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Buckin' Billy Ray Smith

3 år siden

i cut these trees down on the day of the live feed and launch of the new web site. I was excited all day and had to keep focused , i fell some tall timber

nam tran
nam tran 4 dager siden
Done dee.
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 4 dager siden
"just pull out" words to live by
involved bystander
involved bystander 8 dager siden
im really really lichen it :)
German Barrios
German Barrios 28 dager siden
Tiene mucho conocimiente en el trabajos e visto principiante que no tiene idea como cortar un arbol
val/John Longo’s
val/John Longo’s Måned siden
That first tree I might have gapped face the first one for more control but I’m not there you are good work ya probably don’t want to dig branches into the lawn
jim ramsey
jim ramsey Måned siden
Got a little play in that steering wheel, do you?
DXHUNTER Måned siden
Good job.
Bad Boy.
Bad Boy. Måned siden
That guy isn't an thing special the are and you could match saw.
steven herrold
steven herrold Måned siden
when you slow the video down your saw sounds like an old steam engine like the little engine that could . chuga! chuga! chuga! chuga!
Scott Liles
Scott Liles Måned siden
pretty darn impressive. you could have spoke in Russian and it would have made just as much sense because I didn't have a clue what you were explaining. You speak treeology and to me it's a foreign language. But it was very interesting and the results were spot on. well done!! Host has a splendid personality and was enjoyable to listen and watch. Thanks for taking the time to capture and edit the process of some precision tree falling.
Gatlin Smith
Gatlin Smith Måned siden
Who thinks this is satisfying
Can Win Sales Podcast
Can Win Sales Podcast Måned siden
Sales Concepts for Service Industries! Have a great 2021!
Wayne H
Wayne H Måned siden
That ol' McCullogh is a beast!
Paul Foden
Paul Foden Måned siden
Superb doc; really up close, nothing missed out. I bet your ass was going when that one headed towards the shed, though!
Tommy-Alan Hewins
Tommy-Alan Hewins Måned siden
Holy fuck guy cut a fuck n tree dam b . U did gd job but shut the fuck watch me he he dam b u should prob just look n mirror n say watch me he he i rock. Gd job tho pal
steven riggleman
steven riggleman 2 måneder siden
Yessir i understand. If you know what your doing with the saw and its slightly off from where you want it to go then you can cut last second on whatever side you want it to stay towards as it goes wait 1 second to long and miss the opportunity on the fly and you may have it land a few feet off. But you can bring it back on the fly by a few more braps but knowing wherevthe weight is is key. If you dont know how judge a tree dont try. Knowing where weight is and the lean and wind all comes into play great job brother subscribered. Im a powerlineman / farm boy who grew up with tree fellers.
Bob D
Bob D 2 måneder siden
Dude, the start of your video strikes me as though your anti depressants are just kicking in or you just snorted a good line of speed. Glad to see you so passionate about packing wedges for your tree felling. LMAO!
steve stumpy
steve stumpy 2 måneder siden
your good
Clint Blackburn
Clint Blackburn 2 måneder siden
id love to work with you for a month an pick your brain.
GLD8R ONE 2 måneder siden
Nick 2 måneder siden
as you are a professional lumberjack, what is your go-to saw? for example in the UK Sthil and Husqvarna are the best, the rest are seen as cheap saws.
John Browne
John Browne 2 måneder siden
Would that one Fir be long enough to be used as a telephone pole? They use Firs to make those.according to the video that I watched on NOpost. BTW, How long does ti take for wood to "season" up there? 6 months? 9 months?
Brandon Carlson
Brandon Carlson 2 måneder siden
Your experience definitely shows. Great work!!
WillieT 2 måneder siden
Just love listening to someone talk about their craft that they mastered.
carl hosker
carl hosker 2 måneder siden
An absolute joy to watch a professional at work yet not a big head nor arrogant with it.! And has a sense of humour👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧
Nature's Beat
Nature's Beat 2 måneder siden
Billy, do you live on the island?:) From Vic, living for the vids!
Brice S
Brice S 2 måneder siden
I like your rope work, I think we have a different idea for what a taut line is tho
Mingsong Cui
Mingsong Cui 2 måneder siden
This guy is not a pro for sure.
cronje van der merwe
cronje van der merwe 2 måneder siden
I must complement u an your log at the back of your pickup wear u put your saw guide bares is. I did the same ting ate work. Its dry and need to cut a new one. I used a marula trunk
Ulleam Mac-an-toisich
Ulleam Mac-an-toisich 2 måneder siden
mcculloch must be better over by you as in the uk theyre shit
jack siscavage
jack siscavage 3 måneder siden
Never a tree fail here on Billy's channel. Master.
scrappy hustler
scrappy hustler 3 måneder siden
I'm am just in awe how this gentleman can fell all these giant trees all in the same place and he does it with the older saws which imo is the only way to go a true arborist and one with class. I'm subscribing now!
damnwereinatightspot 3 måneder siden
Madddd friggin skilz bro!
