Among Us but LazarBeam Goes 4,000 IQ!

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3 måneder siden

We played another game of Among Us with Lazarbeam and the Dream team.
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Lazo Shaho
Lazo Shaho 7 minutter siden
DaudOMG Time siden
Goerge is cute
ItzthecoolboyYT 4 timer siden
5:56 sapnap has covid
Lamow Bojo
Lamow Bojo 5 timer siden
i hate carl hes like carl dream go like shut up
Amane 5 timer siden
Chandler: I’m never imp. (Crew-mates victory) Chandler: Yes, finally imp. Karl: Chandler sus. *Chandler was ejected* (Impostor defeat)
Thiankim Khaute
Thiankim Khaute 6 timer siden
after you kill dont know how to vent lol
Brealynn Roshon
Brealynn Roshon 6 timer siden
hiiiiiiiiiii im a big fan i use honey because of you
xX IrishDude Xx
xX IrishDude Xx 10 timer siden
He died everytime he's not 4000 iq but he did know who it was everytime
Jakey Mac
Jakey Mac 12 timer siden
Karl Dream Co. 10/10
Cedar Fee
Cedar Fee 13 timer siden
your brains ARE smooth
Simone Walker
Simone Walker 15 timer siden
Same time
Simone Walker
Simone Walker 15 timer siden
2 swipe
Derrick Poku
Derrick Poku 15 timer siden
Owen Kleindienst
Owen Kleindienst 17 timer siden
I don’t like karl
Gabe Patterson
Gabe Patterson 17 timer siden
At 1:09 Jim’s hoped in a vent and someone was on cams and didint call him out
Elle Ordoyne
Elle Ordoyne 18 timer siden
George: are we friends? I think we’re friends.... Mr. Beast: I have to... he’s daring me... I have to... George’s mind: why are we still here... just to suffer...
Supreme Memelord
Supreme Memelord 20 timer siden
My guy actually just promoted code Lazar without realizing it. I think thats an extra 5000 Iq for lazar
Dassy Activities
Dassy Activities 20 timer siden
Sapnap and Dream simp for gogy
Edythe Victor
Edythe Victor 21 time siden
The quixotic shape increasingly offer because sink tentatively paste below a complex gasoline. wet, round peony
Saiful Adli Ismail
Saiful Adli Ismail 22 timer siden
Sapnap 😎
Cytreex7 Dag siden
Chris: here goes the button goes I didn’t check if I had keys. Also Chris: he already did keys look at it lol!
jason ribera
jason ribera Dag siden
Chandler saying where he was Dream: saying chris instead of chandler
Croydon Francis
Croydon Francis Dag siden
Is Carl it always
StepAhead27 Dag siden
chirs saided am gonna do garbage like trash my dudes
aria campos
aria campos Dag siden
Poor George he meets friends that are imposters lol
GamingBaffoon Dag siden
More among us
Michael Mallory
Michael Mallory Dag siden
each person who likes this comment acually likes mrbeast and is cool yea thuglife 😎😎😎😍😍😍
Jude Buhrman
Jude Buhrman Dag siden
will you every do a live vid on your first channel
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid Dag siden
Well actually it's impossible bro score more then 200 IQ
Grusc Dag siden
Bet u didn't think I'd find this comment
Damien Flores
Damien Flores Dag siden
karl and dream are the impostor GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Lapollo
Scott Lapollo Dag siden
more umung us!
Abhisha LFHS
Abhisha LFHS Dag siden
Yes we want more among us videos from you
Zak Acegamer
Zak Acegamer Dag siden
Did anyone notice that Chris in the background was watching Family Guy
Loll Monster
Loll Monster Dag siden
More among us pls
firas danial
firas danial 2 dager siden
Dude if I met CARL in real life Iam gonaa punch him cuz he's so annoying
Noice Goat
Noice Goat 2 dager siden
notice the pewdiepie video says 90,000 iq
E l l i e _ 6
E l l i e _ 6 2 dager siden
Haha look at Chris’s background at 0:28 😆😂🤣😝 He’s watching Family Guy XD
Mr. Youtuber LOL
Mr. Youtuber LOL 2 dager siden
Put Sundee and all of his friends in your next among us video
Just kt
Just kt 2 dager siden
He’s not subbed to LazarBeam?
joshua 2 dager siden
George:are we friends ‘we’re friend:Jimmy I have to do it:George dies
Cyber Weeb
Cyber Weeb 2 dager siden
Nobody: ... Mr beast:OMG AMONG US BUT DREAM GOES 10000000 IQ
A.G ROBLOX 2 dager siden
Preston Walker
Preston Walker 2 dager siden
2060 mrbeast gave1millon$ from among us me:HAHA LOL
Cozmic Phantom
Cozmic Phantom 2 dager siden
“You do the card swipe at medium speed” Jimmy process to whip it across so fast that my eyes can’t comprehend what’s going on
Henry Wettlaufer
Henry Wettlaufer 2 dager siden
Sapnap cleared dream then thought dream was gonna kill him huh
Henry Wettlaufer
Henry Wettlaufer 2 dager siden
Did anyone realize that jimmy thought George was imposter
Smoky mountain Boys
Smoky mountain Boys 2 dager siden
Tanish Tanish
Tanish Tanish 2 dager siden
Rareș Ionut Matei
Rareș Ionut Matei 2 dager siden
0:57 Did u saw the TV? 😂
George Ferminky
George Ferminky 2 dager siden
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Signe Rathvon
Signe Rathvon 2 dager siden
Did anyone relize that when mrbeast when he vented first cams were on?
