Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate disagree over Nani Red Card | ITV Sport Retro

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5 måneder siden

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In 2013 Man Utd had just been dumped out of the Champions League by Real Madrid. United had been reduced to ten men after the sending off of Nani which lead to some lively studio debate between Roy Keane, Gareth Southgate and Lee Dixon.
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420 Tim
420 Tim 7 dager siden
Fying bag at 20 seconds
Stephen McKeown
Stephen McKeown 16 dager siden
Remember when Keane tried to kill Southgate 20 years ago lol
Parham Rafiei
Parham Rafiei 19 dager siden
keane is an absolute moron
Phil DEAN Måned siden
Ok to shut lee Dixon up on intent here we go. No referee in the world knows a players intentions. We are NOT mind readers. So IFAB CANNOT put intent on the laws of the game because there’s NO WAY to prove a players intentions.
Thomas More
Thomas More 2 måneder siden
Roy is the type of guy to say the sky is orange until his death if he has it in his mind that it’s true.
timo rammy
timo rammy 2 måneder siden
Keanes like the katie hopkins of football
AJYTFC2000 2 måneder siden
Get Roy Keane in instead of this waistcoat fraud.
Lukas_Jay 3 måneder siden
Never a red. Never. It was a yellow at worst. Killed us.
Will Bancovich
Will Bancovich 3 måneder siden
It’s a red caerd!
- JoshM512 -
- JoshM512 - 3 måneder siden
Never in a million years was that a red card
Kyle Mccann
Kyle Mccann 3 måneder siden
If nani just stood there and let the ball pass roy would be going whats he doing contol it!! Get ur leg up!!
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper 3 måneder siden
Yellow I disagree Roy .
The End
The End 3 måneder siden
By the rules of the game it's a red card
valaar moghulis
valaar moghulis 3 måneder siden
That ref was rubbish.. garbage..
The Sun King
The Sun King 4 måneder siden
Gareth is so bogging
ScubeZ 4 måneder siden
Love you Roy but you’re wrong he has to go for the ball he’s just trying to control the ball out the air and the player comes very quickly with Nani not seeing him. My argument is if a ball is coming into the box the goalkeeper goes to punch the ball and he accidentally punches the ball and a players head at the same time it would be seen as an accident and wouldn’t get sent off, when in actual fact he is still endangering a player accidentally punching him.
Kevin Tablet
Kevin Tablet 2 måneder siden
@Simon Jørgensen yeah but its just that simple either. It really isnt Because right nani is aware of the ball and obviously aware of players, but at that moment is probably more dedicated towards the ball and stopping the run of play from their side to not let a goal be conceded. As well as that, it was a perfect moment to go on the counter. The leg as a way to control a ball is far more accurate then the head, which is why Nani opted for the leg to control and play the ball from first touch. He also probably thought I have space so I have more time. Unfortunately for him, at that same moment he has now made contact and clashed with another player. It's not simple. You can certainly say the yellow was actually a more understandable call based on nani's intent and circumstances. The red is the correct call, but it is both brave and at the same time harsh call.
Simon Jørgensen
Simon Jørgensen 2 måneder siden
Irrelevant what the intention is. It's dangerous play. When a player goes for the ball like Nani did then it's his responsibility. When you end up with you studs in the opponents chest then it's a straight red card. Simple as that.
Kevin Tablet
Kevin Tablet 3 måneder siden
Roy's not wrong and neither was the ref. Nani was charging in rushing for that ball naturally enough but his concentration in that moment is the ball, stopping it and preventing a goal Whether he knows the player is there is an irrelevance. There are 21 other players on the field, and 11 of them are coming after that ball on the opposition for a goal. Nani to control the ball puts his leg up at chest height and it makes contact with a player. That's pretty much it at that point. That player has an equal amount of opportunity as Nani does with that ball, and was heading it. Nani chose to use his leg instead of head and it brought the contact to the player. That is extremely dangerous play, therefore an automatic red card. You can definitely argue the yellow and on other occasions I've seen the yellow given, but I do think that that decision was a good call.
