The Weeknd SNUBBED by the GRAMMYs

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"The Weeknd Responds to 2021 Grammys Snub: ‘The Grammys Remain Corrupt’"
Here's the full list of 2021 GRAMMYs nominees:
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Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost 3 dager siden
Actually, now the year is over, After Hours is album of the year because I really don't know any other that compares
Far Al Tee Zee
Far Al Tee Zee 9 dager siden
The Weeknd, *just like the US elections,* got robbed.
MsCharliemay 9 dager siden
People including artists always complain about how the Grammys keep getting it wrong. I dont understand why these artists keep showing up and giving a shit. With the rise of social media, the award show format is less relevant than ever.
Caleb Hawk
Caleb Hawk 12 dager siden
While how entitled The Weeknd seems definitely kinda rubs me the wrong way, you can't argue with him at all. Even if you don't think he should win, the fact that he got ZERO nominations for one of his best and most popular albums, (not to mention the Blinding Lights was easily the most popular song for MONTHS) is completely ridiculous.
Kashyap Sharma
Kashyap Sharma 12 dager siden
Plot twist :- The Weeknd went to the restaurant (if you have watched the music video) sang 'Save your tears' and then destroyed Justin's YUMMY backstage as it was nominated instead of After hours
MC Dickhed
MC Dickhed 13 dager siden
well i never thought lemon would be my source for a paper in school but here i am
Jamal Aden
Jamal Aden 14 dager siden
The Weeknd is too far up his own ass
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 15 dager siden
It is obvious Hollywood is pushing the leftwing feminist agenda and emasculation of men regarding BTS. Red pill music that the weeknd makes is 'toxic masculinity'. Remember, the left destroys everything is touches.
humaneshadowx71 18 dager siden
After hours was a very good album Shame got screw over this will go down worst moment of Grammy history
swag man
swag man 19 dager siden
Poor dude, he makes pretty good music too
account 23 dager siden
i guess if the grammies always give awards to the expected winners, there's not much entertainment value?
Miguel Terel Kabigting
Miguel Terel Kabigting 25 dager siden
The fact that The Weeknd got zero nominations is that the Grammys announce the nominations on the weekday, but not on the weekend.
Lana Delrey
Lana Delrey 27 dager siden
Grammy thinks they know everything but they not! Back then they mean to the spice girls by saying the group aren't not join in they club.I think spice girls are being judge because they do not sings like en Vogue but they wrote one of the greastest pop song of all time, wannabe.Never mind not nomanted them for best new Artis but wannabe deserve to be recognized event the song didn't have to win. Who watch Grammy anyway.There Manny's coolest arward show out there for these talented artist to win anyway.
Teddy Burr
Teddy Burr Måned siden
tbh they not having a k-pop category while they even have a latin pop one is beyond me, equally bad. blackpink deserved to be atleast nominated. k-pop is quite relevant in the west, they gave an award to BTS at the VMA's, idk why they are sleeping on all these huge groups
Teddy Burr
Teddy Burr Måned siden
check out my music playlist btw, i'm digging a lot popular music right now. it's lots of different genres, maybe you will find some new tracks you could like and didn't know. you seem to listen to a lot of music
andrew bryton
andrew bryton Måned siden
He didn't show up for his RNB ALBUM GRAMMY and they took it in a negative way and apparently their very spiteful and this was them getting him back for that not that hard to figure out. Regardless of all that Bs it was undoubtedly the best album of the year no matter what genre it would've been put in.
Fach Måned siden
Didn't every track make the billboard top 100 or 200?...every track?
I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk
I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk Måned siden
I don’t think I even know one song from 2020.
naithan hernandez
naithan hernandez Måned siden
i better see the weeknd get recognition before BTS does
Simeon Chavez
Simeon Chavez Måned siden
The weekend is over rated imo
thamudi Måned siden
I wan that hoodie
rachael rachael
rachael rachael Måned siden
there is a big controversy that the weeknd is not allowed to be nominated in the grammys due to him taking position on the halftime show for 2021 and the record industry was not having it.
Tekna Tronik
Tekna Tronik Måned siden
Since when has anyone looked to the grammys for music?
Valeria Paez
Valeria Paez Måned siden
Halsey, too
JediCardTricks Måned siden
This was The Weeknd's year. He was robbed.
shanel richard
shanel richard Måned siden
Y'all act surprised with the Grammys, as if they didn't snub Michael Jackson in 1987 Grammy's despite of having a record 5 Number One Songs on Billboard
FearLessLion Z
FearLessLion Z Måned siden
I'm pretty sure, it's because he sung about wanting to get away from hollywood.
