YouTube has a huge problem...

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År siden

One of NOpost's automated systems is suspending people's accounts without reason or provocation and all appeals are getting denied. Please signal boost this as much as possible because this is a HUGE problem.

Markiplier År siden
Hey gang, sorry for the late upload but this is an ongoing problem that has yet to be resolved and I needed to keep you guys in the loop. If you've been affected by this, please know that a solution is in the works but is still pending. For everyone else, please be aware of the issue at hand so your account does not get suspended. Signal boosting is appreciated.
ryan calhoun
ryan calhoun 13 dager siden
Last year i was affected by it i lost EVERYTHING cause of youtube why me why anyone :/ i was a member for 1 year almost two i had to earn that money i agree it was a huge problem.
German Trevino
German Trevino 21 dag siden
@YourOfficial Sephiroth we all agree NOpost to sensitive
yo youtube down 2020
Allen Caddell
Allen Caddell 24 dager siden
Mark, My Brother, a paralyzed Disabled Veteran has been banned. He has hundreds of purchases from NOpost and is having a hard getting his money back. He's called attorneys, looked for others who may have lawsuits so he can join them, wrote his Congressmen, tv news and more. He may be paralyzed but his a fighter. Please assist me in helping my hero,,,
Nick Richard
Nick Richard Måned siden
I think it's you that has the problem Markiplier you're addicted to NOpost and you took me can't do anything else has been the source of your money for so long that you can't do nothing else so they just your problem bud not mine or
Literalicity. 17 timer siden
NOpost is dead. The company has reached full greed to the point where you never get paid. Abandon it. Quit it. Its dead. Gone. Burnt. *Create a new video sharing platform.*
superTrolle Dag siden
I feel old when it came 1 year ago
Bokoblin 2 dager siden
Pretty sure the people at NOpost don’t pay attention to their critics... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Justin Lawdson
Justin Lawdson 2 dager siden
@Courtnenew42 on Twitter can help you restore channels.
Joseph lafrance
Joseph lafrance 2 dager siden
You tube doesn’t believe in free speech only communism.
Joseph lafrance
Joseph lafrance 2 dager siden
Just happened to me this morning for no reason.
Anonymous 2 dager siden
same system still broken,a single comment on one of your videos and it terminated my account "you're posting videos with hate speech" ...never harassed anyone or posted ANY videos
Somewhat Jaiden
Somewhat Jaiden 3 dager siden
Mark when he is pissed is low key scary
Trevor Larsen
Trevor Larsen 3 dager siden
Mark is one of those people who gets shit done. Good job.
《Masky_0》 3 dager siden
First of all, mark isnt being selfish because he wants his fans back just for the views. His career could fail and he cares alot about his fans and he makes videos to have fun and make people happy. So no, he was not being selfish about it.
『royal_ nugget』
『royal_ nugget』 3 dager siden
explains why all my five channles got banned last year
Charles Elder
Charles Elder 3 dager siden
Its Z-Advertismental DICKS.
Adam 4 dager siden
“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” Its evident that social media and MSM are the ones making rules and decide what you can or can’t watch. It’s become this place that wants you to think what they want you to think.
Adam 4 dager siden
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." It’s obvious what’s going on here people quit thinking that stuff that happened 100 years ago will not happens today. The romans didn’t think the Roman Empire would fall, the Persians didn’t think their empire would fall either, it’s that thinking that lets them get away with this shit.
Great_Western 2020
Great_Western 2020 4 dager siden
A NOpostr: *Makes a video of someone stabbing a newborn baby* NOpost: thats fine A New NOpostr: *Exists* NOpost: THATS IT YOU ARE REMOVED
Mega 1835
Mega 1835 4 dager siden
Damn this was a nice birthday video
Landon Scott
Landon Scott 4 dager siden
There are a few times when Mark is truly pissed. You can see the true anger showing through
Asri 4 dager siden
I have a huge problem!
Keandre Gilducot Ducot
Keandre Gilducot Ducot 5 dager siden
This happened to my main account earlier and google doesn't even tell me why I was suspended.
Holden Cross
Holden Cross 5 dager siden
Yes I lost my previous account for comments which were perfectly fine to be posted on a political video that is about hatred, violence, intimidation and so on but if I voice the fact that I do not agree with their decision I get terminated WITHOUT any warning! Not suspended or a warning I get automatically terminated! I’ve been a loyal youtube watcher for 6-7 years! Unfortunately, in my anger, I made an awful appeal argument which probably won’t overturn their decision.
Robotic Artist27
Robotic Artist27 5 dager siden
At least mark is helping these people...