Velvet Thunder
Velvet Thunder 4 måneder siden
Remember Keane stamping on him hahaha
Mike Hock
Mike Hock 4 måneder siden
Who is here after Gareth Southgate brings football home in 2021
David Watson
David Watson 4 måneder siden
Roy Keane is very fair 👏🏻
bmcg8888 4 måneder siden
Wasnt a red because he didn't know the player was there
billy bob
billy bob 4 måneder siden
Still a red. Still would be a free kick, still would be a pen. I’ll go knock someone down in my car. Ooo i didn’t know he was there it’s ok I’ll drive on..
SHAW-DMC Mr T 4 måneder siden
Roy Keane - what a 1st class arrogant prick you are!
Lt Wolfe
Lt Wolfe 4 måneder siden
Its a red ceard
RONNY Jørgensen
RONNY Jørgensen 4 måneder siden
Totally agree with Roy Keane
ManaWearBlack 4 måneder siden
Adrian Chiles man what a tosser
Se Su
Se Su 4 måneder siden
I love how Gareth gets intimidated by Keano. KEANO!
Phil thy
Phil thy 4 måneder siden
How many semi finals did Keane get his national team to?
billy bob
billy bob 4 måneder siden
You don’t win nothing getting to semi finals
Nenad Milovanovic
Nenad Milovanovic 4 måneder siden
Шта ћеш Ли, мили брате, међу тим паљевинама?!?! Мора да ти је било досадно тих година.....
Alex Good
Alex Good 4 måneder siden
Lee Dixon ‘give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a yellow’ - doesn’t know how laws work
Simon Crompton
Simon Crompton 4 måneder siden
Adrian chiles was one annoying bastard lol
vinnyvasquez 4 måneder siden
Lee Dixon is delusional. Makes no difference about benefits of doubt. Keane right again.
Jag Athwal
Jag Athwal 4 måneder siden
From what I remember Nani extended his leg out (ever so slightly) towards Arbeloa when he felt the opposition player with his boot! For that reason I can see why the referee sent him off! I'm a lifelong United fan & am certain that United would have gone on to the latter stages of the competition had Nani not got sent off in this game! But we (as United fans) can't complain about this sending off. Keano in my opinion is up there as one of the best if not THE BEST United midfielder of all time, but he does seem a bit bitter in his assessment of the red card!
Dubem Udemezue
Dubem Udemezue 4 måneder siden
I wish the champions league was still on Itv.
Operation Arsenal
Operation Arsenal 26 dager siden
Everyone does
Two 4 måneder siden
I love Roy Keane man this guy kills it he is right aswell
JYM60 5 måneder siden
Absolute bullshit, it was a yellow every day. La Liga had all the CL refs in their pocket as we know.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 3 måneder siden
Dangerous challenge, red card.
billy bob
billy bob 4 måneder siden
Red card
ManUtd Forever
ManUtd Forever 5 måneder siden
Wow, Roy is such a sour person. Clearly he still had resentment towards SAF.
Adam Dowling
Adam Dowling 5 måneder siden
It took me a couple of years to like Roy Keane again after this. It was never a red card and it was so frustrating to hear him saying it was.
Simon Jørgensen
Simon Jørgensen 2 måneder siden
It is a red card. Learn the rules boy or I'll have to educate you.
squirrel7t7 5 måneder siden
This was Keanos' agree with every decision that goes against united phase. Was never a straight red
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 5 måneder siden
It was never a fucking red
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 3 måneder siden
Nah, definite red.
InterStellaFella -
InterStellaFella - 5 måneder siden
I agree with Keane . not very often i do but Nani totally knew they player was there. What sealed it for me Nani went to ground clutching a stray leg as he realized what had happened. As RK said, he gave the referee a decision to make and there was no need
Gunga Galunga
Gunga Galunga 5 måneder siden
I wonder did Keane ever doubt he give the ref an opportunity to send him off after the Haaland tackle lol.
Lucky 5 måneder siden
Surprised??! No, its Madrid.
