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ItsHaber Måned siden
Did you guys do one? And who did you get?? Save 5% of FUT Coins/Players/Accounts, buying with code "Haber" at
Poj Wanglee
Poj Wanglee Måned siden
Phantxm_Flickz Måned siden
hey i bought 100k coins how do i get them on my account
chogau1 Måned siden
No i have 185 and onLy 100k and 0 untradebles
Strasp Måned siden
Got suker
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Måned siden
Anyone actually buy coins from them??
Heinze Von Hipel
Heinze Von Hipel Måned siden
Hes no human, hes Cantona
jort Louwes
jort Louwes Måned siden
Got maradona yesterday🙏🇦🇷
Ludez 1
Ludez 1 Måned siden
Got lahm :(
Samuel Bright Amankwah Boadi
Samuel Bright Amankwah Boadi Måned siden
Got Eto'o
ً Måned siden
Ffs got ian Wright
Noah Måned siden
Rip maradona
Charlie Waddell
Charlie Waddell Måned siden
CEO of : there’s no way
John Dugan
John Dugan Måned siden
Didn’t realize blanc was so well rounded until I saw this video
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer Måned siden
I got eusibeo huge dub
Max Hampson
Max Hampson Måned siden
This man just said it would be disappointing if you packed R9 because he’s not as good as his mid version. SMH🤦‍♂️
Li UzI
Li UzI Måned siden
I’m too scared to do these.
David D
David D Måned siden
27m coins a coin buyer smh
Natnael Ghebru
Natnael Ghebru Måned siden
I got Maradona on a rtg
Amaad Hussain
Amaad Hussain Måned siden
I feel like EA have f-cked me over after watching this , road to glory and they gave me crespo 😓
King Euro
King Euro Måned siden
I got cantona aswell! Can’t wait to use him this weekend leauge!🙏
שמעון Måned siden
Same i got Cantona and BUTRAGUEÑO as well my attack is 🔥
Deividas Dolbninas
Deividas Dolbninas Måned siden
I got Cantona too! Unreal scenes
Watch Out
Watch Out Måned siden
Got king kenny boys come on!
Daniel Amado
Daniel Amado Måned siden
I got Vieira on mine!
Miles Måned siden
nobody at all: haber the entire stream: ooh look at this cantina i pulled who i definitely need in my team 😉😉😉
Zophyx Måned siden
How’s you’re luck? Mine is extremely good, I got Puyol. 🥳
Archie Måned siden
Thats not good lad
Ellis Lawlor
Ellis Lawlor Måned siden
6:47 Campbell
Luke Anthony
Luke Anthony Måned siden
Packed gullit, W? Where should i play him cdm or cam?
Harvey Jackson
Harvey Jackson Måned siden
AS Måned siden
Nah, L
Kopite CK
Kopite CK Måned siden
I sold all my tradeable players and half my team but got Maradona so I think it's worth it
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright Måned siden
He not good
Arch 886
Arch 886 Måned siden
I got Torres W or L
Hootini 15
Hootini 15 Måned siden
Torres is a W
Ste Thompson
Ste Thompson Måned siden
king Eric
Wesley Gilder
Wesley Gilder Måned siden
I feel like people who moan about Hernandez and Sanchez know nothing about football 😂 & they're both incredible in game
Josh Spencer
Josh Spencer Måned siden
@Ronaldo Soccer yeah I got baby Hernandez very early on and he scored so much for me
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer Måned siden
Especially prime moments Hernandez last year he is goated
Runtheiconmarket YT
Runtheiconmarket YT Måned siden
BBH Rizzi
BBH Rizzi Måned siden
I packed Eto’o
Kevin Castillo
Kevin Castillo Måned siden
Honestly Sánchez is better than Hernandez tbh.
Ludvig Kårdal SK06c
Ludvig Kårdal SK06c Måned siden
This man’s packlucl like Nah man
sweatyyy Måned siden
i got maradona im so happy
finnomalleyyy Måned siden
Every night I look up at the moon🌙 and I see ItsHaber over it
Number1Raw Måned siden
Thats very gay
finnomalleyyy Måned siden
I packed rivaldo, W or L
P7. Active
P7. Active Måned siden
Cixzrr Måned siden
Small W
Aaa 13
Aaa 13 Måned siden
Packed Lahm used him as my CDM and man he is amazing
Matt Earle
Matt Earle Måned siden
Red list anyone ??????
