overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077

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All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
---- Commentary & Credits (in order of appearance) (see video sources link after this) ----
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Martin Vágner
Martin Vágner 2 minutter siden
jesus. i played it and it was not that bad. at least in time they will fix it. Look on greater project like Star citizen. thats real problem.
NoUsername 19 minutter siden
you know you fucked up when crowbcat makes a video about your game.
Stevan Martinez
Stevan Martinez 54 minutter siden
That elevator ending made me honk like untitled goose.
Kingkalins Time siden
fuck. Keanu Reeves is the coolest man alive.
Kiefer I
Kiefer I Time siden
The bugs were terrible, but I was more upset by the lack of diverse content in this thing. For such a massive world, there wasnt much to do in it.
Faker Faker
Faker Faker Time siden
The gaming media are the real bastards of this story.
Little Brother
Little Brother Time siden
Did they employed all the soy developers avaliable in the market?? I guess its easy for them to lie and be delusional and have zero regrets about it, right?
Shrek 2 timer siden
On play store there is a ripoff of cyberpunk imagine being a ripoff of cyberpunk
Andersen Mark
Andersen Mark 2 timer siden
The stupidity of today's generation is infinite! I just bought this game today on PC 18 £ nothing crazy i'm not rushing new releases. . My gpu isn't the newest one but still has the raw power of 20x ps4 and game has 100 fps on medium settings no glitches or bugs so far. The game look's and feels absolutely crazy. The movement and enviroment is nothing i've seen before it is truly a next gen game. In my opinion it shouldn't have come out on ps4 but some of my friends enjoy it there cuz have no money for pc or ps5. SO i don't get it what's the problem. If you own a ps4 you should know that this game will never work flawles on it, same as fallout 76. This game truly captured the cyberpunk feeling, The blade runner and other god old sci-fi dystopian feeling. It is not gta or other titles that haters would have wanted it to be but i never played those console games and i enjoy this purely for the sci-fi enviroment and that's insane here. The game is so advanced in so many ways that I wouldn't be shocked if I would see problems, cuz the visual effect alone is allready a new experience.
Dean 55 minutter siden
I mean did you watch the video? the bugs are the least of the game's problems. They lied about multiple things for multiple years, You can have your opinion about the game that's fine. The problem is that if people buy this game and normalize the fact that game developers can release broken products, then i really hope the industry crashes and burns so it can start over.
Andersen Mark
Andersen Mark Time siden
@Little Brother poor you poor litle sad kid hurts if i don't join your hate club? you perfectly fit to my first statement
Little Brother
Little Brother 2 timer siden
Your first statement is the only real statement in the whole comment. Keep hyping boiii
kiyu -_-
kiyu -_- 2 timer siden
I mean no matter what...that original trailer was dope lol
flog 2 timer siden
17:58 is called the chad swim.
shockwave2291 2 timer siden
CDPR is the finest example yet of how it takes years to build a reputation but just seconds to destroy one.
Mista Ahmed
Mista Ahmed 34 minutter siden
No they hyped up cbp77 for years
firdos khan
firdos khan 3 timer siden
Wat the fuck they are admiring to there is nothing to do it in
Birros Polanski
Birros Polanski 3 timer siden
Cyber punk was a scam
firdos khan
firdos khan 3 timer siden
No comments just🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dom Pom
Dom Pom 4 timer siden
I'm really starting to lose my trust in the video game industry
Dean 54 minutter siden
the gaming industry died in 2007
BLIDING 4 timer siden
Please russian language
CumberCube 4 timer siden
Can we please stop buying games from companies that make their employees do 100 hour weeks? This is why games development has one of the highest suicide rates of any industry and it's not okay for us to buy this shit when people are literally losing their minds and lives for the sake of our entertainment.
Lachlan Krotchlikmiov
Lachlan Krotchlikmiov 5 timer siden
I mean like i haven't had the game breaking glitches most have had but the game is fucking boring. Even if it ran perfectly, the story is awful and the world isn't really interactive.
