VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 38 (ft. Andrew Kramer)

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The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Kramer as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Raphael Sindermann
Raphael Sindermann 41 sekund siden
Dang, never knew andrew has bicepts like a god. Guess video editing makes you bicept go brr.
Nesty 33 minutter siden
i had a craving of watchin district 9 since yesterday
Alicia Frenzel
Alicia Frenzel 34 minutter siden
Suggestion: The adventure of tintin: the secret of the unicorn (2011) it’s my favorite animated movie ever!
Dan 41 minutt siden
You guys should react to Krampus: The Reckoning (2015). That VFX is legit.
irfan shamsuzzaman
irfan shamsuzzaman 51 minutt siden
Do the moon landing.
Akash Quixote
Akash Quixote Time siden
Wud love to see u guys review Bollywood movie Jaani Dushman from 2002.. And/or Shaktiman TV series.. Both are present on youtube.. nopost.info/throw/upm6hn2-xqZxdpI/video.
Eric A. Zimmerman
Eric A. Zimmerman Time siden
React to bladestorm it's a Japanese Pacific rim style movie. You can find it on Amazon prime
Eric A. Zimmerman
Eric A. Zimmerman Time siden
React to Outpost Earth, It's got some crazy old visuals even though it came out in 2018
sai goutham mamindla
sai goutham mamindla Time siden
Try Transformers vfx and explain us
austin morrison
austin morrison Time siden
Love x death x robots
joeshmoe554 Time siden
Wandavision episode 1. I'm loving the many special effects that are being done intentionally bad to make it feel more like Bewitched or I dream of Jeanie.
Slavi Stoyanov
Slavi Stoyanov Time siden
Gioriaki Kakyvanna
Gioriaki Kakyvanna Time siden
District 9... I watched it when I was 9 and I was born in 2009. N I C E
Chris Yedica
Chris Yedica Time siden
You guys need to do I, Frankenstein. The CG is just horrific
Jarvalicious 2 timer siden
Thank you for finally checking out District 9
Menzi 'The Son of Hope' Hlope
Menzi 'The Son of Hope' Hlope 2 timer siden
Andrew Kramer, wow. Listening to that intro brought Nostalgia.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 timer siden
wow! super nice?
white2 sugars
white2 sugars 3 timer siden
you should do some reaction videos based on music video special vfx! there are some great and awful videos out there
Brown Boots
Brown Boots 3 timer siden
I'd love to see you do apollo 13
Nikolas Lialios
Nikolas Lialios 3 timer siden
You guys have to review the deepfake of young Mark Hamil at the end of The Mandalorian
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 timer siden
Suggestion: Once Upon a Time
Billy The scoper
Billy The scoper 4 timer siden
Do a reaction to SCP Overlord
Benjamin Kirschnek
Benjamin Kirschnek 4 timer siden
You guys could take a look on the scene in the 1st episode of american gods with the vikings fighting in the beginning.
CookiNary 4 timer siden
May I suggest the short marmots clips from the French channel France 3? They are hilarious and amazingly done
CHJ 4 timer siden
Really wanna see you guys do the Cloverfield paradox
Jacob Stanghelle
Jacob Stanghelle 5 timer siden
You guys should totally react to Dried up old bones animated by Worthikids! Apparently they animated it in Blender and it looks exactly like the Old claymation style movies
ddeyoung1710 5 timer siden
Chemical Brothers - “Wide Open” video. There’s quite a bit of underrated effects in music videos.
TheFroztis 5 timer siden
Can you react about the scene in the mandalorian episode 16 when Luke enters moff Gideon’s destroyer and destroy all the dark troopers
MaxNiftyNine 5 timer siden
react to land of the lost
Ankit Kumar Singh
Ankit Kumar Singh 6 timer siden
Do VFX react on Ark scene from evan almighty ,some good fluids i think.
Toby Just plain old Toby
Toby Just plain old Toby 6 timer siden
Could you please react to THUNDERBIRDS
113_Gaming 7 timer siden
You guys should react to the short ending scene of MIB (Men in Black) with all the VFX transitions of the city, Earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, marvels, etc.
panto go brr
panto go brr 8 timer siden
Star trek, the latest movies pleasee
Griffin McLemore
Griffin McLemore 8 timer siden
You all should react to the Gene Kelly's dance scene with Jerry Mouse from Anchors Aweigh (1945).