Madelyn Hoagland
Madelyn Hoagland 2 dager siden
9:10 The best defense I have ever heard of
ecsbone24 2 dager siden
Dude I feel so bad for chandler. He always knows who the imposter is but literally nobody listens to him. I feel bad. One like equals one person that listens to chandler 👇
•destinystudioZ• 2 dager siden
Why was he so aggressive in the beginning-
Samantha Noga
Samantha Noga 2 dager siden
Please do more I love your videos
Michelle Bolton
Michelle Bolton 2 dager siden
0:29 Chris is watching Family Guy 😆
Mason B
Mason B 2 dager siden
Chris was watching family guy 😂😂
Nicklas Østergaard Nielsen
Nicklas Østergaard Nielsen 2 dager siden
mr beast its karl and george karl and dream win mr beast i knew it
Claire Thomson
Claire Thomson 2 dager siden
Karl stop watching family guy
Ppibi 3 dager siden
Do more among us
NewAD 3 dager siden
mr beast videos try not to have bots in the comments
emma hoy
emma hoy 3 dager siden
Caylus is better than Mr beast do you agree 👍
beautycorn- plays
beautycorn- plays 3 dager siden
Fun fact:NOpost says this video is 10,01 seconds long but it's actually 10,89 seconds long
Anju Thomas
Anju Thomas 3 dager siden
Do one more
Choy EXE
Choy EXE 3 dager siden
Among u s game play again
Mateo Cortez
Mateo Cortez 3 dager siden
George I can your friend
Christina Conroy
Christina Conroy 3 dager siden
Brylee Hatcher
Brylee Hatcher 3 dager siden
Ireni Hearn
Ireni Hearn 3 dager siden
Oh, it triggers me that they are SUCH noobs! Hah
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter* 3 dager siden
i want Chandler to be impostor that would be interesting :')
Lukas Ginkins
Lukas Ginkins 3 dager siden
I have to say that Karl is very cocky sometimes...
Megan Dahling
Megan Dahling 3 dager siden
Timbofurr Aboyabo
Timbofurr Aboyabo 3 dager siden
Lol I love you
Timbofurr Aboyabo
Timbofurr Aboyabo 3 dager siden
Not literally
Brock Tureski
Brock Tureski 3 dager siden
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Zemlak Gertrude
Zemlak Gertrude 3 dager siden
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Samantha mcfall
Samantha mcfall 3 dager siden
I love this guyyy
Aisha Asif
Aisha Asif 3 dager siden
Bcz i dont
Aisha Asif
Aisha Asif 3 dager siden
Who dont have a console like
DreamAnime 3 dager siden
Brush ur super like a sis
Gameplaywithluke 3 dager siden
6:11 come on jimmy
Adriana Darwisya
Adriana Darwisya 4 dager siden
Dream x george
SparTaN WhiteSide
SparTaN WhiteSide 4 dager siden
Fun Fact: The Polus Eject Animation Is A Copy From The Ending Scene Of Terminator 2. 😂😂😂
Inela Kurjakovic
Inela Kurjakovic 4 dager siden
the backround of chris that tv >.
Lucy Jenkins
Lucy Jenkins 4 dager siden
dont u love how happy chandler and chris were to see each other best bromance ever
3:15 Chris: I think it’s dream! I think it’s dream! I’m gonna stand on top of dream even tho he was on top of lazar
Axqle 4 dager siden
Jimmy kills george george tHOuGHt wE wERe fRIeNDS
Aarav Kale
Aarav Kale 4 dager siden
3:13 Henry stickmin
阿豪和QQNERF 4 dager siden
阿豪和QQNERF 4 dager siden
Karl is a idiot oh my just shat up Karl
Devon Vickery
Devon Vickery 4 dager siden
me still waiting for the part were lazarbeam goes 4,000 IQ
-Frosty Fire-
-Frosty Fire- 4 dager siden
Sarah Singer
Sarah Singer 4 dager siden
got the w
Sarah Singer
Sarah Singer 4 dager siden
Cian Crawford
Cian Crawford 4 dager siden
U hold it at the end
Cian Crawford
Cian Crawford 4 dager siden
For card swipe
Cian Crawford
Cian Crawford 4 dager siden
I have a hack
Elizabeth Casimir
Elizabeth Casimir 4 dager siden
i can do card swipe in 3 seconds
Joshua Shelton
Joshua Shelton 4 dager siden
I like how they underestimate karl in the first round
The 8-Bit Nerd
The 8-Bit Nerd 4 dager siden
Frankie would be proud.
Chaos_Shadow999 4 dager siden
Dream is too smart for all Games
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