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin 5 dager siden
aelazaj XW
aelazaj XW 5 dager siden
You can't deny. Mark is the kind of friend who will make fun of and push their friend around. But when someone tries to hurt them. He will break the jerk. And he will risk as much as he needs to to protect his friend. And uhhhh, did anyone else notice he said "Bye" instead of "Buh-Byeeeee". Not sure if he hadn't been doing it before or if it was because he was 𝙥𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙.
byeimhi 5 dager siden
Mark, held at gun point: well, at least my livelihood is inta- NOpost: Ban, u spam Mark: *Did I stutter?* All jokes aside, Mark cares about his community so much, sometimes more than himself. Glad we’re getting a sequel for A Heist With Markiplier...and hopefully no repeat of this incident. Saying “Hi” in the middle of the pandemic!
Billie Jean
Billie Jean 6 dager siden
I feel bad for Markplier and the community I hope you guys get it back
Coolvideos23 Giveaways, Movies and More
Coolvideos23 Giveaways, Movies and More 7 dager siden
This really pisses me off too. My Two channel got termimanted without warning and the appel got denied because I was "spamming" when I was just gaming. smh youtube
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 7 dager siden
I have over 300 gigabytes of my life in Google photos, more than 100,000 photos dating back to 2005. If my Google account gets suspended that would be a devastating blow. I run my life with my Google account so I feel terrible for these people 😔
Benji Carroll
Benji Carroll 7 dager siden
I've been watching you for 7byears and I sicken me to see this'
Lil Mimi
Lil Mimi 7 dager siden
I saw your video titled thank you and it was so sad. So I started to cry my eyes out.
Halfblood 1
Halfblood 1 7 dager siden
Yup just had it happen I’m fucking pissed all because I had different political views then other people I was speaking with fucking bullshit
Raksus drang
Raksus drang 7 dager siden
like of you got band.....OH WAIT
TheGothamEmpire 8 dager siden
What’s the update on this? I know it’s been a year but like.. 👀
Gavin O
Gavin O 3 dager siden
A lot of people who were banned got their accounts back. Mark made a second video about this, which also goes over a Reddit post that explains what happened.
Mr. Context
Mr. Context 4 dager siden
Update: they’re now putting ads on videos and not giving the creators anything
Reaper 007
Reaper 007 8 dager siden
Animal Abuser: *tortures and eats animal alive, while laughing like a serial killer or a mentally insane person* NOpost: I sleep Regular account: *comments a few emojis* NOpost: YOU PICKED THE WRONG WEBSITE F O O L
Rourke Bar
Rourke Bar 8 dager siden
it is getting to the point that i HOPE youtube gets shut down
Mr. Context
Mr. Context 4 dager siden
Someone is going to create an almost exact copy, and NOpost will die once people switch to it
Blackhollow 167
Blackhollow 167 8 dager siden
Daz Games got a strike for a video with side bobs from 4 years ago. No sexual content. There are hundreds of music videos and other videos with more sexual content.
cheeki breeki
cheeki breeki 8 dager siden
little update for you Mark on how BAD NOpost system is...... This is my emergency account. After a FULL YEAR, i still didnt get my main youtube account back and this make me so sad. I was a member of your channel the exact day your memberships existed and now i cant even afford it back. NOpost's employee's lazinness is hurting people back then and even to this day and this make me sad. Markiplier is one of a few content creators that care about their subscribers like we are close friends
Wolf rose
Wolf rose 9 dager siden
I hate getting spam bots on my channel
The Archangel
The Archangel 9 dager siden
NOpost forgets that Mark is a crazy guy, mess with him you get the pink stache
Lukas Stone
Lukas Stone 9 dager siden
If you've watched him play getting over it you are laughing at 6:01
deadspeedv 9 dager siden
Why streaming on twitch is more popular than youtube
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 9 dager siden
That's why I reduce significant use of NOpost. The adds make you crazy so when you see a documentary you can't even concentrate on the theme. This dams adds get you out of your concentration on educational videos, on documentaries and on music videos what you try to see to get a mood. On the other hand its IA suck. Has no common sense. NOpost has decide to be a trash can for any serious professional user. So its time to create the competition to NOpost. Now I'm seeking alternatives to support! And I even closing my channel.
sketchyDistortion 9 dager siden
anybody thriving over the weird rubbing noise in the start of the video LOL
Max Amberson
Max Amberson 9 dager siden
5:58 the look of pure rage followed by him restraining himself really shows how much he really does care
My Big Boi Philip
My Big Boi Philip 11 dager siden
for the AI, asci dicks cant actually identify the broad picture. they read text liniarly. with emojies its not text, its a graphical image with a description ("happy" ,"sad","angry" etc.) when the AI notes that it can more quickly determine it as spam.
My Big Boi Philip
My Big Boi Philip 11 dager siden
isnt spamming against youtube's policy?
