NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

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“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

Michael Surett
Michael Surett 14 sekunder siden
He’s lied so much he can’t even keep his facts straight.
joeynx 4 minutter siden
I think some of you are but hurt that she owned Trump 😇 go savannah!
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 13 minutter siden
It must be the toxic rhetoric is in it's own echo chamber ... _Where are the positive thinkers with good ideas?_ There are simple ideas, like mute the mic for the 2 minute time allocation in a debate ... that work ;)
Aaryan 20 minutter siden
14:21 ... She goes full satanic, while also co-incidentally discussing satanic
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama 21 minutt siden
DNC. Deranged Nutz of Communism
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 25 minutter siden
I can't tell which were questions from here and which were written
Dennis Pirtle
Dennis Pirtle 29 minutter siden
The moderator. She had blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her.... Wherever
Dennis Pirtle
Dennis Pirtle 4 minutter siden
Also obviously my comment was a joke. A play off of how trump said that about Megyn Kelly
Dennis Pirtle
Dennis Pirtle 6 minutter siden
How about a real town hall with q&a not this lady who obviously has a vendetta. Talk about toxicity look at how stacked up the media is against trump
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 25 minutter siden
How about a constructive thought? Something non-toxic or non-divisive? Like the mute button is going to be used for both candidates ... a better process given the misbehavior and political *trumpery.*
DJ Cwittz
DJ Cwittz 30 minutter siden
Not sure whether the like to dislike ratio is cause of Trump or NBC
S Ong
S Ong 31 minutt siden
guthrie: what is your ice cream flavor. biden: vanilla and chocolate guthrie: wow that's amazing. really you are impressive.
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 23 minutter siden
I think whoever can answer more succinctly like Law Enforcement has on the subject of QAnon, should get the Gold Star of Leadership ;) *AP EXPLAINS: WHAT’S BEHIND TRUMP’S TOWN HALL ANSWER ON QANON* _Ignorance is not an acceptable answer._ _What is QAnon, and why does law enforcement consider it to be so dangerous_ news.wttw.com/2020/10/19/ap-explains-what-s-behind-trump-s-town-hall-answer-qanon *NOpost cracks down on QAnon conspiracy theory videos, citing real-world violence* - related to the town hall question _NOpost is cracking down on QAnon, "Pizzagate" and other conspiracy theory content on its platform that has been "used to justify real-world violence" against groups or individuals._ www.cbsnews.com/news/youtube-qanon-conspiracy-videos-crack-down/
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 31 minutt siden
*NOpost cracks down on QAnon conspiracy theory videos, citing real-world violence* - related to the town hall question _NOpost is cracking down on QAnon, "Pizzagate" and other conspiracy theory content on its platform that has been "used to justify real-world violence" against groups or individuals._ www.cbsnews.com/news/youtube-qanon-conspiracy-videos-crack-down/
S Ong
S Ong 32 minutter siden
guthrie: coffee or tea. trump: coffee guthrie: how do you like your coffee. trump: with sugar and milk guthrie: white or brown sugar. trump: brown sugar guthrie: 1% 2% or non fat milk. trump: 2% milk guthrie: small medium large. trump: medium guthrie: dine in or take out. trump: take out guthrie: oh we ran out of coffee beans.
S Ong
S Ong 34 minutter siden
guthrie: do you denounce white supremacy. trump: i denounce white supremacy guthrie: do you denounce white supremacy. trump: i just denounced it guthrie: that was 5 seconds ago. do you denounce white supremacy. trump: i denounce white supremacy guthrie: you sounded reluctant. trump: i sincerely denounce white supremacy guthrie: i don't believe you.
Alive With Christ
Alive With Christ 38 minutter siden
Media is so fake and corrupt!! Bias also! Guys, find real independent media and gain true knowledge of current events.quit watching msm
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 41 minutt siden
*AP EXPLAINS: WHAT’S BEHIND TRUMP’S TOWN HALL ANSWER ON QANON* _Ignorance is not an acceptable answer._ _What is QAnon, and why does law enforcement consider it to be so dangerous?_ news.wttw.com/2020/10/19/ap-explains-what-s-behind-trump-s-town-hall-answer-qanon
K. N.
K. N. 52 minutter siden
Funny,how he conveniently refers to the e.u as if it were one country.....oh dear
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 40 minutter siden
Concerning, actually, but probably deliberate framing. Like framing conservative right vs. socialist left. That way you don't have to articulate or debate the real issues ... that takes a brilliant mind.
