13 Types of Among Us Players

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JianHao Tan

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Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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Debbie: debbwie
Tasha: tashh6
Danial Ron: danialron
Vincent: itsvincentsin
Sierra: sierralixing
Kevin: kaleidoscovin
Trev: trevtham
Abbey: abbeypuppey
Grace: graceglazee
Hakim: Runawaykim
Ridhwan: ridhwannabe
Pei Shi: speishi
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JianHao Tan
JianHao Tan Måned siden
Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝
Kian Lance Bernardo
Kian Lance Bernardo 9 dager siden
Prateeksha Anurag
Prateeksha Anurag 17 dager siden
I thought is was Debbie !!!
AmongUs GamerGurls
AmongUs GamerGurls 18 dager siden
Black was sus from beginnigg
TheBeeGirl! Måned siden
Loki Xiao
Loki Xiao Måned siden
Me lol
Bella Among us
Bella Among us 44 sekunder siden
She said she was color blind but there was name written
Itsyourboyalex Minutt siden
I thought you play maple story
Bella Among us
Bella Among us 2 minutter siden
The funny one were white blue and pink black
Avery Kaminari
Avery Kaminari 3 minutter siden
red and yellow was the best teamwork , like if you agree
Aaron Adelyn Liu
Aaron Adelyn Liu 8 minutter siden
Jian hao: THIS GAME IS RUINING OUR FRIENDSHIP! All: ** silents** Jian hao: ok, one more game? All: OK Kevin: Do you guys wanna try the other map? All: NOO!!
Thrillin Striker
Thrillin Striker 37 minutter siden
Hey hao when ur screen was shown ur name was in white but since u were the imposter it should be in red(no offence man just pointing it out)
KOGULAAN RAJ A/L NAGARAJAN Moe 43 minutter siden
Vincent is over
Vashy Serold
Vashy Serold 48 minutter siden
Arguing battel
Cotton_Gacha123 54 minutter siden
She's actually colorblind..?
Madai Villegas
Madai Villegas Time siden
craz Time siden
Im sure they dont know what sus means tbh
Maryann Pisuena
Maryann Pisuena Time siden
"fall guys is last month, who plays that game anymore" *among us literally is 2 years and became a meme for no reason*
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu Time siden
Red Black
Aroha Governor
Aroha Governor Time siden
1:40 hakim was cyan 1:53 when he got voted out he was pink
Saira Rehman
Saira Rehman Time siden
zoo 179368
Saira Rehman
Saira Rehman Time siden
farhan is still sick and you are going some were the first time par
Saira Rehman
Saira Rehman Time siden
Ok so wht u do my ph for the stuff that you are going to mrs Houston and you are a hipo you look at
Saira Rehman
Saira Rehman Time siden
Ok so wht u do my 28 minutes and you are going some of the call back to mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah 22nd the call me it was R EAU and you are going some of 74th 6ah 22nd the 331st and you have good morning to mujhy mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah 22nd the 331st of a 331st of the call baby girl call baby girl call baby girl call back to mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah wait to mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah wait to mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah 22nd the 331st and you have good 9vgu to to mujhy tumhayy khush 6ah 22nd the 331st
Judy Parker
Judy Parker 2 timer siden
Denise isn't in this because everyone knows she'd find the imposter straight away.
Deegan H25
Deegan H25 2 timer siden
Vincent: I don’t like browns face Debby: Orange your Sus Vincent: You guys aren’t being logical Black: Orange u aren’t being logical *Orange wasn’t the imposter* *1 imposter remains*
Ika Hijrah
Ika Hijrah 2 timer siden
Debbie:Do we get cute animals? The pets in among us: *one eyed dog* , *a mini crewmate* , *a slimy alien* , *bedcrab* and *etc
Milind Potdukhe
Milind Potdukhe 3 timer siden
Poor fall guys 😁😁
bang chan's laptop
bang chan's laptop 3 timer siden
The way I actually teared up during the Hao-Kev betrayal
Saltydkdan 3 timer siden
Not an epic gamer moment
John Lee
John Lee 4 timer siden
Yellow dude is sooo sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
idk dood
idk dood 5 timer siden
Lol the last part was so true
Lara Gomez
Lara Gomez 5 timer siden
is black and red
Christina Lau
Christina Lau 6 timer siden
So dumb
Taylor Chiu
Taylor Chiu 6 timer siden
lol MAPLE STORY M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigpandaDavid_YT 7 timer siden
Wow 4,44 subs lol
Mellissa Hill
Mellissa Hill 7 timer siden
Why he’s crying like he’s not really trying to stand for her
FlaxerFire21 7 timer siden
Well maybe if you call the among us pets cute then there’s cute animals?!