Double Deuce
Double Deuce 3 måneder siden
Subscribed...Truly impressive! ...When you said you were not worried about about the shed, do you think you should have been more worried? Because that was so close a few small factors, like a squirrel fart of a breeze could have been bad. I used to collect old chainsaws, and really enjoy watching you use them so expertly.
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 2 måneder siden
Jeff Manner
Jeff Manner 3 måneder siden
good job
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 3 måneder siden
Topsy Gowen
Topsy Gowen 3 måneder siden
He is the Steve Erwin of cutting trees...friends.
executivesteps 5 måneder siden
“I wasn’t worried about the shed!” Maybe just a little bit! 😎
George Doorley
George Doorley 3 måneder siden
you do not get a lot of time to worry when the tree starts to drift a bit on its journey to the ground .......
Mitchell Kasdin
Mitchell Kasdin 5 måneder siden
I was sure you were going to hit the house? I’ll have to keep watching...
TheIrongutz 5 måneder siden
Best running Mccul saw I’ve ever seen
Earnest Prole
Earnest Prole 5 måneder siden
I wouldn't trade places with Buckin' Billy for all the whiskey in Ireland.
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 2 måneder siden
Leopard 2A6
Leopard 2A6 6 måneder siden
RubberRivet 2 måneder siden
"I feel like a brain surgeon rite now"
Tjaldelama 6 måneder siden
It looks like you are really good at what you do...
C. Smythe
C. Smythe 6 måneder siden
hey! you guys are gettin' pretty good at that! nice work . . .
Cavan Eccleston
Cavan Eccleston 6 måneder siden
Piledriver 6 måneder siden
Good to watch a craftsman earn his keep!! from Texas
mattyboy7272 6 måneder siden
Lol mister billy
thinkinginpictures 6 måneder siden
I respect the work you do. Thanks for sharing with use mere mortals:)
Brad Briggs
Brad Briggs 6 måneder siden
man i tell ya! your a freaking legend Billy Ray ! never get tired of watching and learning all the wisdom you have to offer! Appreciate all the things your doing for us. And you are seriously helping the younger generation i have learned so much man. Big freaking thanks dude!
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 2 måneder siden
thx brad
Gobangs11 6 måneder siden
Not only educational but entertaining! Great work from a true pro! God bless ya!
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 2 måneder siden
terry4988 6 måneder siden
Good cuttin , many get in a hurry
Lynn France
Lynn France 6 måneder siden
Just stumbled upon your channel and signed up that was impressive big time
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 2 måneder siden
welcome lynn
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 6 måneder siden
That was interesting it looked like you got some movement on that pond/shed one with your saw as it falls technique
w96725 6 måneder siden
No matter how experienced you get away when a tree falls. You do not keep standing by the stump! You GET AWAY! When trees fall wrong they do not forgive! It is better to not be so confident. You'll live longer!
HighMaintenancePS 6 måneder siden
Awesome felling man. AA++ grade.
HighMaintenancePS 6 måneder siden
Buckin you rock. For a minor progression to your climbing knot, try the blakes hitch. Very similar to the taughtline but it performs a bit better.
HighMaintenancePS 6 måneder siden
Also, a fisherman's knot is more secure than the double half hitches. But is still a hitch knot.
Ross Tafarian
Ross Tafarian 6 måneder siden
ayo for yayo!?!?
DeuceGenius 6 måneder siden
i just ordered a set of tree climbing spikes. i have to try it i just have to
GB. Cardo
GB. Cardo 6 måneder siden
That spin technique! Cool stuff
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 7 måneder siden
Im confident like you when I can find where I left my balls. Unfortunately I can't always find them.
J clark
J clark 7 måneder siden
that saw sure sounds good lots of fun to watch you work, easier then me working for sure- and safer
bg147 7 måneder siden
I love that old Mac. Every video on YT seems to be a newer Stihl or Husky and it is nice to see something else especially if it is older. Homelites and Macs are beauties.
VBGRIM 7 måneder siden
you scare the shit out of me running a saw with only a rope flipline holding you. One touch of that chain and you're a goner!
Chris Marts
Chris Marts 7 måneder siden
Dude your crazy....
