Kellyanne Conway on Trump's Legacy | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

2 måneder siden

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The former Senior Counselor to President Trump joins Bill to discuss the "normalization" of Trump's behavior and whether his accomplishments will be remembered.
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Hedley Lamarr
Hedley Lamarr Dag siden
She talked facts - He talked opinions. What did Trump lie about? I would like to hear actual statistics and not just emotions.
Lucia Coffey
Lucia Coffey Dag siden
Her schtick is so old & boring. Her voice makes me want to pour cement into my ears.
Dorothy Remington
Dorothy Remington 3 dager siden
All Kellyann loves is money, and she loves to lie to America! Kayleigh is just a younger version of Kellyann. They're both LIARS OF THE ELITE!
Yorktown 1781
Yorktown 1781 4 dager siden
Kelly ann conway gave trump bad advice. He appointed all the wrong people. None appointed that would take down the corrupt swamp
Maria S
Maria S 4 dager siden
She is such unapologetic liar.
Roku 5 dager siden
Trump is responsible for the death of 500,000 Americans. To defend him is like defending Hitler. He was a nightmare and thank God he’s gone. Trump also had no right to kill General Soleimani. He was not on our enemy list and he’d worked with our military to get rid of Isis. He’s lucky he didn’t get us into a war. I’m glad I was lucky enough to live through his presidency.
C L 9 dager siden
Karma is extremely fair. She will have some bad endings in her life.
Alan Cawfield
Alan Cawfield 10 dager siden
Trumps accomplishment is that he's made lots of people realize how incredibly biased all media (not just fox news is) and that you can't trust a thing from any of them.
Yinan Zhang
Yinan Zhang 11 dager siden
Really fun to watch, both are so smart and just taken over topics back and forth and agreed on nothing
Squid Beard
Squid Beard 11 dager siden
Bill bitches about name calling like a 5 year old ( when bills done it for 4 years himself), ND then proceeds to do it again to present it as an argument. How does this shill still have a job?!
ThiccDaddy 12 dager siden
Wow Bill dropped the ball on this one. Attack the character not the policies..?
Alex Davie
Alex Davie 14 dager siden
Bill is hurt, yet he has made a carrer out of ridiculing people.
mr super ger
mr super ger 15 dager siden
Trump was correct. We can see that now.
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby 15 dager siden
MAC is a money hungry hypocritical treasonist who sold her tiny but of integrity for cash.
Shimmer Glitter Shine Sparkle
Shimmer Glitter Shine Sparkle 16 dager siden
Ebeegeebee Fofeebee
Ebeegeebee Fofeebee 16 dager siden
Conway is slime. Trump people were conned and she helped trump con them.
Nick Barcheck
Nick Barcheck 18 dager siden
Maybe Bill should get thicker skin.
soul man
soul man 19 dager siden
Bill is so patient LOL letting her dig a hole so deep by herself and she didn't even realise she is in it. LOL
Michael Estrada
Michael Estrada 19 dager siden
Pretty Classy I must say.
sengchenteh 19 dager siden
Mr. Maher, you are a gentleman!
A R 21 dag siden
Conway reminds me of religious people - despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary they continue taking the Bible as the true word of God.
Endeavor 17 dager siden
I believe it is but if it’s not for you it’s your opinions
trut hurts
trut hurts 21 dag siden
Lurch in drag
Jackson 22 dager siden
honestly, a dryer doesn't have this spin cycle.
Greg Orchard
Greg Orchard 22 dager siden
I hope Bills got a garden for all the bullshit gushing out of the child abuser...
Greg Orchard
Greg Orchard 22 dager siden
Why would anyone listen to Kellyann "the child abuser" Conwoman.......
Samuel Palmer
Samuel Palmer 22 dager siden
Civil argument by civilized people. No riot, I like it.
two birds
two birds 22 dager siden
Trump was way more transparent and real then Biden hiding and being an invisible puppet.
elalesound 23 dager siden
she's not deflecting the issue. She just answers to an entirely different interview altogether. This is repeating a script, not an interview. She listened nothin and answered nothin.
Rosalyn Noaks
Rosalyn Noaks 23 dager siden
She’s pitiful
Kyle Devine
Kyle Devine 23 dager siden
No idea how she served us
Tim Lisa
Tim Lisa 24 dager siden
Damn she’s still drinking the kool aid? Shame.
[MAD] Mechanicus
[MAD] Mechanicus 24 dager siden
As if talking to the dedicated spin doctor of a pathological liar could be anything than wasted time and energy. The "alternative facts" and the "bowling green massacre" weren't a clue?
Uba Chukwudi
Uba Chukwudi 24 dager siden
I don't think she should be wasting her time with Bill. There are many ways of dealing with people like Bill.
Ola Oye
Ola Oye 26 dager siden
Nobody is able to challenge her.
