The Trick or Treat House! - Hermitcraft 7: #57

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Tango Tek

Måned siden

Halloween Time! I team up with @impulseSV and make a Trick or Treat house for the other Hermits. Also, big Decked Out news!
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Outro Music: Underwaterbeats - Delete

Josh Solders
Josh Solders 7 dager siden
Tango: Don't you need grass to get the seed?!? Impulse: Did you not... get a seed? Tango: NO! Impulse: THAT'S MY BAD!!! Me: ... Don't you get grass from bone-mealing a dirt block? Me after research: A That's why they were panicking. PS: I think the tricks are better than the treats. The treats are nice, but the tricks are something I would get addicted to.
croissis 19 dager siden
wouldnt you get seeds from the grass when you bone meal dirt? but i guess that would also waste the bone meal you need to grow the wheat...
Ball Pythons are da best
Ball Pythons are da best 23 dager siden
Impulse and tango sound so similar
Sensory Under Load
Sensory Under Load 25 dager siden
Yeah ending it is about right now but I think after you give out the prize you should leave the game going just in case someone wants to play for fun
dailygame 25 dager siden
Hey what about putting the beasts behind glass and making decked out a museum of sorts??
RMK7 McKinlay
RMK7 McKinlay 26 dager siden
Make a decked out mini game in etho' s base or wherever he wants it
Yon Vill
Yon Vill 27 dager siden
Restructure DO into PvP map with different modes
cjwardill 27 dager siden
Crafty Pizza
Crafty Pizza 27 dager siden
Kind of like saw!
cali gusto
cali gusto 28 dager siden
Itd be awesome if decked out was somehow remade on a server or made into a separate game other than minecraft and maybe having the admim stuff automated, it really is the coolest minigame I've seen in minecraft let alone vanilla survival and it could totally hold up as a game on its own with some sort of grinding aspect similar to how the hermits continue on with their own builds or have to search for boxes in order to play because it seems like without the grind and just a world download it loses some of the magic as there's no competititive element or risk because when you die you can just grab another key and keep playing
Kiddo 28 dager siden
atanasij stojevski
atanasij stojevski 28 dager siden
Iolo Mottershead
Iolo Mottershead 28 dager siden
They should make it into grians infinity room
Iolo Mottershead
Iolo Mottershead 28 dager siden
Can we all give a big clap to tango for entertaining the whole server
AIO YouTuber TV
AIO YouTuber TV 28 dager siden
Its kinda like the chicken egg demise game from season 6 though. That you putted at Mumbo's industry district.
Galbryx 28 dager siden
Working with thevresistance aye?
Cameron Savage
Cameron Savage 28 dager siden
The other Hermits have really been enjoying the tricks! Why not keep it on after Halloween as a build-off mini-game? 2 Hermits can face-off and have to build the same item, fastest wins. Each Hermit bets the other a certain amount of diamonds that they will win - winner takes the pot!
I just Exist
I just Exist 29 dager siden
I wish there was a tutorial for the trick or treat house for bedrock lol
Test Droid 3
Test Droid 3 29 dager siden
Tango, you and Impulse should turn this into a two player game where the person who finishes the puzzle first initiates the TNT drop on the other player. And build it in the gaming district. Make it a gambling game where they play for their own diamonds, but you charge a service fee. Idk a better way to make profit. And I wouldn't want you to keep having to shill out rewards because you've been maintaining decked out. Low maintenance game time. The hermits seemed to really enjoy the basic block build puzzles. Especially Grian. Please :)
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo 29 dager siden
Xisuma thought the head was a burnt Zedaph head. Lol
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo 29 dager siden
Impulse: *test trick or treat and gets gravel* Me: *Mmmmmmm! I love rock candy!*
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam 29 dager siden
One of the very few times I enjoyed watching from both points of view.
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam 29 dager siden
Oh my god! He killed "Decked Out"! You bastard!
MeagaRLCraft 29 dager siden
So sad to see decked out end, i have enjoyed every hermits run. Is a sad day...
Sara Janssens
Sara Janssens 29 dager siden
No!!! I love decked out
Some EPICness guy with a 1209
Some EPICness guy with a 1209 29 dager siden
U give the outro song but no intro song
A-Aron 604
A-Aron 604 29 dager siden
Tango I think you’re doomguy from DOOM
burninpotato 29 dager siden
Deliver all of the ravengers to the winners(etho) base as a prize I'm sure etho could come up with something fun with them
Rebecca Holtey
Rebecca Holtey 29 dager siden
Tango please play the TekTopia mod.
Amber Bryan
Amber Bryan 29 dager siden
RIP Decked Out. You shall be missed.
