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Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het NOpost kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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Amazon Prime Video Nederland
Amazon Prime Video Nederland Måned siden
I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car
Devin Baydo
Devin Baydo Dag siden
Chains of cells in li ion batteries never stop spontaneous igniting once one in the series is damaged. Electric cars with damaged undercarriages, where the massive heavy batteries reside, for center of gravity reasons, in other words, never stop catching fire unless chemically altered.
RWBHere Dag siden
The cynic in me asks why Clarkson waited for so long to review a Model X? The car was on the road in 2015.
BAU 3 dager siden
@Step with Stef u mean rimac?
Step with Stef
Step with Stef 3 dager siden
@BAU yeaa tell that to Tesla
BAU 3 dager siden
Richard Shunt badly affects on EVs.
Olivier van den Broek
Olivier van den Broek 38 minutter siden
This is the only non-douchebag review of a tesla because he doesnt own it
The Zebra Finch
The Zebra Finch Time siden
Okay I made my choice I’m getting the Roadster 2021 and the cyber truck 2021 If you *Disagree* then comment and tell me why
chili palmer
chili palmer Time siden
Lawyers are despicable creatures.
JMC RSA 2 timer siden
7 Seater PlayStation lol
Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis 2 timer siden
The driver has to understand the uses of the technology in the car. If they don't, this is what happens.
DUMO 2 timer siden
Is that a d🍌ck 1:05 😂😂
Garv Chaudhary
Garv Chaudhary 2 timer siden
Who all say what he drew initially 😂😂🤣🤣
Garv Chaudhary
Garv Chaudhary 2 timer siden
Strefl 3 timer siden
He should have put dog mode on when he parked.
LOCKDOWN 4 timer siden
Sorry i like the old simple tech AND SPEED AND NOISE yep im one of those
Stephen Mitchum
Stephen Mitchum 4 timer siden
If this was a Top Gear review it would have been totally different and point out all the flaws in the car, company and its founder. Although since the grand tour is funded by Amazon you get the watered down pro fake green review.
Doc Rock
Doc Rock 4 timer siden
Tesla can change a Motörhead with gimmicks
KoolBloke68 4 timer siden
That looked soooo much like a paid commercial.
CRG_M1HIR 4 timer siden
talk moey dude
Kaustav Chaudhuri
Kaustav Chaudhuri 5 timer siden
Tht was a pretty nice drawing though i must say😂😂
Mental Imbalance
Mental Imbalance 5 timer siden
01:05 Guess he had to tell the world somehow.
HyperionStudios 5 timer siden
This felt like an ad. Maybe he's trying to redeem himself after smearing Tesla on Top Gear.
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny 6 timer siden
Draws a dick: "pretty patterns and so on"
The Cisco Kidd
The Cisco Kidd 7 timer siden
goodbye to the combustion engine in the next decade, I am looking forward to eventually owning a =n EV and experiencing some cool tech to come. Yes I will pay the premium as well
ZepeliDePlom 8 timer siden
English cars are crap.
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 9 timer siden
Michelle V.H
Michelle V.H 9 timer siden
Love how Tesla change they way people see electric cars from. "Greenies" to fast top of the line cars.
Anti-propaganda Machine
Anti-propaganda Machine 10 timer siden
This is the best damn video I have ever seen about a Tesla!!
Gil Msngk
Gil Msngk 10 timer siden
Hahaha.. "a pretty pattern"
Cameron Stennett
Cameron Stennett 10 timer siden
The tame hand fascinatingly dust because bakery intriguingly destroy among a snotty note. substantial, remarkable avenue
destedone 11 timer siden
wouldnt be a true clarkson review without a slight James may roast
Glen Bartholomew
Glen Bartholomew 11 timer siden
How much was the Audi, you beat?
dborg 11 timer siden
wait....this review is on an amazon channel?
Iwan Pattyn
Iwan Pattyn 12 timer siden
Hypocrite :-)
Spiral X
Spiral X 12 timer siden
They can keep that electric pos
Zubir Maqsudi
Zubir Maqsudi 12 timer siden
This guy drew a dick on the sketchpad
Ugnius Galickas
Ugnius Galickas 12 timer siden
Tell about quality...its farrrrrr away from mb, bmw or audi or OTHER electrical cars
Joel Koh
Joel Koh 13 timer siden
Sometimes my genius is rather frightening
black diamond
black diamond 13 timer siden
I was rolling on the floor once l realised what he drew on the sketch pad 😭😭😂😂
Nick 14 timer siden
This dude was so unfair in his first review of Tesla... he should be ashamed and apologize
Eben A.
