Reacting To Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Ep. 5's Breathtaking New Gameplay Footage & Trailers

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2 måneder siden

TWITTER: yongyea
0:00 - Intro
1:43 - Johnny Silverhand Trailer
3:25 - Keanu Reeves Behind the Scenes
8:07 - Working with Keanu Reeves
14:13 - Original Score
20:35 - A.I. Lip Sync/Facial Animation Tech
23:25 - In Game Rewards
25:14 - Gameplay Trailer
30:20 - Conclusion
- Brandon Hann
- Bancheis
- Brin
- Charlie Galvin
- CommittedHall
- Jonathan Ball
- WECKmaster329
- Devon B
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Simon S
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- JT
- Mark Taylor
- Theron Webb
- Yue

YongYea 2 måneder siden
Judy being confirmed as potential waifu is all that matters. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Brandon Hann [BIG BOSS] - Bancheis - Brin - Charlie Galvin - CommittedHall - DatadyneExecutive - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon S - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue
Brianne Måned siden
@Johnathan Era oh what life path she’s in
Megathelos 2 måneder siden
@Jack The Ripper Should be okay... 🤞🏽 ⬅ Just in case.
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper 2 måneder siden
@Megathelos same here man me too,yeah game breaking bugs are the ones that make it pretty much unplayable so lets hope we dnt get those in it
Megathelos 2 måneder siden
@Jack The Ripper I am a realist, no game launches without some bugs...that's just the nature of code. That being said, I can overlook small mistakes...but not gamebreakers. The gamebreakers drive me batshit crazy...especially for the price we pay. The GTA know there are going to be those that will do that comparison. Maybe some repeat playthrough, or an expansion, will change that perception...maybe. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper 2 måneder siden
@Megathelos tbh even if this game has bugs its still better then most games out there,some people just overlook mistakes in other games,i just hope they dnt compare this to GTA cuz this is RPG not action adventure
Takln Trash
Takln Trash 8 timer siden
Dont let this distract you from the fact that this guy knowingly shilled for CYBERPUNK and is still shilling for their shotty and incompetent dev team!
L16htW4rr10r 15 dager siden
This is so sad. :(
cyberchroman988 19 dager siden
Bunch of fucking lies
Corion2121 25 dager siden
Seeing this post launch is absolutely hilarious! 😂 You people had no idea what’s about to transpire! 🤣
CDPR DEV 27 dager siden
Man I love watching these videos after a shitty product is released. So much bs hype down the toiler
T Greaux
T Greaux 29 dager siden
This was before Yong had his soul crushed by CDPR. This is why I don't buy into the BS hype machine these NOpostrs push. lol Watching this video in hindsight is freakin hilarious. I thought Yong might off himself the week after launch lol.
NV_1790 Måned siden
who is here after the release?
Kimmy Queen
Kimmy Queen Måned siden
Hilarious considering the videos of the past week
Kimmy Queen
Kimmy Queen Måned siden
The hype was too much and it blew up in their faces...
Dismortan Måned siden
His smile and optimism = gone
Jamar Whitfield
Jamar Whitfield Måned siden
Who is here after the old gen console hate.
Savage Plays
Savage Plays Måned siden
This video aged like milk
Richard ps
Richard ps Måned siden
I saw the usual msm type whining about him being nasty, I thought epic the game might have a character I will like
Oliver Clytus
Oliver Clytus Måned siden
Wow this is a no life game, cause the scale of it is huge and with so much to do it’s practically endless
Legate Lanius
Legate Lanius Måned siden
Oh how naive and innocent you were. I lost no money yar har ahoy and a lass ;)
Fisher Sam Fisher
Fisher Sam Fisher Måned siden
17:16 - Polivoks is quite amazing synth. Made from 1982 to 1990. It sounds so raw and brutal. You hear it in Doom 2016. I use the VST plugin trying to emulate it.
