Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

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“Rudy Giuliani, the president's lawyer, wants [Tommy Tuberville] to do whatever he can to pick up the baton from the mob…use his position as a United States senator to stop the peaceful transfer of power and the lawful recognition of the democratically elected president,” says Chris Hayes. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

Saniya Jackson
Saniya Jackson 10 minutter siden
I thought blue lives mattered. 🤦🏾‍♀️
song yardbird
song yardbird 15 minutter siden
There is no official report because there is no official.
Polecat54941 34 minutter siden
I wonder how many Trump supporters will deny ever voting for him this time next year? They will still be easy to spot, they will be the tyrants with low IQ you meet everywhere.
Diane Fanning
Diane Fanning 40 minutter siden
After that the lowly COWARDS tried to blame this mess on A#N#T#I#F#A.
JP DuJeaux
JP DuJeaux 46 minutter siden
These people are enemies of the state and should be dealt with as such.
MrDickWoods 51 minutt siden
One again blaming the Republicans. But when Antifa and BLM burn down cities and killing more people. You guys are pathetic with your PROPAGANDA!!! The Guliani voicemail said nothing about violence you stupid f#ck!
NotNikki 54 minutter siden
All bc of modern day Hitler.... I feel bad for the kids in the future learning bout 2020 and 2021 in history class💀
ogVibez Time siden
Trust No Man But God💪
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Time siden
M B Time siden
Wish things would improve in 2021, but many Americans are already plotting against that.👎
Roger Carmichael
Roger Carmichael Time siden
Sycophants have embolden themselves to shower adulation and praise to an idol disguised as the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. The ignorant who wish to defile the constitution to justify their insatiable appetite for trampling truth, and justice will ultimately find themselves on the culpable page of history exemplifying America's inherent propensity for war and destruction. The never ending civil war created the 2021 insurrection with Trump setting the stage and fuse to finally put an end to Confederate descendents determined to rewrite history. Seditious factions are poised to settle that argument decisively, with an outright American civil war 2.0 . These neanderthal racist slave owner descendants, have infiltrated and undermined political parties, law enforcement, political law makers, over the past 156 years, which must be settled once and for all, to eradicate the dark underbelly and stench of America's sordid past.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Time siden
we love it
Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest Time siden
Where is the accountability against antifa? Oh they don't matter. They didn't attack Washington DC. OR DID THEY.
create share
create share Time siden
You have to give him props for his determination lol
M F Time siden
The Republicans really destroyed their credibility now.
M F Time siden
I'm not sure what these rioters were thinking. Do they even realize what would happen to the United States if they were successful? It would most likely cause a real war. I think the people who voted to oust Trump was just watching and waiting to see what was going to happen. I'm glad he lost the election. I hate that my family lost their medical. I absolutely hated the constant tweeting and his derespect to people. I hated his lies and i hated him taking credit for what other people did. Enough is enough.
Mikhail Angel
Mikhail Angel Time siden
deep state WON!!!
Tina Ingram
Tina Ingram Time siden
Why are they hanging Pence again? What did he do? He's played follow the leader the whole 4 years. You never ever see him so what exactly did he do besides nothing?
Helene 2 timer siden
Thank you, Chris... explained this horror very well
Randy Rederson
Randy Rederson 2 timer siden
I wonder if Biden will be down there shaking hands and asking to work with them?
fabio sunspot
fabio sunspot 2 timer siden
After all that happened Giuliani is still meddling with matters that doesn't concern him, when are they going to arrest him🙄🙄😏
Lane Blackthorn
Lane Blackthorn 2 timer siden
I want to see equal opportunity arrest I see black faces numerous of them. Expose those traders against there on race.🧔🏾👨🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👱🏾‍♀️👱🏿👨🏾👶🏾🧑🏽🧑🏿‍🦳👳🏾‍♂️👩🏾 👀
Matthew Matt NUnYABIZNZ
Matthew Matt NUnYABIZNZ 2 timer siden
These traitors need to be punished to the full extent.
uthman shaker
uthman shaker 2 timer siden
The White Supremacist are thanking the NSA for their cooperation
R E 2 timer siden
Whoever built that gallow needs to be tracked down with absolute urgency.
CJ Payne
CJ Payne 2 timer siden
Yo it must of smelt like wet dog hair axe body spray and cigarette butts
Calvin Newborn
Calvin Newborn 2 timer siden
The cover up begins
Sharing news and Music
Sharing news and Music 2 timer siden
Trump and Rudy need to pay for this! Then add in the Pillow guy... Lock all of them up that includes the 3 I mentioned..
Carl Eidsforth
Carl Eidsforth 2 timer siden
ironic the "protestor" at the door is wearing a russian gas mask
J Will
J Will 2 timer siden
At the top of the list should be Carlson and hannity because they are still pushing the lie !
CJ Payne
CJ Payne 2 timer siden
Imagine if you were a Black Officer getting pulled
Faith Kwaku
Faith Kwaku 2 timer siden
I don't want to hear anything else from Republicans moving forward. They have no moral high ground
TG R. 2 timer siden
"Never again can the United States of America question the rise of Adolf Hitler"!
James King
James King 2 timer siden
The President caused all of this and he’s still in the White House? If two impeachments doesn’t say this is wrong and President Trump needs to be charged with high crimes of sedition as well as his lawyer Rudy Giuliani who are the real traitors.
Katherine Getao
Katherine Getao 2 timer siden
Why are people who have committed such serious violent crimes against police being charged with mild offenses such as ‘trespass’? It is clear to outsiders that the racial problem US is out of hand.
