Food Theory: KFC and the Curse of Colonel Sanders

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2 måneder siden

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be haunted by Colonel Sanders? What could make such a thing a reality? That's where today's theory starts! You see in Japan KFC is HUGELY popular, so much that there are even statues of the Colonel himself. Would you believe that one of those statues is responsible for a CURSE put on a Japanese baseball team? Theorists, this is about to get WEIRD!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Alex Kiragu
Alex Kiragu 3 timer siden
You should start a Music theory channel
YTDark_Skull 2009
YTDark_Skull 2009 5 timer siden
Once you see it you cant unseen
Денис Шелешко
Денис Шелешко 6 timer siden
The tall rat untypically bang because chime lily dress at a disastrous punch. quizzical, oafish zoology
Justin Y’s Spoiled Cousin
Justin Y’s Spoiled Cousin 11 timer siden
I can’t believe that he ACTUALLY RAN AWAY. If I tried to run away I’d last a day.
Adam Mea
Adam Mea 12 timer siden
0:26 just found this hidden easter egg if you pase at this time at the left hand corner youll see freedys pizzeria
Karo Anserlian
Karo Anserlian 15 timer siden
The curse of the billy goat was actually 71 years long
F.B.I 21 time siden
Matpat: *calls japan small* Kosovo: HEAR THAT JAPAN!? I AM MIGHTY AND BIG
Jerome M
Jerome M 22 timer siden
Think that intro was from a woman saying why does kernel Sanders have such a detailed head but a stick body as a joke comment which appeared on a R/Whoooooosh video
Wolfplays1818 Dag siden
and i thought japan couldn't get weirder
Hunshin Tiger : We have to find colonel sanders body. MatPat : No, you actually don’t have to. Just throw it back. Me: WHAT?!
iSeeYah Dag siden
Imagine Kento Bento speaking when the commercial goes Nihongo
B0RK CH1NF0LD5 Dag siden
The Chiefs before the 54th Super Bowl had a 50 year losing streak, and we didn’t launch the Burger King into the Mississippi.
halo rocks
halo rocks Dag siden
I didn't know kfc meant Kentucky fried chicken until i was ten and had lived in Kentucky my whole life and felt really dumb
Drawingfan Dag siden
I just realized that colonel sanders might’ve been Gordon Ramsey’s best friend
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 2 dager siden
now I'm not going to kfc
Ptenarian 2 dager siden
Maybe they just need to through another statue off in order to win again.
Ptenarian 2 dager siden
Dang it, he said that later on
Ptenarian 2 dager siden
Why did they have a coffee cup fall on Isaac, it was an apple either way (which is a food).
boba_ soba
boba_ soba 2 dager siden
Bla bla bla.. all I hear is space jam but with no aliens (or are there??) And without any Looney Tunes
Astin Argo
Astin Argo 2 dager siden
To be honest Mr.Sanders lived for 100 years that’s NUTS
Im Awful
Im Awful 2 dager siden
As a member of the Kentucky crowd,I feel proud that Japan loves our food
NON-ACTIVE CHANNEL 3 dager siden
I feel like he sounds like james from theoddsoneout
The Revolutionary
The Revolutionary 3 dager siden
Matt Pat I’m actually gonna have to disagree with you on this one turkey is most definitely the traditional meal you have on Christmas. Atleast it’s the one I’ve had all my life. Like always amazing vid. Baseball is my third favorite sport I used to love going to Yankees game with my dad.
RobProb X
RobProb X 3 dager siden
Matpat: I looked at ENGLISH resources Me after realizing: We got one!
Y'all need Geesus
Y'all need Geesus 3 dager siden
This is kind of embarrassing, but I didn't think there were KFCs outside of Kentucky until I was in 5th grade. Also random fact about Colonel Sanders that may or may not be true (my parents told me and I want to believe it's true so please don't crush my dreams and say it's not): his tombstone has a golden chicken on it
Scott Kovack YT
Scott Kovack YT 3 dager siden
So Yeah!!! Keep chucking the Colonel Sanders statues off bridges!!! For this social experiment!!! But not real Colonel Sanders because that's cruel. Hehehehe Bare-naked Ladies reference!!! :P.
