Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#28: Hurtin Hermits

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2 måneder siden

Minecraft Server. We change things up today by starting a new, massive mini-game project called Hurtin Hermits. The Hermits will have to race time through a barrage of obstacles, puzzles, and death thingys.
Then we check out our new Nether Portal area and Piglin bartering system. Tango comes over to give me an amazing Decked Out prize and we finish up with a few lucky runs.
Tango: nopost.info
Tango's Decked Out: nopost.info/throw/2p6OmGrXyoCFiNk/video
Note Block Music:
DKC2 - Wrinkly - School House Harmony
Chrono Trigger - Ayla's Theme
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
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bernard dame
bernard dame Dag siden
kaivalya pitale
kaivalya pitale Dag siden
Pro 20:05
алексей ульяновский
алексей ульяновский 5 dager siden
Dire wolf
DragonriderTechnologies 9 dager siden
This is evil. I love it.
Soupat2 15 dager siden
Why does nobody use the gaming district for games? There’s this game, decked out, the turf war endgame games, and all the games in target. Why is the gaming district so big if no one is going to use it?
Jay 26 dager siden
Anyone have any idea how etho made his piglin farm?
Jin 27 dager siden
Would this minigame has its own built-in timing system for hermits' time ranking? I think it's possible and it would be a cool addition to the game! Love your content as always!
Oliver Bach
Oliver Bach 27 dager siden
The enormous nurse problematically shade because jet technically concern barring a gamy reason. military, silent segment
Defiant Mars
Defiant Mars Måned siden
I take a break from watching HermitCraft only to come back and find out that Tango has managed to build a full on subgame inside Survival Minecraft. You people are wizards.
Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell Måned siden
Etho making Ico... nice
zings Måned siden
honey block parkour
First name Last name
First name Last name Måned siden
This video is so good that even the replies on the comments are interesting.
Jaden Tan
Jaden Tan Måned siden
i can't believe Etho made IWBTG in Minecraft
brandon112ify Måned siden
Tango is an amazing guy :)
Justin Vang
Justin Vang Måned siden
Hurtin'Hermits should definitely have a kill that's based off falling anvils, that's practically Etho's signature kill! :D
Jack Gagnon
Jack Gagnon Måned siden
For Hurtin hermits, I think an anvil is an obvious one, but I also think some fake traps could be really cool too, like pretend to drop some lava on a hermits head to freak them out on their first time through.
Corey BROCO Måned siden
I feel like the game should be called "OUCH!"
Kiss Gergő
Kiss Gergő Måned siden
12:14 That laugh is priceless
Bertzilla 2018
Bertzilla 2018 Måned siden
I cannot to wait to watch grian try the puzzle parcore, it will be so funny
Zer0 Måned siden
Make it so somewhere an anvil falls on your head while you read a sign or something
Mr. Space
Mr. Space Måned siden
he should post his world with the music because I really want to see how he did it and just hear it
Butterfly Bitch
Butterfly Bitch Måned siden
He should do something in the game with the arrow, like if you grab it from jumping you put it in a hopper to the next checkpoint idk, just seemed to make sense instead of walking around with an arrow lol OR like you require a bow you shot a target just for a shot of a block helping you get to the other level. Idk Edit... I said that right before seeing him do the snowball idea with the mine cart 😅😂 Welll,... isn't that ironic
Butterfly Bitch
Butterfly Bitch Måned siden
Tango dying SO MANY TIMES me laugh so hard..
Corn Dogs on the Floor
Corn Dogs on the Floor Måned siden
Frogger Section using Endermite Carts
Happy Entertainment
Happy Entertainment Måned siden
crossy road with endermite carts
rjamesstephens Måned siden
I am loving every second of the editing work you put into these, Etho! Pure quality
yj9 - yukonjonno
yj9 - yukonjonno Måned siden
Love this project already. I have a vision of a frogger-like vertical level where you slide down honey blocks and try to dodge danger
Dippy2k Måned siden
Damn that's like 155,000 ingots or 31,000 hoppers or 5,000 anvils.