Atul Michael
Atul Michael 5 måneder siden
That wasn't a red
J Ketcham
J Ketcham 5 måneder siden
NOpost censored now
imaginezzy 5 måneder siden
in all honesty, what does Roy actually mean when he says a player should be aware?!? when there's an air ball that you're going for, you'll need 100% focus on the ball to get it down or get the touch right. 100% focus, you can't even blink your eyes let alone check your shoulders. Nani was in full speed going for the ball, so was Arbeloa. Roy is right about awareness but the context to which he applied here is quite irrelevant
David Varey
David Varey 5 måneder siden
They didn’t disagree
Cameron Gillespie
Cameron Gillespie 5 måneder siden
am i litteraly the only one who prefers ucl on bt rather than itv
ryanwestham 5 måneder siden
I miss Andy Townsend
Guy Trengove
Guy Trengove 5 måneder siden
Keane is spot on and i'm a united fan
JJahah 5 måneder siden
I remember the thing in the top right it used to do my head in so much
A L 5 måneder siden
Keano just isn’t capable of heated conversation, he struggles to come to terms with other people having opinions
A L 4 måneder siden
billy bob incorrect I said he struggles to come to terms with other people having opinions. Nothing about him having his own
billy bob
billy bob 4 måneder siden
A L but you make it sound like he can’t have his own.
A L 4 måneder siden
Game of opinions
billy bob
billy bob 4 måneder siden
Because when he knows he’s 100% right he’s not gonna listen to your bs.
Minesh 5 måneder siden
Tbh Roy Keane was massively salty when Ferguson was in charge of United. When he was a pundit, he would always talk negatively about united regardless of whether it was right or wrong, because he had alot of bitterness towards Ferguson. That's just the truth
ytnsanw 5 måneder siden
Keano would disagree with the wall in a padded cell...
Proud Indian
Proud Indian 5 måneder siden
it was not red. ref favoured real
Kuromori 5 måneder siden
The double standard is ridiculous. If Sergio Ramos makes the exact same challenge in the exact same circumstances against Robin Van Persie then United fans would be crying out saying it was a straight red. It's a straight red. End of discussion.
Syed A. Wahid
Syed A. Wahid 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane hating on Utd since forever. Nothing new. Has and will always be a c***.
Jay P
Jay P 5 måneder siden
Keane would have loved u at liverpool, only player I like, tell them how it is, bunch ov overpaid girls, part from ronnie he deserve, YNWA,
Andrxw452 5 måneder siden
“He’s not aware of that player coming” if someone crashes their car into a group of kids, but they’re “not aware of the kids” it’s not their fault if they die? He made a dangerous challenge that shouldn’t be made, player in the way or not. Red card.
Andrxw452 5 måneder siden
Salman Khan well it works, it’s an extreme to explain it to slow people
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 5 måneder siden
That's one absurd analogy 😂😂
bonnome2 5 måneder siden
0:20 perfect photobomb
SurrealScotsman 5 måneder siden
I think Southgate just shit himself a little!
Carl G
Carl G 5 måneder siden
Wasn't a red card.
C Kirby
C Kirby 5 måneder siden
Bitter old Keane, talking out his arse for publicity.
Hank Lee
Hank Lee 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane thinks he is always right - there is no grey in his world, but only black and white. That’s why he hasn’t succeeded as a manager, and never will. Who would want to play for a manager who only sees and insists on what he sees. Was a good and successful player under a great manager and team. But now he just talks tough and big. Couldn’t manage a club.
Dan Kumarasamy
Dan Kumarasamy 5 måneder siden
Never a red card. Nani didn't know the player was coming. United would have won the champions league. I agree with Southgate and Dickson.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 3 måneder siden
Definite red and Utd would've lost to Bayern, maybe Dortmund in the semis.
Dunny2k 5 måneder siden
Fucking hell remember watching this 7 years ago.
CAPTA1N STARK 5 måneder siden
United fans when roy backs them: 'he knows his football' United fans when roy is against united: 'he just hates united'
Zero 5 måneder siden
CAPTA1N STARK he’s pure honest.