Bazsó 5 timer siden
3:55 The assassination of a random civilian circa 2021 coulorized
sexylazercatwizard 5 timer siden
I had fun with the game, didn't experience that many bugs either. Didn't see their marketing and all the promises though, definitely not a next gen experience. I feel like its obligatory to say I had fun and replayed it a few times already whereas I get absolutely bored of gta very fast, gta just feels so clunky and slow, like punching in a dream. I was definitely playing for the story that enjoyed but I feel like I got lucky or something because the combat AI was not this awful
secondintelligentWorld 5 timer siden
so im 4 min into the video, gameplay. idk anything about cyberpunk. just heard abt it a few times... It looks shitty as fuck. Is it just me? It looks fuckin awful. What's the hype about? (or was)
KingFlegel 5 timer siden
Maybe in 2077 it will be playable
R Y 5 timer siden
The devs are just as guilty as the upper management. They are lazy cucks lying through their teeth too
Jonathan R
Jonathan R 6 timer siden
keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed
Karl Warner
Karl Warner 6 timer siden
Hard to believe something starting Keanu will suck this bad. I am so glad I waited to see the REAL reviews before skipping this all together.
LukeTDMJetstar 6 timer siden
Even gta 3 is better then cyperpunk
Andrius rsps
Andrius rsps 6 timer siden
DanielGamer 10
DanielGamer 10 6 timer siden
this game had all the stereotypical glitches in a game that didn't exist up until the game's launch. for example, NPCs teleporting everywhere, didn't exist in a game up until now.
Fc 7 timer siden
I had no expectations and In my opinion this game was great
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
Even with no expectations this game is still a buggy mess though. That's objective, not a subjective opinion.
ElsYT 8 timer siden
They're weren't wrong when they said "Endless possibilities and endless lies". There are endless possible lies.
Frogmaster 9 timer siden
Notice how all these glitches are in console
Hans Alanson
Hans Alanson 5 timer siden
Look at the keyboard button in the hud lol
SketchyChips 7 timer siden
Does it matter? Plus there were on pc as well
Juke Bone
Juke Bone 9 timer siden
Rest in Piss Cyberpunk 2077....
RENEGADE CZ 9 timer siden
*When you spend 100% of your budget on advertisement and then give 30$ to some random indie java game dev to create the actual game*
Mista Ahmed
Mista Ahmed 32 minutter siden
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
No this would actually be impressive for one solo indie dev.
Potato Snake
Potato Snake 9 timer siden
3:34 - 3:40 True definition of FIsh A.I
RENEGADE CZ 10 timer siden
Imagine create as detailed game as LA Noire i this decade.... everyone would loose their shit because we are so used to buying unfinished lazy non details games
Yuri Best Girl
Yuri Best Girl 10 timer siden
The Goombas from Super Mario Bros has better Ai than Cyberpunk 2077.
FreeDooMusic 10 timer siden
I suspect this is the result of publishers rushing the release and the studio having too high ambitions.
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
Except their publishers are themselves so no.
No !
No ! 10 timer siden
That and terrible studio management.
Adam Hobbs
Adam Hobbs 11 timer siden
Got the game on download for the PS5 before it was taken off the PSN, had a few updates and it works fine. Maybe I just got lucky. Definitely not as disappointing as F-76
Gunawan Putera
Gunawan Putera 11 timer siden
When i told my friend that this game is overhype and i'm kinda skeptikal, my friend say that cdpr it never disspoint, but now i guess im kinda right?
ELY4 CP 11 timer siden
Good to know
Gabriel Pépe
Gabriel Pépe 11 timer siden
Are you people going to buy another game YEARS before it's launch? ARE YOU? If yes, i really hope it comes the same shit as Cyberpunk.
Grace Lord
Grace Lord 11 timer siden
Let’s hope that this has a No Man’s Sky type revival. Probably not though
Mista Ahmed
Mista Ahmed 31 minutt siden
It will be fixed in the year 2077
Grace Lord
Grace Lord 6 timer siden
@No ! it’s a shame, I’ve not played Cyberpunk, because I was hoping it would be patched and get better. We’ll see
No !
No ! 10 timer siden
Not even that is going to fix the games's fundamental problems at it's core.
zunv 11 timer siden
I learned with no mans sky. Glad I did not fall for this one.
No !
No ! 10 timer siden
Never pre-order games.
PublicScoolFTW 11 timer siden
Hahahaha! L!M!A!O! I told you guys (Example Text), but you didn't believe me. Noooooo! You said (Example Subtext). And see what happened? You got a box full of (Prefab Missing) just like I predicted. (Insert victory T-pose here.)