Candee Miller
Candee Miller 53 minutter siden
Well pretty must clinched my opinion of Trump! He is the man who has taken 4 years of Democratic interference now Savannah Guthrie shows that that will continue when Trump is elected! She did not allow the PEOPLE to ask the questions she waisted most of the time arguing about details that NOBODY cares about!!! I hope the crazy DEMO'S take their own advice and finally allow a PEACEFUL transition of power! As much as i hope that happens Im not hopeful!
Jean Luck Piccard
Jean Luck Piccard 54 minutter siden
Are they interviewing or debating Trump? And the media continues to pretend to be neutral. More proof that the dnc OWNS the media.
hello hello
hello hello Time siden
I gotta say, trump did a fantastic job here despite the hosts passive aggressive attitude
Raphial Lee
Raphial Lee Time siden
Nbc is a clown news station
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
*5 things to know for October 20: Covid-19, economy, US election, Russia, Iraq* - some related to the debate, things said and what wasn't addressed proactively or dodged during questions from the voters. _Who wudda thunk Russia/USA would be in the spotlight again?_ _Or that COVID cases are on the rise as we ease into the cooler weather?_ www.cnn.com/2020/10/20/us/five-things-october-20-trnd/index.html
jack masri
jack masri Time siden
You are the worst president the nation has ever known
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez Time siden
NBC you have a horrible bias problem!
jack masri
jack masri Time siden
My people? We are all one nation and we must all be united in order to heal our nation the opposite would be a watered-down version of the 30s Germany and europe
Kayatche2 Time siden
Savanna Cunty
David Jones
David Jones Time siden
Lies, lies, lies, hyperbole, exaggeration, vagueness, more lies
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
Lies are just one manifestation of *trumpery* which we all have seen documented in world history. The word *trumpery* has been in use since the 1800's. Nothing new about human nature here and the behavioral spectrum.
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
GRU and Russia in the news again for recent activity ... both independent hacking and for connecting with Trump's lawyer on the Biden/NY Post tabloid story.
S Ss
S Ss Time siden
He can be a slick bullshitter, to be sure. Slicker than Mumblin' Joe
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
Slick like the 20's gangsters hair jobs ;)
william eggly
william eggly Time siden
Regardless of political opinion you’ve gotta admit that the media don’t dive in on Sleepy Joe in this way
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 15 minutter siden
@william eggly I respect _The Office of The Presidency_ and _The Constitution_ and our _Independent Operation and Expertise of Government_ including the FBI, CIA, NSA, Military, Judicial System, etc. It's the job of the president to keep everyone working toward the same objectives, with their input, expertise, and operations. And there's that thing about _We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America._
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 27 minutter siden
@william eggly Appointed by the electoral college, not the popular vote tally. That's an important distinction. There were _faithless_ electors in the electoral college. Remember, this is a representative democratic republic. Quite different than the idea of a public vote system in some other democracies or republics. Lots of folks around the world wonder why we still have not revisited that idea.
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 36 minutter siden
@william eggly I think you are right, _a few people respect him._ Which leaves the rest of the nation and world's opinions and conclusions "out there." I respect the facts, but not *trumpery* unless it is pure entertainment value, like our recent comedic material ;)
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 46 minutter siden
@william eggly _Ignorance is not an acceptable answer._ Do you respect that idea? news.wttw.com/2020/10/19/ap-explains-what-s-behind-trump-s-town-hall-answer-qanon
Robert Runner
Robert Runner 47 minutter siden
Less *trumpery* maybe?
Emma Osborn
Emma Osborn Time siden
I guess snl didn’t exaggerate 😭😭
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
*Trump Attacks Fauci As COVID Cases Spike* _Another timely comedian. They are getting really good material right now. Unprecedented ;)_ _Jimmy tells the mysterious story of a bird that pooped on his door, the Dodgers advance to the World Series, and Trump goes to church in Vegas, attacks Dr.Fauci despite using him in his ads, debates what he's going to do if he loses, Kirstie Allie tweets her support, Trump is expected to have to pay back $900 million dollars in loans, a very handsome edition of Drunk Donald Trump, and since he is so concerned about dishwashers, it would seem Trump’s backup plan for the next four years might be in the world of household appliance and repair._ nopost.info/throw/l9fNhW6-m2VpntU/video *Trump Is Getting Crushed in the Polls | The Tonight Show* _Some temporary comic relief, for those who embrace bringing in a new order of non-toxic leadership, unification, and healing to our nation ;)_ nopost.info/throw/ytO7ipuy02pmks0/video *Desperate Donald Trump Attacks Dr. Fauci, Dances For Votes On The Campaign Trail* _There are facts interspersed with the comedy ;)_ nopost.info/throw/3MuOf3fe0KWJeas/video
Dadou-Audhy Pereira Moukébé
Dadou-Audhy Pereira Moukébé Time siden
Vote Trump! I have never seen such biased journalism... Is it a debate or an interview?