DarkMango11 29 dager siden
Tango, you are the king of very stressful and scary games lol. I absolutely love it! My heart beats as fast as the heart beat in decked out lol. Good job!
T A E G R Y T 29 dager siden
ماني فهمان شي🤣🤣🤣
WTTN 29 dager siden
Hey Tango, you should keep decked out and just redo the map over the next month or so in maybe a Christmas winter theme, so something completely different. That would be really cool for the hermits!
RioDoesThings 19
RioDoesThings 19 29 dager siden
Sad to see the game end but at the same time I can’t wait. Hope we get to see decked out again in the future
Aashir azeem
Aashir azeem 29 dager siden
Jeremiah Low 23
Jeremiah Low 23 29 dager siden
does anyone know what tango's intro music is?
Tavish N.Competent
Tavish N.Competent Måned siden
You could have poison potions splashing the tricksters, to make sure they are down on their health when TNT comes.
John Gabriel Benham
John Gabriel Benham Måned siden
I am sorry
John Gabriel Benham
John Gabriel Benham Måned siden
thank god you are live.
Katie Diehr
Katie Diehr Måned siden
Fadh Hz
Fadh Hz Måned siden
I really love this episode eventhough we dont see how they make the redstone.
Jake Byrd
Jake Byrd Måned siden
Build more on the techtopia mod
Gray Ender animates
Gray Ender animates Måned siden
tango... you are the do you know the way meme
isaiah zackhras
isaiah zackhras Måned siden
Thank u for keeping entertained with decked out
frumpyb Måned siden
Creeper t-shirt face swap.
Ryan Duffy
Ryan Duffy Måned siden
Why not do a "behind the scenes" or "all the secrets" of Decked Out?
MysticalMoon Måned siden
People who watched Impulses video: *still happy because it’s HermitCraft *
ezekiel ehmke
ezekiel ehmke Måned siden
Marvin the machine is better than what I sed last episode
Brandon Garber
Brandon Garber Måned siden
I miss the What If series. I really wish you would bring that back. Maybe even update your mods. Probably won't ever see this comment anyways though
One Big Dingus
One Big Dingus Måned siden
Fireworks ceremony to commerate the end of Decked Out!
Zocci42 Måned siden
Noooooo!!! I love Decked Out!!! 😢
IDK Måned siden
You should make a decked out level 2
Isaac Buckwalter
Isaac Buckwalter Måned siden
please update improved villagers please????? I really want it
42ndLife Måned siden
Any chance you can preserve Decked Out buy using MC Edit to remove it from a backup of Hermitcraft, use some command block magic to make it fully automatic and then upload it to the Minecraft marketplace as it's own multiplayer map?
Frostyfox9 campbell
Frostyfox9 campbell Måned siden
Hey tango just a question a while ago you started making a better villager mod how is that coming along?
Joran Van der neut
Joran Van der neut Måned siden
If decked out is over you should continu it but with diamond blocks as prizes and like a 5 diamond entrance cost
Eshan Sharma
Eshan Sharma Måned siden
R.I.P Decked Out "It was the best minigame ever" "It feeled like a totally different game" "You can make a real game like that" You should definitely make decked out 2 in next season
Kyreikal Måned siden
You should sell Decked Out to another Hermit, have them change it up a bit and run another series. That way you could actually get to play, and someone else can be the admin
Marco La Cagnina
Marco La Cagnina Måned siden
Funniest duo ever 😂😂 cheers Tango!
vGustaf Måned siden
tango should give a world download on some of the redstone behind decked out
Juan David Bitar
Juan David Bitar Måned siden
Man, this video was so entertaining!! Love this two together!!! I had a big ol’ smile during the whole play testing segment! Awesome job!
Dorika Roxby
Dorika Roxby Måned siden
Is there listed buildings in hermitcraft if so decked out should be one
HASAN BS Måned siden
جيش مرتضى؟؟؟
Game Feed
Game Feed Måned siden
Are the hermits still going to be able to make runs that are just for fun or is it a fully closed
Jennifer Ukrainetz
Jennifer Ukrainetz Måned siden
JOIN THE RESISTANCE! Mycelium is a rare fungus that can only be found on these islands...
The Impostor
The Impostor Måned siden
Tango has an alien outfit Me: Harmanim barba nerde
bilb0 bagginz
bilb0 bagginz Måned siden
Tango do you know tiny toons is recomming back out
Paulina Wardak
Paulina Wardak Måned siden
I was always so exited to watch the hermits play decked out it was my favourite part of the episode ,very sad it's going :((
Nathaniel Hyson
Nathaniel Hyson Måned siden
Tango could you please restock the dungeon one more time, so we can play it once the download is out?