Donuts 123
Donuts 123 12 dager siden
This happened to me, but with a game. 8 did absolutely nothing and I got banned. I asked for it back and of course, they said no and listed false reasons why I was banned.
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 12 dager siden
My previous NOpost account got suspended because I insulted some genocide deniers. So, according to NOpost, it is completely fine to be a neo-Nazi, a racist, a pedo or a genocide denier, but god forbid if you insult those horrible people, because your account will be immediately terminated. I lost my music list, my subscriptions, my comments with thousands of likes and several years of my life for a simple insult to people who completely deserved it. Nice job, NOpost
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 11 dager siden
@41 % Yeap, but nothing happened
41 %
41 % 11 dager siden
Tried appealing to it?
CB64 Productions
CB64 Productions 13 dager siden
ongoing problem still. streamers are having fans getting banned for being a fan.
•Aaliyah_ gacha•
•Aaliyah_ gacha• 13 dager siden
If that happened to me then my whole channel would be gone , but I can't believe that happened to people
crazy! 1007
crazy! 1007 13 dager siden
I like how markiplier is keeping his cool, I would of fucking kill those guys
ryan calhoun
ryan calhoun 13 dager siden
I lost it all i had to pay a FINE to get into youtube and that’s upsetting :/
nikalachite 13 dager siden
this video.. was posted.. a year ago?? WHERE DID THE TIME GO?????
bella The smol neko
bella The smol neko 13 dager siden
So there's this new NOpost update where apparently NOpost now has the right to put ads on your videos even if you aren't monetized-
Crazy Patriot
Crazy Patriot 8 dager siden
It sucks they ruined it
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 13 dager siden
which problem?
whitney joseph
whitney joseph 13 dager siden
I'm telling you right now NOpost is pissing off a lot of people. Our most beloved videos and channels, even ones that have been on youtube for years, ones that we watched when we were kids and been watching since we were kids are deleted and/or being deleted. I don't know what the hell is going on in the headquarters and/or the people in charge, but they really need to get their shit together and restore all the videos and channels because if they keep this up, youtube will be seconds away from having a downfall. All we can do now is hope and pray all of this is temporary and all of deleted channels and videos will be restored. I'm praying for a miracle to happen.
Flying Hotdog
Flying Hotdog 14 dager siden
When Mark gets mad it's scary. Like it feels like he's gonna tear apart my ribcage. I wouldn't wanna make him mad if I'm right next to him.
Kate Hartin
Kate Hartin 14 dager siden
Mazter Z
Mazter Z 3 dager siden
They are fun to read
Zealan Tanner
Zealan Tanner 14 dager siden
My gosh Mark is such a good person. Like straight up one of the best people ever
TheMinionShrek 14 dager siden
NOpost: "Oh, is this a video of a stolen baby monkey in Cambodia abused? It's okay, you can put ADS!" Also NOpost: "HOW YOU DARE SPAM IN A LIVE CHAT. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL, PATHETIC".
NC GRAVE 14 dager siden
I have come back after a little over 1 YEAR after this youtube fuck up to announce today to be marked as the mother of all fuck ups by youtube! the updated TOS has made all vids on youtube besides those of the partner program monetized vids for youtube and youtube only. i highly suggest that you check your emails for this one and read carefully. regardless if you a once in a while, a small channel or even a large channel, this is ridiculous.
SOLO 14 dager siden
This happened to me a while back, my channel got suspended for a week and I reached out to NOpost and they didn’t send me an email back or respond
tingling zt
tingling zt 15 dager siden
I used to be a member too and my account got deleted as well the entire fucking Google account was deleted I was using my laptop to watch it and then I could not do any of my college work all of my college work was basically erased I could not go into my account and I literally had to go and get a new computer year later because I'm a broke and just got out of college so I can't even afford to be a member anymore PS thanks NOpost
doe doe
doe doe 15 dager siden
My main account got terminated for absolute no reason.
Sensai Lawrence
Sensai Lawrence 8 dager siden
doe doe same here
doe doe
doe doe 14 dager siden
@tingling zt damn rip
tingling zt
tingling zt 15 dager siden
My account is still not on fucking band to this day I literally had to buy a new laptop
Kaisers Playlist
Kaisers Playlist 15 dager siden
🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ Ok
Maxx The Folf
Maxx The Folf 16 dager siden
This is the actual fucking worst mistake that NOpost has made! I feel bad for Mark's viewers
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt 16 dager siden
*People post videos of themselves torturing cats to death* NOpost: no big deal *People spam an emote* NOpost: UNACCEPTABLE!
9KS VLOGS 16 dager siden
that's strange
Dr. Davenport Lee
Dr. Davenport Lee 16 dager siden
SHHHH dont critcize yt (it can hear you)
Xtreme Garrage
Xtreme Garrage 16 dager siden
Just to realize that i almost lost my whole account, my spotify, just over trying to get a streamer to see my commentary! I am a big fan of youtube, so this?
