Charli D'Amelio's parents IN BIG TROUBLE! Addison Rae SHADES Charli! Dixie and Noah BROKEN UP...

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Angelika Oles

Måned siden

This video is about Charli D'Amelio's parents, Addison Rae shading Dixie and Charli, Bryce Hall's prank, Madi Monroe and more! Enjoy :)
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Fatima Lopez
Fatima Lopez 6 dager siden
Omg you’re half way to a million subs 🤩 🤩
Ava!! 9 dager siden
Nah but I saw that tik tok and they were mocking Charli stans, but they the parents took it seriously
Brynna West
Brynna West 10 dager siden
i don’t like the d’angelo sandwiches but i’m watching this through for phoebe
zwienzixes 16 dager siden
i've never rolled my eyes at my mom, Angelika. If I did, it would be the last thing i ever did in my life
Michelle Måned siden
11:10 what Lamborgini? i only see a corvette. corvette corvette
Valeria Villarreal
Valeria Villarreal Måned siden
Alex Ty
Alex Ty Måned siden
I don't know anyone of these people away from your videos
Megan Måned siden
Nevaeh Monias
Nevaeh Monias Måned siden
Helen Zuckerman
Helen Zuckerman Måned siden
So beautiful today omg I was floored
hxoxo1 Måned siden
what mascara do u use omg
E Lawless
E Lawless Måned siden
Wow this eye look is everything
Ragan Visneskie
Ragan Visneskie Måned siden
ur eyeshadow is so pretty!
Света Нгуен
Света Нгуен Måned siden
i have never rolled my eyes at my parents cause i have asian parents and doing that would have consequences...
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Måned siden
Can you do a bookshelf tour?
Enya Måned siden
i love Bretman. he’s literally just playing Among Us with Corpse and having fun
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Måned siden
They should be handing out $10,000 fines to anyone who is seen in public without a mask on purpose
Enya Måned siden
nahh what he Bretman said wasn’t shady. it was FACTS. he said what he said!!
ʙʟɪɴᴋɪᴠᴇʀsᴇ Måned siden
Bretmam rock is so unproblematic its great
Kyra Oliveira
Kyra Oliveira Måned siden
I know you guys don’t get it over there in the UK but we have rights and freedoms here in America, so I am able to travel where and when I please and there’s nothing wrong with that.
widle sawsage
widle sawsage Måned siden
this pink eyeshadow is a LEWK
Thesmileycece Måned siden
You can have relationships with people you don't agree with. I have many acquaintances I dont agree with whom I have to maintain business relationship with, or who are around other people I associate with often. It happens. They know he doesn't agree. They know Bretman wont get involved. That's why he isn't and can still talk about it 🤷🏾‍♀️ he ain't about it. He has clearly distanced himself in that capacity or aspect of things. I think that's enough
Transwinx Måned siden
Mikaela Benner
Mikaela Benner Måned siden
Elijah Daniels got Bryces houses electric turned off in the beginning of quarantine
Goose Måned siden
In regards to the Hulu video, people need to realize that "reality" shows, still have a bit of scripting/editing/etc. It's very likely that the part where the Mother grabs her arm, is scripted.
Ky Bodily
Ky Bodily Måned siden
Engaging for the algorithm
Mohima Begum
Mohima Begum Måned siden
Leilah Archuleta
Leilah Archuleta Måned siden
Lw sucks because I was a fan just upset that she was being careless and selfish. But geeeee thanks for the block...
DoraSometimes Måned siden
So it's official- world is going to hell...nice. It's good to be informed on time.
Victoria Kat
Victoria Kat Måned siden
Fr I just wish ppl would leave charli and Dixie alone. They just teenage girls who happened to get famous quickly for tiktoks.. Just don't think they deserve all the hate they get even tho I'm not what you consider a fan lol
Frannie Måned siden
I really don't understand HOW is it so hard to put a mask on??? you don't even have to do the "work" of keeping it up with your hands, it's literally just a piece of cloth that your ears and nose keep up for you, it takes ZERO effort. how lazy does one have to be?
Regina Hay
Regina Hay Måned siden
Bretman didn’t lie but him saying he’s not attracted to drama is a lie. He’s best friends with Nikita
cantankerous Måned siden
Do you think you could talk about Kaneesha Taughtu? She's an aspiring creator that advocates against anti-black racism BUT is also extremely anti-Asian and promotes racism against Asians. She made a video about the recent rise of violence against Asians and talked about how no one cares and its all fake. It was taken down for going against TOS and she complained about the 'anti-black Asians who reported her video" on twitter. She likes calling people anti-black racists when they call her out on it and laughs about her 'comebacks' which consist of racist and harmful stereotypes like "dogs are pets not food' and "go back to your country" and even "rodent eaters". Literally NO ONE is talking about it and I have no idea how.
