Primoz Roglic MERCILESS Performance : Tour de France 2020 Stage 4 Highlights : Lanterne Rouge

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Primoz Roglic laid down a marker to his rivals with victory on stage four of the Tour de France as Julian Alaphilippe retained the yellow jersey.
Roglic was seen as favourite for overall victory in this year’s Tour before suffering injuries in a crash at the Criterium du Dauphine last month, but appeared untroubled as he sprang forward to take the win at Orcieres-Merlette.
Alaphilippe and Britain’s Adam Yates were part of the chasing group who followed Roglic over the line to ensure no change at the top of the standings, in which Deceuninck-QuickStep’s Alaphilippe leads Yates of Mitchelton-Scott by four seconds.
But Roglic is now only seven seconds behind, and this performance will be seen as a sign that he has carried over the form which saw him leading in the Dauphine before he withdrew ahead of the final stage.
“It was quite a hard day actually, quite hot, but the guys did again a really good job, I was all the time in a good position and at the end I could do a good sprint,” the Slovenian said.
Asked if he had hoped the victory would come with the yellow jersey, he added: “I have to accept it, I don’t really care. It was a nice day, we stayed safe at the end, we win which is even better and we have to continue like that.
“I’m coming back (from injury). We see that I am still coming back and now I can race every day feeling even better.”
The 160.5km stage from Sisteron saw the Tour dip a toe into the Alps unusually early and cap it with a summit finish, though the final climb was not one to compare with those to come in the final week of this race.
Instead the steady gradient was taken at high speed as Roglic’s Jumbo-Visma team controlled from the front, ensuring attacks were kept to a minimum until the road began to level out near the top.
Cofidis’ Guillaume Martin tried a move with 500 metres to go, sparking the others into life. Roglic quickly showed he had the most left in the tank, leaving defending champion Egan Bernal in his wake as the Colombian came home seventh ahead of Yates in 10th.
Bernal remains sixth overall, now 17 seconds off Alaphilippe in yellow. But Richard Carapaz - Ineos Grenadiers’ plan B should Bernal falter - could not keep up with the lead group and lost 28 seconds to slip to 21st overall.

Ben Evans
Ben Evans 2 måneder siden
whos this twat? taking over the video?
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 2 måneder siden
I am the third revelation
Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo
Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo 2 måneder siden
I love the way this analysis is presented, giving us an insight in to what is going through the riders heads as they compete. I have Kintana to win the tour in the last 2 stages.
Reg Yates
Reg Yates 2 måneder siden
Christ, the tour is boring as hell these days.
mididoctors 2 måneder siden
Hyperbolic you tube title destroys narrative
Gregg 2 måneder siden
7:27 Wout be like: hold my beer
MY NAME IS JEFF 2 måneder siden
Conor Verbruggen
Conor Verbruggen 2 måneder siden
Just doing weird Tom Dumoulin things 😂😂
Mathieu Norry
Mathieu Norry 2 måneder siden
I hope ITV are paying Lanterne Rouge well, he's the best
george474747 2 måneder siden
Why am I watching all these blank sunglasses reflecting back at me? That's not inspirational. Cycling would be emotionally involving if we could see the riders' faces. It doesn't take a genius to say 'let's get together and ban glasses so dark they prevent the stars' eyes being seen'.
george474747 2 måneder siden
I said "glasses so dark they prevent the stars' eyes being seen", not "glasses". (Glasses can be designed to protect riders & their eyes while still allowing viewers to see the window to the soul.) The argument of your final sentence is the logic I'm critiquing... Why should it be beyond people to design a great sport rather than drift along with whatever's accidentally become the status quo?
Malandirix 2 måneder siden
@george474747 It's not groupthink insanity. Glasses prevent injury, illness, and improve safety. The riders would protest if glasses were banned. I'm afraid it's just part of the sport.
george474747 2 måneder siden
Would you design an entertainment production and start by saying 'let's prevent the audience from seeing the stars' faces or any of their emotions'? It's extreme groupthink insanity.
enduroFactory 2 måneder siden
Roglic looks like a GC leader, jumbo have great team and with sepp kuss he has a ace card to use. Bernal looks lost, always on radio and that smile is gone says it all.
Emiel Ramakers
Emiel Ramakers 2 måneder siden
Fantastic analysis & commentary from LR once again. The absolute best. Please make these available on itv hub as well as just YT so I can watch these on my telliebox
Bjoern Koerdt
Bjoern Koerdt 2 måneder siden
A very good ride from quitanan didn’t really lose any time on gc and still rolled alephilip with ease after coming from Behind
Edward Mackrill
Edward Mackrill 2 måneder siden
How have I not had Lanterne Rouge in my life until now
Luca Dotto
Luca Dotto 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge is just a pleasure to listen to. Great to see him expanding to other channels
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 2 måneder siden
The best video analysis you can get!
