Among Us but I got Impostor THREE TIMES in a row AGAIN

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Mr. Fruit

4 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but I got Impostor THREE TIMES in a row AGAIN

I dont ike danille she curse too much you would get more subs if she stops
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 3 dager siden
its her choice. are u 10? nobody cares except you about cursing
Ethan Herr
Ethan Herr Måned siden
I love fruit's songs, they are so catchy.
Jason Sekiguchi
Jason Sekiguchi Måned siden
Fruit is straight up gangsta as an Imposter.
Astro Death132
Astro Death132 Måned siden
I need to know where’s that from 1:24🤣
Heather S.
Heather S. Måned siden
I love Sonic's crazed laughter.
Dylan Volpi
Dylan Volpi 2 måneder siden
Amazing gameplay 👀
tank main the sha Lin main
tank main the sha Lin main 2 måneder siden
Why does sharkk sound like Charles from Henry srickmin
YaBoi Thunder
YaBoi Thunder 2 måneder siden
11:18 omg XD 19:18 lol
Tamara Byrne
Tamara Byrne 2 måneder siden
Dat long thing where you gotta doot. Doot. Doot
A non mouse
A non mouse 2 måneder siden
"Ohm I had to cover for Fruit so hard." Meanwhile, does Fruit dirty.
yitraboom 2 måneder siden
12:18 if u look closely fruit killed dork by Accidentally squishing him and then fell down a vent
Astro Death132
Astro Death132 2 måneder siden
1:23 Please does anyone have that clip I need it😂😂😂
DIMITRI FINDLEY 2 måneder siden
get the woof of mr fruit he is a legend
Jury Chore S. Bautista
Jury Chore S. Bautista 2 måneder siden
the best thing is fruit trying to scan bruhhhh hahaah even tho he's an impostor
Prooo people 88
Prooo people 88 2 måneder siden
Joshua Heidel
Joshua Heidel 2 måneder siden
I love no one notices dork is talking after he’s dead all game
Arleta Binczyk
Arleta Binczyk 2 måneder siden
I Was FOUR Time By A Row
Alfie games Friend at school
Alfie games Friend at school 2 måneder siden
Please don’t swear my parents don’t like me watching people that swear
bryan mcpadden
bryan mcpadden 2 måneder siden
goat thumbnail
Renee Owen
Renee Owen 2 måneder siden
I got 6 times
sab cool
sab cool 2 måneder siden
Bro watchdogs just made the best ad ever I just watched a 7 minute ad and loved every second
runningrock124 2 måneder siden
sheesh, Ohm literally sabotaged within the first 5 seconds of the round. WAIT FOR YOUR KILL COOLDOWN to be over or at least almost over
Kasper Holm
Kasper Holm 2 måneder siden
i have been impostor 6 times in a row when 10 people and 2 impostors
Screebb 2 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit: hummin and singin Versus. "JOS-"
ADW Animations
ADW Animations 2 måneder siden
Damn I love this video I've watched it like 4 times. Keep it up!
ADW Animations
ADW Animations 2 måneder siden
@m4rk3r whatever man, i don't really care. smh
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
@ADW Animations lol ash lmao
ADW Animations
ADW Animations 2 måneder siden
@m4rk3r I mean yeah it is.
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
@ADW Animations hey kiddo, sorry to disappoint, but this aint content :)
ADW Animations
ADW Animations 2 måneder siden
Don't concern with these guys I'm sitting next to one of them and their just trolling lol.
shoqfn 2 måneder siden
Wow, never seen someone sooo bad!
KINETX YT 2 måneder siden
trash can
KINETX YT 2 måneder siden
James Connolly
James Connolly 2 måneder siden
imagine being as bad as you LMAO
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
Your so bad!