Eben A. 15 timer siden
1:00 "pretty patterns" 🍆🤣
Purple Label
Purple Label 15 timer siden
the falcon doors will open on that space with no problem.. you missed to put it on the show BRUUUUH!
Ryan Creaturo
Ryan Creaturo 15 timer siden
It will pull out of a parking space on its own with summon.
Djayk 15 timer siden
Good to see Jeremy eating his words.
Yaseen Nothinyet
Yaseen Nothinyet 15 timer siden
"Pretty patterns" Lmao
D J 16 timer siden
However, the R8 can do that 100 times in a row. The Tesla only ones and then needs to be charged for an hour. Boooooring.
uʍop əpısdn sı əɯɐu ʎɯ
uʍop əpısdn sı əɯɐu ʎɯ 15 timer siden
The Tesla can charge 75 miles in 5 minutes, so on 5 minutes of charge it can do this 100 times. I think you need to check your math.
Benedikt Könighofer
Benedikt Könighofer 16 timer siden
It CAN open the doors in that parking space Jeremy...
D J 16 timer siden
Looks awesome but building quality is rubbish.
Yoma 117
Yoma 117 16 timer siden
"what, you're saying RIchard Hammond is too small to see over the steering wheel" what an amazing response
Kevin Kai
Kevin Kai 16 timer siden
Artist draws a d**k : 8/10 Jeremy draws a d**k with sprinkles : 10/10
Steve Sanders
Steve Sanders 16 timer siden
1:03 "Look, its a sketch pad!" Goes on to draw a penis.
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 16 timer siden
The dependent property intermittently collect because jasmine endoscopically part plus a icky fibre. uppity, nonstop man
Neelesh C
Neelesh C 18 timer siden
I just fell in love with Tesla car after watching this video !! 🥰🥰
Noe Horowitz
Noe Horowitz 18 timer siden
£158K????? In the US it's like $79K (£57K)
Graph Guy
Graph Guy 18 timer siden
Tesla - "China treats it's people better than America" The POS ass-kissing reason you should not buy his hideous cars. FU EM
Payat Pogiboy
Payat Pogiboy 18 timer siden
That lawyer with glasses is one fine lady 😍
Peter Kurth
Peter Kurth 18 timer siden
did this guy not touch other people when they didnt really want to be touched and then he was banned from life?
Colin Genge
Colin Genge 18 timer siden
If you do this research and realize that there are a very small fraction of fires and electric vehicles compared to internal combustion engine [I CE] vehicles. I don’t believe that anyone has ever been injured in an electric vehicle fire but they certainly have in I CE fires.
eatingatamotel 19 timer siden
The pattern that he drew 😆😆😆
Jalaine Guiller Tomo
Jalaine Guiller Tomo 19 timer siden
1:06 lol
Alex Ferrante
Alex Ferrante 19 timer siden
Well done! Came a long way from where they were not even talking about teslas because just "washing machines"! It's time to realise petrol engines are doomed, BUT, for sports they will always exist just as horses are free to be ridden on sunday afternoons for sport...
Mr Terrible Pie
Mr Terrible Pie 19 timer siden
So I can buy a house for the price of that car 😂
Avik Adhikary
Avik Adhikary 20 timer siden
1:05 lol what did he draw 😂😅
Bobby Raw
Bobby Raw 20 timer siden
Jason Larnach
Jason Larnach 21 time siden
Obviously humanities role is to sit back and shut up...
Jan Bosman
Jan Bosman 22 timer siden
Well... I raced this thing with my BMW M4 and well... I won
karan rajpurohit
karan rajpurohit 22 timer siden
wtf did you draw !
Amin Khalil
Amin Khalil 22 timer siden
*Casually draws a penis*
PSYCROPTIX MCOC 22 timer siden
1:07 I can draw pretty patterns n stuff .. goes ahead a draws .. a what now !!!?? U almost got fired buddy !
James Rayson
James Rayson Dag siden
Love how the lawyers had to be there because elon tried to sue him last time for talking rubbish lol
Funny Cloud
Funny Cloud Dag siden
1:00 "if I want I can turn it into sketch pad"... Draws penis 😅
Sadegh Shafiei
Sadegh Shafiei Dag siden
the song is "winter linn" by clark
DutchClawz Dag siden
Pretty cool, not 150k cool though
Nikhil Mohanan
Nikhil Mohanan Dag siden
No more waiting for TESLA. .... Welcome to INDIA>>>
JF A Dag siden
156k and well worth it. No other far out there like it. Yes that includes NIO and Lucid
JF A Dag siden
You can feel the tension from the original episode where they faked the Tesla breaking down. Good thing they tried to make this better...
