Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUEST

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2 måneder siden

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUEST Grian is finally done with the barge's latest selling point - Events. This one doesn't quite go to plan though.
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hellokittyfsn 11 timer siden
Grian be like I didn't know the wither does that,grian in episode 3 when the wither blew up the gmans stuff helping scar. Lol
Bella Zhou
Bella Zhou Dag siden
Mumbo joined the game Mumbo left the game
Annie Clark
Annie Clark Dag siden
The outro was a French goodbye where you say goodbye but don't hang up for 30 seconds at best, 3 hours at worst.
FZH Plays
FZH Plays Dag siden
Ren :I am gonna get that star Scar : steals the star
Robyn Silvestri
Robyn Silvestri 2 dager siden
The Amazing Race but in Minecraft
James McKay
James McKay 2 dager siden
Ren and impulse go to the very handsome grian over there Bdubs and scar go to “the other grian”
Dave Bier
Dave Bier 2 dager siden
When doc laughed at the beginning I was terrified for my life
Luc T
Luc T 2 dager siden
"it isn't designed to make you lose your stuff" said a wise Grian once...
JP 2 dager siden
30:32 my favorite part
Gaming EnderDragon_6
Gaming EnderDragon_6 2 dager siden
I loved it
Kit kat kitty cat
Kit kat kitty cat 3 dager siden
I loved this quest i hope to see more in the future and i wish i was the one in there but I'm not a youtuber nor good at fighting soo yeah
GoldPlays 3 dager siden
"Do the winners get the big G?" - Scar 2020 "Speaking of G's, GG" - Rendog 2020
GoldPlays 3 dager siden
Funny how everyone's payment boxes for the barge quest was just their username and then rens was WINNER POV - RENDOG!!!!!!1!
FG QUAD 3 dager siden
me being late watching these i loved this episode keep up the good work grian
Dragonic gamers
Dragonic gamers 4 dager siden
Mycelium team lost the battle but won the war
Revenix 4 dager siden
Please do it again!
its Eoin
its Eoin 4 dager siden
grian: makes a storage system also grian: yup, imma put shulker boxes everywhere 😂😂 btw this is just for a joke dont take it to seriously
YH STYLE 4 dager siden
Its insane🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rosemary Helferty
Rosemary Helferty 4 dager siden
"other grian" that cracks me up so funny!
Tamar Savransky
Tamar Savransky 5 dager siden
I Loved the Barge Quest And I Really Think You Should Do It Again. PLEASE
Izabela Kownacki
Izabela Kownacki 5 dager siden
Grian ignoring impulse being stuck.
Alexander McDevitt
Alexander McDevitt 5 dager siden
yes we like it grain you the most handsome man every
Joebert Medil
Joebert Medil 6 dager siden
It should have been mumbo just make a mustach
Tinotenda Mbiri
Tinotenda Mbiri 6 dager siden
Super fun
DinoFan6010 7 dager siden
Adaddadadadad goat man
DinoFan6010 7 dager siden
Is not good
Plaegu 7 dager siden
Phoenix Frias
Phoenix Frias 7 dager siden
I like this version of Minecraft
Reb Reb
Reb Reb 7 dager siden
Do it more
Bryson Pinsonnault
Bryson Pinsonnault 7 dager siden
Grian that was sick
CPG 8 dager siden
Loved it. Double the length next time with more complicated puzzles
haunter Pr1me
haunter Pr1me 8 dager siden
I loved the barge quest I can't wait to watch Bdubz pov
Steffan Hess
Steffan Hess 8 dager siden
i cant see the goat!
Mr. P
Mr. P 9 dager siden
Everyone: Doc is dressed like batman Me: did no one cares that etho dressed like kakashi
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 9 dager siden
Ah Grian, you are so nice
Doursounian Mia
Doursounian Mia 9 dager siden
"Diamond armor that dosen matter if it gets destroyed" Me: i am a failure
King3D 9 dager siden
i liked it
King3D 9 dager siden
i wish RenTheDog and impuls won
Bronston Glattli
Bronston Glattli 9 dager siden
I loved it my dude, Grian I have been watching your vids for ever since season 6 and when you partnered with taurtis keep up the work man!
SubBord1601 9 dager siden
That was......AWESOME!!!!!
The Doctor
The Doctor 9 dager siden
PLOT TWIST: All the nether stars despawned.
The Doctor
The Doctor 9 dager siden
Francis Clay Marc
Francis Clay Marc 10 dager siden
Do another one I love it
Hannah Lin
Hannah Lin 10 dager siden
“Remember, its all about the principle!!!!!!!!!!”
Savannah Atkinson
Savannah Atkinson 10 dager siden
CosmicBrambleclawV2 11 dager siden
It didn't click until you said "I have to get to the next checkpoint" And stood between the chests that this is basically The Amazing Race, but in Minecraft 😂 which honestly sounds like a great server minigame event
Sherby Man!
Sherby Man! 11 dager siden
What if Impulse or Rendog shot down Scar after he got the star?
