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3 måneder siden

President Donald Trump posted his full, combative '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl, which he abruptly ends after about 35 minutes of tough questioning.
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In US news and current events today, Donald Trump made headlines after he walked out of his '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl after only 35 minutes. Trump then leaked the full interview himself.
The interview begins with Lesley Stahl asking Donald Trump, 'You're ok with some tough questions?' and Trump responding, 'No, I'm not.'
Lesley Stahl repeatedly presses President Trump to share his health care plan, to explain the rise in COVID-19 cases, to justify why he called Dr. Anthony Fauci an 'idiot,' and more. At one point, Trump explicitly states that he hopes the Supreme Court 'ends' Obamacare.
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Pia Sofie
Pia Sofie 52 minutter siden
He is living in another reality than most people, he had build Up an illusion as defence around him because of his very dysfunctional upbringning without feelings...
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego 3 timer siden
He’s like one of those dolls than you pull the string and they keep repeat the same few phrases.
Garrett William Jones
Garrett William Jones 16 timer siden
It's -45 out now ;) dress warm in the streets while you celebrate
Summer Cadorette
Summer Cadorette Dag siden
They are call him out on lies and he get mad lol
Kimmy Dichoso
Kimmy Dichoso 2 dager siden
Omg what a narcissist uuuuurgh
jason sloten
jason sloten 3 dager siden
This is very sad, he's a joke!
Shadey Lady
Shadey Lady 4 dager siden
You don't have to fact check me.😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤪
Laura Consier
Laura Consier 5 dager siden
Interviewer is very condescending. Reminds me of my jealous aunt talking down on a child without any respect for the free work he and his family do to serve us all.
Laura Consier
Laura Consier 5 dager siden
I Love this man...unstoppable. Heaven sent.
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego 3 timer siden
I hear he’s looking for someone’s house to crash at - maybe send him an invite.
Maryam Hamid
Maryam Hamid 8 dager siden
She’s so horrible as a journalist
Maryam Hamid
Maryam Hamid 8 dager siden
He’s getting so annoyed, he knows it’s all waste of time when he could be doing actual work
Shadey Lady
Shadey Lady 4 dager siden
Yeah like golfing
rain 10 dager siden
“and people will go to socialized medicine, and that won’t be acceptable” why ?? socialized medicine literally makes sure everyone is covered wtf
rain 3 dager siden
@Zurial Carey They take a lot in taxes for it, i’d expect it to be good. No such thing as “free” but at least everyone here is covered
Zurial Carey
Zurial Carey 3 dager siden
@rain I'll look more into it. Free incredible medical service sounds like unicorn land. I'll check it out.
rain 3 dager siden
@Zurial Carey It’s not tho. I live in canada and the medical care here is very good.
Zurial Carey
Zurial Carey 3 dager siden
Perhaps, poor quality
Cara West
Cara West 11 dager siden
I’m glad he walked out on that old bitty!!
LIFE STRATEGIES 11 dager siden
Great man!)
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed 11 dager siden
What a weakling. Couldn't even handle a 60 Minutes interview.
Ross L
Ross L 14 dager siden
“Oh it’s taken him 5 days to prepare?” I believe Donald puts in zero prep and just walks out to the podium.
LEROY LAFFERTY 16 dager siden
He always blames other ppl he knew about it in Feb & did nothing about it b/c he was afraid of the stock market coming down he cares more about his reelection bid too
Ang Lovetree
Ang Lovetree 21 dag siden
What? Which questions was to tough for him?
Crypto Ginvestor
Crypto Ginvestor 22 dager siden
The American president job is a very tough job and honestly i never thought the American president could be disrespected this bad and treated this horribly by our own people ,how do you expect the world to respect us and our leaders?? The world is watching us we seriously need to have standards.
Home Videos
Home Videos 25 dager siden
Every job interview I have I’m going to respond to questions I don’t like with you wouldn’t ask Biden that would you
Home Videos
Home Videos 25 dager siden
I want to be president because we have done a great job that’s why I want to be president
riplstrip Måned siden
I see he is drinking from his little Tippy cup again. The small hands are trembling again.
René Olguín
René Olguín Måned siden
John Cipolletti
John Cipolletti Måned siden
Why do we keep seeing this? This man walked out from humanity many years earlier.
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Måned siden
Lady thinks the interview is for her
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Måned siden
Why is she interrupting his response?