Fisher Sam Fisher
Fisher Sam Fisher Måned siden
15:48 - welcome to the wonderful world of modular synthesizers. Most of the modular synthesizers are unique - built bit by bit by the needs of the user and usually what you see is a result of years of building, testing, tuning and perfecting the instrument.
keqing's bride
keqing's bride Måned siden
Jarrett Laurell
Jarrett Laurell Måned siden
It ironic how much appearance matters in that world and how you can basically Customize any part of you are playing first person U will almost never see yourself. No it’s not a meta commentary that you care so much about Your appearance even though you never see yourself because it doesn’t matter. No for the life of me idk why they decided to go in this direction I mean the cutscene where he washes his face in the bathroom that whole scene was great looking but now I guess we aren’t having that just get rid of appearance customization
Rony _ovp
Rony _ovp Måned siden
LOl Yong and I are in sync
hamavery64 Måned siden
Every time they show a wide shot of night city at night I burst with excitement 😂
Jane Nutter
Jane Nutter Måned siden
That cellist is Tina Guo if I'm not mistaken. The woman who wrote and played the Wonder Woman Theme
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows Måned siden
Already pre-ordered the game wonder if I could play on the 9th on my Xbox one S
To me those mouths still looked stiff, they didn't used that sort of advanced motion capture on mouths, but it is quite advanced when they used the AI to match the language approximate mouth motion and simulations.
Nico Nico
Nico Nico Måned siden
LOL iwas getting mad cuz an ad is about to show up but it was cyber punk ahaahhaah
David Fisher
David Fisher Måned siden
6:52 hey look! Its Saburo Arasaka
ParmesanCheese Måned siden
I think I'm in the minority but I'm really not excited to play as Johnny since I don't care much about him, this was marketed as an RPG where you play as yourself so I consider it a bit annoying that they'll take control away from me and play basically memories that will have zero effect on my own character in the present, which is what I want to actually do.
Herb Måned siden
So, how much will it cost to stream Cyberpunk on Stadia?
Happy Cat
Happy Cat 2 måneder siden
Please upload in 1440p, thank you for your attention.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 måneder siden
I'm so excited for this game. My gf went ahead and preordered the collector's edition for me for Christmas.
rcmgamer218 2 måneder siden
10:30 So would you say that Keanu is a man of focus, determination, and sheer will?
Lord Eurgh
Lord Eurgh 2 måneder siden
Woman on screen YongYea: :¬l Cyberpunk on screen YongYea: :¬D
T-Bone 2 måneder siden
I acted with Clancy Brown when I was 12 years old. For a second I thought it was him too lol
Matt P
Matt P 2 måneder siden
Watching all this reminds me of the hype I felt for the Half-Life 2 videos and some of the break downs of the characters/ tech.
DavidJG 2 måneder siden
Keanu 2077
Leman Russ
Leman Russ 2 måneder siden
Johnny makes me feel off, on one hand its Keanu on the other he's a terrorist and the burn it all kind
MrDEMarq 2 måneder siden
Waiting for that Xbox play through..💚💚😆👍
Motor Head King
Motor Head King 2 måneder siden
And i thought you weren't going to show any gameplay footage until the game came out?
The Undying Nemesor
The Undying Nemesor Måned siden
It's a reaction to stuff cdpr already released Doesn't count
Nicholas Lovan
Nicholas Lovan 2 måneder siden
Royce. In. Russian. Holy fucking shit.
Kevin 2 måneder siden
OK, so basically, you'll become Keanu by the end of the game because the consciousness is transferred
YAHUSHA KING 2 måneder siden
honestly Keanuu is nOt a godd actor is super average and sounds and acts the same in every movie.He just picks the right movies.I would have prefered a Mickey Rourke in the game.
redxsage 2 måneder siden
*Clancy Brown* is about a foot taller than that guy, easily over 6'-5". Should be obvious if you've seen *_'Highlander'._*
Adan M Garcia
Adan M Garcia 2 måneder siden
Keanu really knows how to sell. He’s a regular “buy this car” salesman.
Adan M Garcia
Adan M Garcia 2 måneder siden
It’s raiden!