DuckInTheMud 10
DuckInTheMud 10 Måned siden
Haber: there is no way But there is a way
Reshirex Måned siden
tomp231288 Måned siden
Got Xavi W or no?
Andrew McLaren
Andrew McLaren Måned siden
Cathal McNamara
Cathal McNamara Måned siden
Jordan Maddox
Jordan Maddox Måned siden
I sold my rulebreaker costa to do it and got lucky and got del piero
Elliot Cringe
Elliot Cringe Måned siden
I feel like, if I’d done this, i’d get inzaghi
Steve DiP
Steve DiP Måned siden
i got fucking baresi
Leo Maw
Leo Maw Måned siden
@4GDRAKEO big dub
4GDRAKEO Måned siden
I got inzaghi out of mines today😂😂
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Måned siden
Packed Dalglish 🔥❤
Josh Spencer
Josh Spencer Måned siden
Me too he’s fucking amazing
GamingNation Måned siden
Are These tradeable?
Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson
Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson Måned siden
E-1 Arsenal
E-1 Arsenal Måned siden
6:45 karius 😂🤣👍
ASG 416
ASG 416 Måned siden
Dude can you stop saying oh my word? Like seriously grab a dictionary and up your fucking vocabulary.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Måned siden
Do you think haber packed cantona 😂😂😂
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Måned siden
@Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson it was a joke my g
Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson
Tómas Emil Hallgrímsson Måned siden
wdym he did
Abdul Miah
Abdul Miah Måned siden
I got schemeichal
Juckson Måned siden
I packed Ferdinand :)
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer Måned siden
Big dub
staTiC_Jones Måned siden
Haber wit the luck once again
Peaky Måned siden
i got schweinsteiger
fabricio seminario
fabricio seminario Måned siden
Vinicius Torraca
Vinicius Torraca Måned siden
How much you think he paid EA?
Dopeybriii Måned siden
Ceo of saying no way
Victor Olmedo
Victor Olmedo Måned siden
Wouldn’t be surprised if ea thought you had him untradeable just to take the piss 😂
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell Måned siden
Unfortunately on a no fifa point rtg, this is just a no go. Fun watching others open theirs though lol
SheffWed T.P
SheffWed T.P Måned siden
I got butra
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell Måned siden
@Rob K Didn’t say I don’t have enough coins, just not willing to waste them
Rob K
Rob K Måned siden
Im on a no point RTG and have enough coins to do it
Noah B10
Noah B10 Måned siden
I didn't buy FIFA points, but I did this sbc and got garrincha
Hootini 15
Hootini 15 Måned siden
I pretty much wiped out my club waiting on my div rivals rewards tomorrow and then will do it . Expect a shitter considering I got Drogba and seedorf last fifa
Jack Ward
Jack Ward Måned siden
I just did one and packed Cantona aswell we love to see it
Gerald Ozougwu
Gerald Ozougwu Måned siden
Your content is the best, me and my mates in my school we’re saying how good your content is and how hard you’ve worked to lose weight. Keep up the work big man. ❤️❤️
AustrianCitizen Måned siden
I thought i wouldn't but now i might
It's Clarky boi
It's Clarky boi Måned siden
your move
Dan Ferf
Dan Ferf Måned siden
Wow. The first two youtubers I watch for packs Nep got Del Piero and Haber gets Cantona. If I do it, I will fall in the trap and get Inzaghi but its so tempting
João Nazaré
João Nazaré Måned siden
Dont fall in the trap, i got Cole ahaha
Topspits Lacazette
Topspits Lacazette Måned siden
🤣🤣🤣 im about to fall in the trap and do it fuckit
Bmir2pro Måned siden
Gary Pugh
Gary Pugh Måned siden
Red list lol
fx rt
fx rt Måned siden
Bro it’s not even funny I are not that good on the game but because u are a content creator everytime they give u god tier players like Viera and last year Eusebio and Pele that’s mean they gave u luck so kids go buy fifa points, Good move EA
Ketchup 710
Ketchup 710 Måned siden
All his viewers are kids. I was bought here from a twitch stream as they were spamming that this fella packed cantona
Andy V
Andy V Måned siden
He opens so many packs obv he’ll get good players it’s very probable mathematically
Paul Måned siden
there is No wayyyyy......... there is a way !!