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 14 dager siden
@Enuf Ots time flies in conversation
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 14 dager siden
@Enuf Ots yes he should goover his reasoning for his comments but a 60 minute interview isn't the place for detail
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 14 dager siden
@Enuf Ots and about questioning his equations, as president he possibly wanted to cover as much as possible
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 14 dager siden
@Enuf Ots questioning responses is perfect but let them finish the response
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 14 dager siden
@Enuf Ots if we pursue the truth expect others to have be just as truthful
Min Brunson
Min Brunson Måned siden
Why everything got to be emphasized to the "best" or the "greatest ever" or "better than it has ever been". Just answer the question truthfully because when he says that you already know what he just said or about to say is a lie. No need to be dramatic and overly dramatic about a lie u just said or about to say... we get it and you are a known liar so regardless we know u lying because your lips are moving! Thank God he is out! It's so unnecessarily ignorant to have someone lie and govern a country like he has. ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR LIES IS WHAT IF LIKE TO SEE BUT WHO HAS THAT KINDA TIME. HE'S SAD
DAVID LEAMAN Måned siden
Of course, Leslie is asking hard questions that she wouldn't from Biden. Biden hasn't been defaming and lying about and attacking anybody.
DAVID LEAMAN Måned siden
If the U.S.A. adopted a Universal Health Care plan for all, The people of the country would definitely start agreeing with how it is working out. Check with other countries. The people who have Universal Health Care throughout the world would fight to the last man to keep it. Why is that? Ask yourself why. Hint;: Corporate propaganda and government support for their position. Bernie should be president right now but Biden is ok.
DAVID LEAMAN Måned siden
Trump threw out the pandemic playbook that was created after the H1N1 experience. He's trying to say that Biden screwed up but the opposite is true.
DAVID LEAMAN Måned siden
This is why he lost the election. He was and still is a true waste of skin.
Danny Jackson
Danny Jackson Måned siden
This interview didnt age well. Vaccine here. HUNTER BIDEN AND CHINA CORRUPTION IS TRUE. And they knew it. MEDIA IS A DISGRACE. And so are the liberal sheep in the comments. Address the Hunter Biden story now liberals.
riplstrip Måned siden
Can I suggest a brain for you Danny?
Matthew Fudge
Matthew Fudge Måned siden
Let me get this straight: he does an entire interview, then circles back and says that Stahl shouldn't have asked him if he was ready for tough questions. What a mental stump.
william klema
william klema Måned siden
trump 2020!!
JIM TIME Måned siden
1st q what kind of hair gel do u use lol
riplstrip Måned siden
Jim, Donny uses sump oil for hair gel, just like Rudy.
Nena Ezada
Nena Ezada Måned siden
The video of hunter Biden can be found rite here.. next they will be saying that isn't Hunter or the girls are legal age.. its ridiculous.. its on You tube.. the videos are on you tube of hunter Biden .. this woman is a...
Tech 83 Studio
Tech 83 Studio Måned siden
Leslie is looking and listening just like the world is looking and listening.
Perry Johnson
Perry Johnson Måned siden
Leslie likes that China dollar 🤔
Perry Johnson
Perry Johnson Måned siden
Hey leslie where is your apology for the Hunter Biden thing .You were wrong remember. Oh he did nothing wrong....
Tyrell Preston
Tyrell Preston Måned siden
Not care vote
Kim Quinten
Kim Quinten Måned siden
I will never understand how people get sucked in!o his be!
Marshall Adaway
Marshall Adaway Måned siden
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― adolf hitler
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE Måned siden
Not at that level, but Trump is kinda similar. Also, he legitimately wanted to remove voting rights from Mexicans or disable votes.
Voyageur Måned siden
That was Goebbels but he worked for Hitler.
Lynn Hartle
Lynn Hartle Måned siden
B Camp
B Camp Måned siden
🤣 he is such a mess!
africanbeautifulgirl Måned siden
“The best, we are the best” 😂😂😂
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE Måned siden
At entertaining the viewers air horn intensifies 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢
Charles Pongo
Charles Pongo Måned siden
In your favourite words, you are fired...
Kerri Elder
Kerri Elder Måned siden
He over talks everyone... he can not stay focused... he can only think of himself and what everyone has done to him
Absolutely! Måned siden
Dangerous man.
Absolutely! Måned siden
Tonja Case
Tonja Case Måned siden
Does he only know one word? Numbers numbers numbers
faith Love
faith Love Måned siden
M O N E Y CAPITAL Love of his life, stocks, building,trades, scary trade money for lives, this has been a very awful four years, I truly am sad to see what messes the President elect has to clean up, but I believe God will put his hands on this new president elect, all I can say is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, strengthens our nation, God bless everyone 🥰
Tonja Case
Tonja Case Måned siden
He calls it a plague but underplays it sonstantly
Tonja Case
Tonja Case Måned siden
Are we ever going to get his ugly mug and his name to go away
Kim Schmutzler
Kim Schmutzler Måned siden
So this is what bottom looks like. It is the best bottom we have hit with an ultra stable genius leading the way. Lucky US.