ElectricVibes75 2 måneder siden
I think we all cheered when we saw that part with Judy ;)
TheStenius 2 måneder siden
Could it be the future? Will the first question in 10 years or so about AAA-titles be "Who are the main actors?"?
Mexican Batman
Mexican Batman 2 måneder siden
There's a reality where Keanu dies midway through CyberPunk 2077s production :(
GaggleTheGameScat 2 måneder siden
I get 5 weeks off a year... this will be one of the weeks.
Belzemus 2 måneder siden
I am extremely worried about the game because CDPR themselves had said that they're not comfortable with the release date.
Tony Kafrynium
Tony Kafrynium 2 måneder siden
Silverhand taking over your body is such a cliche story. I hope there is more to it than that because the first thing I thought of when they showed keanu as a digital ghost living in your head was "the ending is going to be either destroy Silverhand, let him take over your body or merge with him into a new being". Basically a ghost in the shell ripoff.
New Age Cinematics
New Age Cinematics 2 måneder siden
i just find it very interesting he’s getting this much Recognition now lol. this dude is literally my favorite actor when the matrix first released i immediately became a fan of keanu and watch every movie he was ever in and fell in love with not just his characters he plays and the stories but how humble and generous this dude is and how he does not like to tsk about those nice things he does for people and gets shy/uncomfortable talking about them when asked. truly a great guy with such a sad past of his family but man he has done amazing and done justice for his family. i would personally love to see Joaquin phoenix and keanu reeves do a movie together, two amazingly humble men who do amazing things and are greats actors
Ask Call
Ask Call 2 måneder siden
what does table top mean
Imanob 2 måneder siden
Played on top of a table. Like boardgames.
Rex Splode
Rex Splode 2 måneder siden
Death to the corporations!
fruitfiction 2 måneder siden
it will be a hard time to hate silverhand if he ended up being a villain in the end...
throw away
throw away 2 måneder siden
This looks BAD. Really BAD.
Vincent Thendean
Vincent Thendean 2 måneder siden
8:52 Is he talking about Kurt Cobain (or his likeness)?
Whatever billy
Whatever billy 2 måneder siden
They're you go bioware that's how u do facial animation.
MrFirehouse22 2 måneder siden
This will be the game to end all games.
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 2 måneder siden
Not giving theNight City WIRE moderator a radio station in the game would be borderline offensive at this point.
W0lf 2 måneder siden
dude i need my 3080 man, i bought water block it month ago but cant find a card itself lol, i need it for this
Nue Houjuu
Nue Houjuu 2 måneder siden
THIS is the reason I ALWAYS play a game in its developed language. It is a cultural crime to play games in any translated language.
DaDa 2 måneder siden
Actually the german and spanish version is pretty good as well you should check out those trailers
Wyatt Safran
Wyatt Safran 2 måneder siden
Run the jewels in the game is gunna be 🔥
Jonny0808 2 måneder siden
8:06 there was one moment of i want more!. me too @YongYea ! :D The Legend Keanu' (Johnny Silverhand),i just love it!, ^_^ you can feel it? :D this game @Cyberpunk 2077 is made with love and care, i just love it! :D, toggle vr on/off? :D
Oceans Ego
Oceans Ego 2 måneder siden
This has to be old footage of the artists cause rat boy hasn’t got the beard yet
gamemasterz 2 måneder siden
From the looks of the game doesn't look quite populated in terms of NPCs ? Will there be more people walking around simular to GTA ?
Gey Merr
Gey Merr 2 måneder siden
idk why this game is so overhype, the story and gameplay looks generic
VeroMithril 2 måneder siden
CDPR Did it again
Sayed Ahmed
Sayed Ahmed 2 måneder siden
Stream it!!!
Biker Trash
Biker Trash 2 måneder siden
So we are basically going to see the whole game before its ever even released... smh
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland 2 måneder siden
The self is very strong in most of us; sleeping or waking, it is ever alert, always strengthening itself but when there is an awareness of the self and a realization that all its activities, however subtle, must always lead to conflict and pain, then the craving for certainty, for self-continuance comes to an end.
