I did a musty flick with every car in Rocket League: Which car is best?

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I tried scoring a musty flick with every Rocket League car to find out which one was the best.
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amustycow 4 måneder siden
🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: bit.ly/35uAGvg Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins💰 + 50 diamonds 💎+ 1 special offer 🎁 only for you!
gav11693 Dag siden
Sergej Cvelbar
Sergej Cvelbar 2 dager siden
Watching this like the 7th tims
Åse Leikanger
Åse Leikanger 4 dager siden
@CenturyStriker 📳💝💝💝💝💝
Hunter Plant
Hunter Plant 7 dager siden
i saw chocolate in that milk -_-
Meower Gaming
Meower Gaming 7 dager siden
If you ever watch Dani then oh no he Orange juice gang
QwaaqWacK 13 minutter siden
Dislike for milkhater
CRAFTMATH GMFR 2 timer siden
After this video I was able to do de mustyflick
Ghost zx
Ghost zx 5 timer siden
If you hate milk do u just have cereal with no milk
JW Riley
JW Riley 6 timer siden
Where fennec
Michael Young
Michael Young 6 timer siden
Can someone explain to me why saying what a save is toxic? I don't get it.
Memes from Tik Tok
Memes from Tik Tok 7 timer siden
Hey misty in ur live stream someone called you shit 😢
Johnny Tribble
Johnny Tribble 7 timer siden
Wow my favorite youtuber ever despises me
Borge 8 timer siden
What is the song at 8:52?
Borge 8 timer siden
Well I Like Milk
Aleksy Mikucki
Aleksy Mikucki 11 timer siden
You did skip nissan
Ryan Oneill
Ryan Oneill 13 timer siden
Why didn’t you do milk GFUEL
ItzDragon 14 timer siden
“If you don’t have friends like me”
BaybeBambi 15 timer siden
Milk is fire smh
Marian Moenadi
Marian Moenadi 15 timer siden
I love milk
Charlie Mellor
Charlie Mellor 16 timer siden
U should do a double tap with every car
Shy-Guy 17 timer siden
Whats the name of that song? - i love it
GHG 18 timer siden
I saw it Poggers
RaZoR Clan
RaZoR Clan 18 timer siden
U use bakkes mod?
Crazydog Playz
Crazydog Playz Dag siden
Korey Griffith
Korey Griffith Dag siden
God bless you all
Thicc Daddy
Thicc Daddy Dag siden
He started drinking chacoalte milk at the end
Nicky Kems
Nicky Kems Dag siden
Is every car musty has lime
NARUTO AMV Dag siden
How u name urself amustycow and don't like milk
Damon Smith
Damon Smith Dag siden
Im the strogest kid and i drink milk and i eat junk sometimes and i drink bang and redbull and im only 9 so yeah and i can lift one hundrend pounds
parth wadhwani
parth wadhwani Dag siden
Your name is amistycow but u hate milk😂
Boltz Bx
Boltz Bx Dag siden
U should do a breezy flick challenge with every car
Lil Jordan
Lil Jordan 2 timer siden
@Seth Jones breezi did one
Seth Jones
Seth Jones Dag siden
I would like to see that also!
Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to play
Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to play Dag siden
lol the triton is my fav, ik its weird
Natson Mazieres
Natson Mazieres Dag siden
What the goal
Mat1c Dag siden
Lucky Eagle
Lucky Eagle Dag siden
how you get so many cars . i want so many cars too how can you use every car
Fortnite er
Fortnite er Dag siden
I know, I loved the part when he did a musty flick
Reese Dag siden
I love milk lol, guess musty hates me
Caiden Warren
Caiden Warren Dag siden
What I meant to say was I love musty but I hate milk
Ben and Conner
Ben and Conner Dag siden
I was drinking milk while you said that.
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Dag siden
How do you hate milk milk is good for you and it taste gooddd I love milk
GG FaTe Fir3
GG FaTe Fir3 Dag siden
Yo my man trading gold rush worth 800k credits for shattered
Overwatch Er godt
Overwatch Er godt Dag siden
In the next video try drink some water thar would be good for u
Forever Music
Forever Music Dag siden
i despise you eww u hate milk
Stephanie Vasquez
Stephanie Vasquez 2 dager siden
Musty be better than sunless
Noah D
Noah D 2 dager siden
I drink milk a lot but I didn’t take that to heart
Rowan Siebold
Rowan Siebold 2 dager siden
"If you drink milk regularly, I DESPISE YOU" amustyCOW 2020
rx_Alex_55 2 dager siden
Its that milk idk i dont know englis im from México
bertil høst
bertil høst 2 dager siden
You dont have any boost cowa use your brain
Orpha 2 dager siden
Bro drink the blue cap that shit looked thick asf
TrLm JustPlayz
TrLm JustPlayz 2 dager siden
Yummy! I drink milk every night before bed :O
Scoopie Poopieponts
Scoopie Poopieponts 2 dager siden
Jaxson Groth
Jaxson Groth 2 dager siden
I think this is my fifth time watching this vid this is my fav vid of your’s
Diego Perez Tornero
Diego Perez Tornero 2 dager siden
IDK if yall saw but someone in 4:57 in live stream said ur shit
Red Minicrewmate
Red Minicrewmate 2 dager siden
Hey musty I like milk
Karin Strand
Karin Strand 2 dager siden
Why do You have cow in Your name but You hate milk?
