Reacting To YouTubers Eliminating Me In Fortnite! (ft. NRG Ronaldo)

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In this video, I react to different NOpostrs and pro players eliminating me in Fortnite! I made a video like this about 7 months ago, so I thought why not make an updated one. All I do is go onto NOpost, search up people eliminating itsJerian, and then react to them. The clips were really funny and I also found some pretty big pros who killed me so make sure you watch until the end!
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Song: Chill Piano Drake Type Trap Beat "Monaco" by OZSOUND
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Evade 8 timer siden
"I love these kids" - Lady's n gentlemen, we got him
Theryms 14 timer siden
3:49 put that in 0:25. thank me later
Theryms 14 timer siden
look at his face
leo gloria
leo gloria 21 time siden
I love how chill Jerian is watching people killing him
Haider Ali Zahid
Haider Ali Zahid Dag siden
Y are you incognito......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱😱😱😱
PoisxnnzzFN Dag siden
Jerian: There is Alot of Cursing Also Jerian: Stop Cursing right F*cking Now Calc: F*ck You Also Jerian (again): I'm not recording so I can say whatever the F*ck I want to
Me Me
Me Me Dag siden
Bro mad respect I’m not being mean hear how to you not roast them when they call you gay
Flo GMR 2 dager siden
Flo GMR 2 dager siden
LDS ramon
LDS ramon 2 dager siden
Futives in fortnite
TTN Galaxy Cat
TTN Galaxy Cat 2 dager siden
Please watch more proof its jerian is gay
ツADV Dryzhh
ツADV Dryzhh 2 dager siden
Me forgetting to turn my volume down at 3 am lol
Juan Djajadi
Juan Djajadi 2 dager siden
2:18 are you winning son
Louis Whoms
Louis Whoms 2 dager siden
At 4:27 we find out the true jerian
RED RED. 3 dager siden
7:30 There is tho.. there is. You brain washed chicken.
Travis290 3 dager siden
3:49 those are my friends i think I’m gonna half 2 break the news to them😰
Key Mythic
Key Mythic 3 dager siden
U look tired bro my guy not sleeping so he can pump out these vids😭
Shangdon 4 dager siden
4:33 I’ve always wanted to get in fresh’s game 😢 😞
D e k e x -_-
D e k e x -_- 3 dager siden
Shangdon 3 dager siden
@D e k e x -_- I never have before :(
D e k e x -_-
D e k e x -_- 3 dager siden
Did u
Phasma FN
Phasma FN 5 dager siden
Pause right at 2:19 kinda sus jerian
Chill Sewshy
Chill Sewshy 5 dager siden
I love these kids Jerian took some inspiration from kiwiz
Midday Wolf
Midday Wolf 5 dager siden
If the last clip was Jerian he would have higher standers and strean snipe someone else.
Bh kaimei
Bh kaimei 6 dager siden
So to do that you should play on oce
Dozeyyfn 6 dager siden
Håvard Ramslien
Håvard Ramslien 6 dager siden
You want a laugh.. okay follow the steps: 1. click pause in the video 2. click here -> 3:50 3. look at jerian 4. laugh 5. 😂😂😂
Neil Hunter
Neil Hunter 7 dager siden
qtnxmxsis yt
qtnxmxsis yt 8 dager siden
When Jerian thinks his viewers are 14
K.A.P 8 dager siden
Half of them are CONTROLLER PLAYA
Ams jakester
Ams jakester 8 dager siden
Fake= itsjerian Real=Itsjerian
Osman Ali
Osman Ali 8 dager siden
peace control god
zelvfn 8 dager siden
that gay one lol
Мөнхзолбоо Очирсүх
Мөнхзолбоо Очирсүх 8 dager siden
KaySon 8 dager siden
LIT kyro
LIT kyro 8 dager siden
These kids watching to find out it's not him: How could I have made this mistake, I want to die
takywaky 8390
takywaky 8390 8 dager siden
Itsjerian I hate when people say that other people are gay it’s not right. It’s happened to be before but all you have to do is ignore it and be yourself
gaming with kenan
gaming with kenan 9 dager siden
Jerian i love these kids me i hate these kids
Birdie YT
Birdie YT 10 dager siden
He called RNG ronaldo clix 😂
Ashes2 Ashes
Ashes2 Ashes 10 dager siden
you shoulda subbed to the 3rd kid😔😔😔
Toxic Tree
Toxic Tree 11 dager siden
Pause at 1:04 and look at the face he makes
Añora Leteu
Añora Leteu 11 dager siden
What about it
Jake Drogin
Jake Drogin 11 dager siden
ItsJerian "Im gay" Me "But i thought you where A,American"
Crumbs 11 dager siden
You the goat
Qxvor 12 dager siden
Next video idea: itsjerian reacting to itsjerian
Mark McGowan
Mark McGowan 12 dager siden
If you don’t heart this jerian, it’s proof you’re gay.
LUIS DE LA PAZ 12 dager siden
kiwisen 13 dager siden
Good entertainment video
baruc 13 dager siden
2:19 anyone see it? 😂
Rogers Martinez
Rogers Martinez 13 dager siden
why are you on incognito...
Gamer Najamraja08
Gamer Najamraja08 14 dager siden
The thumbnail saying NRG Ronaldo killed ItsJetian Uno Swap card ItsJerian killed NRG Ronaldo
Bart Claassen
Bart Claassen 15 dager siden
This is contant bro
YOLKS FORTNITE 15 dager siden
jerian trach
LEGITMUSTAFA6710 15 dager siden
Jerian: nothing wrong with bieng gay Me: trying to find a gun to commit suicide
LEGITMUSTAFA6710 7 dager siden
@For Luck lol good one
For Luck
For Luck 7 dager siden
make sure to record it
jud 12 dager siden
hurry up bro
NRG Snipez
NRG Snipez 15 dager siden
1:05 SSSniperWolf YOUR FAVORITE FRENCH NOpostR😱😱😱😱
RF Clan
RF Clan 16 dager siden
plot twist, it was actually him and he's embarrased!
