espada 2 dager siden
I had headphones on 😵👂🏻
Anna Liddell
Anna Liddell 2 dager siden
the screening is ✨immaculate✨
Andy corrie
Andy corrie 2 dager siden
Why does Naz look like a mini Sabre?
nevaeh osboren
nevaeh osboren 2 dager siden
I love norris nuts
Adina King
Adina King 2 dager siden
please play another real life among us!! it was so fun to watch
cinnamon Charli
cinnamon Charli 2 dager siden
Ily guys 🥺🥺
shxdowz 2 dager siden
No one: Not even biggy: Mama: SUS Also when mama said are they noobs are something. 😂 No hate
Elizabeth Egbuchinem
Elizabeth Egbuchinem 3 dager siden
To the 00000000.1% of the word that's reading this, Stay Safe during this pandemic Let's pray they find a vaccine 🙏 Wear masks Stay safe we will defeat this Pandemic
•Yellow Blossom•
•Yellow Blossom• 3 dager siden
mama- nazzy likes being with me we are just chilling Nazz- GET AWAY😂😂😂 this vid was so funny mum is a great gamer
غنو قريبي
غنو قريبي 3 dager siden
I like mama when she shouts (8:25)
I duNnO I feel cutE
I duNnO I feel cutE 3 dager siden
I love mama playing among us
Juan Soka
Juan Soka 3 dager siden
b mcnamara,d. mfel
Kayla Cooper
Kayla Cooper 3 dager siden
Also the nice nice see you but you are the best I've ever seen sabre it is all to Sabre sabre you are the best to me
Kayla Cooper
Kayla Cooper 3 dager siden
It is actually really good and he has so much more fun things to learn in among us
Kayla Cooper
Kayla Cooper 3 dager siden
I like someone she played in Minecraft
yennego B.
yennego B. 3 dager siden
The fact how biggy screams so loud like “it’s not mr
It's S&M
It's S&M 3 dager siden
Stop always blaming sab
Kittycorn Sparkle
Kittycorn Sparkle 3 dager siden
Hi norris nuts I want to know where is your city because my cousin life's in Melbourne
Janna Chadi
Janna Chadi 3 dager siden
Biggy just wants to win!
Alexa Ng
Alexa Ng 3 dager siden
Dude ur mum was imposter
Hailey Roberts
Hailey Roberts 3 dager siden
can you wake board and if you do can you please make a video of you guys doing so? from your bigest fan!
Hailey Roberts
Hailey Roberts 3 dager siden
I love ur vids
Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer 3 dager siden
Mama is sooo me playing this game 😂😂😂
My Mobile
My Mobile 3 dager siden
Just one thing when you play amung us in real life plz have kill cool down
Yvie Festa
Yvie Festa 3 dager siden
can we have more smug us vids with mama
Fatima Khamis Salim Ali Al Darmaki
Fatima Khamis Salim Ali Al Darmaki 3 dager siden
Mama is the impostor and she see someone peacfully walking "OmG hEs So SuS😂😂😂❤❤❤
Yasmine Assrour
Yasmine Assrour 3 dager siden
Iisimply Cherry
Iisimply Cherry 3 dager siden
Mama:following the arrow then she says YES YES Me:umm the arrow is that way,....l
Fabian salazar
Fabian salazar 3 dager siden
Guys when some one is about to do a emergency meeting sabatoge so they can’t and when they fix it they could do it and blame a
Mrs Bear
Mrs Bear 4 dager siden
Haha the mum thinks there friends vs reality AAHHHH MUMS CHASSNG MEEE!!!!!!!
Sofia Michael
Sofia Michael 4 dager siden
You are the best
laila harper
laila harper 4 dager siden
I love watching slida mom play among us I subscribe to you
ChocolateLolly11 4 dager siden
please go in other rooms and don’t shout COME WITH ME or ITS SABRE
catherine youell
catherine youell 4 dager siden
You guys should sabotage more, but this was funny
Pastel Pink Sloth
Pastel Pink Sloth 4 dager siden
biggy cheated a little when m mum killed him ( no hate)
Lucija Dokić
Lucija Dokić 4 dager siden
Why are y'all screaming
mylife 23
mylife 23 4 dager siden
World's coolest mom ngl.
Ella Turner
Ella Turner 4 dager siden
mama every time im by myself i die your the impostor sockie when she dies it might be u how the hell do u keep getting the impostor
Ella Turner
Ella Turner 4 dager siden
naz got in trouble for yelling out and was kicked out of the game biggy yelled out and thats why mama got voted out
Cris Ziah
Cris Ziah 4 dager siden
Why you guys so into gaming
Loren Fisher
Loren Fisher 4 dager siden
Naz cheated she looked at Sabre screen when slender mom killed sockie
Olu Adetona
Olu Adetona 4 dager siden
you are so-called to the sokie
Paw gaming
Paw gaming 4 dager siden
love your vids
jaebaes world in roblox
jaebaes world in roblox 4 dager siden
I've never watched you guys before but naz and sabre look the same..
Christa Crable
Christa Crable 4 dager siden
Do more aumog us vids
Emily Matty
Emily Matty 5 dager siden
Mum has really changed :2019 no gaming its not good for you :2020 let's play among us😁
Charli fan Xxx
Charli fan Xxx 5 dager siden
U know when your upset u goota which Norris nuts!
maggie henderson
maggie henderson 5 dager siden
i love your vides im your biggis fan. can you please add me on roblox please please
Cameron Marashian
Cameron Marashian 5 dager siden
Good luck 😉
Jokers_YT 5 dager siden
its thank you for warning me for cringe
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez 5 dager siden
naz said the f word
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