How Dream redefined MINECRAFT content

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Andrei Terbea

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#Dream #Minecraft #MinecraftManhunt
Over the past year Dream went from 1000 subscribers to over 10 million subscribers, revolutionizing and redefining the Minecraft community with series like Minecraft Unsolved or Minecraft Manhunt. It all started with videos about Pewdiepie's Minecraft seed, and it turned into original, highly entertaining content in a genre that was considered to be oversaturated. Today we take a look at how he did it, in an attempt to draw some helpful conclusions for anyone who wants to pursue a similar path, whether on NOpost, in Minecraft, or anywhere else, because the same principles apply everywhere.

Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea 12 dager siden
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Malvin Sanchez
Malvin Sanchez 2 timer siden
@1 ṡub with notis before my birthday? shut up
PrimCylinder 890
PrimCylinder 890 21 time siden
Can you do a video on Mini Ladd
spyshy gaming
spyshy gaming 2 dager siden
Btw wilbur is a goose not a duck
Hanson Jhon Olarte
Hanson Jhon Olarte 2 dager siden
Dream help minecraft minecraft was noy not intertaining until dream play manhunt making many poeple wants to play minecraft to play munhunt with friends making dream a minecraft help MiNeCrAfT
10k subscribers without Video
10k subscribers without Video 3 dager siden
Should the D'hamelios have won the 300K on Mr beast live steam trivia
Elii. 6 minutter siden
2.7 million subscribers and no verification smh youtube
Butter-I 8 minutter siden
7:48 Wow he really went through all of that just to make a plain smiley face
someone else
someone else 51 minutt siden
Does anyone appreciate how kinda cute and cool the outro looks?
Pheonix of The Silver Moon
Pheonix of The Silver Moon Time siden
Wow... Dream really does have a 1,000,000IQ...
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice Time siden
*GoodTimesWithScar will forever be the best builder Minecraft has ever had*
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice Time siden
*Even Justin Y. reappeared to find out how Dream became so popular.*
Williame Kuate
Williame Kuate Time siden
You should do one on how funny changed minecraft
Not a comment bot
Not a comment bot 2 timer siden
Dream is brilliant
dark skull
dark skull 3 timer siden
Not only did he bring minecraft back *he also rigged a minecon mob vote by say to vote for a retextered squid and he would follow people* (he didn't follow anyone )
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol 3 timer siden
This is the reason I'm obsessed with Dream's Minecraft Manhunt. Thanks. That wasn't sarcasm...
KillerboyYT02 - PC - MOBILE
KillerboyYT02 - PC - MOBILE 4 timer siden
Why is your bird always angry when you hold him or her
MR KYNN 5 timer siden
I know..... I know you are from ROMANIA LOL 🤣😂
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed 6 timer siden
3:13 what do you mean he is reusing the same idea fro months now(the dumb man hunt)
Mine Blox
Mine Blox 8 timer siden
Xi andrei
Valy Anime Time
Valy Anime Time 8 timer siden
hey fratele meleu =)
obbenknoby 10 timer siden
Omg i think He is getting a youtooz the outline looks like a gosse coming out of the backpack with no hair xD Sorry
Rabias 10 timer siden
Imagine being so Influential and being able change the whole community. WOW
Gare 10 timer siden
The bottom of the totem is actually the most important person
I am a gamer
I am a gamer 10 timer siden
Mr beast made dream famus
Yung King
Yung King 11 timer siden
Yung King
Yung King 11 timer siden
OMG last time I checked he had 5 mil
Subhan Zaman
Subhan Zaman 11 timer siden
Bit ironic that he talks about people jumping on different boats but that's literally what his channel is based on and yet he acts like hes the fucking judge
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 11 timer siden
lol dream suck
Hydro_Pig 7 timer siden
now we wait for the dream stans to attack
ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀᴄᴜᴘ -asethtic
ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀᴄᴜᴘ -asethtic 12 timer siden
Kabi P
Kabi P 12 timer siden
If you hate on dream, remember that the Dream SMP has better drama than ANYTHING that you have watched and yeah :)
Kabi P
Kabi P 7 timer siden
@Hydro_Pig the fanbase sucks- coming from a fan. I don't blame dream, he's trying to deal with millions of people and he rose to fame pretty quickly and had maybe a years worth of experience so it makes sense that he's struggling
Hydro_Pig 7 timer siden
I am totally fine with dream, but the thing I really dont like is his fanbase, and how badly he is handling it
Hooria Nadeem
Hooria Nadeem 13 timer siden
Five 2019
Five 2019 13 timer siden
Dantdm introduced me to minecraft but sadly he doesnt play minecraft anymore but dream made me come back watching and playing minecraft. Huge respect for my childhood being back
Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh 13 timer siden
Man has 11 million now bruh
Shahid Tahsildar
Shahid Tahsildar 13 timer siden
Dream's my favourite content creator, but the stans are crazy. They are mostly 8-9 year olds, so dealing with them is easy as they cant argue properly. They feel like no one's gonna top dream and all. I recommend just leave the stans alone as all they want is attention and when they dont receive any, they'll stop. Also, they think as though george and dream are bfs and think its real and ship them. Its really weird
Wicioslaw 14 timer siden
Bro it's 11,5 now
Joshua Kahn
Joshua Kahn 15 timer siden
All you did too know is mr. beast then you watch this
rusty b
rusty b 16 timer siden
Great vid
FrostBug 17 timer siden
Honestly I'm trying to get into his content and literally confused on where to start as a whole about Dream.