Apni Grocery
Apni Grocery 16 dager siden
Why does his eyes always look like that ugly
Szzn 16 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about this Ssundee Thumnail (*o_o*) 4:58
EA_ Franzela
EA_ Franzela 16 dager siden
Proof that Gerian is actually Gay ,im dead 💀
Slr Kizz シ
Slr Kizz シ 17 dager siden
What was egg plant ?....
Samuel Hayward
Samuel Hayward 17 dager siden
jerian loves kids point of the vid : you just got rick rolled
ryzn 17 dager siden
you look ugly
KINGWING gamer 17 dager siden
Much respect and all but u need a break from screens dawg ur eyes aren't looking to well just sum health advice much respect👍
Stix 20 minutter siden
@Yuuzy guess its just how he looks
Yuuzy Time siden
What’s actually wrong with his eyes? Is it some condition? Or is that just how he looks
IamplayingGames 14 timer siden
Yo my tum, hed, and i’Es hUrt so fricking bAd
L2Scorpion 18 timer siden
He looks like his vitamin d levels r on minus
Stix 3 dager siden
i think thats just what he looks like💀
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 17 dager siden
I just had to come back to watch this video again for „Proof that Jerian is gay“ 😂
Realityy 18 dager siden
There was a fake in my game lol
Glitchz #1
Glitchz #1 18 dager siden
I mean you are kinda cracked not gonna lie
Elrick V-_-
Elrick V-_- 18 dager siden
Wait how long have you been ip
Elrick V-_-
Elrick V-_- 18 dager siden
Code Jarz in itsh
Code Jarz in itsh 18 dager siden
Your literally dogwater so free
Dorty _
Dorty _ 18 dager siden
Zexo_eglk 19 dager siden
Pls sub to my NOpost channel
Motserr. 19 dager siden
AJX FL4ME 19 dager siden
It’s a papa jerian
JH - 06DA 785046 Dolphin Sr PS
JH - 06DA 785046 Dolphin Sr PS 19 dager siden
hi jerian love your vids
zinic 20 dager siden
This how many times itsjerian said it wasn't even me ⬇️
Asif Ali
Asif Ali 20 dager siden
-why does itsjerian get hate he is nice guy btw jerian plz 1v1 me my epic is: x2_Weeb
Asif Ali
Asif Ali 20 dager siden
Zidix 20 dager siden
Im sry but when u said it’s ok to be gay I dropped a dislike
Yt Eukafps
Yt Eukafps 21 dag siden
Hey jerian I know the kids at 3:28
Hypnos 21 dag siden
ur so right that there are fake It’s Jerians cuz one of them is on my friends list and he’s trash
TGlxst 21 dag siden
I love jerian 7:07
Zoifyy 21 dag siden
Put on anonymous mode on fortnite
C. HALL 23 dager siden
This will be a banger but I miss it by a week
Peter Jeffries
Peter Jeffries 23 dager siden
How can there be a fake jerian if its your name 'ItsJerian"?
myst zorb
myst zorb 23 dager siden
the real question is why was Jerian on incognito mode
Ali Essa
Ali Essa 24 dager siden
Will you be my friend plz
itsJerian 24 dager siden
Jay Patrick
Jay Patrick 24 dager siden
why is he so ugly
jhhh hhhjjh
jhhh hhhjjh 24 dager siden
can you please gift me a skin jamarion2342
Merrick-H 25 dager siden
“I don’t want to be seen as a bot.” - Jerian
Brody. 25 dager siden
My parents said that if I can get 1,000 subs they’ll buy me my dream setup. You don’t have to but bless whoever does🙏🥺❤️
abimbola dokubo
abimbola dokubo 25 dager siden
In season 9 I thought you were black becuase of your pfp
BH {patricia}
BH {patricia} 25 dager siden
Soar Dylan killed you
Triggerz lol
Triggerz lol 25 dager siden
0:15 wsp king kong
SNT KiinAr
SNT KiinAr 26 dager siden
5:48 Im friends with the guy’s friend
Jeremiah Diaz
Jeremiah Diaz 26 dager siden
why does he get so much hate he is a god
itsSpamz 26 dager siden
Bro you join my lobby and I made a video out of it
toby lafferty
toby lafferty 27 dager siden
You forgot the time you died to xtra mero
Dyphson 28 dager siden
gay means happy
Soccer Legend
Soccer Legend 28 dager siden
Damn it Itsjerian I am not 14 I feel offended DAMN
Nathan Hobgood
Nathan Hobgood 28 dager siden
i once killed you in trios in like chapter two season 3
Nathan 28 dager siden
0:11 laidies and gentlemen.... we got him
Dellayed Clan
Dellayed Clan 28 dager siden
I gotinto benjyfishy game
Damian Corrales
Damian Corrales 28 dager siden
And I am not gay btw
Damian Corrales
Damian Corrales 28 dager siden
Jerian is the goat he think gay is okay and it is
Smart Person
Smart Person 28 dager siden
Even if I killed him I wouldnt upload it bc I don’t want to post cringe video of me video recoding myself shooting someone and getting views for it.
ZombiePotion 28 dager siden
What if u are the fake itsJerian😳
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