Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

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14 dager siden

Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to NOpost. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with NOpost star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even NOpost star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
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J.P_ ĀKŪMĀ 14 sekunder siden
Don't do it then 😂
Cam Moose
Cam Moose Minutt siden
They are rude. Disrespectful. This is not a misunderstanding. Its not a joke.
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 16 minutter siden
she really should be ashamed like she has 100 sum millions like that stuff dont matter shes soft and she needa toughen up...there are way bigger problems than this so im gonna say what everyone wants to say she is bitching
kenma's apple pie
kenma's apple pie 24 minutter siden
I feel really bad for the chef like :-(
Dreydon David
Dreydon David 24 minutter siden
PewDiePie grinded 9 years to get to 100 mill and Charli just had to dance
Sergio Fermin
Sergio Fermin 29 minutter siden
ThundereuZ 34 minutter siden
They probably told him to say that he's not offended like hell anyone's okay with getting treated like garbage
•pixiebunny• 49 minutter siden
She was crying bc she was getting death threats lmao y’all cancell anyone these days
StanBts Forgoodskin
StanBts Forgoodskin 52 minutter siden
Istg this girl is so annoying 😭 is 95mil not enough for you Tf
zachary nituma
zachary nituma 52 minutter siden
she lost 1 million? oh wow so sad😑😂 boohoo
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez Time siden
ok i hve new faviorte titoker and it ain't you charli
tyra natasha bella
tyra natasha bella Time siden
Because of what?
Jasmine Holman
Jasmine Holman Time siden
Boo hoo
Phin Sopheavie
Phin Sopheavie Time siden
To be honest snail taste sooo good
Poison Samuray
Poison Samuray Time siden
I really dont care charli
Amelia The slytherin
Amelia The slytherin Time siden
Me and Charlie eat the exact same thing nuggets and mac and cheese
X32_22A Time siden
She honestly is like the saddest excuse for a famous person. She did virtually nothing with the cameras on, and became famous. Not to mention she was born into a very wealthy family, which a lot of people don't have the luxury to have. And now she's crying because she lost 1 million followers for doing something legitimately mean to someone? She bought most of her followers anyway so I don't see what she's upset about. If she would stop fake crying to get people to feel bad for her, and just apologized legitimately, to both her fans and the chef himself, maybe people would forgive her. She's practically begging for her followers back, which is honestly kinda sad. Also, to all you children 12 and under, no I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous of someone who so far has done virtually nothing with her life and hasn't contributed to society in any way? If I became rich, or famous, I would want to be known for doing something helpful for people.
TAE BEARY 2 timer siden
Who cares if your followers go away but it doesnt matter if you get 1 m taken away shes just greedy. is 95 million good enough for you.
Eduardo Aguiar
Eduardo Aguiar 2 timer siden
U know, this generation sucks!
ßro Yasuo!
ßro Yasuo! 2 timer siden
im happy she lost 1m followers
Nezuko Time siden
But that’s lesser than James Charles losing his subscribers
Cloud 9 Production
Cloud 9 Production 3 timer siden
I’m sorry but I was never a fan and I’m still not but she got famous for doing the same thing everyone else did and got famous.
Michelle March
Michelle March 3 timer siden
NO ONE should listen to TRISHA. She faked having DID (and badly at that) and just has zero room to talk shit on anyone. I think the world needs to unplug for a while. Society would gradually become Happier and healthier.
Aaron 3 timer siden
Who is she?
Nezuko Time siden
Some white girl who got famous by stealing other ppl dance and became popular
Kim 3 timer siden
This poor child needs to not be on the internet... She needs to be a kid, this is so sad 😔😔
Lim Yu Cheng
Lim Yu Cheng 2 timer siden
She's freaking 16 not some goddamn 9 year old
squidluis 4 timer siden
not y’all getting mad because these 2 girls don’t like snails 😐
Sector Anixty
Sector Anixty 4 timer siden
Best fucking vid I have ever seen
Nazla Julinov
Nazla Julinov 4 timer siden
the fact that the mom replied charli “I KNOW” like hm..mother,daughter,SAME
Sora Mitsuki
Sora Mitsuki 4 timer siden
Fun fact: Most of the people in this comment section is following Charli
Enrico Merlo
Enrico Merlo 4 timer siden
Pyrobo Player
Pyrobo Player 4 timer siden
This is hilarious
Mohammad Razi Hj Abdul Hak
Mohammad Razi Hj Abdul Hak 4 timer siden
At 3:01 i cried so badd 😭😭😭😭
My Voice with Crystal
My Voice with Crystal 4 timer siden
blackpinks_ diversity
blackpinks_ diversity 5 timer siden
Yall care about the followers but you didnt care about the hate and death threat that she get day by day
Ylber Hasani
Ylber Hasani 6 timer siden
Skidoo 6 timer siden
aww, small girl crying because she has less followers than before. then you have zoe laverne for crying since charcoal despacito got more followers than her. bro, 2020 drama is so dumb.