Russell O
Russell O 12 dager siden
You should make an insurance company grian
Charlie Allfree
Charlie Allfree 12 dager siden
XI_CrimsonPhoenix 12 dager siden
i finally figured out that etho's skin is kakashi from naruto
Md Humayun
Md Humayun 13 dager siden
Plz do this again
DeoxysPlays 13 dager siden
26:54 My Fav Line
Bobert Roswell
Bobert Roswell 13 dager siden
Love it 10/10
Intellectual Kitty Cat
Intellectual Kitty Cat 13 dager siden
Jen Robinson
Jen Robinson 13 dager siden
Who else remembers the tiny raft GGG
Aqueous_Fireball 13 dager siden
I still find it absurdly awesome that ren had built the Mustafar base from Star Wars and the jawa sandcrawler and some of Mustafar itself (I think I just geeked out over Star Wars, damnit)
Manan Jha 8A KTE
Manan Jha 8A KTE 14 dager siden
grian - i will give them dimond armour dosent matter if it gets destroyed normal minecrafters - what the heck ??????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
mighty boy lksh
mighty boy lksh 14 dager siden
Feeling bad for impulse they should also get 1/4 of 1st place price
Addicted To YouTube
Addicted To YouTube 15 dager siden
The riptide corse was just giving me the best mcc vibes
TheStacheIsEvil 15 dager siden
You definitely could have charged more for the Barge Quest. Value of items + your time + their happiness = rich Grian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Malicious Beaver
Malicious Beaver 15 dager siden
200+200+200+200=1000? MaTHs
master eripedese
master eripedese 16 dager siden
Very awesome game grian!!!
•ˆWaning Moonriseˆ•
•ˆWaning Moonriseˆ• 16 dager siden
You out did yourself Grian
Austin Dorsey
Austin Dorsey 16 dager siden
Great way to start off an episode ” I’m about to start a war”
Z4CK 0512
Z4CK 0512 16 dager siden
good game gamer grian!!!!
Jenni Gaffney
Jenni Gaffney 17 dager siden
I loved it! So fun to watch! Can't wait to watch the other guys' channels too! Thank you Grian!
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 17 dager siden
Only 4 minutes in and doc is going to take over the full herniate craft server
NAME 17 dager siden
Hermitcraft:LetS GO dO SomE MiNing OfF camerA After ten mins :SO WE GOT 199291929190101 NETHERITE SO NOT SO MUCH
David Farnham
David Farnham 17 dager siden
To me it was‘t that entertaining . But good GG !!!!!!
Michael Egan
Michael Egan 17 dager siden
1:29 He sounds like my brother when talking to my dogs
Jiana Malaya Mateo
Jiana Malaya Mateo 17 dager siden
He has said odea so many times already mumbo can sue him now
Plasma Bolts
Plasma Bolts 17 dager siden
Gayla Apollos
Gayla Apollos 18 dager siden
so who all had to go watch the others perspectives after seeing this masterpiece? The troll part, where they have to mine out grians base was the best part!
sweatysocks 18 dager siden
“I will take all of these boxes back young man” 😂
Campervised 18 dager siden
Everyone: Did you kill the Wither? Ren: Yes. Everyone: What did it cost? Ren: *Everything*
aukira 19 dager siden
Please do more of these they were amazing!
Vodar 19 dager siden
OMG! This was amazing
allegretto_jules! 19 dager siden
Grian - Spawns 3 Withers Me - **Flashbacks to Technoblade, Phil and Dream blowing up L'Manburg**
Lord Miasma
Lord Miasma 19 dager siden
That was great
Mackenzie Reasor
Mackenzie Reasor 20 dager siden
Grians parents: grian, the next time u start a war or take part in helping 2 start a war we will have to take away ur elytra privileges...
nathan riley
nathan riley 20 dager siden
loved this vid
Vic Payne
Vic Payne 20 dager siden
do a nother bardge quest
Immortally Annoying Gamer
Immortally Annoying Gamer 21 dag siden
I am now convinced that Etho is wearing a Kakashi skin
Immortally Annoying Gamer
Immortally Annoying Gamer 3 dager siden
@GhostZhukaya wat is yw?
GhostZhukaya 3 dager siden
@Immortally Annoying Gamer lmao yw?
Immortally Annoying Gamer
Immortally Annoying Gamer 20 dager siden
@GhostZhukaya YES!! I KNEW IT
GhostZhukaya 20 dager siden
he is
Owen Hillis
Owen Hillis 21 dag siden
7:22 I just love how Bdubs says yes it cracks me up every time😂😂
person on internet
person on internet 21 dag siden
Batman: saves people and arrests bad people. Goatman: makes a mushroom the deadliest place for some friends in a group
Iman 112004
Iman 112004 21 dag siden
that was great
pennywise y.
pennywise y. 21 dag siden
Rens base is starwars
Christine Rossi
Christine Rossi 22 dager siden
joshua asgari
joshua asgari 22 dager siden
every time i watch a myclium meeting i swear they are missing their head of investigations
Alvin Nash
Alvin Nash 23 dager siden
Great time
Floss Moo
Floss Moo 23 dager siden
I loved it the best thing ever it was AMAZING 🤩!!!!!!!
Tammie Buchanan
Tammie Buchanan 23 dager siden
DO 3V3
George Marks
George Marks 24 dager siden
I loved it!!
The V.D.A. gaming squad
The V.D.A. gaming squad 24 dager siden
Bdubs is THE BEST hermit ever period.
Falire 24 dager siden
Falire 24 dager siden
im late but i heard your far ku what i hear f'ke you
Zane Surrette
Zane Surrette 24 dager siden
this was hilariously fun, also, giving them the armour/items to use for the game sounds like an excellent plan.
Nathan Randle
Nathan Randle 24 dager siden
Sawyer’s Content
Sawyer’s Content 25 dager siden
The amazing race Minecraft version
Benton Nelson
Benton Nelson 26 dager siden
Never in my life I thought scar would out smart ren
BabyYoda Playz
BabyYoda Playz 26 dager siden
It was super cool and the teams were perfect Hep vs. mycelium
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