RockyHorrorFreakShow 11 timer siden
It'd be far less than mediocre even without all the bugs
WhatWeDieFor 5 timer siden
@EpicChocolate Except I was right? Lmao.
EpicChocolate 5 timer siden
WhatWeDieFor nice attempt at sounding smart. It didn’t work well though.
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
You mean more. Mediocre is a negative. You essentially just said it would be better without all the bugs. Is that what you were trying to say?
WillieK03 12 timer siden
23:43 is that YBR??
Sam 12 timer siden
praise rockstar games
Des Löwen
Des Löwen 13 timer siden
Future looks kinda weird
Naan-O Yobizniz
Naan-O Yobizniz 13 timer siden
Remember, kids; NEVER pre-order! Just don't! Nothing a publisher gives you for pre-ordering is valuable enough to outweigh the risk of ending up with BS like this!
kamil 13 timer siden
Its like ubisoft worked on this game
Mista Ahmed
Mista Ahmed 29 minutter siden
No just a Indian guy with a 1990 computer and 40$
MrThrill 13 timer siden
A kid messing around with Scratch could make a game with less bugs
Jaden Hodges
Jaden Hodges 13 timer siden
404k likes, make sense
Lonely Stoner
Lonely Stoner 14 timer siden
bugs is one thing, but literally lying about 90% of the role playing experience is where i draw the line.
Austin Hawryliw
Austin Hawryliw 14 timer siden
Hopefully this pushes Rockstar to give us the game we wanted
Cornelious Stradivarius
Cornelious Stradivarius 14 timer siden
80% of the footage here was mid development so of course it looks THAT bad. I played my purchased copy from day 1 and although I can say I was greatly disappointed with the character customization at the start and the Inventory, the story was really engaging based on my 10 hours played. The only reason I dont play it more is because my comp is bare minimum specs and runs 30 fps so it's not good for the eyes.
Ethan Matz
Ethan Matz 9 timer siden
80% of the footage came from the actual game release lmfao. CDPR wasn't even letting real footage hit the web before release.
ihobdeimumgfickt •
ihobdeimumgfickt • 14 timer siden
19:02 the moment it switched to that lego game I literally died of laughing
Aiketz 15 timer siden
Cyberbug 10 million... Breathtaking!!!
alphanumerical 15 timer siden
This game would have been the pinnacle of single player rpg if it wasn't such a heaping pile of steamy manure.
JT just playing
JT just playing 15 timer siden
Cyberbullshit 2020
Jacob Orozco
Jacob Orozco 15 timer siden
I didnt think I would actually watch the whole thing omg
Techman420 15 timer siden
If at first you don't succeed, just remember [PREFAB MISSING]
Emmanuel Meli
Emmanuel Meli 15 timer siden
this is why i give up on games you 70 € for a bad game , now play chess no dlc same rules for over 1000 years and still nobody has figured out the perfect play
Paolo Marchesi
Paolo Marchesi 15 timer siden
How??? Just.... how???
Piggynator Cool
Piggynator Cool 16 timer siden
The worst part are the people like Keanu Reaves and the people at 24:18, probably didn't even specialize in the game itself and actually thought it was gonna be good and were lied to by the upper echelons of cdpr
Perturbator 16 timer siden
So sad to say, but this actually the best review to this game. I waited it so much(( from the very first anons. Sad, but true, personal responsibility
Motivação Para Todos
Motivação Para Todos 16 timer siden
DEVELOPERS >>> politicians
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 16 timer siden
The cut to Lego City Undercover HA
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes 16 timer siden
Replaying LA noire, and the NPCs act better than this
Stationary Gaming
Stationary Gaming 17 timer siden
Does RDR2's NPCs have daily routines?
EpicChocolate 5 timer siden
Yes they do.
IVPixel 17 timer siden
"Endless lies" was the only truthful thing in those trailers.
Toukoha 17 timer siden
It seems the bigger the hype, the harder it will crash. We can only guess the reasons behind this but investors who only care about money pushing the game to be released earlier than it should have been definitely played a part. Now that I've seen what the state of the game was when it got released I can see it needed many more years of development to deliver what it promised and even then it was propably too much. Compare to witcher 3 which was a massive success and Witcher 3 delivered everything it promised to be while not getting delayed a ton. That's simply because what it promised to be was reasonable yet it simply managed to be impressive and deliver something new to the open world- genre.