GARBAGE BIN 12 timer siden
just dont
Shahid Tahsildar
Shahid Tahsildar 13 timer siden
You can start from his "unsolved series" or "pewdiepie's seed" . Then the challenges they do. You wont get bored as its always something new. Then watch his manhunt videos from the start to watch the beginning of his big brain plays. Also, STAY AWAY FROM STANS, THEY ARE THE WORST!!!
Yoshi Gaming
Yoshi Gaming 18 timer siden
We need a video in how Corpse Husband gained like half a million subs in a week from playing among us
solarkillerthepro 18 timer siden
S q u a d privileges
Giggity 19 timer siden
His content isn't that good
xiong jing
xiong jing 3 timer siden
Then literally every single minecraft youtubers content isnt that good wtf
Alvaro Mari Andres -28
Alvaro Mari Andres -28 20 timer siden
why does wilbur always look mad
Andre Abdelmassih
Andre Abdelmassih 21 time siden
Nice name.
PrimCylinder 890
PrimCylinder 890 21 time siden
Can you plz do a video on Mini Ladd I know you probably don’t read the comments past first few days of your video being uploaded but if you do happen to read this could you please respond and make a video talking about the situation
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 21 time siden
a video on it but forgot it, and I seriously hope he doesn't do a face reveal BECAUSE something as big and as viral as "Dream" shouldn't seep into someone's personal life.
TB gaming
TB gaming 22 timer siden
Bro make video on CARRYMINTE if you want view
TB gaming
TB gaming 21 time siden
@soinhu foitu I know girl but I am talking about CARRYMINTE he is 26 M
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 21 time siden
now he is 11m
Tong Ken Xuan
Tong Ken Xuan Dag siden
Andrei you should make how among us is stupidly overated.
Tong Ken Xuan
Tong Ken Xuan 3 timer siden
I respect your opinion but doing task and just find out whos imposter is kinda boring when you play it every single day it gets boring if you dont even usually plat it
Hydro_Pig 7 timer siden
its not overrated, its just the simplicity of a fun party game, with lots of creators backing it up and having fun playing it makes it so popular
Shahid Tahsildar
Shahid Tahsildar 13 timer siden
Um, its no stupidly overated. The reason it got popular is because it caused a lot of creators to collab and the game itself is good and it also requires trust and high iq. But, thats just my opinion
Jamal A. AlShehab
Jamal A. AlShehab Dag siden
I’m pretty sure you have an upcoming youtooz figure
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Dag siden
Me: finds holographic pasa 10 charizard in wallet You were wrong. My wallet is the imposter of all wallets. One of a kind and really hard to get
berry pink productions
berry pink productions Dag siden
We need to nerf his intelligence.
Minicrew Mate
Minicrew Mate Dag siden
Forgot your channel name s i searched balled animater and it worked
Moonton Ml
Moonton Ml Dag siden
i just want to know if what country are you from boss andrei?
V Dag siden
Is it weird the only reason Dream changed what he did in order to blow up was because of his sister? He promised he will blow up, and he did.
Shmug Dag siden
Hey Andrei can you talk about Mini Ladd I said this on your other video but he’s done a big no no and I would love to see your matter on it
Saarah Dag siden
Bro, could u do a video on Corpse husband? he has been blowing up everywhere recently
Hima Draws
Hima Draws Dag siden
I like these new types of "chapter" videos but I would prefer your old type of content
lol Ktośkol
lol Ktośkol Dag siden
Terraria is better than Minecraft. Change my mind.
Hydro_Pig 7 timer siden
how is it better
JustBanditt Dag siden
I respect dream for how he planned everything and how he knew what he was doing all along, the way you explained the waiting for the train thing, everything you talked about him playing with his friends the series he did. Very well explained and the information was very accurate. That deserves a like for me keep up the good work!
Saiprem K
Saiprem K Dag siden
Andrei is dj cook's best friend.
Mushrooms423 Dag siden
I feel like I'm the only person left who hasnt gone back to minecraft. I'm proud
Kyle Pflughoeft
Kyle Pflughoeft Dag siden
I saw your yootooz
FnaFreddy Dag siden
Salut, Cine a zis ca Romania va avea vreodata un animator pe youtube .
Zemichael Endalkachew
Zemichael Endalkachew Dag siden
now he is 11m
CasterRGBV2 Dag siden
what makes me stray away from dream is him being shipped with George like ffs why does everything have to be shipped
Muhammad Wissam
Muhammad Wissam Dag siden
guess Pewdiepie makes everyone popular.