Untitled Cat
Untitled Cat 16 dager siden
This is great one year late but great
Darby Mamula
Darby Mamula 16 dager siden
unus annus unus annus
Willner Kullberg 06
Willner Kullberg 06 17 dager siden
i'm a dedicated fan but i dont have enough money to become a member
Dicko avacado
Dicko avacado 17 dager siden
Give us a chance youtube we can earn money just give us faith 😭😭😭
nightmare-king 17 dager siden
Why of all things do paddles get people's Google accounts baned
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser 17 dager siden
0:00 I didint want to make this video guys...
GAMEMASTER 7259 17 dager siden
At least NOpost knows that if they do anything to Markiplier they are going to have their headquarters stormed and overthrown
Silent protagonist
Silent protagonist 18 dager siden
People can literally lose their jobs for this, I know I'm a year late but NOpost's lack of caring is the most insulting thing ever, not personally effected just disgusted.
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi 18 dager siden
i think the guy who raided headquarters did the right thing
Richard the engineer
Richard the engineer 19 dager siden
i too, hate youtube. i try to do a video labled as: "not for kids" and yet i need my video got taken down because i did a live bit about tf2. If someone like pewdiepie did this, youtube cant do anything about it because hell will rain from the heavens, but they can easilly push me around with no problem. life of boris talked about demonitization, and what happened is that his video got demonitized, and now he does sponsors. we need a new video platform
Richard the engineer
Richard the engineer 19 dager siden
this was made only a few days before unus annus started
Tony Baloney
Tony Baloney 19 dager siden
Here’s some advice so you don’t have to bitch so much; don’t use NOpost.
MLG Gamer
MLG Gamer 19 dager siden
My account was blocked for taking up for people for color so. Yeah they do that.
bobert 19 dager siden
Roberts Things
Roberts Things 19 dager siden
Ikr, I came here because I thought of it after Unus Annus ended
Wan Wan
Wan Wan 19 dager siden
Why your channel got a huge problem? Because you said the bad words in your channel do not swear on NOpost you will get banned ok Markiplier
MoonAir N
MoonAir N 18 dager siden
ok, boss. please dont take my wife and kids im scared
Swapna Sree
Swapna Sree 19 dager siden
My account got suspended once
I don’t know how to make thumbnails
I don’t know how to make thumbnails 19 dager siden
Just days before one of the greatest idea in markiplier history. I will not state the name because mark wouldn’t want me to. If you know it you’ll get this reference. “Memento mori” R.I.P” :’)
bayray12 19 dager siden
Momento Mori
JaykeTheSnayke 19 dager siden
I cried myself to sleep
Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed 19 dager siden
Michael Stein
Michael Stein 20 dager siden
We need a well armed militia and go after social media.
Jacob Rangel
Jacob Rangel 20 dager siden
Dang he sounds like a friggin dad
Trevor Jenkins
Trevor Jenkins 21 dag siden
Project Zorgo Did Hacked NOpost!
Imfreakinnew2099 21 dag siden
Yep i saw it on some video
Joshua Austin
Joshua Austin 21 dag siden
NOposts being a real pain in the ass in 2020
Kim Byrd
Kim Byrd 21 dag siden
NOpost will not allow me to "Like" any video. And most videos the comments are turned off.
Krisna08 [GD]
Krisna08 [GD] 20 dager siden
For me i cannot like any videos, even videos for adults... idk why tho (i have a lot of storage left and i already updated youtube, my tablet is not old)
Pokeydjgamer2 21 dag siden
That’s because there are some videos were made for kids.
DABEANS 69 21 dag siden
Hey markiplier I know this doesn't fit with the vid but could you please try the ancient god part 1 of doom eternal it fun hope you try it thanks love the vids hope you fix the problem :)
Toragar Mizuki
Toragar Mizuki 21 dag siden
They suspended my account and i lost everything so i made this one im talking to ya on since i have membership for ad free content on here i will file a dispute on my membership and get my money back if they suspend this one
Coffe cup
Coffe cup 21 dag siden
They should waste less time changing the icons and more to fixing problems
DoubleYouPersonality 21 dag siden
NOpost: *Takes down innocent supporters of Mark and calls it a good deed* Mark: "And I took that personally."
Grassybass 21 dag siden
Ye. It’s down.
Ayashe Gwynngela Paguirigan-Macarampat
Ayashe Gwynngela Paguirigan-Macarampat 21 dag siden
NOpost sure is down now
Water God
Water God 21 dag siden
...and that’s that it’s been shutdown for an hour
YouTube is Broken... and Here's Why
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