Redeemer Chase
Redeemer Chase 6 timer siden
Aarte kasi hahaha
Madou vlogs - جزائري في السويد
Madou vlogs - جزائري في السويد 6 timer siden
Charlie i don't blame you at all, I just blame your parents because they don't know how to raise you ( your sister too ) 😔 You do not deserve fame and follow-up on social media 😣😖
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 6 timer siden
i mean best not pets
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 6 timer siden
you know charli is the worlds pets dancer she is nice i dont see why people is rude to all the people who is saying rude stuff all is the one who is what yall saying charli is a pretty girl she dont need yalls oppions charli if your reading this your my idle you will always will
Sokha Sok
Sokha Sok 6 timer siden
I can’t
DUEME Ryan 7 timer siden
Shes 16 I think idk she should still be living her child hood but not cause of fame
dogwifhat 7 timer siden
she deserves to lose 1 million followers, like come on you don't treat people like this
氷Janko 7 timer siden
James Charles also went through this
A'lajiah Smith
A'lajiah Smith 7 timer siden
First of all it’s not even a accident like like shut up giant Amelia you just wanna famous because you think you to fame is more it’s not crazy but we’re not crazy stop doing that Charlie milia stop doing that Charlie to Maya
Sychosis 7 timer siden
Bruh she’s not crying cuz she mad that she lost a million followers. It’s soooo freaking obvious she’s crying cuz she feels like the world hates her for no reason. An innocent 16 year old receiving hate and death threats all because of a very small joke and people blowing it way out of proportion. Y’all act like she has to be the most perfect person in the fucking world at 16. EVERYONE has flaws. How is it not obvious that she meant she would like to have hit a 100million a year after her doing tik tok because it would look “aesthetically pleasing”? Bruh it’s literally so obvious. Y’all literally mad just cuz you thinks she’s famous with no talent and doesn’t deserve it. You guys are so sad and just hiding behind a freaking screen and attacking a fucking 16 year old. Get over it damn.
NIDHAL SIRAJ 7 timer siden
I’ve never been more happier in my life she is crying
TatoCat 7 timer siden
Nobody: Twitter: Sensitivity on 1000
Panjuljicaa a
Panjuljicaa a 7 timer siden
She did something wrong we all do something wrong sometimes she is human dont treat her like that pls
david gonzalez
david gonzalez 7 timer siden
money cant buy you happiness thats for sure, remember who we are people.. not a preacher or a saint but the Bible does state. “Whoever exalts themselves will be humbled and those who are humble will be exalted”..... so much money not much brains now in day.. sorry just my pov.. I don’t know much about her but she looks like she didn’t came from the bottom...??
C A 8 timer siden
As if none of you said silly, non-perfect statements when you were their age or younger. Get off their @$$! They shouldn’t have to be sooo cautious about everything little thing they say and do. They are allowed to be human and have preferences and things they are looking forward to or hoping for, etc. To compare that to what you would have done/have said is so irrelevant, as you aren’t them or in their shoes. 👋🏽
shane justin jemes
shane justin jemes 8 timer siden
Kelsey Trattoria
Kelsey Trattoria 8 timer siden
I don't know who she is but I'm not offended 🙄🙄😒😒😒😒
Breathfire 8 timer siden
Oh no I'm gonna lose 1 million followers what a shame 😢😭 let's make a video wanting MORE
Fizzy xD
Fizzy xD 8 timer siden
Theres other things u know
shane justin jemes
shane justin jemes 8 timer siden
wet bread
wet bread 8 timer siden
Ishkawäken Ägnarr
Ishkawäken Ägnarr 8 timer siden
omfg... that's sad. it was a joke. maybe they could've edited the video with the snail so people knew that they have staged it, but jesus christ there's nothing wrong with the video.
Phyu Lay
Phyu Lay 9 timer siden
pleaee dont cry i love you
a.com0u P
a.com0u P 9 timer siden
Victor Concepcion
Victor Concepcion 9 timer siden
My ex sister in law is like that she throws up for anything she has a weak stomach my sister inlaw hears anyone make the gagging noise she automatically start gagging herself to throw up.. She has to get away quickly before she starts to throw up...
gabsgabs -20
gabsgabs -20 9 timer siden
Good leave
Mseekbeats 9 timer siden
Why tf did y’all post this 😂😂
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 9 timer siden
"tiktok star" "james charles" 🙄 this whole generation is aids....
Billy Doughboy Breau
Billy Doughboy Breau 9 timer siden
*LMFAO* 😂😂😂
buunsann 9 timer siden
I didn’t know not liking a certain food is disrespectful it’s just your own taste.