KENDALL_KNOWS_BEST! 5 måneder siden
When it’s given people say it’s soft but when it ain’t people say I’ve seen those given 🤷🏼‍♂️
AaryanPlaysGames 5 måneder siden
If Roy Keane tells you it’s dangerous play, it’s dangerous play
NotAKoalaPig 5 måneder siden
I actually thought Roy Keane would have the opposite view but I was surprised he had this view and I agree with him fully.
Dj👤CRANIUM👤DRUM N BASS UK🧟‍♂️ 5 måneder siden
Nani should of headed it .
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 5 måneder siden
De jong dar worst at World Cup and didn’t get red
Beans-On-Toast 5 måneder siden
0:21 the flying bag
alex bruce
alex bruce 5 måneder siden
More Roy Keane content would be great
Ashwin Deb
Ashwin Deb 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane as England’s new manager fuck Southgate
Saurabh Upadhyay
Saurabh Upadhyay 5 måneder siden
Shut up Roy! Just shut up! You are embarrassing yourself. That wasn't a red by any means. So Shut up!
STEVE Wood 5 måneder siden
Any comment Keane made about United while Ferguson was in charge cant be taken seriously
google bazinga
google bazinga 5 måneder siden
Jack Dutton
Jack Dutton 5 måneder siden
BT have got all the CL now!
Rock Steady
Rock Steady 5 måneder siden
Dixon got it spot on. Keane is and has been losing the plot for sometime. I loved him at UTD but I now do nothing but laugh at him since he left. Gary Neville runs ring around him when it come to the media side. Watch & learn Keano.
Moroccan Yellow
Moroccan Yellow 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane will always take the opposite side to Ferguson.
The Algerian Tank
The Algerian Tank 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane is one of the most footballers I dislike, but I would pay money to see him taking about the game, or even better: Having His OWN SHOW... He's to think of this... Seriously.
SleeplessSteven 5 måneder siden
I thought I recognised Lee Dixon, he commentates European Football on FIFA 20 lol
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34 5 måneder siden
omae wa mou shindeiru
Collinz 5 måneder siden
This was entertaining. People discussing football with Passion. Great stuff.
John Rogers
John Rogers 5 måneder siden
Come on, not very manly to pull out!
blk mlk
blk mlk 5 måneder siden
Does he not think theres other footballers on the pitch Haha. Roy Keane is too raww
The Man
The Man 5 måneder siden
Still can’t believe people say this isn’t a red card 😂 literally kicked a player in the chest
Dylan Stevens
Dylan Stevens 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane look like Mr bean
A M 5 måneder siden
I miss champions league on ITV lol
ATK 86
ATK 86 5 måneder siden
I respect the fact Southgate stood up to Keane and argued his point. Looks soft, he's definitely not.
Adam Sawicki
Adam Sawicki 5 måneder siden
Roy Keane speaking 10 times faster than nowadays
Jack Steadman
Jack Steadman 5 måneder siden
Well then every bicycle kick should be straight red bloody idiot
Domestos Bleach
Domestos Bleach 5 måneder siden
I remember crying after this game as a child
Sammy Abdelhadi
Sammy Abdelhadi 5 måneder siden
Me too. Felt really robbed here. We hammered them until that red card.
Mark Doxey
Mark Doxey 5 måneder siden
Kean ... One of the biggest bully's and dirt players to play .... Turned into the biggest bitcher of all time .
children of adam forever
children of adam forever 5 måneder siden
Because keane left united on such a sour note that he can't motivate himself to say anything positive about them. Which is brilliant to be honest
Kurt22 5 måneder siden
Fuglsang 123
Fuglsang 123 5 måneder siden
Am i the only one who Saw that backpack in The Window?
Samuel Biswas
Samuel Biswas 5 måneder siden
IMO it’s a yellow card. He could barely see anything he just turned around! Jumping up like that was risky so a yellow card he should be aware as keane said but there was no intent to harm or any kind of disallowed technique to win then all
icemandef 5 måneder siden
Funny that they can't show footage of the incident because BT Sport now own the rights to it.
Kian Beattie
Kian Beattie 5 måneder siden
Gareth is a shitebag
Adam McGrath
Adam McGrath 5 måneder siden
Remember when Keane stomped on Southgate after a terrible challenge from Southgate?
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