Mary Collins
Mary Collins 3 dager siden
4th Chanel is going to baseball curses and superstition theory lol
Batman. Wade
Batman. Wade 3 dager siden
Colonel sanders more like Gordon Ramsay
Xxbluebxary bobaxX
Xxbluebxary bobaxX 4 dager siden
hessah alotaibi
hessah alotaibi 4 dager siden
Why don't you travel to saudia arabia and go to jeddah and try out albayk its the best I promise this البيك
Zane Burnett
Zane Burnett 4 dager siden
I mean that’s what I was thinking
Coliemon 4 dager siden
is it bad that i live in kentucky any i have not had kfc
Anelida Caldero
Anelida Caldero 4 dager siden
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 4 dager siden
6:01 this just proves that there are other places in the world that are as crazy and weird as Florida or even crazier and weirder than Florida
meep 4 dager siden
Colonel Sanders is actually Leon Trotsky. Jokes aside, they are like identical twins
Tanis Jansen
Tanis Jansen 4 dager siden
Ice Ninja
Ice Ninja 4 dager siden
No joke I got a kfc ad when watching this video
Ammar Ammar
Ammar Ammar 4 dager siden
Number1_ Obbyist
Number1_ Obbyist 5 dager siden
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 5 dager siden
Riley Hanson
Riley Hanson 5 dager siden
I wouldn’t say people who believe that fast food mascots can cure you are sensible...
JeremyTheFox 5 dager siden
ive finished the series so i have to rewatch it now, ill be here lurking lmao. love the videos Matpat, keep up the great work but make sure to take care of yourself
Wandering Commenter
Wandering Commenter 5 dager siden
Thank you, MatPat. I just impressed everyone watching with me with today's 250,000 dollar Who Wants to be a Millionaire question. Thanks for the help!
Michael A
Michael A 5 dager siden
Japan: *Eats Kentucky for Christmas* USA: *Loses 1 state*
Pigeon 5 dager siden
As someone who lives in Kentucky, that Japanese ad haunts my nightmares.
LightenUp! 5 dager siden
A curse because of a statue of Cl. Sanders??? Puh-leeze! More likely that they committed a destructive foolish act (sin) and haven't repented, apologized and/or restored yet.
LightenUp! 5 dager siden
'Hot octopus udon'? Ewww.
MonkeyBoy32904 5 dager siden
14:12 you see that? that's a gear arrangement that won't work because 3 gears in the triangular angle together cannot spin, one spin cancels the other
chad inc
chad inc 6 dager siden
Who else got an ad for kfc and was terrified at the fact that he knows your next and this is a warning ⚠️
Lucus Gallant
Lucus Gallant 6 dager siden
Ive had turkey or ham on xmas all my life lol
Aiman Grabfood
Aiman Grabfood 6 dager siden
So in this vid,lets just say The kfc statue is thirsty and want a swim But when we stop his swimming and built him back.. He was mad
General Alduin
General Alduin 6 dager siden
We need to get this video to Japan immediately! The tiger fans have to continue throwing Colonel statues!
Elizabeth Streit
Elizabeth Streit 6 dager siden
MattPatt you can't tell people to do that they'll actually do it.
Kieran Gagne
Kieran Gagne 6 dager siden
When the ad said "eat kentucky for christmas!" i live in kentucky so dont eat me japan pls i dont wanna be in your stomach i dont like the smell of it 🤮🤧
the oofman
the oofman 6 dager siden
scott cawton/animdude : why did you use me on a theory?
Krista Buegeler
Krista Buegeler 6 dager siden
He put Nov.22nd
Mystiqal 6 dager siden
Kentucky Christmas reminds me of Vemto where I live..
Shabbir Chandio
Shabbir Chandio 7 dager siden
Ruqayya Abdallah
Ruqayya Abdallah 7 dager siden
Ruqayya Abdallah
Ruqayya Abdallah 7 dager siden
I like how you used a death eater
Q&A Discovery!
Q&A Discovery! 7 dager siden
Hey MatPat, want to make another channel called Gravity Theory or something? Science Theory? What you think guys?