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. 17 timer siden
Still works for me. Y’all are just being big babies.
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
Dude did you watch the video? It's not even just the bugs. It's the shit they lied about with your choices having any kind of meaning. Or having a reactive world.
SketchyChips 12 timer siden
Ok cybersimp
#1 Rival
#1 Rival 14 timer siden
@Cory M.M. Count how many features and things were promised in the game that are not there then come back to me. Even GTA San Andreas has a Train system and more things to do and that game is 16 years old.
CedricIsBack !
CedricIsBack ! 16 timer siden
@Cory M.M. Nintendo and Rockstar games looks better in the final Release
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. 17 timer siden
@Enddzi literally almost every game changes from the demo. Look at how much destiny changed from the demo to final game. Demos look way better “even if they aren’t done” because developers are trying to sell the game.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 17 timer siden
32:33 Portland police observing Antifa violence.
Michael Napper
Michael Napper 18 timer siden
Until the gaming community understands that pre-orders only perpetuate this cycle of releasing unfinished, poorly optimized games, we will continue to be plagued by this problem.
Bossix84 18 timer siden
They will never understand. There will always be people who are easly convinced by fake gameplays/trailers. Preorders will never stop.
TooBroke4Gold 18 timer siden
Holy crap they're back! Good work
ed fred
ed fred 18 timer siden
Lol biggest flop ever
MARVEL future
MARVEL future 19 timer siden
The decepcion of all the timeeees 🎶🎵🎶 red dead redemption 2 and gta 4 are better than this sh......t
Monke 19 timer siden
How is a game made in 2013, (GTA V) better than a Triple-A game made in 2020... It's honestly pathetic that they would even release Cyberpunk 2077 like this.
Joe 19 timer siden
*All of this just works*
DavorJudge 19 timer siden
This is fraud
Arno 19 timer siden
33:13 i wouldn't but that knee on there if i were you...
Lao G
Lao G 20 timer siden
Well, this is Duke Nukem Forever and No Man's Sky all over again
TaRgEt0ZeRo 21 time siden
it so a shame
TaRgEt0ZeRo 22 timer siden
who is playing that shit
TaRgEt0ZeRo 22 timer siden
sued them all
TaRgEt0ZeRo 22 timer siden
they should get sue too. not just refunds.
Reggie4wong 23 timer siden
Biggest Fail in game history
fiel81 20 timer siden
Cdpr better make this the biggest comeback of the decade if they want their reputation back
Benjamin Kleiner
Benjamin Kleiner 23 timer siden
Comment missing
henkarars 23 timer siden
One of the most cringest company in gaming history fr. Overhyping their game for fans in years promising content that's not in the game. And their not appoligizing for the disappointment many had for the false advertisment. cdpr had too much confident thanks to witcher 3. Thought nobody would notice these lame qualities in the game by just releasing it.
SesMoge Dag siden
Maybe it will be ready in 56 years.
Zocker Bro
Zocker Bro Dag siden
i dont get how things like this can happen
fiel81 20 timer siden
Bad management
McguffinTeWaffle Dag siden
I think the fact that they were clearly playing dev builds for promotional material is warranting of a lawsuit at this point, the whole game feels like a scam.
WhatWeDieFor 7 timer siden
It's a dev build until the game is "gold" What are you talking about? I agree it's utter shite and backstabbing- but do you not know how promotion works?
Ambar Craft
Ambar Craft Dag siden
I wasn't aware of this recent Bethesda release
Dean Dag siden
Thank you shazam you saved me 70 dollars
Achi Aschaffenburg
Achi Aschaffenburg Dag siden
Started the game and will never finish it.
fiel81 20 timer siden
Charles Jade
Charles Jade Dag siden
I can say that GTA III was more playable than its launch
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Dag siden
*[Prefab Missing]*
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Dag siden
This is the future we will live when everyone undertsands that T posing really imposes dominance.
Karla I
Karla I Dag siden
I feel sorry for NPC models, the AI lacks so much that makes the bodies look like literally robots that don't have commands to do any porpoise
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