Hali Burley
Hali Burley Måned siden
He is in a special reality of his own. It is pathetic to watch a grown man act like such a child. Petulant, stupid, evasive, liar.
Kado Måned siden
She’s a good one. I would have beat him walking out.
Sari M
Sari M Måned siden
Pathological liars unbelievable !
Miklo Suarez
Miklo Suarez Måned siden
Lol if we didn’t do testing cases would not be up... thanks to testing the whole world can avoid contact with positive patients
Miklo Suarez
Miklo Suarez Måned siden
This man needs some serious mental help, he lives in a massive delusion.
S N Måned siden
Trail him to exile...... Africa!
Lydia Arcos
Lydia Arcos Måned siden
Please interview Biden and ask him the same questions😇
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE
The Super Videogame Nerd MORE Måned siden
Probably in 2021
Eric Solomon
Eric Solomon Måned siden
At the time of this interview he wasn’t president elect but now he is so we shall see
Keisha May
Keisha May Måned siden
Embarrassing 😬
Mech D
Mech D Måned siden
Yvonne Bonaparte
Yvonne Bonaparte Måned siden
What a liar😭
spoilyagirl2 Måned siden
Waiting for January...⌚🍿
Debra Grandberry
Debra Grandberry Måned siden
Yajaira Ramos
Yajaira Ramos Måned siden
Glen Downs
Glen Downs Måned siden
3:00 - we are back to normal now that you have been booted out of office.
Charles Pongo
Charles Pongo Måned siden
Very true. Donald trump is so stupid... I can't stand him...
Helen Lucas
Helen Lucas Måned siden
KJ Måned siden
His defense really is, "You aren't being fair. You asked if I was ready for tough questions. You wouldn't ask Biden that!" Biden isn't the current president fighting for a 2nd term. He can't answer questions about how you handled your presidency and why you deserve a 2nd term. Biden's questions are from a "if it were you" basis. Is this man 74 or 4 with this whole "You're being mean to me!" persona.
C B Måned siden
Debra Grandberry
Debra Grandberry 2 måneder siden
LORD thank you for getting rid of this human being.
Sales Miami
Sales Miami 2 måneder siden
ok im done...
Sales Miami
Sales Miami 2 måneder siden
WOW! hes so full of it!!! Please shut this guy up!!! LMAO!!
Houston TexanStyle
Houston TexanStyle 2 måneder siden
Her tone is whiney, condescending and passive aggressive. Very neffective ! Stop interrupting woman!!!
Houston TexanStyle
Houston TexanStyle 2 måneder siden
This is not an interview, is a whiney attempt of a prosecution.
Dave 2 måneder siden
What a cry baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣
dave doogan
dave doogan 2 måneder siden
Toys out the pram
Matthew S
Matthew S 2 måneder siden
Then there's Mike the brown nosed reindeer.
Matthew S
Matthew S 2 måneder siden
He's like a 5 year old getting caught in a lie. I'm surprised he didn't hold his breath and stomp his feet.
Matthew S
Matthew S Måned siden
@TheEsotericism1 Blah blah blah. Media media media. Everyone is tired of this reality show president. Just 4 straight years of whining and crying and chaos. Pathetic Putin wanabe.
Absolutely! Måned siden
Worse than that. He lies constantly. Shameful
TheEsotericism1 2 måneder siden
Now watch the edited version. It’s the media who’s lying. You can see it clear cut if you check that out.
ntxhaispaaj 2 måneder siden
“China is our greatest adversary” (says DT, the POTUS) but the US still turn to them on things and owes them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$; also, he has business in China. So, why bag on them? (He has sooo many conflicts of interests)
Cameron Creasy
Cameron Creasy 2 måneder siden
You know what? He's done it. He's cracked the code. No more mammograms and we've officially defeated breast cancer!
Eddie Negron
Eddie Negron 2 måneder siden
His favorite BS line is "Like nobody has ever seen before". Also watch him twitch with aggravation for a split of a second when she tells him that he's not wearing a mask himself. 13:27 It's almost like she struck a nerve. 😜
adam lewis
adam lewis 2 måneder siden
Pause the video at 29:27 and look at the difference in color between his face and hands. 😂😂
M00tjee hadd
M00tjee hadd 2 måneder siden
Thanks mister president for everything you did for the world.. love you from the netherlands.
