Minecraft Manhunt Analysis (4 Hunters Rematch)

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This is a series where I analyze what happened in a Minecraft Manhunt and why it happened. I talk about my thought process, and show bonus clips. Let me know if you want to see this become a series!
Video: nopost.info/throw/qNjVqHaarIx2n7c/video
Main Channel: @Dream
If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future for future videos, let me know! I may start doing this more often, but it does take a decent amount of effort!

Itznat 03
Itznat 03 3 timer siden
Why is it that George always dies first lol
SpongeBob Hill
SpongeBob Hill Dag siden
Hey dream when did you start playing minecraft
jx7 2 dager siden
this manhunts roles: dream: *the hunter with traps* bad: *the man with a plan* ant: *the kamikaze brains with the bed* sapnap: *the betrayer who wanted to kill them all* george: *the noise and the bait*
Nicolas Norton
Nicolas Norton 2 dager siden
He needs to do more of these.
Inez Wells
Inez Wells 2 dager siden
The discreet thailand naturalistically whine because enemy densply belong behind a acid feature. confused, stale chinese
Knight 2 dager siden
13:25 that is the music we ever wanted
Mustansir Bookwala
Mustansir Bookwala 2 dager siden
In over world use andesite or diorute or granite because it's like natherithe the same when you mine and when its naturally there
Jordan Lapp
Jordan Lapp 3 dager siden
He could have just used wood and lava on the portal to light it (fire) !!!!!
Just random Stuff
Just random Stuff 3 dager siden
Okay but how are you this good?
Dylan Temple
Dylan Temple 4 dager siden
Notch: makes a Minecraft update Update: we're going to make it so you can't use water in the end Dream: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Ant bad George and sap: YES!!!!!!!!!
SkyWarsiPad GOD
SkyWarsiPad GOD 4 dager siden
Day 1000000 billion of seeing if dream uploads a new vid and uses a wither as a diversion
methellama 08
methellama 08 4 dager siden
Where did the explosion come from 4:30
Jayd3nkillyou 54
Jayd3nkillyou 54 Dag siden
watch the video
English Spencer
English Spencer 4 dager siden
I was doing work and when you said get this tree I wrote down tree in my English work on how to be a good speaker it says: I think a good tree also i love your videos keep it up with the manhunts and analysis you should do 5 hunters vs 2 speedrunners if the 2 speedrunners die its the end if 1 dies they lose but can sabotage the hunters also you can have as many friends as possible and if they die they join the hunters last one standing wins it is like family tag
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 5 dager siden
Dream, there is this NOpost named Mogi. Mogi is a great NOpostr, but he is having trouble growing. If you comment on his newest video, he said he will upload more. PLEAAAASE comment.
Bahrain360Degree 6 dager siden
r u a fake speed runner???
NotRolex '
NotRolex ' 2 dager siden
No he's not
SKULLY 6 dager siden
ok here me out, sense dream is a god what if the hunters have a spot in the top left corner where they can see the other hunters health and hunger, kinda like fortnite or something where you can see your teams health, that might be a cool touch
Meg Czaban
Meg Czaban 7 dager siden
when coach sits you down to watch film
Richard Dai
Richard Dai 7 dager siden
dream: golden apple captions: gut apples captions again: gapples
Xander Justinne Fresco
Xander Justinne Fresco 7 dager siden
that solved all my like wait what!!!! thx dream
Xforever_HappyX -3-
Xforever_HappyX -3- 8 dager siden
Rathna Adusumalli
Rathna Adusumalli 8 dager siden
ant big brain
OnlyRedsLight 8 dager siden
Me: Why is George spamming Dream: tHeY cANT sEe mY hEaLtH
ALEXA CASTILLO 8 dager siden
Maybe one day we can play
ALEXA CASTILLO 8 dager siden
I do like your videos
ALEXA CASTILLO 8 dager siden
Hi dream
Daniel Čech
Daniel Čech 8 dager siden
I am the 14000th comment😎
Maxemore 9 dager siden
I think this guy is smart guys
Jordan Ramsey
Jordan Ramsey 9 dager siden
15:40 “No matter what stronghold you go to, they all lead to the same end.” Deep
Hazza Bet
Hazza Bet 9 dager siden
How do u play with George and bad and sap
Jennifer Larsson
Jennifer Larsson 9 dager siden
What is gappel 😂
CajDoesStuff 9 dager siden
Or golden apple depends on scenario
CajDoesStuff 9 dager siden
God apple
AJIT MEHROTRA 9 dager siden
How much damage we can do with fully charged iron axe and strength potion? (@@;)
Niklas Finn Busch
Niklas Finn Busch 10 dager siden
Minecraft but youre a vegan
Bacon Playz
Bacon Playz 10 dager siden
Who was talking at 11:34
Dual_Katanas-33 Cheese stick
Dual_Katanas-33 Cheese stick 10 dager siden
Oh I knew he at least hey kills once!