Buda Yen
Buda Yen 2 måneder siden
Legends say that cdpr delays cyberpunk to support NNN What a chad.
Buda Yen
Buda Yen 2 måneder siden
me, alone: normal gameplay me, when my mom walks in: 6:42
Gius3pp3K 2 måneder siden
The clown publishers like Activision and EA need to take a long hard look at themselves and the crap games they are delivering after watching this. The community want quality games, not wash-rinse-repeat
WhySoSrs? 2 måneder siden
How can bathesda compete with this? Lol
Ansteven91 2 måneder siden
What's the point of clothing if you cant see it.... Yea you can see it on a motorcycle and a lil in cars but if you cant see your character in cutscenes whats the point?
Neliel Tu
Neliel Tu 2 måneder siden
schmiki686 2 måneder siden
music's gna be trash, 80s > 90s. they should have gone with music from the new retrowave bands that are dominating the scene now. spotify it is then
Headless Gamer
Headless Gamer 2 måneder siden
Yong "Damn keanu I'm sold" ME " Fuck off yong you were sold long before this" lol
Couldn’t Find A Name
Couldn’t Find A Name 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah Mr. Crabs
Jeff Y
Jeff Y 2 måneder siden
Id give a handy to play this right now...
Raiden5 0 2
Raiden5 0 2 2 måneder siden
29:39 I can tell he's going to enjoy this..well all of us actually.
S B 2 måneder siden
Hearing Keanu say cunt is so jarring lmao
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano 2 måneder siden
I miss Holly on Access, but she is great in this role as well. Holly is just fantastic. She looks great too!
Halcali 2 måneder siden
I just don't like our male protag's voice actor. It's sooooo bad
Blanco Diablo
Blanco Diablo 2 måneder siden
Someone is bromancing .. the dude with glasses is the narrator of the gameplay teasers huh
SeeYouRyu2032 2 måneder siden
If I had more money I'd get a top dollar pc for this game, but I'd settle for a ps5 if they weren't so fucking annoying to get. Had a rough past couple of weeks and nothing really helps. But this I feel will help take me out of my head for a bit to heal.
J. Jay
J. Jay 2 måneder siden
This GAME WOULD FLOP HARD and like the nerd you are u would still shill.
Lucas Bender
Lucas Bender 2 måneder siden
I don't usually get excited about games that aren't in series I don't already play but this this here looks fucking amazing
Kutlu Mızrak
Kutlu Mızrak 2 måneder siden
He's finally showing his age.
J. Jay
J. Jay 2 måneder siden
Its called lack of make up
kleindropper 2 måneder siden
Haha Nilfgaard in TW3 to Milfguard in CP2077
Raizen sama
Raizen sama 2 måneder siden
dude u look chubby
Raizen sama
Raizen sama 2 måneder siden
just when i tot i could save up some here we go again..
Seal Over
Seal Over 2 måneder siden
And i think they played the whole gameplay trailer thing using a male character , DOES THAT MEAN JUDY IS ROMANCEABLE BY BOTH ? please
Adrian A
Adrian A 2 måneder siden
Well be glad you didnt receive the game for review... some morons already managed to leak it apparently . I will avoid all spoilers, wont click anything suggestive .
geraud bartels
geraud bartels 2 måneder siden
Getting serious Tyler Durden vibes from Johnny Silverhand
Zeke Elmore
Zeke Elmore 2 måneder siden
7 years in development?
Mark Whitaker
Mark Whitaker 2 måneder siden
29:40 lolll
Coheteos 2 måneder siden
The street seems so empty when in a car, i hope its just a part of the city
Stephanie Freeman
Stephanie Freeman 2 måneder siden
I love all of the little details which flesh out to world of the game... so, I think Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be my birthday present.
kei saboru
kei saboru 2 måneder siden
just wait till shroud plays the game . he wont need the auto aim assist . . . xD
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