Chryl Tritt
Chryl Tritt 8 dager siden
If They Do It 2 More Times There losing again
BlakeGamerYT 8 dager siden
I clicked on this video and got a KFC ad
lil big Michael
lil big Michael 8 dager siden
1:29 One Giant Onion: *I don't have such weaknesses*
Amirharris boygamerz
Amirharris boygamerz 8 dager siden
new channel matpat
Scientasy-Guy 8 dager siden
Japan isnt that small
Calixto Pinugu
Calixto Pinugu 8 dager siden
Wow 😮
Nxexm 69
Nxexm 69 8 dager siden
Jayce Daniel
Jayce Daniel 8 dager siden
It was for the wins)
Jayce Daniel
Jayce Daniel 8 dager siden
I feel bad for chucky cheese being accused and also for kfc,s statue to be thrown in water but after all they were doing it for the wins..
Leila Haidar
Leila Haidar 8 dager siden
Omg this is why we saw like 6 KFCs going to Lebanon
Glitched Out
Glitched Out 8 dager siden
Soggy_waffler 8 dager siden
I got a kfc ad ;-;
Switch Gang
Switch Gang 8 dager siden
¥£{€¥~¥£€€ jk I ain’t jibberish
Hamody XS
Hamody XS 8 dager siden
I am an egyptian and you got my respect
samoan dude
samoan dude 9 dager siden
I watch this at school and we are learning about country's food for Christmas
Nothing cool about this artist
Nothing cool about this artist 9 dager siden
Just noticed that nugget is on the intro
Toe cul
Toe cul 9 dager siden
Me before watching the video: DANG THIS IS STUPID Me after watching the video: *my brain is now a chicken wing*
Burger 9 dager siden
Happy Thanksgiving!!!🦃🍁🍽
HUH MASTER 9 dager siden
He should make a sports theory channel
RoRo D
RoRo D 9 dager siden
I want kfc now but where I live there are no kfc’s
JJ & Cocoa
JJ & Cocoa 10 dager siden
2:23 Too true
AwkwardTurtleOwO 10 dager siden
The start lol XD
Mileidy Christoffel
Mileidy Christoffel 10 dager siden
me a cruse i had bin there AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
WeebKing 10 dager siden
Matt:Japanese people are nuts about their cheer song Me:GO GO LETS GO LETS GO DATEKO!
[] Ethan []
[] Ethan [] 10 dager siden
Idk seems like we should yeet another one over a bridge
Pure Hate F u
Pure Hate F u 10 dager siden
How do you not have turkey on Christmas.?.
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios 10 dager siden
KFC lore.
Pharaoh GMD
Pharaoh GMD 10 dager siden
I don’t care what you say Japan has the best ads
Elijah Sofyre Regner Baclayon
Elijah Sofyre Regner Baclayon 10 dager siden
food theory film theory game theory..... then how about book theory trash theory and curse theory
Samtistry 10 dager siden
So I'm filipino, specifically Filipina. I have a question? Why do we call it "kernel" or "cernel" and not colonel?
MoonMaiden564 10 dager siden
I'm actually disappointed to find that there was no mention of him stealing the recipe from a person of color, Miss Childress. Not even a mention about being concerned about these allegations.
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ 10 dager siden
Ok these theories are just becoming more stupid..
sexy daddy
sexy daddy 10 dager siden
Guess what the man behind THE slater
Caleb cuber
Caleb cuber 10 dager siden
dude, you need to make a "conspiracy theory" channel, you could take all the big mysteries and debunk them. PLS MAKE A 5TH CHANNEL
light star
light star 11 dager siden
My mom was the manger there she worked there her whole life and died
Ado Levant
Ado Levant 11 dager siden
Y'all don't have turkey at Christmas? Wow... Turkey is every Christmas in Merry old England
PrussianOwl23 11 dager siden
The song in the newer Kentucky Christmas commercials is sang by none other than Mariya Takeuchi, of Plastic Love fame
Braden Thatcher
Braden Thatcher 11 dager siden
That intro tho...
WNsks Leader
WNsks Leader 11 dager siden
I like McDonald’s
•MoonBunn• 11 dager siden
*I will never stop eating Kentucky Fried Chicken NEVER*
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