The Country That Never Lockdown

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Simon Wilson

14 dager siden

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donas askan
donas askan 48 minutter siden
No focus, bumping noises all over the place. You need to vlog more 😁
Anna Otarola
Anna Otarola 6 timer siden
I’ve lived in sweden for 3years and and it’s pretty good we are smart about it here
Colin Ward
Colin Ward 7 timer siden
I wonder how many burgers/meals he's stolen over the years.
Odins Wolf
Odins Wolf 10 timer siden
Hey man good video, I went to Sweden a month ago for a week in Gothenburg which is western Sweden the other side of the country to Stockholm and I tell you what it was the best experience of 2020 and one of the best of my life I loved being able to get drunk stay out till 3am meet new people I've really missed that this year, it was my best to decision to go to Sweden this year, max is really nice too I went there a lot better than McDonald's, I recommend visiting Gothenburg second largest city in Sweden lots to do, lots of bars and restaurants as well as loads of nice countryside to go walking in, and the locals are really friendly and helpful. In my opinion Sweden did the right thing not fully locking down and keeping the economy open and they've had less deaths than us, the uk has completely lost the plot, luckily I'm now living in Canada as I'm on a temporary working holiday visa so I was allowed to return as I have a job in Vancouver. I don't blame you mate stay in Sweden as long as you can so much to see
James Thomas
James Thomas 18 timer siden
Your mask is falling off mate
Adriatik Laci
Adriatik Laci 21 time siden
So tell me about you sweetheart 😁😁😁😁
UnKnown devil
UnKnown devil 22 timer siden
You need a better fitting mask
AleJJtheNinja 22 timer siden
Huh. I'm actually watching this on 2nd December.
Zanna Persson
Zanna Persson 23 timer siden
"omg its youuu" *hahaha* Welcome to our country!
specael Dag siden
Mate, u met with Antetokoumpo and u didn't shoot a single scene??
iknowchris Dag siden
i thought it was a cool vlog till you stole the food not cool but you do you just not for me
error ASMR 🍭
error ASMR 🍭 Dag siden
Maybe the only sane country
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Dag siden
JESUS how hard is it too tighten the straps on your mask. Just tie a small knot in the end of the elastic to shorten it.
Greg Kirkpatrick
Greg Kirkpatrick Dag siden
Sweden did it right.... herd immunity. The rest of the world is nuts.
Melinda M
Melinda M Dag siden
I've just started watching this....what is the Sweet heart from the taxi driver?!?!!!?! 🤣🤔🤯😦😮😯😳🥺🙄
Donna Faure
Donna Faure Dag siden
Simon I love your videos! I'm always amazed at how you manage to get by and get away with!! I wish you many more..
Dan Howard
Dan Howard 2 dager siden
Long way to go for a burger
jeebah jeebz
jeebah jeebz 2 dager siden
Good to see your again Simon been missing the content. Thanks for the entertaining video
Just Joe
Just Joe 2 dager siden
3:40 that Norwegian lad didn’t understand the Wrexham small talk
spex357 2 dager siden
Did you know masks don't work, read the Danish report.
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet 2 dager siden
herne777 2 dager siden
sweetheart? alright
s s
s s 2 dager siden
Your good at this theft by deception 😂
Villager Vlogger
Villager Vlogger 3 dager siden
Wa jeeeeeeeeeeeeee wa
StoneyDnB 3 dager siden
i think he needs a new face mask aha
Darren Nolan
Darren Nolan 3 dager siden
Mate scrap that mask
Michael 3 dager siden
Good job, Sweden🙏👏
Wisll 3 dager siden
The whole of the uk didn’t ur chattin shit
michaela Hass
michaela Hass 3 dager siden
Great video, Simon you rock... Best wishes from Paris 🖐
illpj 4 dager siden
Swedish cabbie ... what a man!
Millionaires Investment Secrets
Millionaires Investment Secrets 4 dager siden
l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her comment below let's gooooo
Ann Jennifer
Ann Jennifer 3 dager siden
I just make my second withdraw again today trading with Mrs Jane, can't wait for another 7 days to cash out again
Julia Henke
Julia Henke 3 dager siden
Any one who introduced you to Mrs Jane love you
Julia Henke
Julia Henke 3 dager siden
Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane
Frankle Henry
Frankle Henry 3 dager siden
she's trading last week was boooom!!!!
Frankle Henry
Frankle Henry 3 dager siden
I doubted it too before I gave it a try...and it was of no regret
CrimeClothing 4 dager siden
Awkward taxi convo from the ap. lol 😂 sweetheart what adickhead
Matt Ward
Matt Ward 4 dager siden
It's a flat pack corona
DRESD3N 4 dager siden
Dude ur in Sweden?! We gotta meet! Msg me on instagram: @RadPunk
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 4 dager siden
Oh man considering the current surge and deaths related to COVID in Sweden puts a whole new vibe to this video 😞
Mr. Hemlig
Mr. Hemlig 16 timer siden
Nah dont worry. People voted for this shitstorm 👍
Dylan Price
Dylan Price 4 dager siden
Crazy that the lead singer of the Vaccines lives in Stockholm now
Kian Wilson
Kian Wilson 4 dager siden
U sound like u have corona smh
FRESHY 4 dager siden
so you scammed for a free burger?
