The TRUTH about Animal Crossing's Tom Nook

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A new Animal Crossing is here! But before we get too carried away on the new horizons, I decided to make a video looking into the story of Tom Nook. Is he good? Is he evil? Just WHO is he?
Intro animation and thumbnail art by Artsy Theo:
Intro theme song by Matt Houston:

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zombieplasticclock Dag siden
So Tom is basically Akiyama without the looks or Yakuza beatdowns. Cool
Ameliavation 3 dager siden
icedragan 3 dager siden
And the manga I'm reading it's literally the exact opposite between the two sides
Michael Cavette
Michael Cavette 4 dager siden
I feel like he is good to. I mean, if I was in his situation, I would be like him too. And in new horizons, he is not really mean, it’s just annoying when he makes us pay our loans-
Muhammad Alfath Abqari Ariady
Muhammad Alfath Abqari Ariady 5 dager siden
I actually agreed with TheJwittz
Doggo 6 dager siden
fun "fake"t foxes, tanookis, and raccoons are seen as sneaky because some dudes got stuff stolen by them.
kelciekins 7 dager siden
For some reason Tom nook reminds me of Andrew Ryan it could be the dialogue
Dededank 9 dager siden
he is a character from the nintendo game animal crossing
Cara Roberts
Cara Roberts 9 dager siden
I watched this three times today 😂 lol
J P 9 dager siden
Nook is a modern mafia boss. Hes like "gimme my bells or else"
Kawaii Cats
Kawaii Cats 11 dager siden
He's a man in a raccoon suit that killed Tortimer thats what I got from google.
Jayden Destroyer0
Jayden Destroyer0 13 dager siden
Pogchamp 14 dager siden
Black Sunshine
Black Sunshine 14 dager siden
*Bob Land*
*Bob Land* 16 dager siden
Tom nook is a nook face
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 21 dag siden
Isn't Boomer in animal crossing
Meme Maker Allyred123
Meme Maker Allyred123 21 dag siden
Steven Nogaro
Steven Nogaro 23 dager siden
A pudgy, businessman tanooki that teaches people responsibility or a black market kitsune that scams art collectors. Who’s the bigger villain here?
Artimist 03
Artimist 03 24 dager siden
This most choking truth about Tom Nook is what he hides under its blue apron. Remember he is a Tanuki 😉
ELENA AND SOLEDAD ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 27 dager siden
When I went to EB Games and an employee explained the game to my mom (new Horizons) and said and Timmy and tommy are nooks NEPHEWS
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 27 dager siden
I'm not a bad guy, okay?
Symphuzic Måned siden
Nook is coming for your money and your ankles.
SzymonGaming YT
SzymonGaming YT Måned siden
Redd is good Tom Nook bad
イシシ Måned siden
I didn't really like him in City Folk but he's pretty cool in New Horizons, also I liked Redd in CF and find him a bit meh in NH.
tails2101 Måned siden
"I had to in every NOOK and CRANNY" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i see what you did there
Max Awesome
Max Awesome Måned siden
Saffan Al Mostafa
Saffan Al Mostafa Måned siden
according to animal crossing devs he is an good charecter nintendo misunderstood that he is an villan
multigamer 001
multigamer 001 Måned siden
i thought nook was a racoon...
Kyle Måned siden
He is a japanese racoon dog hybrire
Quackify Måned siden
i almost turned off the video after that joke
lilyfae Måned siden
ok so, ive only played acnh as an animal crossing game and i genuinely believed tom nook was a good guy but... SEEING THE WAY HE WAS IN THE PAST CHANGES MY MIND
Alexander Kramer
Alexander Kramer Måned siden
Them Wittz:The TomNook is evil camp Tom Nook:I’m evil or good
Supah Weegee Alert
Supah Weegee Alert Måned siden
Come on who says I'm evil, well I may have an intimedating tone but doesn't mean I'm evil right?
ivana koturovic
ivana koturovic Måned siden
I call Tom Nook is psychopathe,very,but very Psychopathe
Lyra Måned siden
The end lmao 😂
Lyra Måned siden
Tom is actually really nice (in new horizons at least) I mean like he’s really not mean. In NH when u first move in he lets you pay in miles for ur stuff and- I know what whatever. People are gonna hate me for this lmao.
