I destroy a brand new smart car in 3 minutes flat

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3 måneder siden

Well that didn't last long 😂😂😂 Unfortunately LIL SAWZALL didn't make it today. OLD VIDEO IS GONE. YOU SHOULD'VE HAD YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON. #DUMBCAR Also I have apparel at bunker branding but I'm not going to push it in your face.

WhistlinDiesel 2 måneder siden
David Wilson
David Wilson 10 timer siden
Last comment
CRW Outdoors
CRW Outdoors 12 dager siden
500th comment!
Will H
Will H 12 dager siden
I think I did
CRW Outdoors
CRW Outdoors Måned siden
I just want to make the 500th reply....
Maxwell Baker
Maxwell Baker Måned siden
I thought I recognized that footage of monster max stuck in the creek
Raoool 25
Raoool 25 Time siden
This shit made me giggle hardcore man thanks for the content!
Stuart K. Seels
Stuart K. Seels Time siden
I am 45 and I just wanted to say that this was stupid, childish, immature and FUNNY AS FUCK!!!!!!
Jarpen Emeletele
Jarpen Emeletele 9 timer siden
It is brand new. Nooooot
John B
John B 9 timer siden
Here we go... All the smart car fan boys are gunna be up in arms about this one.
High Tach
High Tach 12 timer siden
Gotta admit though, that smart car was more durable than I think we expected
Siamese 23 timer siden
6:03 when you think he missed...
Nathaniel Stearns
Nathaniel Stearns Dag siden
Should get 4 smart cars and rig them to monster max like a set of roller skates
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Dag siden
These videos are so fucking legendary lmfao
Cam DeVan
Cam DeVan Dag siden
iPhone camera or 4k footage - it doesn't matter as long as you keep it OG as always💪
Cam DeVan
Cam DeVan Dag siden
Dude you made that intro look good af
DrogeBecher Dag siden
poor doggy
Jesse Avard
Jesse Avard Dag siden
Yeah cause that was 3 minutes!!
NEW AGE DIGITAL MUSIC Digital music by JUKEBOX Dag siden
How is this entertainment ?
Nathan M
Nathan M Dag siden
WhistlinDiesel deserves every like he gets! Savage!
Victor Dohleman
Victor Dohleman 2 dager siden
What is wrong with you guys? You must be Trumpers.
Fuck.What.You.Think. Dag siden
Dont be ignorant its just them having their own fun stop putting stupid labels on people.
Hunter Dehoff
Hunter Dehoff 2 dager siden
I would have done the same thing he did
Extrahyena0303 2 dager siden
They did it in the name of science
blaze jennifer
blaze jennifer 2 dager siden
The rebel macaroni consistently radiate because parrot equally greet midst a productive hemp. wrathful, rare hood
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 2 dager siden
no cap this is the funniest video I have ever seen
Ryan Reeves
Ryan Reeves 3 dager siden
He treats his stuff very well
Cale 3 dager siden
3:55 was the best😂😂
EG Mercurial
EG Mercurial 3 dager siden
5:36 mom: “see kids this is why you dont do drugs.”
ash 3 dager siden
these guys are playing forza 4 bro lmfao
James Rogers
James Rogers 3 dager siden
Would've liked to saw more driving in the fields and jumping.
Owen Bell
Owen Bell 3 dager siden
Alternate title: Big trucks bully smart car
Austin Tanner
Austin Tanner 3 dager siden
Monstermax is a little rough with his toy cars
Matthew Kesterson
Matthew Kesterson 3 dager siden
I'm Whistlin Diesel...welcome to jackass
Reece Kemp
Reece Kemp 3 dager siden
Thought it was okay on a Sunday to call off lol
Gene Brockett
Gene Brockett 3 dager siden
Wow I can't even afford a smart car . But this ass hole can destroy one in 3 min. Merica home of the ass holes who have to much money and time on there hands to help out any. Fuckoff.
ThatChevyGuy421 3 dager siden
If I was making the money you were, I would so be doing shit like this 😂 I can see why you do what you do. Driving cars to their limits looks like fun
David Hill
David Hill 3 dager siden
Hundred smiles to the gallon )))
Alex Von Breslau
Alex Von Breslau 3 dager siden
Shoulda done a Briggs and Stratton repower
jonny j
jonny j 3 dager siden
Man, this was the funniest video you've done. Fucking legendary lol
XXxmigosxX X
XXxmigosxX X 3 dager siden
This makes me wanna buy a smart car,Just think of the possibilities Does a Ebishu jump*
Judah Mefford
Judah Mefford 4 dager siden
That would be a good farming car lol
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 4 dager siden
I hope this young man doesn't seriously hurt himself one day, money isn't worth trading for your health.
Ladd Ttt
Ladd Ttt 2 dager siden
This young man...will be just fine
Nolan Mott
Nolan Mott 4 dager siden
the windshield wipers being on the whole time killed me
Robert Hale
Robert Hale 4 dager siden
redneckwarrior gaming
redneckwarrior gaming 4 dager siden
Diesel for life
Daisy is the queen
Daisy is the queen 4 dager siden
Should be titled playing tug a war with a smart car
Peter Pankov
Peter Pankov 4 dager siden
I don’t think 3 minutes is enough for it to become night..
Daisy is the queen
Daisy is the queen 4 dager siden
My horses name is diezel with the z
Stewer 4 dager siden
I personally like the better quality
J 4 dager siden
I love this!
Thomas Dennis
Thomas Dennis 4 dager siden
I’m disappointed I thought you would destroy the SRT😔