姜涵之 8 timer siden
JED1 8 timer siden
Suggestion: Once Upon a Time
Ulukbek Omuraliev
Ulukbek Omuraliev 9 timer siden
Do a review on the movie : Siu lam juk kau (football)
NeonAce 10 timer siden
Pacific Rim and Real Steel. Both full of VFX and CGI
NeonAce 8 timer siden
@Gabriel's Logic Oh didn’t realize, which episodes was it?
Gabriel's Logic
Gabriel's Logic 9 timer siden
Already did both lol
MrJekaster 10 timer siden
Old and new Blizzard cinematics please!
KaleAndCrawfish 11 timer siden
YOOO yall should look at the Mandalorian Luke scene. That could be interesting I think.
Malcolm West
Malcolm West 11 timer siden
Kipchonim Yafim
Kipchonim Yafim 11 timer siden
react to the old movies of superman!
Igor Malusevic
Igor Malusevic 12 timer siden
Please, react o. Jiu-jitsu movie with Nicolas Cage. I have watch movie, IMDB was been to kind giving them 2.9/10. Fight choreography is terrible, pleas watch with some good stuntman.
VenificusL 12 timer siden
VFX in Gothika and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
TK -1108
TK -1108 12 timer siden
“Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 23.
Adnankhan Pathan
Adnankhan Pathan 13 timer siden
Can you guys make a reaction video on godzilla king of monster 2019
Nicholas Leon
Nicholas Leon 13 timer siden
Do the time inversion shots from tenet
boogaloo 2.0
boogaloo 2.0 14 timer siden
How about a react to flex air 5 nopost.info/throw/y5q7hYCdvYGdgMU/video
xUndeadcookiex 15 timer siden
I can't remember if you reacted to Starwars SC 38 Reimagined yet or not. If not you should deffinatly check it out!
Everything Dibs
Everything Dibs 13 timer siden
They did
Silas Waters
Silas Waters 15 timer siden
you guys should react to the robot from lost in space
\[o . 0]!
\[o . 0]! 15 timer siden
Review sweet home Very good cgi
colinazilla 15 timer siden
you guys should look at the music video "Fear and Delight" by The Correspondents, it's just deceptively simple cloning effects, but done to it's logical extreme
Max Nelson
Max Nelson 15 timer siden
Y'all gotta clear the air and react to Luke's CG head in the Mandalorian
Holliday Kaufman
Holliday Kaufman 15 timer siden
the music video for "I Did It" by Dave Matthews Band is LOADED to the brim with special effects !! 2009 style !!
Sam Lounsbury
Sam Lounsbury 15 timer siden
You should do a reaction of this scene from The Blob (1988) nopost.info/throw/rrmyomK5sHeKo7c/video
LC 7INEO 16 timer siden
OMG THE Kramer himself!!! AWESOME! that man taught me everything I know... about after effects.
Jacob Holz
Jacob Holz 16 timer siden
Tenet, oh my goodness
The Alpha male
The Alpha male 17 timer siden
You guys should take a look at R.I.P.D love your work guys keep it up
Forrest Fired
Forrest Fired 17 timer siden
React to the Eminem Godzilla music video! It’s pretty sweet!
WarlordX7 17 timer siden
please have stuntmen react to Cyberpunk 2077 - Phoenix Program (Johnny Silverhand Fan Film) . its awesome
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 18 timer siden
Suggestion: Ted 1 or 2
Sean Yeoman
Sean Yeoman 18 timer siden
React to DREDD (2012) if you haven't already. Maybe vs. Judge Dredd (1995) how about the Riddick movies? Sunshine. Driven. A.I.
Vojta trcala
Vojta trcala 18 timer siden
"king arthur legend of the sword" Pls
Piano Tutorials
Piano Tutorials 18 timer siden
Fun fact! District 9 was made in the same year Michael bay made his first tranformers film
Voldetort 18 timer siden
Can you guys react to Creed. It looks like they use vfx in the boxing scenes to make the punches look like they make full hard contact. Or it might be really good choreography in which it might be good for stuntmen react.
Blaze four2264
Blaze four2264 19 timer siden
12:57 whats up with niko ... ?