Porgslastforever Foreverlasting6906
Porgslastforever Foreverlasting6906 26 dager siden
Trump was right on about you bill !!!! Everything you said just said that trump said about you was “” TRUE “”” No lies,,, all truth ,,, Dipstick !!!!
Gary Doss
Gary Doss 27 dager siden
She is good at what she does but its on the wrong side of history.
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones 27 dager siden
We need to put into law, that all candidates for public office are required to pass a thorough psychological evacuation, in order to screen out those who will do harm.
Dan Lah
Dan Lah 27 dager siden
Guarantee she was one of the most prolific leakers in the administration.
ThePolskiteddy 27 dager siden
Super bright woman (and a looker too). I miss her!!!!
Sammy Jankiss
Sammy Jankiss 26 dager siden
paul skillman
paul skillman 28 dager siden
Consider the source of the insults and forget it!
Yasmeen Nasir
Yasmeen Nasir 28 dager siden
Is this the same lady who put her own daughter on blasts? Like wtf 😒
Anthony Moody
Anthony Moody 28 dager siden
On this occasion Maher let himself down as a supposed journalist, as he exhibited his prejudice.
Anthony Briones
Anthony Briones 29 dager siden
Bullshit Barbie
Carlos Vardi
Carlos Vardi 29 dager siden
She's so fashionable
AB CD 29 dager siden
She answered precisely zero questions. We are paying more in taxes than we ever have and ask the Texans about how that deregulation worked for them last month.
Marcee Christensen
Marcee Christensen 29 dager siden
No doubt she has access to and be heard by Trump..... Like Hitler, Trump likes blue eyed blondes with nice figures
David Martin
David Martin Måned siden
Bill Maher is so smug
Elizabeth Cunicelli
Elizabeth Cunicelli Måned siden
Be quiet woman.
ferox965 Måned siden
His legacy...easy... Put his own constituents in danger with his response to the virus. Shut down the government for a record length of time. Hosted several superspreader events with rallies. Couldn't handle any questions from the press. Tried to steal an election. Tried to stage a coup by radicalizing his followers. Nonstop drama and chaos. Feel free to add any that I've missed.
Scott Preston
Scott Preston Måned siden
No sence of what is going on in peoples lives.Smoke and mirrors on every question,can never say a yes or no or state a opinion and say why she thinks that way.She is at least 20 fries short of a happy meal,and believes in trump with,bull shit will baffel brains any day.
M Måned siden
I'd like to see Kellyanne and her daughter on Dr. Phil
bsdacameras Måned siden
what came first, media attacks or trump attacks
New ERA Måned siden
Spoiler allert:Trump people will continue to be mocked!
New ERA Måned siden
She's hilarious!
Brad Beren
Brad Beren Måned siden
Trump is still infinitely super to biden, and at least he didn't "fortify" the election to win
Will Coppock
Will Coppock Måned siden
Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump would make a good evil married couple. They are like Harley Quinn and Joker, or Tiffany and Chucky or Bonnie and Clyde or Eva Braun and Hitler. These couples are all evil in their own way and should be in jail together. If I were George Conway, I would divorce Kellyanne Conway (especially since she is abusive to their daughter, Claudia). Plus, I think Melania Trump will eventually divorce Donald Trump (the moment he ends up in prison). It is only a matter of time.
omgopet Måned siden
To be fair, that list is pretty accurate.
David Alexander
David Alexander Måned siden
She's just a hideous person. Everybody just allows her to babble on and on and lie on top of lie without ever calling her out.
Robert Limestone
Robert Limestone Måned siden
Trump 2024.
Michelle Mardahl-Dumesnil
Michelle Mardahl-Dumesnil Måned siden
Why are you giving Kellyane more air time to spin "alternative facts"?
mikes campfire
mikes campfire Måned siden
Trump could shit on an American combat veterans grave and she’d find away to excuse him. That’s who I’ll always remember her to be.
CroshWorld Måned siden
Earth needs to come with that reset button already!
مأرب - العز والشموخ
مأرب - العز والشموخ Måned siden
He didn’t like 👍 her. She is a sneaky snake 🐍
Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper Måned siden
People hated you too Kellyanne. You end DONALDand even went against your own husband.
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker Måned siden
Damn, she danced around a lot of Bill's questions. She also pretty much said, in not so many words, that Trump gave people permission to be degenerate assholes, in public, out in broad daylight, with no more fear of any kind of repercussion or blow back.
m tsula
m tsula Måned siden
If your child had to complain about you publicly, it's usually bcuz you are a failure as a human.
Hakim Asif
Hakim Asif Måned siden
Bill Marr you deserve all those insults!!!
Daisy Q
Daisy Q Måned siden
"I love serving our country." = $$$$$$$$$She got rich, too.