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
really trash lol
m4rk3r 2 måneder siden
Kinda bad at the game, get good kid. lmaoo
NATHANIEL MCFADDEN 2 måneder siden
i like this game
Jacinda Rose Sandoval
Jacinda Rose Sandoval 3 måneder siden
This is too cool! You should team up with the hilarious team Bad Friends. Their vlogs low-key are like Nelk Boys and a bit of Faze Clan. Theyre a new group in Cali. Go check their page out and give the vloggers a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsVids
Zyprus2012 3 måneder siden
This game looks like so much fun lol.
Ruben Galindo
Ruben Galindo 3 måneder siden
Imagin getting hearted by fruit
John Rafferty
John Rafferty 3 måneder siden
I once got to be the imposter 6 times in a row
shwiftii 3 måneder siden
mr fruit is so good at convincing that i kept forgetting that he was imposter in the first place lmao
Max Spratt
Max Spratt 3 måneder siden
I hate how excited when he was like and then I saw bless body haha haha and it was not him lol
ONYX Frans
ONYX Frans 3 måneder siden
Aww dam I wanted to see you carry that last round no fun dude 😑
Vincent Samuel
Vincent Samuel 3 måneder siden
Y’all are going on my test right next week to go to see your test tomorrow morning I will see you tomorrow I love y’all and I’ll see y’all in the morning I love 💕 we we have a 😝 next week and I have a birthday
Jen Young
Jen Young 3 måneder siden
Tip: if your watching the cams your kill cool down will not tick down so you also can fake watching cams
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 måneder siden
I have never played this and I want to so bad because I have been watching u play
FearlessWarrior560 3 måneder siden
ding ding ding dead body reported the pure timing
Bacon 3 måneder siden
Amateur..... One time I got impostor 5 times in a row, which has a 1 in 3125 chance of happening in 2 impostor matches.
Fir3Chi3f 3 måneder siden
I feel really bad for shark the first round. Getting blamed and he didn't do anything. I just have to remind myself of when he really is lying and how similar it sounds.
Zyph TheTroll
Zyph TheTroll 3 måneder siden
I got 4X in a row lol
John Warton
John Warton 3 måneder siden
lol dorks dead but still talking
just here
just here 3 måneder siden
Fernanda Reyes
Fernanda Reyes 3 måneder siden
I was impassa 4 times in a row
Jacob Letendre
Jacob Letendre 3 måneder siden
Hes got a bomb!
I didn’t ask
I didn’t ask 3 måneder siden
When they said shark rhabby said skip but he didn’t go off of it
kevin ballinas
kevin ballinas 3 måneder siden
12:18 what is the name of that meme?
Urban Sidhe
Urban Sidhe 3 måneder siden
I got imposter 3 out of 4 times last night. We played about 10 games. It was crazy. I had to pull the rip cord on the last game. I just wanted to do tasks! Nice... Simple... Sweet tasks.
richard bahan
richard bahan 3 måneder siden
I always watch your video while eating LMAO idk
Arieanna Pleites
Arieanna Pleites 3 måneder siden
ive been watching fruit forever i remeber draw my life and litte baby olive so cute
Arieanna Pleites
Arieanna Pleites 3 måneder siden
mr.fruit has the smoothest and most calming voice ever
Superorange441 3 måneder siden
Majintaj is hilarious
Fandom Ben
Fandom Ben 3 måneder siden
The first time I got Imposter three times in a row was the second time I played with my friends. Understandably, they were pissed.
Vincent On
Vincent On 3 måneder siden
Ohm stop reporting!
Amber Schoep
Amber Schoep 3 måneder siden
Liked your video. 😃 😂 You should most definitely film with Bad Friends. Their stuff low-key are like David Dobrik mixed with a bit of Faze Rug. Theyre this chill friend group on NOpost and they always do crazy things all the time. You should definitely see their page out and give the friend group a like! 👉 #BadFriendsTruth
MangoMonkey 3 måneder siden
Can someone place the song that plays at the end of his videos? I love that aesthetic
Number one reason why I can't play this game datto feels the same why you on cams so early learn to play game and do tasks
Terrence McDale
Terrence McDale 3 måneder siden
I ate dorks ass lmao
Nicholas Devis
Nicholas Devis 3 måneder siden
Does anyone else find Mr Fruit's voice super satisfying?