Jamin Honey
Jamin Honey 10 timer siden
And this is why I am no longer on straight TikTok, I’m on kpop TikTok 😌
Jamin Honey
Jamin Honey 10 timer siden
Idk man, I genuinely feel that Charli is super nice and her family seem amazing and they mean no harm but if it’s getting too much for her and she knows that it’s a lot of pressure being out there, why hope for more followers? I’m sure to her it’s just reaching a certain amount of numbers but those numbers will just give her more hate. 100 million followers is not healthy for a 16 year old who supposedly doesn’t know how to be a perfect role model, I feel like the fame and numbers will slowly destroy her. I can kinda see it happening already.
Strawberry Bunny UwU
Strawberry Bunny UwU 10 timer siden
wait when she went out she wasn’t wearing a mask ;-;
Hannah Skaggs
Hannah Skaggs 10 timer siden
She technically complained about have that many followers she wanted more heck I can’t even get 10 followers
tiny bear
tiny bear 10 timer siden
Then quit.
•Smo̸l Bløssöm•
•Smo̸l Bløssöm• 10 timer siden
people watching to get tea be like-
Joesph Heng
Joesph Heng 10 timer siden
Jochebelle Kayla Chandra
Jochebelle Kayla Chandra 10 timer siden
Mariel Diel Tormento
Mariel Diel Tormento 11 timer siden
What if all those 100 million followers unfollowed... hmmmmmm
Ayannaシ 11 timer siden
Tbh I was a fan of Charlie then.. She got to cingey So I'm not a fan of her anymore I don't like Charlie:/
Ron Vasserman
Ron Vasserman 11 timer siden
Why are people making a whole news coverage.. this is all small potatoes
Ai_kbw 11 timer siden
These rats need to be exterminated
Jasmine Mcnair
Jasmine Mcnair 11 timer siden
Charli Calm down I know how you feel
Blake MK7
Blake MK7 11 timer siden
Trisha Paytas and James Charles coming in clutch 😂😂😂😂😂
Johna Miller
Johna Miller 12 timer siden
This whole thing is so overblown. It's ridiculous. Everyone is so quick to judge other people and to condemn them for the most insignificant things. There's no reason this should have gotten where it is. Every person commenting about how awful Charli is needs to take their own inventory and see what they find.
Andre D.
Andre D. 12 timer siden
This news is pretty much all there is on the lives of those shallow people (talking about the 'stars' and the 'followers'). Stupid stuff, followed by overreaction stuff, followed by renew enslavement to social media, followed by new stupid stuff in order to overreact even more next time. I feel absolutely no sympathy for those melt down moments when your enslavement to social media comes back to bite your ass... These apps were supposed to connect you to friends...not to force you to believe everyone in your social media is already your friend....or even worse, to believe 'followers' are your masters.
Chocolata 12 timer siden
If not Charlie, TIKTOK ISN’T FAMOUS...
Alaina Bradshaw
Alaina Bradshaw 12 timer siden
She wasn't crying about the followers being lost... She was crying because of the things people were saying..
Liana Yau
Liana Yau 12 timer siden
My parents wouldn’t have me a death stare if I started gagging, then even getting up to “throw up” and then when/if the person left they would’ve grounded me.
James Bawgus
James Bawgus 12 timer siden
I got 3 followers so don't cry.
scrappy 12 timer siden
Wtf when I cry I get the belt
Jessica Bechtel
Jessica Bechtel 12 timer siden
Don't cry
Jessica Bechtel
Jessica Bechtel 12 timer siden
Noooo its OK Charlie is OK
Witchyc0re 12 timer siden
Okay, she acted immature at the dinner but DEATH TREATS ? That’s not okay
Janelle Aliyah
Janelle Aliyah 12 timer siden
Where’s mr. krabs and his world’s smallest violin?
Jamie Howell
Jamie Howell 12 timer siden
There is no place for people like this after SHTF pathetic and weak crying over social media lol.
Thermal96 12 timer siden
this is entertainment
Mari M
Mari M 12 timer siden
All these kids born with a silver spoon...acting like brats
Marla Rosario
Marla Rosario 12 timer siden
This is so sad
ALG0607 12 timer siden
Can we just put all of the celebs and Psychopaths on an island? I'm so sick of these worthless humans, also Charli doodoomajio (or whatever the fuck) pays people to like and comment on her posts. I honestly wouldn't care or feel sad if that entire family just disappeared.
ALG0607 12 timer siden
Same thing for these dumbass "news" OUTLETS.
Eshwar Klokol
Eshwar Klokol 12 timer siden
I got top 100 in an FN tournament but didn't get any money😭
Eshwar Klokol
Eshwar Klokol 12 timer siden
Eshwar Klokol
Eshwar Klokol 12 timer siden
Trazo y Catarsis
Trazo y Catarsis 13 timer siden
Welcome ti the internet!!!
Mary Ann Music
Mary Ann Music 13 timer siden
Good looking, lack of manners 😑
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