Richard Risner
Richard Risner Måned siden
If you use the EnderPorter to leave, that will cause you to take damage and then respawn inside the game. It's funny, but also perhaps not the intended effect.
Nate G
Nate G 2 måneder siden
Petition to get Dream to run the completed course.
Official Marquez Dellamore
Official Marquez Dellamore 9 dager siden
No need for the petition the world download will happen when it happens
Vatablous Devil
Vatablous Devil 2 måneder siden
Do an underwater puzzle-like in the Kingsman movie with the mirror
David Liu
David Liu 2 måneder siden
There should be a troll ender pearl powerup in hurtin hermits
TripledYou 2 måneder siden
It's really interesting how you manage to use weird mechanics that aren't normally used too often. I hardly see enderporters used or your cool ice bridge where they pop up. Most of those would be little cool aesthetic things but you managed to make them essential in its own special way.
Kami no Kitsune
Kami no Kitsune 2 måneder siden
I hope the grand prize for Hurtn' Hermits is Etho's Lifetime Supply Of Free Glass
kipfiletbaksteen 382
kipfiletbaksteen 382 2 måneder siden
You know super mario bros there is a level where you need to stay on a moving line that goes up and down and stuff And if you fall you die Maybe you could do something like that
AUSTIN SCOTT 2 måneder siden
xisuma (I think) did this in a minigame on season 6, a snake above lava.
Its Acid
Its Acid 2 måneder siden
Etho, you should make a crossyroad part using minecarts
Divy Patel
Divy Patel 2 måneder siden
Skin reminds me of kakashi hatake whenever I see
Trav Pots
Trav Pots 2 måneder siden
Good job
Dr Rew
Dr Rew 2 måneder siden
For Hurtin Hermits the damage from the poison can eat someone's jump. It works the same when jumping off of a cactus. I think because of the knockback value of the poison. In Tango's video, you can clearly see it happen when he fails his first jump off of the moving platform.
Tyler Kunkowski
Tyler Kunkowski 2 måneder siden
Mentally kill the hermits by making them mine obsidian with a wood pick
Richard Parnaby-King
Richard Parnaby-King 2 måneder siden
19:25 "If you guys have any ideas how to kill the hermits" - A sprint corridor with iron floor that opens to lava, except every four blocks there's a safe spot of gold blocks that don't open. Combine that with a wall crusher that closes about 2 seconds after the iron floor has finished opening. This way, the hermits know to leg it but, if they're a little slow, can still get across (bit of a long jump) even if the floor is fully opened, while providing some incentive to keep moving otherwise they get crushed by the walls. Idea 2 - flying machines that go back and forth in a corridor. Have a series of corridors at 90 deg turns that require perfect timing to go from one platform to another. At the end of each corridor, the flying machine goes INTO the wall - so if hermit has not jumped, they get dropped (onto lava?) Idea 3 - beat the skele - have a skeleton at one end of the corridor and hermit at the other. There's a hole at the end of the corridor with the skele. Objective - hermit has to run the corridor and be down the hole before the skele shoots. Idea 4 - Don't drown. Idea 5 - delete a database on a production website =s Idea 6 - Colour combination to defuse a bomb - the combination is right at the start of the course. Have a string as the hermit enters the room that starts a 10 second countdown before dropping tnt in room. Enter combination or get blown up. Requires memory and speed ;) Idea 7 - Give the hermits a stone pickaxe with 8 durability. Have them tunnel straight down. Have a cobble generator that's pushing blocks as the hermit is digging. Dig fast or get crushed. Idea 8 - Spiderweb maze with lava pit. Hermits have to stay in webs or fall. A bit slow, especially if hermit goes wrong way and has to backtrack, but still a stressy situation. Idea 9 - Have to jump into deep hole and fall through exact centre (e.g. Dropper).