J1y25 Måned siden
can you look up jisu sentiment, thanks
Sam Boyce
Sam Boyce Måned siden
don’t think i’ve commented in a while so here u go
Gigi Carpenter
Gigi Carpenter Måned siden
I love ur videos bc I can listen and watch them around the young kids I babysit. Thank you. I know its annoying with the censorship but it makes our life easier
fedupwithusernames Måned siden
I literally couldn't care less about Tiktokers. but here's some engagement I guess
Julia Berg
Julia Berg Måned siden
Please stop talking about tiktok teenager tea :(
Nicole Victoria
Nicole Victoria Måned siden
Comment for engagement ❤️
Brawl4002 Måned siden
I'm honestly sick and tired of people saying, "stay home". Ya know why? WE. CAN'T! Even if we WANTED TO we can't. I am tired of all these youtubers saying that when they are able to make money from home. Well, guess what? MOST OF US DON'T HAVE THAT LUXURY! These people honestly think that we're doing this on purpose and it is honestly, quite frustrating. We have bills to pay for God's sake! It's easy for these youtubers to say stay home or something, when THEY have a source of income they don't need to leave the house for! I also understand why people are traveling and what not because this virus has been around for OVER A YEAR! People are tired of it and honestly, I can't blame them at all. I'm sick of wearing these masks and I'm sick of people telling me that this is normal! Well, it ain't normal chief and it NEVER WILL BE! Oh, y'all think th vaccine will save us all? Are y'all insane??? It won't solve anything! My neighbor got the FIRST DOSE and she can't even walk right. Also, a good friend of mine got both doses and DIED FROM IT! But yeah, let's all just trust everything that the government tells us to do when these are the same people that didn't stop any of the riots earlier in 2020, didn't do ANYTHING at all! I'm all for the peaceful protests that happened after Mr. Floyd was murdered, but riots were TOO FAR! I can almost guarantee that some people used his death as an excuse to loot and cause damage to people and property that had nothing to do with him dying at all, I hope I'm wrong on that though. Also, I'm NOT AN ANTIVAXXER!!! I'm just pointing out that this vaccine was made in less than a year and people are blindly trusting it because the government says it's "safe". Well, as I already pointed out, one of my friends can barely walk and another died and so have other people. But I guess people are going to ignore that bit. I had the virus myself early last year so I have the antibodies. I'm good at least for right now. I encourage all of you to at least wait a few more months (AT LEAST), then, if you want to get the vaccine, go ahead. I'M not getting it because I don't want to risk my life for no reason. I know I'm gonna get comments telling me that I'm dumb or something. Or that because Biden is in office we're all saved! First off, go ahead and call me dumb all you want. Second, Biden hasn't done ANYTHING to prove that he'll be any better than Trump! In his 47 years in politics, he's done next to nothing! We're not saved just because another old guy replaced another old guy! What planet are y'all on? Also, you guys are aware that children have been taking their own lives right? No? Well maybe you should pay more attention to that rather than if a famous person goes traveling. A mother and father had to see their own child had HUNG THEMSELF! The reason being that they couldn't go to school and see their friends. Another mother saw her 15 year old daughter crying in the fetal position after getting off an online class. Why? SHE COULDN'T SEE HER FRIENDS! All of you people focus on the wrong thing and I cannot stand it. People are dying from the vaccine and kids are taking their own lives and you people have the AUDACITY to focus on celebrities traveling or going to parties!? How dare you! You people honestly make me sick. I want to make clear that this comment isn't directed at Angelika in particular. It's directed at everyone.
AbbyE Måned siden
Meanwhile I work in a factory with 350 other people and there is about 2 feet between one person to the next. Party= bad person, work=hero lol whateverrrr
cranberry juice
cranberry juice Måned siden
i literally don’t care about tiktok stars or their drama at all but i watch all of these lol angelika is the only youtuber i care about and watch consistently
Anon Dabs
Anon Dabs Måned siden
Tana and Ashley actually DID have rona!