Ben Eckard
Ben Eckard Måned siden
Blinding lights is the most overplayed garbage on air rn. The weeknd is the most overrated artist this era without a doubt.
Bianca Barber
Bianca Barber Måned siden
You should review the Blinding Lights Remix with ROSALÍA
Bryson Colleb
Bryson Colleb Måned siden
The Grammys are just exposing themselves how corrupt they are by not nominating #TheWeeknd
scoffedeee Måned siden
I'm still confused how Beyonce got 9 nomination even though she hasn't released an album this year it makes no sense what the Grammies are doing I think somethings going on behind closed doors and that's all I'm gonna say
K D Måned siden
It really has a lot to do with black parade by her being nominated in the same categories as savage remix but that is so many loll
Miss O.P.
Miss O.P. Måned siden
grammy looking like a garbage year.
sledgehammr Måned siden
How was he not nominated?
Dewangga Måned siden
Grammy was Blinded by the Lights.
Meddarkk 13 dager siden
Patrick LA
Patrick LA 21 dag siden
They won't be able to sleep till they fell his touch
SHIVRAJ Måned siden
Never need a Grammy, I'm what a Grammy need.
Elli In Korea
Elli In Korea Måned siden
I didn't like blinding lights, I prefer other tracks such as escape from LA or until I bleed out but omg it def should've been nominated over YUMMY wtfff
SoutheastSneaks Måned siden
Dude literally put out the biggest song of the year in “Blinding Lights” and didn’t get a single nomination.
Curtis Måned siden
Whoever is running the Grammys needs to not continue doing so
Washan Kennedy
Washan Kennedy Måned siden
It was either the SuperBowl or the Grammys and Grammys felt snubbed so they snubbed him 😒
mraaronhd Måned siden
I’m going to be honest - if we all think that a song that sounds like something from the 80’s is better sounding than something that has a current present sound (trap drums, auto-tuned vocals), then that is saying something about our current music landscape and that maybe it’s getting boring and stale to listen to. Just my thoughts on it.
Vault Dweller
Vault Dweller Måned siden
All 2020 mainstream is trash
Vault Dweller
Vault Dweller Måned siden
@daisy mpailan 80s music took more talent at least
daisy mpailan
daisy mpailan Måned siden
I don't know if you noticed but most 2020 mainstream sounds like its from the 80s.
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish Måned siden
React to Ollie - Believe!
Tommy Krues
Tommy Krues Måned siden
I hate Blinding Lights, not because it's overplayed but imho The Midnight makes way better music when it comes that 80's vibe. The grammy's have always been trash and always meant nothing to me at all.
Casey W.
Casey W. Måned siden
Truly what in the fuck was this?!
C Måned siden
cli260 Måned siden
He won with Starboy over Awaken, My Love and then this...
cli260 Måned siden
Yummy ain't bad, but it's a not bad vs. future classic
Bianca G
Bianca G Måned siden
This is again one of the many reasons I hate the Grammys. He really campaigned for this too. He did every award show, promo’d the shit out of this record and nothing. Like how in the fuck did it not get nominated? Blinding Lights was a hit. They didn’t even throw him in the R&B categories. He has every right to be pissed. Fuck it I’m still pissed lol also if it’s because they like being controversial then that’s the most immature reason ever. If I was an artist who worked as hard as Abel did and the reason I didn’t get nominated was because the Grammys like to be hated on, I would be saying a lot more then what Abel tweeted.
Yac Fonoti
Yac Fonoti Måned siden
You guys clearly don't know what yummy is about #pizzagate
Bob's Big Boy
Bob's Big Boy Måned siden
I could beat the weeknd up
Gilbert Mathieu
Gilbert Mathieu Måned siden
This year seems rigged for Taylor to win, just so she can be the first artist to win 3 AOTY awards, MTV awards very similar, before she won best director I knew they were going to give her the award and run this story about the first female to win that award. I called it.
G Williams
G Williams Måned siden
The Weeknds absence isnt bad until you see the nonsense which was nominated.
Dovid Berman
Dovid Berman Måned siden
grammy awards don't matter . his voice is 1 of the best voices in music history
Jank Paul
Jank Paul Måned siden
Tbh I like Heartless more than Blinding Lights, but suffice it to say Abel got screwed big time. Grammys are big lame.
kay123nay Måned siden
Nicki Minaj said this!