Florian Loer
Florian Loer 4 dager siden
I love Sweden 🙏🏼
Liya Cetiner
Liya Cetiner 4 dager siden
Hey Simon, come to Malta, we don't have a lock down 👋you'll enjoy it here coz it's also warm!
martin Birkelad
martin Birkelad 4 dager siden
I'd love to travel in Sweden, it's weird how it's so close but i haven't traveled there yet
Dyn y Jawa
Dyn y Jawa 5 dager siden
It reminds me of Oslo It's cold here. No shit!
Priya Ranjan
Priya Ranjan 5 dager siden
Simon said he is just 29 wtf😂😂
Flo Flo
Flo Flo 5 dager siden
I am going to Stockholm for a rave .
J. Bugz
J. Bugz 6 dager siden
"So tell me about yourself Habib Albi.."😍
Luis Carlos
Luis Carlos 6 dager siden
@Simon Wilson when the lady asked you if you had a receive from the bank in your app. You should have said you paid in cash ...
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell 6 dager siden
Simons lucky to get out of that Tesla lol
Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Alvarado 6 dager siden
Dude your Mask is shit. Just as well not have one on it keeps coming down off your nose. Get an Actual Mask
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero 6 dager siden
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter 6 dager siden
Cameron Harvey
Cameron Harvey 6 dager siden
Oh Simon sweetheart
Jonny Chooch
Jonny Chooch 6 dager siden
sweden seeing tiny rise again ,famous last words.. 9:47
The Dawn Of Olympus
The Dawn Of Olympus 6 dager siden
Simon is sort of, literally, THE MAN! Literally.
Patty M
Patty M 7 dager siden
Sweden what idiots, probably plenty of Covid there
sean thomas
sean thomas 7 dager siden
Taxi driver sus
Don The man
Don The man 7 dager siden
To be fair when he was walking streets of Sweden there didn’t seem many people about, i have seen more people walking the streets during lockdown than that in the uk
Don The man
Don The man 5 dager siden
@Dai Sick , great because i am unlikely to change
Dai Sick
Dai Sick 5 dager siden
Don The man Sound advice, will do 👍🏻
Don The man
Don The man 5 dager siden
@Dai Sick , like i said i don’t care , just stop reading them and it will not confuse you , sorted
Dai Sick
Dai Sick 5 dager siden
Don The man You've just written a whole paragraph with not one full stop in it, not even at the end. I don't disagree with SOME of your comments, but to make any sense of it you have to first figure out where the full stops should be. Then replace some words with correct ones before it becomes clear what point you are trying to make. 🤔
Don The man
Don The man 5 dager siden
@combrogi right , my point is Sweden might be on lockdown but they are not crowding the street and are obviously taking this seriously , like i said when i was watching the video I noticed i have seen more people walking the streets in the uk than were walking the streets in the video , so even though the Swedes are not in lockdown officially they are still taking precautions, so in a way they are in a sort of unofficial lockdown, and i have to say when i was in Sweden long before the lockdown it was fecking boring place , expensive and boring , been once driving across from Denmark for just a day , and next time we went it was for longer, in fact the uk in lockdown is probably more exciting, you might not agree but thats how I found Sweden, and if i was the virus I would vacate the place, and i am not on NOpost for an English lesson
Melko 7 dager siden
Where’s your luggage when you get out of that guys car? I tripped out lol it was there and then it disappeared
Kalus Saxon
Kalus Saxon 7 dager siden
Mask wanker
Ragnar Luik
Ragnar Luik 7 dager siden
Go to estonia when you can
JD Cooksey
JD Cooksey 7 dager siden
Taxi driver is low key psycho and has a few bodies to his name
Rasmus Nordlund
Rasmus Nordlund 7 dager siden
I am swedish, just me?
onehappynegro 7 dager siden
Just to clarify for aliens. Sweden has no legislation that supports lockdowns for citizens. It’s illegal and will never happen. They can only recommend us to listen to them. Businesses and government needs to follow rules and regulations though.
onehappynegro 7 dager siden
Good things with Sweden. Well our government killed off 6.000 people just by going against the world. I really like the mellow jazz inspired music.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 7 dager siden
"I think everyone is trying to leave the country" Never heard anything dodgier in my life haha
Gabasto 7 dager siden
Lol the taxi driver guy was weird
Des Brittain
Des Brittain 7 dager siden
There is no pandemic. There is no virus. It's all lies to crash the economy, get rid of small businesses and enslave us all. Wake up folks.....stop wearing those bloody masks for starters.
Dai Sick
Dai Sick 7 dager siden
Then what are the people dying of? Or are the thousands of doctors in the world making it all up along with the government. That's a bog conspiracy theory you've got going on there. And yes I know people that have died from the virus.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 7 dager siden
Only country in western Europe. Belarus didnt lockdown either.