Nhu Tran
Nhu Tran 7 timer siden
I wish I could know how to play.
シTheBirdGirl 8 timer siden
Life hack for among us: If your imposter just say someone is sus. Thank me later
Alvin 8 timer siden
He was supposed to say “You know the rules and so do I” You got rick rolled
Gabriel Gomes Da Cunha
Gabriel Gomes Da Cunha 8 timer siden
Technec the pink one was write bc in that HQ map there is a task where u need to grow the plants
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 9 timer siden
Hao: *its the body posture* Hakim: *There's not enough evi- Hakim was ejected*
Andrea Charles
Andrea Charles 9 timer siden
I vote orange
Game up with the big pat L
Game up with the big pat L 9 timer siden
Ok cool
Kris Pablo
Kris Pablo 9 timer siden
The iconic abbeyyy
James Boland
James Boland 9 timer siden
I forgive you because it said just but you said all
Roblox gaming boy Adopt me
Roblox gaming boy Adopt me 9 timer siden
Red me like reeeeee
CorruptxHalo 10 timer siden
9:51 My sis: JFUFNE,DUENCKSHC CJENC DINDXN- Me to my sister: Chill-
She Lisa
She Lisa 11 timer siden
Debbie: "Why does Kevin look so skinny here? 😂😂" Kevin: 👎👁💧👄💧👁 👎
She Lisa
She Lisa 11 timer siden
Things that aren't logical in this video: 1. 4:56 - 5:06 Yellow says he did the swiping the card thing And also yellow: 10:03 doing task twice? "Yellow is Sus" 2. 12:02 Green cries (somehow) when red tried to kill yellow. Also Green: 12:23 "It was you this whole time?"
Cookie Gamer910
Cookie Gamer910 11 timer siden
Why is orange always so serious 🧐.
Swat riot RBLX
Swat riot RBLX 11 timer siden
Btw hakim could have been cyan and grace could have been dark blue
ilqar312 11 timer siden
i have the list of everything you did wrong 1. there isnt only 2 impostors, there can be 3 and 1 too. 2: 3:36 when u look at someone elses screen, its cheating because you know if they're impostor or not. 3: 6:35 It's a megaphone to report a body, not a button. (i understand if u dont have a megaphone) 4: 9:02 and thsn 9:40, you said that there are 2 impostors, and then when it says 'the impostor' it means theres 1 impostor. if its says 'an impostor' its 2 or 3 impostors. 5: heres one without a timelapse, you cant talk with eachother until theres a meeting. because u can only access the chat when theres a meeting or you're a ghost.
Angy Browning
Angy Browning 11 timer siden
I like that
Tristan Chez
Tristan Chez 11 timer siden
Heidi Mejia-Bamaca
Heidi Mejia-Bamaca 11 timer siden
hao whers your mother
solaris 11 timer siden
One time, i met an actual very kind player and their name was Guard, their color was white. At first, when the round started in Polus they kept following me, and even opened the door for me, when an emergency meeting was called i told everyone, it was cute but horrifying but white did not care. But, i was still flattered that white opened the door for me, guarded me when i did my tasks, finished them etc. When we won, it actually turned out white to be impostor, i was very shooked as white was loyal. 3rd round, i was impostor, i tried getting away from white as soon as possible, but they kept following me, i also forgot to mention that in the 1st round, black was guarding me too. And i still managed to win in the 3rd round! As i got to O2 and vented in cameras, i saw lime and another person watching cams, when lime was gone, i killed the person quickly and vented away, got in O2 and self-reported. Well, white left. But in the 2nd round, they told me their NOpost, good thing i copy pasted it, it's hauthypices, i didn't manage to find it though! Well, i'm still grateful for white. Thanks white for being a kind person, it means a lot! If you're reading this.
sadman monir
sadman monir 11 timer siden
Bro Debbie said she is colourblind but how did she know that orange vented
Gloria Rodriguz
Gloria Rodriguz 12 timer siden
Orine is the one that is the task man
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias 12 timer siden
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Claudia Blatnik
Claudia Blatnik 13 timer siden
Black and red
maheen ejaz
maheen ejaz 13 timer siden
i love how the end paet is like a action movie.