A G Wal
A G Wal 2 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge must be working serious night shifts. The stage finishes at circa 2am Brisbane time and then he's thrashing out video analysis and podcasts in the aftermath. I tip my hat, sir.
In The Mix
In The Mix 2 måneder siden
These are the best TdF stage videos I’ve ever seen on YT. Seriously good commentary full of all the detail we want to know. Maybe add in some of the original audio from the race at a low level? Unless there is a commentary on it
Ben J
Ben J 2 måneder siden
I would watch the extended highlights on the ITV hub, but it appears that it's bugged and the Warburtons ad plays constantly from about the 18 minute mark onwards. This has happened on all highlight packages from Stage 2 onwards for me!
John Bouttell
John Bouttell 2 måneder siden
Excellent analysis Patrick. More please.
Keith Porter
Keith Porter 2 måneder siden
Incredible work and analysis by LR again. Fascinating, incisive and a touch addictive :) Another A1 here :)
Cycling Pulse
Cycling Pulse 2 måneder siden
DEVASTATING analysis from the Lanterne Rouge
Kathryn Eager
Kathryn Eager 2 måneder siden
I think the is your best analysis video yet, I was on the edge of my seat!
Herb.itall.bivore 2 måneder siden
Great vid as always mate!!
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 2 måneder siden
Alaphillipe sits up at the end of the sprint and misses out on the bonus seconds. If he loses the jersey by a few seconds, like last year's tour, he'll only have himself to blame
Chris Summerill
Chris Summerill 2 måneder siden
Sepp Kuss looking PHENOMENAL! A future grand tour contender for sure.
Chris Summerill
Chris Summerill 2 måneder siden
Lasrach Tech. Well his power is obviously good, just need Ineos to pick him up and shove him in a wind tunnel for 6 months. He’s got the engine for sure.
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 2 måneder siden
How’s his time trialing?
fahim113 2 måneder siden
Top quality analysis as ever.
Yenoom M
Yenoom M 2 måneder siden
A really engaging analysis as usual. 👍
Vikram Venkatesh
Vikram Venkatesh 2 måneder siden
Great analysis as always!
Samuel Leatt
Samuel Leatt 2 måneder siden
Bernal doesn't have the legs
Nick Sidell
Nick Sidell 2 måneder siden
Cracking job 👍
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman 2 måneder siden
perfect vid yet again
im Inc
im Inc 2 måneder siden
Top class analysis mate 👍
M L09
M L09 2 måneder siden
Tony Martin ahhaa that tickled me about the glasses
thecrazychef1 2 måneder siden
That's the morbid tone of a man who had just realised he's set $6,500 on fire 😆
Lasrach Tech.
Lasrach Tech. 2 måneder siden
NICOLA VENERUS 2 måneder siden
I think the Jumbos are too strong too soon. They defo have the legs to keep that pace up now, we'll see in 2 weeks time... other teams might be building up form now and finish stronger...
k c
k c 2 måneder siden
that's the ineos strategy, efficiency and then hit the riders when they have burnt their legs and are weak for maximium time gains...we will see if they deliver it.
Matthew Kefford
Matthew Kefford 2 måneder siden
As a noob to the world of road cycling/TdF these freeze frames and pointing out cyclists and tactics are really interesting and helpful to understand the nuances of what's going on! 👌🏻
matprlz 2 måneder siden
This analysis is next level and actually engaging!! Finally a fresh take for the sport!!!
Enda O'Halloran
Enda O'Halloran 2 måneder siden
1:16 the absolute disrespect not highlighting the one and only true leader of this tour😤😤😤 #Nairo4green
Jonti Ruell
Jonti Ruell 2 måneder siden
And again Lanterne Rouge was the clear favourite for cycling commentary from a long way out
jobserboy 2 måneder siden
A1 Tier Breakdown. Only Lanterne Rouge would hone in on the tiniest of key details on show in this CLINIC of a commentary. The future of cycling broadcasting is in safe hands
Chris Noonan
Chris Noonan 2 måneder siden
The only Lanterne I trust with my cycling analysis
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Ross McWhirter 2 måneder siden
The best cycling commentator on any platform, and we all know it to be true.
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Dewi Thistlewood 2 måneder siden
I believe this is what you call "Writing On The Wall".
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Great stuff.
dan hug hes
dan hug hes 2 måneder siden
Mega commentary. Nice win. Clear strength
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Michael O'Brien 2 måneder siden
Always the A1 titles when Lanterne Rouge is involved
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pierre roland = degenerate meme lord
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Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 2 måneder siden
take that back
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8jb XP 2 måneder siden
you're the only youtuber i can accept such hyperbolic titles from lanterne
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 2 måneder siden
Love this from you Lanterne