Bijal Chowlera
Bijal Chowlera Dag siden
He has 11 million now
soinu foig
soinu foig Dag siden
comment section, some Dream fans are toxic but please ignore them, they feed off of attention Okay ty :)
zia sher
zia sher Dag siden
Andrei should make a discod! So we can talk to each other! ( the audience)
zia sher
zia sher Dag siden
@soinu foig why did u reply to me lol
soinu foig
soinu foig Dag siden
good video and good lesson about luck and preparation :)
Ascoi The Sucho
Ascoi The Sucho Dag siden
Cred ca sunt singurul roman de aici ;c. I think I am the only Romanian dude watching Andrei ;c.
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations Dag siden
Salut Andrei.
Henry Falola
Henry Falola Dag siden
No wonder you have 2 mil subscribers your vids are soo good
Patrick Knowlton
Patrick Knowlton Dag siden
my favourite flavour is 100% preparation and 0% opportunity 😍😍😍 that's where i live baybeeee
Levi Dunkin
Levi Dunkin Dag siden
Andrei: *talks about the Minecraft NOpostr Dream* [Everyone liked that]
Gameplay& more Movie Trailers
Gameplay& more Movie Trailers Dag siden
, dream
Foxicorn Show
Foxicorn Show Dag siden
can you do video of mr beast success
EarthMagic YT
EarthMagic YT Dag siden
Micxie 2.0
Micxie 2.0 Dag siden
BSM 2 Dag siden
Dream with facial expressions is slightly cursed
Giovanni Agundis
Giovanni Agundis 2 dager siden
Dream and his friends are the new Team Crafted
Mylene Sunga
Mylene Sunga 2 dager siden
you should talk about public trolling videos
Harley 2 dager siden
The mouth is driving me crazy lmao
dr animation
dr animation 2 dager siden
Im surprized that he hasnt talked about among us
Foxツ 2 dager siden
good video and good lesson about luck and preparation :)
Foxツ 2 dager siden
Didn't Leafy roast you or something lol?
Alex Greb
Alex Greb 2 dager siden
I remember I first saw dream when he was super small, I think it was his longest jump video that I saw first, and a few months later was blown away by how much he grew in that short time. Does this mean I'm an og or am I still a new fan since I only subbed a couple weeks ago?
Arin Marchand
Arin Marchand 2 dager siden
0:44 I SEE DANTDM!!!
Mundo Gamer
Mundo Gamer 2 dager siden
Do a video on pyrocinical and how he never uploaded petscop 2
My name Is name
My name Is name 2 dager siden
What if pewds George bad boy halo dream technoblade And many more play a team Minecraft manhunt not 1v 10 or something like that something like 5v7
Noah Lee
Noah Lee 2 dager siden
I like how bad has a muffin
Andy Nicholson
Andy Nicholson 2 dager siden
I love this guys videos
C Stump
C Stump 2 dager siden
Anyone else wonder where Andrei gets wilburs sound fx
ARI KHOSHNAW 2 dager siden
Talk about tommyinit
Prabin Neupane
Prabin Neupane 2 dager siden
I unsubscribed you some time ago (don't know exactly when) thought you were getting more cocky with each video. But I think you have improved a lot now I enjoyed these latest vids glad to see you improved. Good job man 👍. Note: this is strictly my opinion
younes deghima
younes deghima 2 dager siden
Hey man what program do you use for animations
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 dager siden
can you do an tablet giveaway again pls
random human being
random human being 2 dager siden
If you love drama I suggest watching the dream smp series on Wilbur soot channel(though other make videos about it too) he basically waltzes in to dream's server and tried to make a drug cartel then kinda accidentally starting a revolution. To sum it up a bunch of theatre kids invaded dream's server and it's amazing. I highly recommend it
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 dager siden
The villagers in 0:44 kook so funny
Anakin Bondariev
Anakin Bondariev 2 dager siden
The fact that andrei has a wilfur plushie that he talks to makes me concerned this man has schizophrenia...
Mello 2 dager siden
When Andrei doesn’t make a Mr beast video Understandable have a great day
Alexander Lutz
Alexander Lutz 2 dager siden
"Do not expect to perform better than you prepare".
Qot Er
Qot Er 2 dager siden
Qot Er
Qot Er 2 dager siden
Qot Er
Qot Er 2 dager siden
TommyTonk 2 dager siden
My issue with dream is that I get a really fake vibe from him. I used to enjoy his stuff but honestly for me all of the "beating Minecraft but" videos have gotten repetitive and boring. The only times I watch him now is when he posts an unsolved video, because those are supposed to feel scripted and can contain some really interesting things. I don't particularly want to watch 50 minutes of a guy running around in Minecraft barely saying anything. Also I find BBH really annoying so that kinda eliminates alot of videos.
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 2 dager siden
he's more real in his live streams, i recommend watching them :) (he talks way more and tells jokes and stuff)
spyshy gaming
spyshy gaming 2 dager siden
Ur so active in twitch dont want u take a break in streaming
Zeus Fajardo
Zeus Fajardo 2 dager siden
I didn't know you knew dream.
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