Angelee Rodriguez
Angelee Rodriguez Måned siden
absolutely obsessed with your makeup😍
JoAnne Måned siden
Pleading “Not Guilty” isn’t dumb. It’s standard procedure in US criminal court cases. They can change their plea later if they want to take a plea offer or something, but at the beginning of the case it would be HIGHLY unusual of them to plead guilty right off the bat.
ImAcrackhead Heyyy
ImAcrackhead Heyyy Måned siden
Like and comment for engagement 😁😁😁
Kymorah Jae
Kymorah Jae Måned siden
“Charlie and Dixie stuck together” they’re literally sisters..? And yeah people grow apart.
Briana Måned siden
There are actually some face mask guards, that go under your mask so it won’t rub on your face. Easy fix for those girls who don’t want to wear a mask and use makeup as there excuse to not wear one🥸
Dwiyatcita K
Dwiyatcita K Måned siden
I am here for engagement, but I think you need to check Acacia Kersey and bring the light to her behavior. Love you!
Dwiyatcita K
Dwiyatcita K Måned siden
@Holly Brown Hi! For starters, she is a momfluencer that used to be a racist, scammed her viewers, neglected her pet and will re-home them constantly for her convenience. Then after she becomes a mother, unfortunately she is kind a neglecting her disable baby, by not doing the best to help her thrive and kind a pick a favorite. After her baby had a open heart surgery, she brought her along in a camping trip while recovering from the procedure. She lies all the time until now, example she preached her viewer to vote but she herself did not, while lying about not having a driver license, hence she is can't vote and is all around a shifty influencer..
Holly Brown
Holly Brown Måned siden
Hi who is she and what has she done?
Chantz not the rapper
Chantz not the rapper Måned siden
Keara Jeanne
Keara Jeanne Måned siden
Nikita doesn't gaf she was also home in VA a couple months ago and ppl on my if we're showing her hanging out at the bars with nobodyyy there had a mask on
Nishat Måned siden
Ok but can we appreciate how beautiful angelika's makeup is? I literally can't stop looking at her eyes 😤💞💞
VioletBlueRedGreen Måned siden
I love this look!!!
Helena Hansen
Helena Hansen Måned siden
You should really cover the whole mess with Lydia Millen, where she in her newest "opening up" video talks about an incident that made people think she was assaulted or put in a genuinely dangerous position... instead she bullied a 9 month pregnant hairdresser (Rebecca Kelly - she made 2 videos about it) because she was upset about her haircolor and thought she had somehow breached client confidentiality... its a whole mess and should really be spoken about!
keo Måned siden
tbh bretman's pov is good
Kirsteen Ty
Kirsteen Ty Måned siden
Can we talk about Liane V? She’s also an influencer who’s friends with Hannah. She’s been traveling nonstop during this whole pandemic yet no one seems to care? Her comments are always nice and no mention of her traveling right now. We’re still in a pandemic and it’s not ok.
baby5 Måned siden
i don’t care at all abt kids on tiktok. i know others do and my opinion isn’t gonna change anything you cover (and it shouldn’t) but the tiktok heavy videos are so uninteresting to me. i watch anyways tho :p
Vincent L.
Vincent L. Måned siden
Engaging :-)
dxllfxce Melanie
dxllfxce Melanie Måned siden
What r y’all doing I’m folding my dishes :)
Lizard King
Lizard King Måned siden
1 Måned siden
Cassandra Brittain
Cassandra Brittain Måned siden
Florence Måned siden
I mean come on ppl there 1 is a pandemic going on if the ppl partying didnt notice i mean u can have a party after and how is oh it was just a joke ok to say that the parents are being mean to their kids.
Haikyuu Noodle Soup
Haikyuu Noodle Soup Måned siden
🤠kinda hurtful to people who actually gone through abuse but ok
Glitchie__ Måned siden
Youd think with all the setting sprays they keep promoting she'd use it to keep her makeup from smearing.
sara saleh
sara saleh Måned siden
Mini teas are my favs!
kronya Måned siden
i did an internship in a retirement home literally everyone wore these mask nikita was wearing and I was like wtf they said its because the eldery get confused but still…and a month after that it got shut down because almost everyone got corona
James Keeling
James Keeling Måned siden
I feel bad for Hannah Stocking. I'm not a fan, but to find out your boyfriend is a P-word as well as having to deal with it in the public eye must be hard.