Bigs Bandit 2
Bigs Bandit 2 Måned siden
The Grammys have been irrelevant for a long time. In this day and age, I really believe artists can get way more validation, satisfaction and support from the online community. People can more easily organize something that does a lot more to recognize the talents that are out there. An online awards event organized by fans, enthusiasts, fellow musicians, creators and peers... the possibilities are huge. I’m sure what I’m talking about probably already exists, I won’t be surprised, but the Grammys, AMAs, MTVs etc have become so diluted, it’s long overdue to have something more representative and frankly, more interesting.
Tsuki Moonchild
Tsuki Moonchild Måned siden
A lot of artists were snubbed, but The Weeknd not getting nominated for ANYTHING, made me so upset. I’m so done with the Grammys for now on.
sjalusi1 Måned siden
Cue cries of racism
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Josh P
Josh P Måned siden
No one: Grammy's: Justin Bieber really made us feel yummy yummy's all up in our tummies this year.
Louis Måned siden
yummy deserves the grammy
Hugo Eliasson
Hugo Eliasson Måned siden
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Marianne Faithfull was snubbed for her album Negative Capability back in 2019 and I'm still mad about it!
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle Måned siden
Grammy is so fcking corruption
Bandito FGC
Bandito FGC Måned siden
i don't even LIKE after hours that much but theres no reason as to why he wouldn't be nominated at LEAST for blinding lights
Atlas302 Måned siden
Album was great and tracks were successful, defintely a snub.
Chance Bershaw
Chance Bershaw Måned siden
Alfredo for best rap ablum please, for fucks sake
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck the Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck Grammy's
FBG Drako
FBG Drako Måned siden
Fuck Grammy's
Max Freudenthaler
Max Freudenthaler Måned siden
No charli XCX was disapointing
Jorge Pacheco
Jorge Pacheco Måned siden
Marianne Faithfull was snubbed for her album Negative Capability back in 2019 and I'm still mad about it!
Joe Zaccai
Joe Zaccai Måned siden
Only reason I would've watched that trash award show was to show love for The Weeknd but this snub has me realizing I haven't watched it in years and I'll never watch it again
JSchlo401 Måned siden
Weeknd album was dope. I played it many multiple times.
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams Måned siden
Yo does Anthony think those glasses look good.
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams Måned siden
I'm a huge fan of Abel's but tbh this album was def his worst Abel had nothing to say and all the songs were pretty poppy with no creativity
Alistair Lee
Alistair Lee Måned siden
Grimes and The Weeknd didn't get a nomination? What's this world come to!!!!
Drei Ayanami
Drei Ayanami Måned siden
Definitely snubbed but seeing millionaires complain over awards is cringe
vector 3366
vector 3366 Måned siden
Ya you got that yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy
Benjamin Hanzel
Benjamin Hanzel Måned siden
The Killers deserved a rock or alternative nom
Ldoggmillionaire Måned siden
they have to do something outrageous to generate publicity
El Diablo
El Diablo Måned siden
Nah I'm not even surprised at this point.
ASSYL Måned siden
umm...yikes. I also did a video on it - If anyone is interested in watching, thanks! Here is the link
uzi978 Måned siden
Only snub that matters is RTJ4.
Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly Måned siden
Logic lol
Rock girl
Rock girl Måned siden
Wyatt Måned siden
Easy: the weeknd isn't good
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor Måned siden
Cry me a River. You don't like it don't show up
Syed Syafiq
Syed Syafiq Måned siden
Harry Styles also should get more nomination this year
Jack Bloor
Jack Bloor Måned siden
The Grammy’s just wanting attention is unfortunately the most likely theory
Rock girl
Rock girl Måned siden
Watch to the end, it gets funs :)
Yeah it's probably a snub, but I think it's kind of lame for him to bitch on Twitter about not getting nominated. Let it go, just make good art and don't worry about awards. He doesn't need the award for sales or notoriety, he's already huge. It doesn't really matter.
Recommended Måned siden
he should have been nominated + BTS should have nominated cause they have more sales more streams better music than any artist on the planet they should have been up for pop, aoty,album ofthe year,video of the year and so many more Map of soul 7 is the only platinum certified album of 2020 beating everyone on the planet its shameful xenophobic and racist
KILLROZE Måned siden
All of these establishment shit is cringe anyway.
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster Måned siden
The weeknd is trash
The Ancient one
The Ancient one Måned siden
The weekend looking like he should be in a Pedro Almodóvar movie
Rick Bouze
Rick Bouze Måned siden
I think childish gambino's 3.15.20 was considerably underrated! I love the different fusions he used in his tracks. Sound mixing was a little bit all over the place. But a well put together album!
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