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 7 måneder siden
Wow it was really good to watch you work. You surely are not a cowboy with a chainsaw - you are cool and collected, and calculating and precise, and the timber falls where you want it to. Nice job man, cheers.
getl0st 7 måneder siden
70ixlr8 7 måneder siden
A true scientist, and a major blessing for that home owner. May his knowledge be passed on to save those in need.
Les Ordway
Les Ordway 7 måneder siden
Nice video. Doesn't it ever go bad???
Pat Scally
Pat Scally 7 måneder siden
Is he high or just drunk?
Lucky 7 måneder siden
What's most impressive is how he can wield a chainsaw while dragging those gigantic balls. Fucking hell.
Lewis gaming Roblox
Lewis gaming Roblox 7 måneder siden
Credit were credit is due you certainly know how to fall a tree excellent videos
Johnathan Smith
Johnathan Smith 7 måneder siden
And free cut the tree all the way down to a stub
Johnathan Smith
Johnathan Smith 7 måneder siden
As a professional I hate to see a big saw in a tree to make little cuts
Gaston LaBerge
Gaston LaBerge 7 måneder siden
I'm dizzy watching his camerawork....
Set4_Kopone 7 måneder siden
Hey! Very good videos! I have to ask that, why you make the second cut under and not the over the firsth one? Is that something that is comforth for you or is that something deeper purpose? Greetings from Finland!
Medusa Skull
Medusa Skull 7 måneder siden
Damn.... This is better than horror movie.
Cody Joyner
Cody Joyner 7 måneder siden
That was a great save
JMT Golf
JMT Golf 7 måneder siden
This dude just hit a 5yard cut around the dogleg except he wasn’t golfing he was cutting trees...chainsaw is the club tree is the ball and this dudes tiger woods....that’s impressive
JMT Golf
JMT Golf 7 måneder siden
I’m afraid of heights...I shit my pants 3 times in this video
JMT Golf
JMT Golf 7 måneder siden
Cocaine is a helluva drug
Tom Hollins
Tom Hollins 8 måneder siden
Agree with Willard - Top tree felling I've ever seen. New info to me: Continue cutting while the tree is falling to help control the twist and fall. Not trying that at home. I like Sean's new name for you BR = Tree Sniper.
Ozijak 8 måneder siden
That is super impressive. Love your videos man, very cool!
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith 8 måneder siden
thank you
mikem mikem
mikem mikem 8 måneder siden
You're the Rembrandt of tree felling. Thanks for the psychadelic effects. Reminds me of the 60's.
hank poth
hank poth 8 måneder siden
Steve sent me!
Christopher Perisho
Christopher Perisho 8 måneder siden
Great video, love your spunk. You should be a character on Letterkenny!
Bryan 8 måneder siden
I want find something in life that makes me as happy as this man! These are fun to watch!
Bryan 8 måneder siden
nunyabiness Im more of a Pepsi guy.
nunyabiness 8 måneder siden
its called coke lmfao
amber jore
amber jore 8 måneder siden
You’re badass bro
Nicholas 8 måneder siden
Cocaine is helluva drug!
Tony Dean
Tony Dean 8 måneder siden
Just, wow. Thanks for sharing.
Carl Cox
Carl Cox 8 måneder siden
Its almost like the biggest trees are magnetically drawn towards the house
drop stix
drop stix 8 måneder siden
Not just steel balls, but skills to back that up. Wow.
Jaden Larson
Jaden Larson 8 måneder siden
Nice job from victoria!!
Bek Reko
Bek Reko 8 måneder siden
nive video and nice tree cutting, but why am i getting backflashes from watchin you hrhrhr
cyberfrontiersman 8 måneder siden
When you are felling large trees close to someones house... never use the word "lucky".
scott peterson
scott peterson 8 måneder siden
No disrespect. Hats off!
scott peterson
scott peterson 8 måneder siden
When you're falling timber you fuck up your lay. Structure's are something else.
scott peterson
scott peterson 8 måneder siden
How about a fucking tag line! Just saying.
Crackli'nBraap 8 måneder siden
I have seen curve ball at soccer games, ball spin at ping pong but this? turning/driving that felling tree to the right spot? very nice skill man. 33:36
TheMotorcycleGuy 8 måneder siden
Your awesome dude. I wish I could work and learn from you! Be kind👍
Nordic 8 måneder siden
I wasn't worried about the shed.... lol If that pole hadn't been there the shed would be history.
Shawn Welcomer
Shawn Welcomer 9 måneder siden
You are absolutely amazing,wow
Buckin' Billy Ray Smith
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