Ka-Pow! Måned siden
And Eva Braun thought Hitler was a great guy too.
Mr. Jack M
Mr. Jack M Måned siden
what a waste of a guest!!
Dolly Madison
Dolly Madison Måned siden
"He always liked people to argue infront of him, too." Oh, I'm sure he DROOLS when he gets a front row seat when people are divided, at odds & arguing with each other. What he can't handle is when someone argues/disagrees with HIM.
Andre Green
Andre Green Måned siden
The woman is repulsive.
J. R.
J. R. Måned siden
"You're good at what you do." Yeah, if you can stand to more than 5 seconds of her endless bullshit.
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony Måned siden
Problem with this country is we have fallen so far from God and desire to do evil while fighting anyone tells them they are wrong they accuse you of being bigoted and hateful. What happened in this nation when shunning wrong stuff is now the wrong thing to do?
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony Måned siden
Wait Bill can list all the stuff Trump said about him but Bill hasn't insulted Trump over 4 yrs. Come on man
Marie Clark
Marie Clark Måned siden
Bill Maher is actually one of the largest purveyors of Cancel Culture. Bill Maher's show REAL TIME supports and thrives on CANCEL CULTURE. They could have called the show "Cancel Culture with Bill Maher". Bill won't survive the attempt at canceling Cancel Culture. It is way too late to defeat the wave of hate he helped built.
Eddy Agosto
Eddy Agosto Måned siden
Denial is not a river in Egypt! You can bring the horse to the river, but you can’t make him drink!
Chase Berwick
Chase Berwick Måned siden
Yo, Kellyanne, I never got those pics you said you'd send. What gives?🤷🏻‍♂️
Wu Flu Atju
Wu Flu Atju Måned siden
So Trump was pretty much spot-on on Maher. Commies are trash.
Sanad F
Sanad F Måned siden
She disguises me
Ron Karson
Ron Karson Måned siden
Pls. Show me someone in American politics that is, at the core, different. She is no better or worse. However, like her or hate her, she is really skilled at negotiating the most corrupt system on the planet.
Bill Scott
Bill Scott Måned siden
OMG Kudos Bill. I can't stand her. Can't listen. Can't watch. Good job Bill. I couldn't do it.
Sneh Lata
Sneh Lata Måned siden
Jeffery Means
Jeffery Means Måned siden
Still licking them boots
Joey Mac
Joey Mac Måned siden
This is very petty. Has Biden not lied? About being aware hunters business dealings?
John Who has an opinion
John Who has an opinion Måned siden
That’s right NOTHING came out of the last 4 years you bullshit artist
John Who has an opinion
John Who has an opinion Måned siden
Yes you were herd. And then you bent over
Aqua Aura
Aqua Aura Måned siden
she was part of "last week"...Jan. 6th. hoping to get back on her BS, lying, propaganda platform.
Aqua Aura
Aqua Aura Måned siden
She is a douche bag.
James Grobowsky
James Grobowsky Måned siden
Extremists should not get a platform. She is not a both sides should be heard type person. That would be a Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski.
James Grobowsky
James Grobowsky Måned siden
Any more softballs for her. Why are you rehabilitating her career?
Linda Fortin
Linda Fortin Måned siden
when bill mayer hears tje truth right away he ends the interview does not want to hear the truth he needs to polish his politics
Aqua Aura
Aqua Aura Måned siden
Walmart is offering free brain transplants, better hurry. She is a lying douche bag.
Linda Fortin
Linda Fortin Måned siden
hey bill mayer u forgot about bill clinton to what he did in the white h ouse u dont mention that
Linda Fortin
Linda Fortin Måned siden
i agree dumb as a rock
Denise Inight
Denise Inight Måned siden
Why give this woman AIR TIME, Bill?? You know she's nuts and can't honestly answer a question, why have her on?
-617- DesTRoYer
-617- DesTRoYer Måned siden
I'm sorry Bill, I can't watch this 'person' ignore facts and spout anymore bullshit. I have one ruLe. Don't argue with crazy people, it's infuriating and completely pointless in the end.
Joycelyn Burke
Joycelyn Burke Måned siden
Oh my God Bill even you can't sit still to listen to her s***
Denis O'Sullivan
Denis O'Sullivan Måned siden
That one cannot stop yakking.
Blake wiley
Blake wiley Måned siden
Wow Bill you're hella weak. What a joke that interview was
Matthew Adshead
Matthew Adshead Måned siden
How's it going in America since Trump left office. It doesn't look good from where I'm standing. Female athletes are at risk Biden supports China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims. Biden has cost thousands of people there jobs already. Texans are in serious danger because renewable energy sucks, bit Biden supports it kinda blindly. Biden is for elites not the people. The people who voted for Biden have been used. People like Bill Maher gain wealth for bad mouthing Trump, whilst the public suffer.
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