LEAKED FOOTAGE of new Bruno Fernandes penalty techniques! ► 442oons

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2 måneder siden

There has been some complaints about the penalty technique of Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes and calls for it to be banned! But if it was banned, what else could Bruno do to hit the back of the net? Here's several ways 442oons thinks Bruno Fernandes could bring in a new penalty technique!
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OneFootball English
OneFootball English 2 måneder siden
Name the technique you think Fernandes should use (your own, not in this video) and the best/most creative/funniest one Matt will read out in tomorrow’s Daily News show!
Aibe world
Aibe world 19 dager siden
made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo 🇳🇬 Check if you can 😊
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Måned siden
Jennifer Pillay
Jennifer Pillay Måned siden
I think he should (run up and kick the ball) then soulja will say urreca
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Måned siden
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith Måned siden
Tactically-placed impulse grenades which launch the ball into the goal
Benny Booster
Benny Booster 7 dager siden
1:50 LOL
Nick Dowdall
Nick Dowdall 10 dager siden
the news presenter looks like a oopa loopa
Andrew Sarabia
Andrew Sarabia 10 dager siden
People act like man u and us get so many pens but this season Leicester have got the most pens
Jack Parslow
Jack Parslow 11 dager siden
What do you mean he cant be a smooth criminal alli did it against Chelsea
juan lopez
juan lopez 16 dager siden
l 19 dager siden
Sam Hamster
Sam Hamster 20 dager siden
Too much
JJMK7 23 dager siden
2:10 bruno is better
Mini FootBall
Mini FootBall 23 dager siden
➤➤ Bruno Fernandes 2020/21, Skills, Assists, Goals, Passes nopost.info/throw/qcC5ip-unWV2psU/video
Mini FootBall
Mini FootBall 23 dager siden
➤➤ Bruno Fernandes 2020/21, Skills, Assists, Goals, Passes nopost.info/throw/qcC5ip-unWV2psU/video
Nakia Todd
Nakia Todd 24 dager siden
Mark Momsen
Mark Momsen 24 dager siden
HSNBDT 27 dager siden
I knew it - ole I knew it - captain America
Torkild Grøn-Martinsen
Torkild Grøn-Martinsen 27 dager siden
Fun fact: in the 1950s they had a little bit sand where the goalkeeper was
Jesh Narain
Jesh Narain 28 dager siden
He is more than a penalty taker. Prats
Little Timmy
Little Timmy Måned siden
Too much
That Burrito Family
That Burrito Family Måned siden
“Just run up to the ball and kick it 😂”
Kai Benton
Kai Benton Måned siden
GLORY my bum
Aditya Choudhury
Aditya Choudhury Måned siden
Haters are gonna hate but United will get more pens coz Martial is back and he often gets fouled
A J Måned siden
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes Måned siden
How did you get that footage of me
Reshirex Måned siden
Silver Fire Fox Gaming
Silver Fire Fox Gaming Måned siden
ImHereToLacerate Måned siden
Things in life that gel well together: 1. Man & Woman 2. Bread & Butter 3. Food & Water 4. United & VAR 5. United & Penalties
Remsiama Mathia
Remsiama Mathia Måned siden
Remsiama Mathia
Remsiama Mathia Måned siden
Remsiama Mathia
Remsiama Mathia Måned siden
Remsiama Mathia
Remsiama Mathia Måned siden
Remsiama Mathia
Remsiama Mathia Måned siden
Timothy Easter
Timothy Easter Måned siden
Der grünste Wolf
Der grünste Wolf Måned siden
Dieser Anlauf nervt einfach nur noch
Aryaan Banerjee
Aryaan Banerjee Måned siden
Tell ole to take the penalty 😂😂
summontymegafan summontymegafan
summontymegafan summontymegafan Måned siden
Can I just say... it wasn’t Bruno’s runup it was Jorginho
Raheem #
Raheem # Måned siden
Yh but no one cares about him and bruno is way more marketable
LORD DRACO Måned siden
Nobody noticed Bruno is worthy 😂
Bruno Penaldes
Bruno Penaldes Måned siden
M & R G
M & R G Måned siden
If you get rid of Fernandez then u get rid of Man Utd
Mr E
Mr E Måned siden
Where is the lookman panenka
Julie Lainton
Julie Lainton Måned siden
Who is here after Southampton
Colin Måned siden
He should use the Neymar roll
ElR_HuA'S Måned siden
Esta mejor echo que en el fifa.
Louie Williams
Louie Williams Måned siden
He uses a car
phil wilson
phil wilson Måned siden
I know it's just a joke, but I've definitely seen him score at least one for Utd just doing a normal run up.
Arda Emre Sancak
Arda Emre Sancak Måned siden
Its Jorginho’s
اریا سیفی
اریا سیفی Måned siden
Long live michael Jackson
Jalil Serraj
Jalil Serraj Måned siden
respect for maradona
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Måned siden
Tututu tututu
Tututu tututu Måned siden
Meanwhile Leicester got more penalties than united and they are not sayin varfy is scoring by penalties
Jennifer Pillay
Jennifer Pillay Måned siden
This is gold and pogba made me laugh (i have an idea move to real Madrid)😂😂
Nikita Berges
Nikita Berges Måned siden
Jetzt Update 20:00 06:00 heute morgen 2020 2021 2022 2023 442oons Football League 23:00 Uhr 22:00 Uhr​ Fuad Jasarevic Breaking news 442oons becomes the most liked video on NOpost-Video
Piff Ggy
Piff Ggy Måned siden
But it happened with Sterling Vs Wolves 2-3
Yuvraj 11
Yuvraj 11 Måned siden
"Too much?"