Walter Escobar
Walter Escobar Måned siden
I agree
Alex Wolfe Animates
Alex Wolfe Animates Måned siden
Isabelle: communist Tom Nook: capitalist
Anthony Valdes
Anthony Valdes Måned siden
0:21 *_SQUEEZE_*
iris iris
iris iris 18 dager siden
DeliaBesgorl Måned siden
"I lost more than just money, I lost a friend." -Tom Nook, Wild World
Marina Stūrmane
Marina Stūrmane Måned siden
Megen Clawson
Megen Clawson Måned siden
35 seconds in a Horrible pun.
Linsey Stitts
Linsey Stitts Måned siden
I think Tom Luke I think Tom nook is better than redd
Linsey Stitts
Linsey Stitts Måned siden
I think Tom nook is better than redd
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
I found a scam on animal crossing please give me 89 6000 bells so I can get the stuff
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
Like they’re so stupid and greedy I just hate it
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
Sable and Tomthey kind of Brothers
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
Isabella when I first saw the other is 3-D Isabell to the world Isabell the Real one Isabell or so mean like if Mario was in the game or it was a Easter egg I would not know how to even take about it
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
It’s a bell just come on
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
Doesn’t look like she can fight either but I think she’s kind of mean because I have played the game and Sense been mean to me since two years
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
Tom nook: what the what is this looks at ships*
Alicia Howard
Alicia Howard Måned siden
wait wait wait wait wait wait i’m not mean I just want to say Tom nook can he say the s Word
Dictress 2 måneder siden
Redd: most misunderstood Tom: THE AUDACITY!!!!!
Callum Mcneill
Callum Mcneill 2 måneder siden
im part of the Nice Tom Nook gang. i even have his picture all over my New Horizons Island
Brennon B
Brennon B 2 måneder siden
Just to tell. He’s not mean. He’s the Animal Crossing personality
the new of werd 2.0
the new of werd 2.0 2 måneder siden
Uh ok
Padawan Lizzy
Padawan Lizzy 2 måneder siden
I always got the mafia boss vibe from him
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt 2 måneder siden
He works with the mafia to extort villagers Because he’s being extorted by the mafia after being a witness and is forced to pay protection money
Azzajay 2 måneder siden
Jtwizz, as much as I like you (and by the way, still subscribing to you) BUT, you are a redundancy to our programming because I know every Pokemon you know, plus.
Nicholas Gawler-Collins
Nicholas Gawler-Collins 2 måneder siden
Let's Go To The City, where Tom Nook's dreams were squished flat!
???? 2 måneder siden
0:21 wat?
• Glitchy_Afterlife •
• Glitchy_Afterlife • 2 måneder siden
the first animal crossing was *scary.*
Kingarthur 109
Kingarthur 109 2 måneder siden
Twist:Tom nook consciously acts evil so then people make discussion videos and songs about him, and then he gets a small part of the profit. Like a true businessman.
koji 2 måneder siden
huh. weird, i like crazy redd more than nook lmao maybe its his charisma.
crosauntlady crosauntlady
crosauntlady crosauntlady 2 måneder siden
So no ones gonna talk about ressseti? U know the guy who always called us lil punks??
Shitpost galore
Shitpost galore 2 måneder siden
Tom is a ruthless dictator
FNAF Awesome
FNAF Awesome 2 måneder siden
Tom Nook would never do such things, maybe his old house got destroyed by something and he needs money to get a new one, if this is true, poor Tom Nook
Thicc Raymond
Thicc Raymond 2 måneder siden
I once made Isabelle Moan
Ayr Bear
Ayr Bear 2 måneder siden
nice video I watch it when I get bored and it helps a lot I subscribed to you
Ayr Bear
Ayr Bear 2 måneder siden
you are cool
Mateo Lescas
Mateo Lescas 2 måneder siden
Wild world: ITS ME MARIO!!!!!
Animal Crossing Fan 07
Animal Crossing Fan 07 2 måneder siden
I love Tom nook he is one of my fav npcs
lemon 2 måneder siden
I had a crush on Tom Nook.
Cosette Menard
Cosette Menard 2 måneder siden
Just that epic monologue + intro gave you a subscription.
Simone Pardee
Simone Pardee 2 måneder siden
I always imagined Tom Nook having an Indian accent.