Robby Reyes
Robby Reyes 13 timer siden
there is no swipe card in nav its admin behind kev was it says nav
White Power
White Power 14 timer siden
the most popular word in 2020 SUS
patricia lee
patricia lee 14 timer siden
I 💗 It that was the best time of the week
JAMAL AG 15 timer siden
Kevin: why aren't you reporting hao?????? Hao looks at Kevin's face Kevin: ur a backstabber Hao:Kevin it's just a game
JAMAL AG 15 timer siden
I know the 2 imposter they are hao and renyixiang
sten hardesty
sten hardesty 15 timer siden
I really just hate black and orange
julie bato
julie bato 15 timer siden
Do not spam the Emergency button
David Munoz
David Munoz 15 timer siden
Guys u know that among us was made in 2018
RJs Geek
RJs Geek 15 timer siden
Can you mack more
mohammad fiqriyansyah alif amirul
mohammad fiqriyansyah alif amirul 15 timer siden
black and red is imposter these 2 are sus it wasn't these guys and girls
lil_gachacookies POOP
lil_gachacookies POOP 16 timer siden
lil_gachacookies POOP
lil_gachacookies POOP 16 timer siden
The people who disliked are the people who Didnt ever get impos
farah almatar
farah almatar 16 timer siden
I'm the electrec camper
Shiro Caparros
Shiro Caparros 16 timer siden
and purple is right black is impostor but its not pink accuatly uhh but pink is like sus
Shiro Caparros
Shiro Caparros 16 timer siden
why is orange are always so angry but the game was cool
Sayed_ SALMAN12
Sayed_ SALMAN12 16 timer siden
Yellow was funny when red was gonna kill him
Sayed_ SALMAN12
Sayed_ SALMAN12 16 timer siden
Red and black is the imposter
Make Some Lemonade
Make Some Lemonade 16 timer siden
psm is a new channel in my country
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 16 timer siden
And there's another type of player who wants to play hide & seek in Among us😂😂😂
7D 20. Muhammad Ridho Atalla
7D 20. Muhammad Ridho Atalla 17 timer siden
"you know the rules" And so do i Say GOODBYE
Mr. Travis Jacob
Mr. Travis Jacob 17 timer siden
Trev: aw man what did i do wrong Me: you frikin voted her out thats why
Pierre Jacob Quenio
Pierre Jacob Quenio 17 timer siden
Ship reco
Pierre Jacob Quenio
Pierre Jacob Quenio 17 timer siden
Stupid kevin
Pierre Jacob Quenio
Pierre Jacob Quenio 17 timer siden
Jian hao tan Is dumb
Pierre Jacob Quenio
Pierre Jacob Quenio 17 timer siden
Kevin is a gay
Riyad Juhari
Riyad Juhari 17 timer siden
Hey jian hao tan do you have a brother
zen amethyst tumarong
zen amethyst tumarong 18 timer siden
Wow Debbie your not color blind cause you said "hahahahha YELLOW look so skinny here"then how did you know that it's color yellow!
rohit abrol
rohit abrol 18 timer siden
I hate orange
Nupur Rayan
Nupur Rayan 18 timer siden
I like the
The Lanky Cuber
The Lanky Cuber 19 timer siden
Imposters try to kill because the are aliens
Poulose522 Poulose 522
Poulose522 Poulose 522 19 timer siden
This is the only vid of Jian Hao Tan that I can't stop watchin and never gets bored
riwdyr rowdy
riwdyr rowdy 19 timer siden
Do you realise that Dan suddenly appear and join the group to play a game?
mattew YTB
mattew YTB 19 timer siden
How many time they saying "guys" in the video ?
Gurumoorthi Gurusamy.
Gurumoorthi Gurusamy. 19 timer siden
The last scene was so dramatic XD
Keon Khong
Keon Khong 20 timer siden
i dont think there is a swipe card at near nav
YOONGI’S DOUBLE CHIN 21 time siden
Kev : “ How about DADDY7 “ Me : so....BTS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ravier De Guzman
Ravier De Guzman 21 time siden
i freaking hate debbie XD
among us pro
among us pro 21 time siden
you can’t even sabotage in admin
Summer Net
Summer Net 21 time siden
The end when jian hao tan gave up was sure epic!🤣✌️
Smurtkid Zhappy
Smurtkid Zhappy 21 time siden
Vincent: U guys know the rules Me: So do i
vincent afton
vincent afton 21 time siden
12:58 look what this game is doing on us yep im agree bc i ever be the imposter in among us and i killed my friends im among us and my friends was just like fighthing with me and i say i have enough i should not play this stupid game for the long time! this game is ruined our friends then i play among us by my own now bc im now friends with no one bc my friends was like shouting, fighthing and i was like crying but yea im ok now bc i have an online friends on among us
Yağız Efe Karaduman
Yağız Efe Karaduman 21 time siden
i just imagined in the end that they will say "lets play fall guys" i could have rage quit right there
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