Shush Måned siden
bretman is out here stating facts. i love that he’s joing gaming community now, he can have fun with people while being 100% safe and all his streamer friends are so nice.
bezelee -
bezelee - Måned siden
why does dixie look high in the thumbnail
Luciana Galvagno
Luciana Galvagno Måned siden
How did i get corona???! I dont leave my house when i do ( psychiatrist, grocery shopping) i folllow all the rules! How did i got it and Nikita Is just going around AND nothing!!! Nothing!!!!!!! Im so mad!!
Maia Oraliea
Maia Oraliea Måned siden
All this drama is so immature and juvenile, I feel I would read this in a J 14 magazine, just petty and very high schoolish. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but TikTok drama is not it, these people are not interesting for this lmao, I’m interested in the stuff that’s happening with CapnDesDes tbh
Izzie JH
Izzie JH Måned siden
OMG TikTok drama is sooo boring, I like you and your content so I watch it, but... The Hollywood fix thing and Kevin idk... is cringe and all and really boring
haleyb913 Måned siden
I literally don't understand why NOpostrs/celebrities go out in public without masks on. they complain all the time about being stopped by paparazzi well then wear a mask and maybe you won't get recognized. never been an easier time to fly under the radar lol
Hannah Måned siden
Tik Tok is toxic af
Brooklyn Babyy
Brooklyn Babyy Måned siden
IISammII Måned siden
Let's normalize calling out our peers for things they're responsible for. U don't have to support your friends bad decisions yaknow.
Madisen Donaldson
Madisen Donaldson Måned siden
the amount of videos Angelika has been posting has been making my life :)))
HACFMS Måned siden
that makeup is AMAZING
kiwi Qween06
kiwi Qween06 Måned siden
Just commenting for engagement
Caelyn Måned siden
off topic but your eyelashes are popping today
Ashley Ener
Ashley Ener Måned siden
✨ engagement ✨
M E Måned siden
Fuck dragun. Like honestly im sick of seeing her
rosewaters Måned siden
Storm Brage
Storm Brage Måned siden
your dog barking gave me so much anxiety lol, i ran around the house trying to find my dog and see if he was okay
Elif Orhan
Elif Orhan Måned siden
Well, the reason why those influencers make drama their "formula" is bc it works...and I think, unfortunately, that drama channels who talk about all these small dramas that tiktokers have, give them a platform. Idk why all these toxic "influencers" are given so much attention and sponsorships etc like. with youtubers at least a lot of the OG ones had actual good content that people didnt feel bad supporting. but i dont want an internet where we are indirectly supporting all these teenagers and toxic and problematic adults who want their easy money and 5 mins of fame... I dont want tiktok to be the new youtube :/ yikes. (I'm a fan of Angelika, so this is in no way against her. I'm speaking of the trend that is clearly going towards tiktokers) And tbh, I havent heard some of the names mentioned in this video before at all :/ i feel like tiktok drama should stay on tiktok lol.
highstandard_loweffort Måned siden
lele has a history of messing up friendships lol
ZaraMuffin Måned siden
You should start putting photos of the people you're talking about when you're telling the stories! Honestly I get lost sometimes with the tiktok people lmao
Jazzy Jerica
Jazzy Jerica Måned siden
I’ve really been loving Bretman lately.
Evie Proctor
Evie Proctor Måned siden
Was wondering what’s you opinion on the David Dobrik controversy going on at the minute? I haven’t been seeing many channels covering their views on this and a lot of people seem to not know anything about it:)
Owen Watt
Owen Watt Måned siden
Nicki doesn't even know who she is girl-
Kate Måned siden
Nikita only does this for one reason and one reason only; attention. She knows that when she does this bs, people will talk about her.
amy_pyburn Måned siden
why are we making the d'amelio parents believe they are celebrities.. its making me uncomfortable idk why like they're getting papped for what?
Imogen Power
Imogen Power Måned siden
woahh sis
woahh sis Måned siden
why is everyone so obsessed with other people being abused?? it’s like ya’ll want to be the first one to “find out” when someone is abused so you can make a twitter thread & prove how woke you are to the outside world
Nic Anonymus
Nic Anonymus Måned siden
Do people really care if Tiktok Teens are friends or not? Wow! Get a hobby.
HoshiMiddayDelusion Måned siden
Bretman is a gamer now. He doesn't need them LA influencers who don't know how to be decent humans.
Anna Måned siden
Straight tiktok is such a strange place
abi k
abi k Måned siden
only commenting for engagement x
Lara Nicole
Lara Nicole Måned siden
Imagine supporting Nikita Dragon🙈🤡
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