DJ Octavio
DJ Octavio 2 måneder siden
rumor: sable is or was in a relationship back then
Minefox02 YT
Minefox02 YT 2 måneder siden
In New Horizons Tom actually "warns" you about Redd at the beginning, before he visits you from now and then. And Redd coming with his ship on the other side of the island, makes everything kinda creepy too... it seems very suspicious... and what Redd does... with the art and on... When I played WildWorld, I first didn't like Tom Nook, because he was kinda strict, but I'm fine with him now, I understand why he reacted that way sometimes For me he is misunderstood too! Redd is the one we should focus on x3
zero 2 måneder siden
He's a old plumb tanuki/raccoon dog there u go
Sparky Drawz
Sparky Drawz 3 måneder siden
I feel so mean now! I used to say he was super mean and that he was just taking all our money for himself, I hope you forgive me Tom Nook
Idazmi7 2 måneder siden
"You call me amoral, is that what you think? At least I've not driven my assistant to drink!"
MillZe 3 måneder siden
Roses are red, Tom nook likes ravioli, pay your dept or things gonna get unholy...
Idazmi7 2 måneder siden
"They say in the fable, that businessmen croon, that dog may eat dog but he _pays_ the raccoon..."
Arianatorfamy 3 måneder siden
I-it’s just- SO EVIL
BlueberryMuffin 3 måneder siden
Tom is nice to me and my sister and my sister said that one time when she asked what to do redd was on the island and Tom said that she had accomplished a lot but to make sure that there wasn't a sneaky fox selling stuff
Rimside Views
Rimside Views 3 måneder siden
Lol I accually have the boomer villager
Sfxby Cadynce
Sfxby Cadynce 3 måneder siden
Guys he’s just a ms. Krabs
Katie McGill
Katie McGill 3 måneder siden
0:21 Atleast Tom nook is having a good time.
basketballplayer221 3 måneder siden
Cool same im writing a fan fiction and wanna know him more.
Sattlelite Muffin
Sattlelite Muffin 3 måneder siden
frick you Redd
HjdGames 3 måneder siden
0:21 ??? what
caleb and calel RBLX
caleb and calel RBLX 3 måneder siden
this is Tom book real name 0:00
Cute Dog
Cute Dog 3 måneder siden
foxlover1995 3 måneder siden
I think Tom is neutral
Tina Moyer Moyer
Tina Moyer Moyer 3 måneder siden
Mable: revealing sad story about parents and tom nook this guy: itsa me mario
marie antoinette
marie antoinette 3 måneder siden
We need issabelle to imprison Tom nook and put an end to his capitalist ways
0 2 måneder siden
Did you even watch the video
palpitube vanished
palpitube vanished 2 måneder siden
E&BLittleDreams 3 måneder siden
Tom Nook isn’t even evil. He’s just so sweet. How could you even say that?
A Nobody
A Nobody 3 måneder siden
At the start of the video, but I might pass out from sleep deprivation lol, so I wanna point this out real quick. Tom Nook in the first game gives you a house practically for free, afterall... there's no penalty or punishment for never paying your full loan; he will let you pay it off at your own pace. This can come off as manipulative but there's a reason he pesters you for slacking at times. In the two Japanese releases of the gamecube game (I think it can occur in both, not sure) you can hit your shovel against the nook store windows during closed hours. Tom will stagger out in pajamas and reluctantly let you shop but for an extra "tax" for everything you buy. Don't you see it? Tom Nook was sleeping in his shop. He had no home for himself. HE WAS HOMELESS. As the game progresses Tom Nook's business soars and we can assume he was able to have more than a shack after that but it says a lot about his generosity. He also claims in Happy Home Designer to donate 90% of his profits to orphanages, he even has a wing named after him. It is theorized that his 'nephews' Timmy and Tommy were probably taken in by Mr. Nook from one of the said orphanages.
Gaming Fox
Gaming Fox 3 måneder siden
Can we talk about how Tom doesn't even let Timmy and Tommy off on New Years Evee to atleast see the fireworks like-
Marrow 3 måneder siden
face it, we all know nintendo wouldnt make tom nook evil like that, but its more fun to say that he is, so there.
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 3 måneder siden
*I just loved how angry you got at the end* 😂😂
toxic Fox
toxic Fox 3 måneder siden
I guess you looked at every nook and cranny
Kaitlin Stokes
Kaitlin Stokes 3 måneder siden
Jelly 3 måneder siden
so is that why tom nook warns you about red trying to sell you art...
Monika Bhat
Monika Bhat 3 måneder siden
Jwittz,this guy still forces you to work for him without even going to court how is he miss understood,he is a unlawful capitalist businessman
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