Clay 10 dager siden
Minecraft Manhunt but if Dream loses he loses.
The Terrarian
The Terrarian 10 dager siden
12:50 the reason you didn't get the achievement was because the "hitbox" of the achievement in the nether fortress is slightly smaller than the fortress.
Qu0lo93 11 dager siden
I love this, feels different when you first watch manhunt
Heidi Cusic
Heidi Cusic 11 dager siden
1,000,000 IQ energy be like:
Youarenext RV
Youarenext RV 11 dager siden
You said the god apple did nothing even though they lost like half health
hulk is angry
hulk is angry 11 dager siden
I stone/iron/diamond axe critted a full iron skeleton with RPG mod. LOL it does 9 hp with each crit (yes, almost half of its health)
Diablo Hamster
Diablo Hamster 12 dager siden
After rewatching the man hunt videos ant is way smarter than I originally gave him credit for
Hi I like Pokémon and Minecraft
Hi I like Pokémon and Minecraft 12 dager siden
Me: finaly knows what gapple means Also me: Albert stonkstein
Brandon Mueller
Brandon Mueller 13 dager siden
Microsoft: A Cobblestone Crafting Bench? How THERE'S AN IDEA!!! 1.17 Is OUT!!!
Levi Han
Levi Han 13 dager siden
You should do a 2v5
Daw khin Aye maw
Daw khin Aye maw 13 dager siden
Dream muhahahaha! I know your face I scan it you kinda ulgy tho aka this whit my mom phone
Zach Watering
Zach Watering 11 dager siden
Sure thing
FoxySimpz 13 dager siden
dream talking is quiet but after its so loud
Gamer Puff
Gamer Puff 13 dager siden
God apple????
Felicino A Panerio
Felicino A Panerio 13 dager siden
I'm looking for your NOpost videos so I can learn and my friends are trap in the Netherlands forever to get out the kill them self
Ramesh Khanna
Ramesh Khanna 13 dager siden
13:09 music ruined the video
RDX Gaming
RDX Gaming 14 dager siden
How many brains u have sir?
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 14 dager siden
I wish he’d do more of these for the other manhunts!😄
Ellie C
Ellie C 14 dager siden
I totally think in one of these videos, and I’m not organized so idk if I’ve seen all the manhunt videos, but I think he should dig down, only cover the first block that he mines, and then dig really far down, so they might expect you to cover each block on your way down. If that makes sense.
LOLGamer 98
LOLGamer 98 14 dager siden
I think u have to be actually in the castle instead of on one of the decks outside of the temple to get the achievement
Zach Watering
Zach Watering 11 dager siden
No once you go into it’s area which is wherever the nether brick is you get the advancement
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 14 dager siden
Antfrost is a genius at the start
Toast butter
Toast butter 15 dager siden
Christian Edwards
Christian Edwards 15 dager siden
You have a great iq
Oliver Key
Oliver Key 15 dager siden
Dream said he had an unfair advantage... Also dream: against 4 HUNTERS
Garrett G
Garrett G 16 dager siden
I love the fact that people don’t realize how fear of you opponent can change a fight completely
Austin Xiao
Austin Xiao 16 dager siden
ah yes the cobblestone crafting table
TearSucksAt 16 dager siden
Nice music time laps of dream killing demonic monsters in the most hellish place on minecraft
Mr.Snifles 16 dager siden
I love these analysis videos! Keep up the good work Dream :)
Peter Irwin
Peter Irwin 16 dager siden
LDOG playz
LDOG playz 16 dager siden
Ant: places bed Sapnap: good idea Netherack: BOOM!!! Dream: AAAAAAAHHHHH
Hubert Jarkiewicz
Hubert Jarkiewicz 17 dager siden
People ask me: "What's your favorite song?" Me: " The song that people play when they fast forward"
Andrés Manoukian
Andrés Manoukian 17 dager siden
You could always spleef them into the void..
Deathboy17 17 dager siden
W9uldve been smart to break the pressure plate first.