ameliaearl72 Time siden
I love how the comments are left on only for Trump and SNL tries to constantly mock our president, yet most people here still agree and support Trump. True greatness can't be brainwashed away. TRUMP 2020
Meg Smith
Meg Smith Time siden
Actually thought there would be more questions by the people rather than a debate with the moderator
stephi475 Time siden
Savannah Guthrie is a hateful person. biased liar.
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
OCTOBER 20, 2020 *Debate Adds Mute Button, Russian Hackers Indicted, TikTok Grapples With Controls* _The commission that runs the Presidential debates has announced new rules for Thursday's Trump-Biden event intended to enforce the order and civility missing from their last one. A US grand jury has indicted Russian government hackers. TikTok is dealing with the dilemma of how to limit hate speech and misinformation while permitting freedom of expression._ www.npr.org/2020/10/18/925199843/debate-adds-mute-button-russian-hackers-indicted-tiktok-grapples-with-controls
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Time siden
*Cleaning Up The Debate* 😶 🚫🎤 _"The only candidate whose microphone will be open during these two-minute periods is the candidate who has the floor under the rules," the commission announced. After that, there will be time for discussion with both candidates' microphones open._ www.npr.org/2020/10/19/925605044/candidates-will-have-some-uninterrupted-time-in-final-presidential-debate
Jeff Holt
Jeff Holt 2 timer siden
I find it fascinating that this President Trump’s town hall has the comment section turned on but Joe Biden’s town hall video has the comments turned off.
Andrea Canini
Andrea Canini 2 timer siden
Antifa and BLM: months of riots with billions of dollars of damage. Interviewer: do you disavow Qanon???
CARL Rauschkolb
CARL Rauschkolb 2 timer siden
Donald Trump this isn't about the rocket Man pick up the red phone we have something more extreme here Donald Trump what are we going to do about the terminators they are coming from skynet and we must destroy skynet before they get to John Connor from what I know is that you have a pretty good military and so does Russia we must combine forces for the terminators this is become a very horrible problem if we do not save the world from skynet using John Connor then the terminators will destroy us all you must do something Donald Trump you must do something now call up Arnold Schwarzenegger or something but it has to be done now
austin wnek
austin wnek 2 timer siden
These people are sick
Maria John
Maria John 2 timer siden
The Host Works For A Democratic Run News Channel Of Course She Is Bitter . Not Fair To This Person Another Would Have Given Up Can You Imagine What He Goes Through , Every Where He Turn's He Has A Fight. But He Stands So Strong He Fight's For We The People Every Day Appreciate Him By Going And Voting Trump 2020
moe morris
moe morris 2 timer siden
I'm 11 minuets in and thinking about turning it off
L S 2 timer siden
I'd like people to take this poll simply by liking for yes and unlike for no How many of you feel the media not one but most of the media are slanted and helping one party again like for yes and unlike for no
Sainov 2 timer siden
razony 2 timer siden
America if not the World is so afraid of dying, that WE STOP LIVING! It's going to get worse and everything is collapsing around us except the this voting debacle...again! Take the necessary precautions and lets GET BACK TO WORK!!!
Dan King
Dan King 2 timer siden
Never thought someone would interrupt more from than Trump hahaha
YourStepPops 43
YourStepPops 43 3 timer siden
These people are telling you the truth in plain sight
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 3 timer siden
Incredible! Biden just said he might pack the court if he doesn't like the way Barret rules! There is NO GOOD REASON FOR PACKING THE COURT! NONE! EVER! The judiciary is one of three branches that ensures a balance of powers! Packing the court goes against everything our forefathers stood for!
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 3 timer siden
It should never have been done in the past and it shouldn't be done now!
DEB Damico
DEB Damico 3 timer siden
Under LEVERAGED Mr. President!
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 3 timer siden
This guy is awful, pathetic and evil !
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 3 timer siden
Why do you need any additional funding for community policing? How much does it cost to introduce yourself and write down a phone number?