4Kvideogames :P
4Kvideogames :P 3 måneder siden
wow Mtashed was in the game
Tobias Schieber
Tobias Schieber 3 måneder siden
Ab didn’t see him bc lights were out
ZRIZ GAMING 3 måneder siden
Thet is probably intense
Quincy Johnson
Quincy Johnson 3 måneder siden
Ayo thats blesses body
Googolnaut 3 måneder siden
Imposter! F!
Spooky Zach
Spooky Zach 3 måneder siden
You cannot act like your scanning people will know
Dr Jaysin
Dr Jaysin 3 måneder siden
Taj saying all lives matter🥴🥴🥴🥴
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer 3 måneder siden
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    °   •   ° Mr. Fruit was An Impostor.  。 .   '    0 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Holten Carder
Holten Carder 3 måneder siden
I love your vids
Skittey 3 måneder siden
i love watching you and the boys (danielle and claire too) playing among us its more fun then playing among us yourself keep it up i love ya also love the laugh you bring me
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 3 måneder siden
😡😡😡 i object to this sharkk abuse
Malinis 3 måneder siden
Ok I’ll watch the video after it being recommended to me over and over
CPG 3 måneder siden
What is joe joe? And why are we referencing it.
Chair Gang
Chair Gang 3 måneder siden
One time I got imp 7 times in a row
dezener 3 måneder siden
I got it 5 times in a row, I'm very lucky
Kemppp 3 måneder siden
My first day playing among us I got imposter 6 times in a row. Idk how I thought it was crazy
CitrousJaguar 3 måneder siden
So when you do body scan a green ring shows up when it scans you. If your imposter that doesn't happen and a pretty big giveaway..
John Bates
John Bates 3 måneder siden
"Thankfully he didnt remember seeing me there" Well sir fruit. Maybe because the lights were off.
Linus Willemse
Linus Willemse 3 måneder siden
Wait why does dork talk while he is dead?
Esther Kim
Esther Kim 3 måneder siden
It pained me to watch Fruit pause his kill cooldown watching cams when he could have just double killed at reactor
Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer 3 måneder siden
Getting the massive Among Us likes. Congrats Bro! Ride it as long ad you can!
Ronny Bice
Ronny Bice 3 måneder siden
i love watching these on acid trips 😇 love you fruit
Ludd_ 3 måneder siden
i have gotten three in a row a lot but when are you gonna get four in a row? its not easy but i have done it so it gotta be possible
crispシ 3 måneder siden
it’s insane one time i got impostor 4 times in a row and then i never been impostor since then
United 3 måneder siden
Dad? :(
Attackwolf 12
Attackwolf 12 3 måneder siden
To eatchother
Attackwolf 12
Attackwolf 12 3 måneder siden
You should do a video where the impostors talk
Michael Huddleston
Michael Huddleston 3 måneder siden
I really miss the cartoon animations
Run Up
Run Up 3 måneder siden
How can you talk to people on among us? Do you have to be on pc
ゲームAku 3 måneder siden
If people actually payed attention to fruit, they would see how hard he’s faking the tasks lol. Especially the scanning in med bay since there was no animation whatsoever lol
Samantha Pasini
Samantha Pasini 3 måneder siden
I heard Sammy and was like “wha?” I don’t remember playing with them lmao
Lazerninja XXX
Lazerninja XXX 3 måneder siden
ummm guys, I’d like to make a confession. I ate dork’s @$$ -Aaerios 2020
Dew Stories
Dew Stories 3 måneder siden
I got 4/5 times in a row one.
EEE 3 måneder siden
Dude I don't know what it is I just love Mr. Fruits the tavern is closed outro it makes me wish I was there rn.
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