DeadSeaSquirrel DeadSeaSquirrel
DeadSeaSquirrel DeadSeaSquirrel 7 dager siden
Cover your damn nose! Are you seriously that ignorant?
Dai Sick
Dai Sick 7 dager siden
Yes he is.
Harry Burgess
Harry Burgess 7 dager siden
The Tesla Taxi Driver is VERY SUS
Leonard Lord
Leonard Lord 7 dager siden
OMG! I wish I knew you where coming then you would have had a crib to crash in Stockholm södermalm. It would have been an honor and a blast to have yuo crash at my place! keep on doing what you are doing.
MrSupergee 7 dager siden
231,000 cases and 6,555 deaths.
Sean Gooley
Sean Gooley 7 dager siden
Simon Wilson, we all love you and your channel, but you have got to read everyone's comments about that Bobby guy, that does videos for you. No one can stand him, his head, his voice, the way he waves his hands around and the way he loves every bit of cheap food that he posts videos of. Please Simon, you will lose subscribers with him. Please tell him to go back to his own channel, living Bobby.
Phillip Young
Phillip Young 7 dager siden
That is daylight robbery out rage 😂 😂 😂
jenny sutherland
jenny sutherland 7 dager siden
Simon are you tapping Morse code?
DC Traveler
DC Traveler 7 dager siden
At 6:05 Simon: How's the Corona virus situation here? Taxi Driver: We don't speak about it. Because opinions about it create politics, and we are not in politics. What a smart man! ✌🏻
Sean Mac
Sean Mac 7 dager siden
When a right wing trump loving leader like Boris locks stuff down, you know it's serious.
Tony Ross
Tony Ross 7 dager siden
I think that fella who was going to Norway via Sweden to possibly avoid the need to provide a negative test and go into quarantine for 10 days if he was to travel there direct from the UK.
Harry Burns
Harry Burns 7 dager siden
taxi man is well dodgy init. Sweet heart and your majesty hahahaha
True Blue
True Blue 7 dager siden
Got a discount In Finland say way you did
sannio komi
sannio komi 7 dager siden
Did the taxi guy call him sweetheart lol and you must have some big bucks to be in Sweden for all of lockdown 💯 😂😂💜🇬🇧
Mr.A VR Freak
Mr.A VR Freak 7 dager siden
So, nobody is going to talk about how you straight jacked that burger.😂
Jussi Öman
Jussi Öman 7 dager siden
Only country in western Europe. Belarus didnt lockdown either.
P.N.R. Naga
P.N.R. Naga 7 dager siden
Swedish Corona 🤣🤣👍
Michael Mike
Michael Mike 7 dager siden
How weird was that cab driver 😅😂🤣
sannio komi
sannio komi 7 dager siden
That Tesla driver was definitely gay. He had gay bracelets. And the way he talked . And his face.
Sohaib Mazhar
Sohaib Mazhar 7 dager siden
big simon fan but i've never seen such an idiotic mask lmao. it never stays up and isnt even in the shape of a proper mask
Henoik 8 dager siden
The Swedish taxi driver that took you from the
GorillaVanilla S
GorillaVanilla S 8 dager siden
U sound sick
Lowie Black
Lowie Black 8 dager siden
The airplanes that flies to the Philippines from other countries are still on locked down for future notice. I have heard that the Aquino international airport will reopened sometimes in early, mid, or late 2021
Travel sea
Travel sea 8 dager siden
Please don't bring virus to other country
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson 8 dager siden
It's been a long while since I was last in Sweden, but I do like their Max burgers. Will definitely have to go out there again soon. The people out there are so lovely.
Nick A
Nick A 8 dager siden
I thought you were still in Mexico!
slarti bartfast
slarti bartfast 8 dager siden
My experience of Sweden before Corona it was quieter than most British cities ( I went to Gothenburg)
Matus Kukura
Matus Kukura 8 dager siden
Sort out your tripod.
bssni touir
bssni touir 8 dager siden
You need to edit the title mate. It doesn’t make sense. It should be: ‘The country that never locks down’ or They country that never locked down’
midnightpanthora 8 dager siden
Supermacs is in Ireland Simon lol. Fair play to you. It's madhowbtheyvenever been in lock down. Enjoy Sweden ☺️😁
Lachlan Smith
Lachlan Smith 8 dager siden
Simon you would love Lockdown in Australia
Steven McGlinn
Steven McGlinn 8 dager siden
Did he keep calling him sweetheart?
bssni touir
bssni touir 8 dager siden
funky smokEE
funky smokEE 8 dager siden
That Tesla driver was definitely gay. He had gay bracelets. And the way he talked . And his face.
Robert Leduc
Robert Leduc 8 dager siden
lol the taxi driver calling you sweetheart
Saigo Ogias
Saigo Ogias 8 dager siden
simon i love you mat but the clicking in the audio on this one was proper annoying haha
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