Patricosta 2 dager siden
Rocket league is toxic
lilsmallbr0 2 dager siden
Why was the milk getting browner every time he drinks it
Cem Bagci
Cem Bagci 2 dager siden
Nusret ist turkei
coding_fire 2 dager siden
What a save! What a save! What a save! What a save! What a save! What a save! What a save! What a save!
Finley music richards
Finley music richards 2 dager siden
Is this the online game what you play only
Finley music richards
Finley music richards 2 dager siden
Musty nice musty flic
hulks pants
hulks pants 2 dager siden
A guy with a cow avatar hates milk 🥛? Hmmmmm
Roberts Kalniņš
Roberts Kalniņš 3 dager siden
I love u💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Piotrek Chodowski
Piotrek Chodowski 3 dager siden
And i just subbed
Piotrek Chodowski
Piotrek Chodowski 3 dager siden
I hate milk too
Gan YX
Gan YX 3 dager siden
Dani be shouting when watching this video
Gan YX
Gan YX 3 dager siden
But you know that milk comes from cow, right?
Ethan Chung
Ethan Chung 3 dager siden
Musty: musty flicks with scarab Also Musty: Can't flick with octane Lmao
Shifty Playz
Shifty Playz 3 dager siden
A breezi flick is just a musty flick with extra steps. Prove me wrong. Please, try.
Santino Pignatelli
Santino Pignatelli 3 dager siden
Oscar Magallanes
Oscar Magallanes 3 dager siden
I hate milk to
Lucas Ashton
Lucas Ashton 3 dager siden
Fryday 3 dager siden
I wanna say one thing musty ur insane best rl NOpostr and NRG players ever 👊
Coleybear48 Mobile Gaming
Coleybear48 Mobile Gaming 3 dager siden
Geez musty ur insane
Anderson Cruz
Anderson Cruz 3 dager siden
Musty: I am build a different Me: confused after what he just did
Mr Keido
Mr Keido 3 dager siden
Me to hate milk :D
Christopher McCracken
Christopher McCracken 3 dager siden
it looked like he didn"t have a shirt on
amustycow 3 dager siden
Epic triton is my fav car
Phoenix 3 dager siden
Count how many times this man says "this was my first car"
Yeet Masters
Yeet Masters Dag siden
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro 3 dager siden
0:44 me drinking a glass of milk while watching this 😬😰🥛
Yoshi Joshi
Yoshi Joshi 3 dager siden
im sorry explain whats wrong with milk
Ace-boy1930 3 dager siden
7:20 😂 Edit: 7:17
Evan Mustard
Evan Mustard 3 dager siden
Ay you look in chat at 3:07
Maximilian Chyla
Maximilian Chyla 3 dager siden
Charlotte Kt
Charlotte Kt 3 dager siden
the scarab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Content
Mr Content 3 dager siden
if you hate milk then why do you have the word "cow" in ya name
FTW Tech
FTW Tech 3 dager siden
*Battle Bus.
FYi TEAM 3 dager siden
bro it took you 2 mins to actually do stuff we pressed for this video
Ayedh Binamro
Ayedh Binamro 3 dager siden
Perkaholic Zombies76
Perkaholic Zombies76 4 dager siden
Musty is a freestyler confirmed.
Maud de Wit
Maud de Wit 4 dager siden
Yo u forgot Nissan skyline
Axzure YT
Axzure YT 4 dager siden
Why his voice go deep sometimes
Quinton Bailey
Quinton Bailey 4 dager siden
It weird because he hates milk but he’s a cow? Like lol
Jeric A. MONASTERIAL 4 dager siden
Or in bots?
Jeric A. MONASTERIAL 4 dager siden
Jeric A. MONASTERIAL 4 dager siden
Why didn’t you just do it on free play mode .
Maverick Smith
Maverick Smith 4 dager siden
Lol I remember the frag game or whatever mobile means u crap on them
Gio 4 dager siden
Why you despise me🥺
XTREMEMAHEM 713 4 dager siden
I guess you despise me 😂
TTV ceo0217
TTV ceo0217 4 dager siden
my question is does he drink chocky milk? Cause it makes the pain go away
Mr. Monkey
Mr. Monkey 4 dager siden
imagine musty plays fortnite
WreckingCrew20 4 dager siden
im am sensitive to milk i dispize milk
Jailsom Querido
Jailsom Querido 4 dager siden
He did not do the fennec
SNAP Tizzard
SNAP Tizzard 4 dager siden
Can you do a binds reveal as i have been trying to get better at ariels and i just cant do it
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