Untitled Måned siden
How’s it’s going guys don’t do this sbc if you want your club to survive and don’t want giggs from a 600k sbc
Hootini 15
Hootini 15 Måned siden
It's always a risk but that's the thrill
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Måned siden
I got dalglish 🔥
BDR Måned siden
oh yeah do u want my 85 FUCKING PETIT
Jacob George
Jacob George Måned siden
I got Carlos Alberto I think it was worth
James Lowe
James Lowe Måned siden
I got fucking riquelme
Dan Brimble
Dan Brimble Måned siden
I did 1 and got dessailly Dub or L
HipHopBlood Måned siden
Big l
Loli Sock
Loli Sock Måned siden
A dub tbh
TTV Klopp
TTV Klopp Måned siden
Massive win
Boosterz ඞ
Boosterz ඞ Måned siden
brodiezzz7 -
brodiezzz7 - Måned siden
I can’t/oh/nah
Stuart Hart
Stuart Hart Måned siden
My mate who has already packed CR7 and Messi this year just got Cruyff from it
Ross Pedlow
Ross Pedlow Måned siden
Unknown Liam
Unknown Liam Måned siden
@adam cunnane your dad
adam cunnane
adam cunnane Måned siden
Who aked
Hussam Abokhalil
Hussam Abokhalil Måned siden
So happy for you bro saw it live on Twitch
brodiezzz7 -
brodiezzz7 - Måned siden
HABER has Bateson lukc
Alfie Steeples
Alfie Steeples Måned siden
Is it just me or dose he not deserve it since he packed viera
LewisCDPYT Måned siden
AS 29
AS 29 Måned siden
I got shearer,never felt so disappointed
JackWelsh05 Måned siden
@Topspits Lacazette that’s a w
Topspits Lacazette
Topspits Lacazette Måned siden
Desaily ffs
Mihajlo Brankovic
Mihajlo Brankovic Måned siden
@AS 29 I got zola
Ross Pedlow
Ross Pedlow Måned siden
i got ferdinand w
adam cunnane
adam cunnane Måned siden
Worst one possible
brodiezzz7 -
brodiezzz7 - Måned siden
I was spam refreshing
BS12 Måned siden
keep up the good work bro!
MoeHitEmUp Måned siden
That’s it Im no longer an Barca fan! An absolutely disgraceful performance yet again! In all my years as a football fan of this team Ive never seen a group of players so lazy and pathetic. Im becoming a Swansea fan. They know how to play real football! Thank you and goodbye!
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Måned siden
Swansea oh Swansea
Evan Mannion
Evan Mannion Måned siden
@Nathanial Glucksman plastic
-DAN -DAN Måned siden
Wrong place.
Orange Crush
Orange Crush Måned siden
Then you were never a fan to begin with! Really dude?
yu Yeah
yu Yeah Måned siden
Kwelchy Måned siden
Who else is here from Habers amazing stream❤️ 🐐
Mango_ YT
Mango_ YT Måned siden
Helloooooooooooo chain
PC TUGGA Måned siden
Fifa Content
Fifa Content Måned siden
Shea Ilderton
Shea Ilderton Måned siden
Watched it cantona 🤯🤯 I can’t afford it 😢
_tombailey1 Måned siden
Flavissimo 07
Flavissimo 07 Måned siden
Bob Brown
Bob Brown Måned siden
Zami Måned siden
First congrats on the weight lose
Charlie Wring
Charlie Wring Måned siden
Love u haber
Liam,cian,ronan Måned siden
Valentin Stockalper
Valentin Stockalper Måned siden
Cole Walker
Cole Walker Måned siden
Ewan Simpson
Ewan Simpson Måned siden
My guy ❤
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