C Ghizzoni
C Ghizzoni 3 timer siden
How can Biden set up a national study group that includes "black and brown" to discuss the problem of racism but not white? First of all it's claiming that black and brown people cannot be racist which is a lie and it eliminates the possibility for an entire race to defend itself again claims of systemic racism that don't exist! There are a few "bad apples" here and there but if you can't see the election of a black president in a majority white nation that supposedly has this huge systemic race issue as proof that systemic racism is no longer a major hinderance for the black and brown communities the your just lying to yourself and playing the victim!
Alice InWonderland
Alice InWonderland 3 timer siden
America you in danger gurl🤣🤣🤣
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 3 timer siden
A President who hardly knows anything to the questions he refuses to give an answer !
soul seeker
soul seeker 3 timer siden
Trumps absolutely smashing it
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 3 timer siden
He never answer to the question! You ask him “How ” he draw you a picture on the wall without any concrete plan !
Nooby Kick
Nooby Kick 3 timer siden
Concernig Obama Care: what did he say? Nothing, nothing at all. No facts, no visions, same procedure. Boring and helpless. And what's about this woman at the rear right, does she get money for nodding to his attempts to say something? We're doing things!
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 4 timer siden
Trump is building the country "stronger and better" by retwitting !!
Lazy Kanga
Lazy Kanga 4 timer siden
Stop interupting him. Very rude. Typical childishly behaviour from radical left. Australia for Trump!!!
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 4 timer siden
A President who has nothing to do but retwitting other's opinion ?
pavapequeno 4 timer siden
I want to puke.
Who Knows
Who Knows 4 timer siden
@15:35 aaand leave me a comment what you hear @15:35
ginger langschmidtni
ginger langschmidtni 4 timer siden
What a President ! Probably the worst in American history ! I'm truly sorry for Americans !
Bee Love
Bee Love 4 timer siden
She against trump. Fire her
Clinton Mitchell
Clinton Mitchell 5 timer siden
If you look at ABC news to watch the Biden town hall they turned off the comments section to "protect minors" 🤣😂🤣🤣 figures they wouldn't be able to handle being criticized
Nuno Henrique Fangueiro
Nuno Henrique Fangueiro 5 timer siden
TRUMP 2020 or Communism!
Shelly 5 timer siden
She is CRAZY those gnashing teeth are out of control.
Kids Collie
Kids Collie 5 timer siden
I am 100% convinced that many of these news networks will not exist after Trump is gone including this one. He's even created jobs in their own industry.
Scott Matlock
Scott Matlock 5 timer siden
The magic number of 13. Who would have thought.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 timer siden
Close your mouth savanna, you showing your teeth too much
Slobodan Jevtovic
Slobodan Jevtovic 5 timer siden
This lady is so annoying and petty.
Ronnie Pate
Ronnie Pate 5 timer siden
I know this lady is a Democrat .She's a die hard . Not one question
ShedAntlerLife 5 timer siden
Holy hell, I'm sure he is sick and tired of the racist question. How many times does one person have to repeat themselves?
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 timer siden
Undecided???hahahaha be scared of those people.....
Michael 5 timer siden
Biden just lost the election, watch nopost.info/throw/xODJin3YynqRYLc/video.
Young One
Young One 5 timer siden
OOh Wee!
mahayana Jung
mahayana Jung 6 timer siden
The fate of the USA at the end times nopost.info/throw/2eCUiGneqIulfZY/video
Logan King
Logan King 6 timer siden
The 85 percent catch rate wearing a mask is because of unsafe practices. people touch their face and contaminate items in stores and other locations with heavy foot traffic and do not sanitate constantly. Masks stop airborne pathogens but do not stop surface contaminants. There is no stopping COVID, if you think there is then you are lying to yourself. Do you trust everyone driving that they will treat their vehicle as a weapon that kills thousands a year? So now you can choose to either be afraid and live in doors for as long as you can or understand the risk you take when you go out even if you have autoimmune disorders.