Colex Måned siden
"Too much.."
jude wicking
jude wicking Måned siden
West brom gettting robbed against man united: chelsea:so its your first time eh,
What is life ? How? why ? So many questions
What is life ? How? why ? So many questions Måned siden
When they give bruno a pen ban then they’ll get relegated 😜😂
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Måned siden
Not a chance he is still one of the best
Nathanael Marcello
Nathanael Marcello Måned siden
Madhavi Patkar
Madhavi Patkar Måned siden
0:29 that's a indian game called chippi
Adyturns Plays
Adyturns Plays Måned siden
David coote comes to watch my local team play and I linesman for them he’s a top guy actually 😂
dollar monkey
dollar monkey Måned siden
Do a spin kick
Mikaeel The Legend
Mikaeel The Legend Måned siden
Marry popings
2021 72R
2021 72R Måned siden
0:55 why😂😂😂
Dat DAO Tien
Dat DAO Tien Måned siden
Imagine moonwalking with a football boot
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams Måned siden
BRUNO is Worthy!!!
Alex Abdelnoor
Alex Abdelnoor Måned siden
The Football Planet
The Football Planet Måned siden
Dean is getting so much hate from man United fanboys on Instagram
The Football Planet
The Football Planet Måned siden
Ferguson: that’s ok (meaning 1999 stoppage time goal from ole)
Jubiscreudo Pazarani
Jubiscreudo Pazarani Måned siden
666 lovren is among us
khal Måned siden
I don't get why everyone associates this to Bruno, did everyone forget that jorginiho did it before Bruno
bananer i pyjams
bananer i pyjams Måned siden
Rip Maradona
Ornxment Wxrldy
Ornxment Wxrldy Måned siden
Video idea Diego Maradona speaking time Messi in heaven
mario gengar
mario gengar Måned siden
Eman429 Z
Eman429 Z Måned siden
Marondana. Dead. Now 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😱🤯🤯🤯
Vidar Edling
Vidar Edling Måned siden
You copy 442oons
syncsy Måned siden
No they collab with 442oons
Кристиан Данев
Кристиан Данев Måned siden
Bruno scored more goals in this video than Arsenal in this season so far....
Aibe world
Aibe world 19 dager siden
made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo 🇳🇬 Check if you can 😊
Wilgeforz Wizard
Wilgeforz Wizard Måned siden
Watta shame...
AP 12
AP 12 Måned siden
Funny and creative 😂
Đăng Võ Trần Hải
Đăng Võ Trần Hải Måned siden
Like Bruno
Azande Hlanganyana
Azande Hlanganyana Måned siden
The disrespect directed at Bruno Penandes deserves to be checked by MVAR(Manchester Video Assistant Referee) 😂
Samuel Watson
Samuel Watson Måned siden
1:20 Salah watching Ole help him kill Ramos
Shambhav Gautam
Shambhav Gautam Måned siden
I got a great idea, just hit the ball to the top corner, no one will save that, done...
Bucky Man
Bucky Man Måned siden
that was upload
Ibrahim Phantom
Ibrahim Phantom Måned siden
Honestly mad if they ban it
POOJA Måned siden
Alif Zafutra
Alif Zafutra Måned siden
1:16 hahaha
William Aidoo
William Aidoo Måned siden
“Well who knew?” The cheek😂😂😂😂😂
shivapriya vivekanand
shivapriya vivekanand Måned siden
Who is the best 442ons - like One football english- comment
Hiban Mahmud
Hiban Mahmud Måned siden
That moon walk was top notch
AlphaDawg Måned siden
I’m Mary Poppins y’all
JOKER 93 Måned siden
SuperMarioKid - Ultimate Gaming Channel
SuperMarioKid - Ultimate Gaming Channel Måned siden
Wait did it actually get banned
Hrishikesh Ashtaputre
Hrishikesh Ashtaputre Måned siden
Jorginho doin this from 2 years but nobody had an issue cause he doesn't play for Manchester United. Bruno Fernandes is the most hated footballer rn. Prove me wrong.
Its Crabi
Its Crabi Måned siden
600th message
Jewett Paul
Jewett Paul Måned siden
Hilarious ..!!
Christian Calkins
Christian Calkins Måned siden
But it’s not banned?
Polt Måned siden
Gutted that Zaza’s penalty run up wasn’t included
19UGCA008 Abishek AB
19UGCA008 Abishek AB Måned siden
Anti Spammer
Anti Spammer Måned siden
new worthy is here.
Anirban Samanta
Anirban Samanta Måned siden
The admin must be a united hater. Cry more, admin.
Adnan Rahman
Adnan Rahman Måned siden
This was good... now make one for Liverpool
ImHereToLacerate Måned siden
why would he make one for liverpool? they get nowhere near the amount of decisions for penalties or VAR that united get
Football Album
Football Album Måned siden
this was one a bit boring
Wächter von Hornvogel County
Wächter von Hornvogel County Måned siden
This video is very misleading! The penalty had to be retaken because the keeper jumped off the line and that’s the rule! Shame on you puppettoon
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