David Munns
David Munns Måned siden
Tango could've completed the first task that impulse gave him if he bonemealed the dirt then he could've got grass(for seeds) then grew the seeds for wheat for bread. Did I miss something?
Karak -Tea
Karak -Tea Måned siden
idea :when closing decked out close the ravagers mouth
Aska Liu
Aska Liu Måned siden
greatest build for Halloween ever XD Love the quiz game underneath too! awesome job guys
Egil Sandnes
Egil Sandnes Måned siden
If only crying obsidian could be used for portals! You could have this challange in the trick or treat house: Left barrel: netherrack Right barrel: 1 gravel, 1 iron ore, 1 bamboo, many bones, 1 dirt, 8 cobblestone
Deathstar 119
Deathstar 119 Måned siden
I think you should consider making decked out a real game outside of minecraft
Marco Rocco
Marco Rocco Måned siden
Decked-out is one crazy build.
Dio brando
Dio brando Måned siden
You always can have a season 2 of decked out And maybe inprove and extend the dungeons
Adrian Leighton
Adrian Leighton Måned siden
actually, with enough time, you can still make bread from just those items. By bonemealing a grass block ,you can get long grass, which can be broken into a seed! then plant that and bone meal it. The real problem with that test is the randomness of not getting a seed from breaking the long grass block and the time it would take to successfully get it
Greg Stringer-Bates
Greg Stringer-Bates Måned siden
Dang. Now I absolutely HAVE to watch every hermits video to watch the panic.
just a random flowey on the internet
just a random flowey on the internet Måned siden
may the podzol prevail
I BennyBoii I
I BennyBoii I Måned siden
Can't you summon grass by bonemealing the dirt then destroying grass for seed?
Derrick Oda
Derrick Oda Måned siden
hey tango is there a way we could get a download for decked out? I really liked the concept of the game and would love to try it out for myself.
No Name
No Name Måned siden
How about Decked Out Season 2?
Ethan Walters
Ethan Walters Måned siden
rip decked out
maxtor12345 Måned siden
What's wrong with Decked Out Season 2? Just reset the scores.
Yirggzmb Måned siden
Decked Out is a LOT of maintenance. I wouldn't blame Tango for wanting a break from that.
The Emerald Explorer
The Emerald Explorer Måned siden
Lyarrah Måned siden
okay but clearly Decked Out is the perfect place for the server halloween party. just head down there and do the monster mash.
Gabe M
Gabe M Måned siden
you should gift them ravagers to put in their bases as a prize!
Hayden hayden
Hayden hayden Måned siden
You should make Decked Out like a meeting place for hermits. Like a banquet hall for the hermits.
MrMadManMark Måned siden
"P~Cha!" lol
Lego Luke
Lego Luke Måned siden
Crafting puzzle/game idea: dispenser Materials given: lava bucket, water bucket, 3 string, 2 logs, redstone ore
ki_ten cat
ki_ten cat Måned siden
The winner should own the dungeon
Lutenent L
Lutenent L Måned siden
Will tango and impuls obuse thet so the other hermits have to craft dispensers and comparotors
A Stick
A Stick Måned siden
oh i never expected Decked Out to end
Team Cyborg
Team Cyborg Måned siden
Today we're gonna kick things off with this amazing flYING DAGXEJBOKLFFU *falls down stairs*
Levi Henson
Levi Henson Måned siden
2:54 with with a wall. Haha I'm glad to see Decked Out ending because I think this has been a lot for Tango to oversee(and maybe we will see some more of the "What If?" series) Thank you for your hard work getting these videos out! Love 'em! If you haven't subscribed to Tango yet, well. What are ya doing?!?!?! go do it, do it, do it.
STRIKES Måned siden
Can you do a base tutorial and a decked out tutorial?
Nabil Zaman
Nabil Zaman Måned siden
Idea for a Decked Out prize: Make it a Willy Wonka sort of situation - the winner gets your chocolate(ravager) factory and has the honor (curse) of running the game for the rest of the server. I'd be genuinely excited to see what kind of nefarious trolls Etho could come up with if he actually took over.
Ook Jannes Planting
Ook Jannes Planting Måned siden
You really passed up that chance to say bataph?
scooty barley
scooty barley Måned siden
Tango I bet if you go to Keralises office he will give you a half a stack of diamonds if you say trick or treat. Mark my words Tango.
Duston Stafford
Duston Stafford Måned siden
when decked out is overs can you do a video showing all the secrets that have and haven't been found
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Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails
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