Mimi Brown
Mimi Brown 6 timer siden
Trump doesn’t know if he’s the leader and Q’s savior? Sounds legit
John Harper
John Harper 6 timer siden
Liberal Spewing Savannah vs. Trump
Local A
Local A 6 timer siden
Trump is the best president. He is the only one who has kept all his promises and protects his country and people. Very soon people will realize how wrong they were in hating him. And they will thank Trump. Hopefully it will be not too late. Small dogs have to bark, but big dogs don't need to. The world is already losing Europe, we don't want to lose America. Follow the world news. He saved our children, future generations, and you from beheading. Biden invites other Muslims from all over the world, only there will be no way back.Just check it out first: politicalislam com. Glory to America the Beautiful. Thanks Trump
ShedAntlerLife 6 timer siden
Savanna is liberal but job
Paul McGarrie
Paul McGarrie 6 timer siden
Wow listen to her brainwashed on the democrat payroll Donald trump will easy win the people no the truth
Andrew Jenkinson
Andrew Jenkinson 6 timer siden
And shown himself to be a far bigger hypocrite. Because one side is bad that is no reason to support a side which is worse. Moscow Mitch for example. Why didn't he expose him?
Angry Ghost
Angry Ghost 6 timer siden
Peter Sonnenberg
Peter Sonnenberg 6 timer siden
If I wore a tight white blouse and if I had a pair of those the psycho-media production would probably put me in a front row behind President. They try so hard but great US nation still has the determination to choose the right way. God bless America! 😎👍🇺🇲
rorykelly45 6 timer siden
Trump is awesome 🤙🏻
James Garrison
James Garrison 6 timer siden
So wait.... Cindy Velez just wants the black and Latino youngsters protected against police brutality and injustice?? So..... hold on just a minute now... Asian, White, Arab, Pacific Islander, Indian, Pakistani, and Slavic don't matter??
K. N.
K. N. 6 timer siden
Undecided???hahahaha be scared of those people.....
Marcus Maldonado
Marcus Maldonado 7 timer siden
I wish i could believe what was coming out of his mouth
Michael 7 timer siden
Blacks speaking the truth! Watch nopost.info/throw/v5nYgJ-XmHyapKM/video
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 7 timer siden
@ 53:00 Trump never answers the question. Never explains what he will do.? 😒
Franklin Duncan
Franklin Duncan 7 timer siden
Cut the feed at 2:27
Warren Thompson
Warren Thompson 7 timer siden
haha the host to cnbc is bias everyone can see this, why in the world would she claim or assume he is not paying taxes....trumph is already under audit by the irs...when you under audit by the irs they automatically take taxes out of your check hahaha!!! trumph 2020 baby...a moderate is supposed to be objective, where did cnbc get her from lmao.
Melvin Spearman
Melvin Spearman 7 timer siden
So glad I voted blue because this man is the worst.
Liam Pearson
Liam Pearson 7 timer siden
DExXR 380
DExXR 380 8 timer siden
Q: why 2020 wasted time hosting trump? To show the near inexhaustible amount of space Trump has to shove his foot into.
Lilith Rogers
Lilith Rogers 8 timer siden
Wow, she's awesome. And it's amazing that he's attacking her instead of answering her questions.
Frank Westphal
Frank Westphal 8 timer siden
If I were president, first I would have gotten an actual plan to address COVID on a national level. Second, I would have immediately taken the opportunity to emphasize that sugar and refined starches have a direct impact on human immune systems, and that one of the best ways you can protect yourself is by keeping your immune system healthy. The main reason our per capita death rate is so high is not the mishandling of the virus, it's that Americans are really unhealthy to begin with! And the reason for that is the food lobbyists pushing legislation that allows subpar food and additives to be legal. And the reason for that is money. People say free markets self regulate. Do they also self regulate natural disasters and pandemics? No. If you think free markets regulate everything, you need to watch some physic documentaries and get some real perspective. We live in a bubble we think will last forever, and is completely stable. Nothing could be further from the truth. The universe is beautiful, but also extremely hostile at times. If humans are here sitting worried about petty things like material possessions and money, we're going to eventually get taken out by forces beyond our comprehension. The price of freedom, is awareness. Stick your head in the sand if you want. But don't be surprised when you cease to exist.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya 8 timer siden
"The numbers are all wrong", but do you owe $430 mill? "That's nothing compared to my properties", so you do owe it, God why is it so hard to tell the truth for him? Then babbles forever trying to walk around it, he's a narcissist.
Naheen Chowdhury
Naheen Chowdhury 8 timer siden
I’m voting Trump, who else is voting him too?
Frank Westphal
Frank Westphal 8 timer siden
"it was sent to us by China, nobody is being blamed" How can anyone support this idiot? He directly contradicts himself like once out of every five sentences out of his mouth. He's such an idiot.
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 8 timer siden
TRUMP 2020!
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I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(
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iPhone 12 - The iPhone is New Again
Unbox Therapy
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