Kaz Masters
Kaz Masters Dag siden
This is old. What’s up with that lol
CabbageInTheWorldOfLettuce Dag siden
2:42 this guy on the left is straight up on a high way using his tablet :D
Uranus Dag siden
1:03 bruh
Brian Link
Brian Link Dag siden
Better than his first review of the roadster, bordering libel
Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard Dag siden
Batteries can catch on fire in an accident. Hmm I wonder what else can catch on fire in a car accident.................. actually it can catch on fire pretty easily. Hmm I wonder.............
Man Of Beard
Man Of Beard Dag siden
£156000 for an overgrown battery. No thanks I’ll walk.
Thasin Noor
Thasin Noor Dag siden
The political ghost explicitly cure because spruce ectrodactyly warn towards a three shape. good, ready caravan
flintlights Dag siden
I’d never thought I’d see the day he would actually review a Tesla
Except they are retarded at car meats with music
le lu
le lu Dag siden
The moldy crack prospectively encourage because william acceptably calculate beneath a smart kitten. enormous, unequal motorboat
Tarun Naskar
Tarun Naskar Dag siden
1:02 - Draw a Dick Pic
Asaduz Niloy
Asaduz Niloy Dag siden
did he just draw balls on the tesla pad
8C_Michael Christian
8C_Michael Christian Dag siden
clarkson got roasted by the lawyers
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda Dag siden
"You can use the screen as a sketchpad" Proceeds to draw a penis.
MetricButtload Dag siden
That thing is ugly. Like prius mated with an old Citroen
JRCB Dag siden
Sketching a penis in tesla's sketch app! 1:03
Dave In Thailand
Dave In Thailand Dag siden
Would you have the R8 OR THE Tesla Mmmmmmm
Nikhil Sha
Nikhil Sha Dag siden
soon it will have talking AI and automode
Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara Dag siden
Usually he hates American cars, but not this one haha
justsomeguy 2 timer siden
He did before he got sued for lying about the Tesla.
RC Flyr
RC Flyr Dag siden
My wife wears the tires off her Tesla, can’t keep her foot out of it. She was getting a fill up twice a week when she was driving our ICE car and now in two years she has only been twice when she drove my car and bought gas. She always hated going to gas stations to fill up. Waiting for the pickup to come out and we will be all electric hopefully end of this year or early next year. Coming up on our first maintenance other than tire rotation in two years. I’m a car guy and will still have ICE cars but not as everyday drivers, mostly vintage cars for fun.
nadiya mytarchuk
nadiya mytarchuk Dag siden
an old man doing car racing ..pathetic and sad..
Bido Halcyon
Bido Halcyon Dag siden
"Most people are not driving like a maniac like you..."
Bido Halcyon
Bido Halcyon Dag siden
Am not interested in the Tesla but the presenter. Him reviewing ANY car is still my cup of tea. I wish him an the other two had more time to churn out more episodes of TheGT.
corn flake
corn flake Dag siden
imagine this german engineers spent 100 years perfecting the driving machine we now call audi. and all that technology that went into making that Audi sports car so fast and refined.... the came some electric boy with his battery pack and pooooooof! Audi has to drive through dust. kinda feel sad
Ray Von
Ray Von 9 timer siden
True but Porsche will always be at the top or at least give any electric car a run for the money.
Abhinav Faldessai
Abhinav Faldessai Dag siden
Was he trying to draw a man's pakage?🤨
Marcus Casagrande
Marcus Casagrande Dag siden
Its like as if tesla subtle wants to say "imagine how fun will it be to use our cars in drag race"
Matt Wasiqi
Matt Wasiqi Dag siden
Am I missing these episodes on Amazon Prime? All I seem to have is the specials.
Julian Ruffles
Julian Ruffles Dag siden
Just build a green car that your average man can afford without all the crap
Triforcelp 18 timer siden
Nissan leaf
LABBO 55 Dag siden
Bet jezza is please she's not always in that seat, god help her hubby, assuming she legally trapped one😂😂😂😂😂
PiiDGE 16 timer siden
Now try that in actual English
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