Ali_R7 18 dager siden
You cant let dream think in manhunt, like he can think of some plans you will never get out of. You have to keep applying pressure to him.
snowmando 18 dager siden
Bad:badboy Ant:cat George:human Snap nap: human Dream:GOD
Zohia Siddiqui
Zohia Siddiqui 18 dager siden
me after dream doesnt include sapnap going stop em stop em in a panicy voice: bdcbgdgewjygwmexyehnwiuhqew
Willgofast 18 dager siden
I hard cringed when he went to find flint and iron instead of lighting the portal with carpet
Supdude Itsdev
Supdude Itsdev 18 dager siden
When Bad said “he isn’t blocking his path like a muffin,” I found it funny because dream had a plan in the end
ghothic 18 dager siden
5:23 how is that sand not falling?
Luna RequestTimeout
Luna RequestTimeout 19 dager siden
I love your analysis, please also analyze the 2 new 4 hunters manhunt, it would be great to see what you were thinking while doing the manhunt!
TheEmberlight 19 dager siden
The analysis videos explain enough. I really don’t know why people still think he stages his videos.
Crucible Catcher
Crucible Catcher 19 dager siden
Supritom 18 dager siden
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 19 dager siden
big racecar brain with no brakes
Sabina Biermann
Sabina Biermann 19 dager siden
The courageous hubcap socially drum because woolen acly attempt behind a illustrious billboard. bent, murky sailboat
Diego Herbst
Diego Herbst 19 dager siden
I love this analys thingy vids
Sheep 19 dager siden
What if they did a manhunt on rl craft 😳
CHRISTIAN TURNER 19 dager siden
why do they always use axes? swords do lots more damage, don't they?
Joybree Gaming
Joybree Gaming 18 dager siden
In the newest version axes do more
11albalube 1
11albalube 1 19 dager siden
dream: he has an "unfair advantege" also dream: 4 hunters vs dream
Aishath Zara
Aishath Zara 20 dager siden
Are u gonna do a face reveal?
Karleina Bombe
Karleina Bombe 20 dager siden
The irritating oxygen interestedly decorate because tortellini historically tug despite a whole entrance. ubiquitous, guarded knight
Lydia Chavez
Lydia Chavez 20 dager siden
Now this is the time I pissed myself 😂😂 - Dream 2020
COnsole_Cross 20 dager siden
wait, people still think manhunt is fake?
Алексей Смирнов
Алексей Смирнов 20 dager siden
How to fast kill dragon: Make many beds, and place 3 blocks of obsidian. They allow you not to waste time restoring the floor after an explosion. Then place and detonate and so on.
JoeAceJR 20 dager siden
Dream: I could have just nether travelled. Also dream: I thought the different portal would go in the same place in the overworld.
Lucas Jackson
Lucas Jackson 21 dag siden
I think this is my favorite type of video related to the manhunt series outside of the series itself-but it’s a close second. It’s really cool to hear your thought processes on all the various situations you find yourself in. Would love to see these for more manhunts you’ve done
we be }
we be } 21 dag siden
No the unluckiest is when you spawn over an ocean of lava with the new 1.16.4 magma cube biome and the nether fortress it no where to be found
Danny is Lame
Danny is Lame 21 dag siden
13:09 POV: You're late to school.
Gangley Tundra
Gangley Tundra 21 dag siden
imagine how long these videos would be if dream didn't edit them...
I do stuff including minecraft
I do stuff including minecraft 21 dag siden
At 10:36 when he says I took off he sounds very proud of himself. He should be
Don don
Don don 22 dager siden
Trison Chong
Trison Chong 22 dager siden
hOw AbOut YoU uSE A hAcK_cLIent tO dO A mANhUNt But yOu IncLudE iT In thE TitlE
Louis Huxtable
Louis Huxtable 22 dager siden
Yes I love analysis
michiel eding
michiel eding 22 dager siden
how did hi get up there above the bedrock????????????????????????????
Regan Roberts
Regan Roberts 18 dager siden
There are lots of vids on it
Nanette Dunn
Nanette Dunn 22 dager siden
Weird I must say mate
Nanette Dunn
Nanette Dunn 22 dager siden
Don’t know
Nanette Dunn
Nanette Dunn 22 dager siden
When George or Sap nap and probably Bad say “Hey, Dream~!” There dead in a moment when dream has tricks up his sleeves.
Rosalina MmLt
Rosalina MmLt 23 dager siden
all manhunt us real
russell1492 23 dager siden
He should do a manhunt on a set seed
heyduds 23 dager siden
The reflective walk postmeiotically zip because yarn scilly scream failing a sad divorced. awesome, painstaking balinese
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