Taylor Blaylock
Taylor Blaylock 19 timer siden
React to Disney’s Dinosaur please!!!
Despacito epic nae nae style
Despacito epic nae nae style 19 timer siden
You guys should react to GTA 5's in-game movie, Meltdown. It has a lot of (intentionally) bad green-screening, as well as using a game engine for a lot of the scenes, which i think can easily be related to the digital productions you are currently trying out. nopost.info/throw/m5uinouXy66jnrs/video This is about as high quality of an upload you can find
Heather W
Heather W 19 timer siden
Every part of the original Mortal Kombat movie is begging for a reaction, both VFX and Stunts.
AlexJJ 20 timer siden
Talk about Van Helsing please. There are very nice werewolves
Joakim Tan
Joakim Tan 20 timer siden
Yo @corridor you gotta upgrade the chairs your guests sit in, its time, they deserve it, you deserve it!
PorQueToe 20 timer siden
The X splash can be seen on the "Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber" video after 2:30
El pinche Daniel
El pinche Daniel 20 timer siden
Should react to TENET
MrScribbledeedoo 20 timer siden
Can we please talk about Virtuosity with a young Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe??
Taco_Man 20 timer siden
You should do power rangers samurai. All I have to say
T Aziago
T Aziago 21 time siden
Have you ever covered Mortal Kombat Movie/webseries and Street fighter Assassins fist in the stuntman/martial artists react?
Étienne Chouinard
Étienne Chouinard 21 time siden
Luke in the mandalorian!!
Adam Goodall
Adam Goodall 21 time siden
Can you guys react to the CG at the beginning of Dredd? The slo-mo with the bullets ripping through the clan members was pretty cool =]
Douche of the Day
Douche of the Day 21 time siden
VFX reacts to commercials - I have seen quite a few commercials with fake snow, both driving through it and pickups with plows pushing CG snow. - Car commercials with CG cars
Inhapa 21 time siden
You guys should take a look at Ma-Ma's death in the 2012 Judge Dredd movie. Its rad as f
MetalHatBonnie 22 timer siden
Can you guys react to "The allyway scene" from the man in the high castle?
matthieu Le borgne
matthieu Le borgne 22 timer siden
I am French you d’ont say the e in noir
Бека Жанабек
Бека Жанабек 22 timer siden
Хочу разбор на Russian Cyberpunk
janrdoh 22 timer siden
Has Guardians of the Galaxy been done?
sinawer 22 timer siden
Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
sinawer 22 timer siden
Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
Eliot Prior
Eliot Prior 22 timer siden
Sweet Home, on netflix
David Hayes
David Hayes 23 timer siden
I can't believe the Crew hasn't Reacted yet to Kung Fury.
Markus Walter
Markus Walter 23 timer siden
Please check out "Kung Fury" by LaserUnicorns on NOpost
Shmocklips 23 timer siden
Suggestion: Land of The Lost
King Valerio
King Valerio 23 timer siden
How about that new Dragon Ball movie. The Last Stand was it? 👁👄👁
Miyamoto D. Gutts
Miyamoto D. Gutts Dag siden
The first dude looks like the punching bag things, same skin color and look.
Raw Oyster
Raw Oyster Dag siden
Do an episode about the Final Destination franchise :) the fourth one has really bad cg
Caleb T
Caleb T Dag siden
Suggestion: The Midnight Sky (2020), the shot where the asteroids hit the space station and the walls move in the actual set, can't tell if it was VFX or practical
J Knorr
J Knorr Dag siden
It was bad enough I am always picking out the Wilhelm screen in every film. Now you have me looking for the blood "X". Thanks for another viewing distraction ;) May one day our film making minds will reset to enjoy a movie without deconstruction LOL
Hunter Dag siden
Revenge of the Sith, 2005
Nick Mason
Nick Mason Dag siden
Do The Aviator from Martin Scorsese
Crazy Artist Productions
Crazy Artist Productions Dag siden
You guys, plus Andrew....so much awesome.
John Michael Nebres
John Michael Nebres Dag siden
Dude they're just losing subs
Warren Welch
Warren Welch Dag siden
A la verga.
Darius Corry
Darius Corry Dag siden
If you haven't done so, Please do the mouth shout scene in "Fight Club" my favorite movie.
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