BerialPhantom 2 måneder siden
i remember when genericb added something like this to defend his hermitcraft base
Bennett Maloley
Bennett Maloley 2 måneder siden
There should be a ravager kill in remembrance of decked out
XempireX18 2 måneder siden
wow, mad respect for etho. he builds the most amazing games out there and beats decked out like a boss. won with 20 points, far from second place. amazing. should've gathered a bunch of hermits in a voice call to give out the reward. that would be cool
mistelo 2 måneder siden
The block above the bed would be a great place to put a sign with a level name. Something to stare at while waiting for that damage cooldown before dropping.
Ashley Nielsen
Ashley Nielsen 2 måneder siden
Dodging flaming arrows would be hilarious.
M B 2 måneder siden
Etho deserves the Decked Out win! He was the Best Player!
C Bandzzz
C Bandzzz 2 måneder siden
Face reveal
James Hathaway
James Hathaway 2 måneder siden
The poison damage may have been stopping Tango from jumping.
Yi 2 måneder siden
I love the first song.
Katelyn Marks
Katelyn Marks 2 måneder siden
My leavessss he says 😆🤣🤣 oh my goodness . What a wonderful episode
ProUzer 2 måneder siden
Hermit deaths that will lead to unique death messages: cactus, fireworks, sweetberry bush, a swimming tube that's just long enough to not take drowning damage, aggro llama (would be so funny). Love the concept of this minigame!
Joey Productions
Joey Productions 2 måneder siden
I like this more than decked out
BiggestRook 101
BiggestRook 101 2 måneder siden
etho creates in creative mod in hermitcraft and no one can change my mind about it like XD this mad man got so many anchors like how long did it even take to get this stuff XD
Tom Brown
Tom Brown 2 måneder siden
How is that spider farm so OP? Lmao
Tom Brown
Tom Brown 2 måneder siden
@matt nice!
matt 2 måneder siden
double spawners
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Etho look like Kakashi from Naruto 🤔
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez 2 måneder siden
@matt ok
matt 2 måneder siden
it is kakashi
Experience 2 måneder siden
Etho, use poison arrows! Have the drop be less and hit the player with the arrow to half a heart, the poison effect is a bit shorter I believe and anyways you get to shorten the height of the respawn area!
Donnie Howard
Donnie Howard 2 måneder siden
another suggestion: you should make one of the levels pass into the Nether, using respawn anchors and nether themed levels and deaths (magma cubes, blaze, a captured ghast maybe?)
Donnie Howard
Donnie Howard 2 måneder siden
have a room w/ 3 totems (random MC items) and an alter, make some kind of riddle that the player has to select the correct items and put them in the correct alter. one wrong move sends out arrows to kill them.
Donnie Howard
Donnie Howard 2 måneder siden
Etho: you need to get a shulker to the overworld and have that be apart of your dying game.
Yzzy World
Yzzy World 2 måneder siden
this mini game sounds so FUN and I can just sit and listen to your noteblock music :D
footlonghawk39 2 måneder siden
Itd be a nice rule to add that the hermit who gets thru the fastest gets to build the next level/section just a thought but it looks really fun
SplooT 1
SplooT 1 2 måneder siden
Dabanana4lyfe 2 måneder siden
Idea with the target block. Have it open up when the player presses a button, but they also have to dodge more arrows shooting at them while shooting snowballs at the target before it closes back up. Then jump into the Minecraft and hop out
Luca Barton
Luca Barton 2 måneder siden
Etho you should have a course where theres a skeleton on a minecart going around a maze and you have to go through the maze and dodge the skeletons
Evan Schubert
Evan Schubert 2 måneder siden
How many takes did it take to record that intro
Eloi 2 måneder siden
Add a flooding room, water would be cool but to make it more “instant death” you could have lava
Brenden Williams
Brenden Williams 2 måneder siden
Imagine doing hurtin hermits but each area is based off a different hermits base.
Kyle Plosky
Kyle Plosky 2 måneder siden
To save on potions, maybe use a husk to give the player hunger so that they don't recover health.