Agent Playboy
Agent Playboy 4 dager siden
2030 watch why I bought a Lamborghini and destroyed it in 20 minutes.
Justin 4 dager siden
This looks like a lot of fun.
Zane Colenso
Zane Colenso 4 dager siden
its a capable little thing
jairo arroyo
jairo arroyo 4 dager siden
This is like a big power wheel 🤣
no one
no one 4 dager siden
Well, you did make the car look alot better.
Drew Oakes
Drew Oakes 4 dager siden
Is this the plot for Cars 4?
Dog gamer 945
Dog gamer 945 4 dager siden
smart car (or prius) + destroy=me like
Alfredo Delgado
Alfredo Delgado 4 dager siden
Woop 5 dager siden
*flips the car sideways into a ditch* ‘that was pretty smooth ill do it again!’
jCurrran 5 dager siden
I don’t think anyone tops these videos
PatRiotPat7 7
PatRiotPat7 7 5 dager siden
When ever I have a sad day....
Warren Floyd
Warren Floyd 5 dager siden
Such a waste........but funny
Jake Underwood
Jake Underwood 5 dager siden
Cboys have nothing on you 🤣
Poo'dee 5 dager siden
this is the youth of our land? Wow, how terribly sad.
Chase Bennett
Chase Bennett 5 dager siden
Brub whoever said that he copied c boys is on sum hes been doing this for way longer the smart car is the only thing maybe you could have a thought abt
David Robertson
David Robertson 5 dager siden
What all did you do to the motor of the monster max or is it stock?
Nick 5 dager siden
Legend has it people are hiding there smart cars from whistlingdiesal this day
CrazeyP 5 dager siden
I mean no other automotive NOpostr makes shit like this they overly fkn child friendly all the time which kinda gets creepy but this guy keeps it real and doesn’t give a shit
Charles Nagle
Charles Nagle 5 dager siden
I love monster max!!!!
Charles Nagle
Charles Nagle 5 dager siden
LOL this video was awesome
Justin Dilworth
Justin Dilworth 5 dager siden
wish all your videos were 4k hdr
Clout 5 dager siden
5:35 homeboy just got run over by his car hahahahh dude ahhahahah shet man. Is yo leg ok tho??
George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle 5 dager siden
You look like George Michael
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
9:17 😭😭😭😭
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
8:55 Monster max two won’t have this problem
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
7:54 heartbroken but the video is still here😹😹😹
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
7:06 Monster max takes the W
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
6:55 😹😹
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
6:00 What is about to happen next I do not want to know
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
5:00 Fast and the fuc**** furious
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
4:31 i got my seatbelt on
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
Sierra and Nick
Sierra and Nick 5 dager siden
3:43 fuck a bush hog
Валерий Врубель
Валерий Врубель 5 dager siden
are you a stuntman or something like that
WillieK03 5 dager siden
Hands down one of the best WD videos so far
VIB3Z Clips
VIB3Z Clips 5 dager siden
I watch cboystv and that killed me when he said "and that was the first 30 sec of a minute long merch plug"
Luca BRASI H2H Grudge channel
Luca BRASI H2H Grudge channel 6 dager siden
Such a idiot not even entertaining
Ryan Goodfriend
Ryan Goodfriend 6 dager siden
I’m still standing by.
storm etu
storm etu 6 dager siden
This man has been hurt intentionall more times probably accidently
devryn rick
devryn rick 6 dager siden
5:40 his foot got ran over 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 6 dager siden
You and CBOYS should collab that’d be dope
Madd mallard
Madd mallard 6 dager siden
Are you doing a new year giveaway or is someone else trying to scam me
ShowMe Bass
ShowMe Bass 6 dager siden
How is this man not dead😂😂😂
brent arnold
brent arnold 6 dager siden
ok on a serious note... did yall just create the smart wheel??? 7:00
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 dager siden
Looks like those smart cars are good cars. I still wouldn’t drive one. That would be embarrassing.
john Carlos
john Carlos 6 dager siden
When it ran over his leg I died laughing 😂 and
WhiteCloudGroovin 6 dager siden
Rest assured, we’re here to see you tear shit up
Father and Son
Father and Son 6 dager siden
the dog tho
Mason Guniss
Mason Guniss 6 dager siden
124 miles per gallon never looked so good
Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson 6 dager siden
I don’t usually end up in tears after a NOpost video 😂 but this shit is funny
cantbeataLSmotor 6 dager siden
You and these flimsy door windows haha
Gassy Irishman
Gassy Irishman 6 dager siden
Jesus Christ that was a hell of an intro
Andrew Dean
Andrew Dean 6 dager siden
It's annoying af how you make certain content only to be restricted by YT, which only makes you less able to make money to keep creating content which gets cut anyways. Lots of creators are complaning and I wish viewers could do something collectively 😤
Andrew Dean
Andrew Dean 6 dager siden
Very impressed it didn't flip with thr 80+mph sends 😂😂👌
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