M00tjee hadd
M00tjee hadd 2 måneder siden
@adam lewis i can name a lot of things but why would you believe me.. you can look it up for yourself, but the problem that biden supporters have is you cant look things up for yourself you only wait for cnn to tell you everything.
adam lewis
adam lewis 2 måneder siden
@M00tjee hadd you can't name one thing. Cool. Figured
M00tjee hadd
M00tjee hadd 2 måneder siden
@adam lewis a lot. This is a serious answer.
adam lewis
adam lewis 2 måneder siden
What'd he do? Serious question
Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry 2 måneder siden
He is so delusional... Forget about fake news we got a fake president!
A Man Who Laughs
A Man Who Laughs 2 måneder siden
Sleepy joe is fake President of Fake news media
Brage Ellingvåg
Brage Ellingvåg 2 måneder siden
“We have turned the corner..” and now it’s even worse than in March 😭
Raze Måned siden
@Son Goku Tell that to the doctors and nurses that are completely overworked and hospitals that have no more beds? Nah you just put your head in the sand and say things you have no idea about like most ppl. Maybe check that out before you comment?
Brage Ellingvåg
Brage Ellingvåg Måned siden
Mark Nadeau
Mark Nadeau Måned siden
Thank to the Satan worshipping democrats
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 måneder siden
no its not worse its just more testing and guess what mortality rate is way way down and we got vaccines and therapeutics stop crying
Utube Roku
Utube Roku 2 måneder siden
Yes, we are testing more, so we’re going to find more... move on
Ryan S
Ryan S 2 måneder siden
Every criticism is met with "I handled that better then anyone ever before". His lies are so apparent when you actually examine them to see that they are factually incorrect but he has a very confident delivery on everything. I can see why so many people are deluded by this guy but that's why we have to embrace facts, not people.
dave doogan
dave doogan 2 måneder siden
so true.
Edrobal Ynnek
Edrobal Ynnek 2 måneder siden
And then he finishes with the affirmation,," You Know This ". Doesn't make it any less a lie.
Darin Cates
Darin Cates 2 måneder siden
He is DEEP inside a bubble of self gratifying information. Almost brainwashed himself into believing he is right. Sad :(
Absolutely! 2 måneder siden
He has supporters because he doesnt come off as smart. He talks the level of his supporters. And, Hillary was that unlikable. She might have lost this year too. Transparency: I voted for him 2016.
Absolutely! 2 måneder siden
This avatar is cute, built good.
Eddie Negron
Eddie Negron 2 måneder siden
LoL, Seems like your trying to say something about your transparency with your Avatar.
Diamora Diaz
Diamora Diaz 2 måneder siden
I can believe she is a jurnalist. There is one more part that was cut off. When they gave her a box full of papers.
jessica44 Måned siden
Except it wasn't a health plan. 😂
dave doogan
dave doogan 2 måneder siden
jurnalist, ok we hear you ha ha ha
Ali Esmail
Ali Esmail 2 måneder siden
He made me laugh so hard at 10:55
Beverley Bennett
Beverley Bennett 2 måneder siden
This man is even my Tricky than Dickie
Just Google It
Just Google It 2 måneder siden
Donald rocks Best President, period!
Jann Orfi
Jann Orfi 2 måneder siden
"OK, Linda. Linda, listen, listen, listen, Linda, honey, honey, look at this, right now we can't do anything if we can't get anything out of the wall. And we're going to break everything down." A three year old makes more sense than this clown.
Amazing Meicha
Amazing Meicha 2 måneder siden
Sbreezy 2 måneder siden
There’s really something wrong with him.
Dan 2 måneder siden
Kellz Bellz
Kellz Bellz 2 måneder siden
What an incompetent self absorbed goon.
Vanessa Avalos
Vanessa Avalos 2 måneder siden
Unbelievable how biased she is.
Dave Cruickshank
Dave Cruickshank 2 måneder siden
John Reisdorf
John Reisdorf 2 måneder siden
All these liberal americans hate trump even though he's done more to help our country thrive than any other president in u.s. history....& When biden takes all everyone's constitutional rights away thell all be crying 😁
Katherine Howes
Katherine Howes 2 måneder siden
LOL her response to Trump bringing up the fact that they dont ask Biden these questions cause Trump is the president. But if you want Biden to be the president oh SO badly, wouldn't you want to know the answers to those questions? I mean, right now he is gonna be your president if all the voter fraud isn't dealt with. So you SHOULD be asking Biden these types of questions, get him to really think, but no, you know that if you did he would just get lost and not be able to come up with anything to say. And you have to protect him at all costs
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