ONXshaman 2 måneder siden
you should give them enderperel at one lvl just to see how many people use it and kill them selves
XII 9 Sulaiman Veda 33
XII 9 Sulaiman Veda 33 2 måneder siden
killed by magmacube is the noobish death ever - iskal
ZOMBIE 2 måneder siden
I wished we could see all the runs :)
Nick Stretton
Nick Stretton 2 måneder siden
maybe have it so they automatically grab the snowball. helps with flow and its a better puzzle
TheTimtam112 2 måneder siden
Only issue that i could see with ender porters bringing the player to the exit is that they'll die from the damage because they're only half a heart, maybe shoot an instant heal at them before hand? Maybe you could use that damage to your advantage though, if a player does something wrong and you have no effective method of killing them, maybe you could just activate the enderporter. It's not very interactive, I'll admit. Maybe it could be spiced up?
John Adams
John Adams 2 måneder siden
Hear me out, you have a random assortment of like 4 terracotta at the beginning that randomizes when you begin the game. At the end they are forced to enter them in order to win.
Dancing Tiger
Dancing Tiger 2 måneder siden
the game looks amazing!!
Not_Jaziel _
Not_Jaziel _ 2 måneder siden
askmyname 2 måneder siden
I think falling sand/flying sand with slime blocks would be funny
MangoesAndGrapes 2 måneder siden
You could have a button that says do not press (if they do they die) it will kill Grian first time around
MikeTheCap 2 måneder siden
Etho remember the frogger mini game you built! You need to do that in this with the endermites or any type of mob honestly and have the player try and run through a bunch of mine carts going back and forth with mobs in them!
Aneesh Khandelwal
Aneesh Khandelwal 2 måneder siden
The color scheme is actually strangely nice
LeafUnite 2 måneder siden
I’m an og that recently came to the channel after a long break and I like the editing :)
MrDj200 2 måneder siden
If you make an enderporter, won't the players just die due to having only 1 heart?
PRANATI SHARAN 2 måneder siden
POTATOLIFE 1 2 måneder siden
I see mumbo jumbo doing this for hours.
POTATOLIFE 1 2 måneder siden
Leave the roof open!
Aspen Spirituality
Aspen Spirituality 2 måneder siden
Now I am fully caught up with all of Etho's season 7 episodes so far.
TUNA MCPE 2 måneder siden
Love your vids brother 👌👌
Colin 2 måneder siden
Tell me why I just noticed that this mans skin is Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Only took me 7 years to notice
Daniel Petráško
Daniel Petráško 2 måneder siden
Daniel Petráško
Daniel Petráško 2 måneder siden
Maybe sand or gravel or anvil Falling on hermits ... Would be cool
Beyblade Awesome
Beyblade Awesome 2 måneder siden
Hey Etho please ask Loony to join hermit craft
Catherine le greatest
Catherine le greatest 2 måneder siden
OMG If only this is the new MCC Parkour hahahah so cool
Catherine le greatest
Catherine le greatest 2 måneder siden
Game looks fun! Can't wait to see hermits try it!
Hannah Sitasitikas
Hannah Sitasitikas 2 måneder siden
Maybe add a part with a "mirror cabinet" but with paintings and they have to find there way through there. Or a part where they have to decide between three different doors :)
A Nonimportant Person
A Nonimportant Person 2 måneder siden
Hey etho, for your mini game, maybe you could incorporate boats as moving platforms to jump over some hot water! you could use slime block launchers on a clock to push a boat back and forth that they have to jump on. It could be used as a “speed run route” since it will be a hard jump.
Unknown Rai
Unknown Rai 2 måneder siden
Might be just me but you might’ve picked the wrong base shape and colour ._.
Caleb H
Caleb H 2 måneder siden
Give the hermits frost walker boots at some point, then soon after have a sign saying Jump down ! above some water that they need to jump down into in order to progress. Hopefully the Hermits will forget they have frostwalker boots on and die :)
Penetal 2 måneder siden
Everything that needs refilling (arrows, spidereyes etc) should get a input chest and loader system like minecarts so that if it is empty the entrance door can get blocked and the player has to refill it. That way the game will always be operational when someone wants to play.
1987whynot1987 2 måneder siden
please upload your among us video's omg i want to see you killing people
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