Tony Piper
Tony Piper 3 timer siden
Someone please explain to me how it is lawful to hold the rioters accountable, but not hold the politicians accountable who encouraged them to be violent? Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and all the others who were telling them to "Stop the Steal" are just as responsible for this criminal activity as those domestic terrorists who carried it out.
Wesley Goss
Wesley Goss 3 timer siden
RE: The security for National and State capitols: Have a "security sector" from each community white supremists have "attacked" be deputize to help local police with crowd control.
Tj Imler
Tj Imler 3 timer siden
You know I don't think these people were going inside there to hurt anybody these people have the right as we the people to make people leave the office because we we were told and taught that we are the government's boss they are not ours right just wondering I apologize and I'm so sorry for all the people that got hurt those people acted and reacted ignorantly I believe a lot of those people had a good reason to be there not for all that we the people need to realize and you the government need to realize that we are all on the same team why do we the people feel threatened and overtaken by the government if we're all on the same team
Tj Imler
Tj Imler 3 timer siden
But the ones that look like they were going up in there to do harm should all be arrested for sure complete ignorance
Darryl Johnson
Darryl Johnson 3 timer siden
With all those military personal protecting every state house and the capital house, what happens when Trump declares martial law. Are they then in place for us or against us? Us being the American citizens who democratically elected Biden.
Beatrice Giacobbe
Beatrice Giacobbe 3 timer siden
Lu C
Lu C 3 timer siden
You think if we had left the lynch mob with the some of the house of rep and Vice President meet that day instead of hiding them, they will understand that trump needs to be voted out assuming they survive. But they maybe the ones who have a hand in it as well.
Jeri Lopez
Jeri Lopez 3 timer siden
If the insurrectionists were black, they would have been relentlessly shot at!!!
Snafu Void
Snafu Void 3 timer siden
That was a attempted Overthrow of a Democracy!!
Virginia LaMott
Virginia LaMott 3 timer siden
Those senators need to be held accountable as well as Trump!
Truth_Merchant 4 timer siden
@Michael Gee Beloved of God, I agree. Jesus Christ is not about a religion but rather a personal relationship with your creator, lord and savior. By the way, what we perceive in the physical is a manifestation of the actions taking place in the spiritual realm. " we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power....". Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way to everlasting life and happiness. He is knocking on the door of your heart. Don't ignore his knocking, because time is running out. Open the door of your heart to the truth, and to love and peace the surpasses human understanding.
Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet
Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet 4 timer siden
Riots went on for weeks with dozens killed... you people called them "peaceful ". You people are extremely stupid and misled.
Angela Vera Catarine
Angela Vera Catarine 4 timer siden
This is bad and sad.
Michelle Baye
Michelle Baye 4 timer siden
If this was a BLM protest they'd be dead, shot, deaf, etc.
Tracy Benson
Tracy Benson 4 timer siden
Recording: @9:25
Tarielka Roldán
Tarielka Roldán 4 timer siden
Trump in a few days: I don't know that Giuliani guy well, only saw him a few occasions in the WH...
David S
David S 5 timer siden
Dee Musso
Dee Musso 5 timer siden
Lock them up and throw away the key.
Frederick Norwood
Frederick Norwood 5 timer siden
Austin Schaible
Austin Schaible 5 timer siden
If this happens again I really hope the military just sprays them with bullets. Quick and easy. Sad its come to this but that is what is necessary.
William holdum
William holdum 5 timer siden
come the 20th you will reap what you sow
Fred Astaire: The Sultan of Savoir-flaire
Fred Astaire: The Sultan of Savoir-flaire 5 timer siden
Every one of them need to go to jail!!!😠
Catherine Rogers
Catherine Rogers 5 timer siden
I am old enough to remember that when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in, he wasn't on Earth That is, he took the oath aboard a plane after JFK was taken So why does everyone sweat the event in DC It doesn't have to be there. It can be telecast from anywhere. Why go through all this and risk another attack. Take their problem away . The will have to go too. I.dont want some bombs going off and hurting our leader and lawmakers. Move the inauguration to an undisclosed location.
Cruz Mejia
Cruz Mejia 5 timer siden
Unlike Antifa, these terrorist were organized.
TAR TV 5 timer siden
At least we know Jeff Sessions wouldn't have supported the nonsense. In order democracies, Governors can recall lawmakers in Congress or Senate. I think we should be looking at doing that too seriously.
Alex Palette
Alex Palette 6 timer siden
Mexico just released a statement: Not only will we pay for the prompt finishing of Trump's border wall, we will be erecting our own taller wall directly behind it.
KingNurseOR 6 timer siden
Rudy actually left that message on the wrong person’s answering machine!! Quite amusing.
Michael Wachendorf
Michael Wachendorf 7 timer siden
Oh we are piecing this together and let me tell you its not looking good for 3 republican senators that were talking to some of the people in the mob. Telling them how to break in. Also only a 3rd of the police force was on duty and the panic buttons were removed. So yeah we're piecing it together.
Han Gor
Han Gor 7 timer siden
The terrific drill traditionally return because index seasonally avoid to a green grey grieving russian. certain, vulgar prison
OTRFalcon 7 timer siden
I agree completely: if they had succeeded this would have been a coup. Prosecute them with no mercy. Things could have been far worse.
Rikesha Collins
Rikesha Collins 7 timer siden
Come on people really look at us this was so uncalled for. Yes they r angry and they should be but come on disrespecting our capital not cool and bring violence to the wrong people not cool the officers r just doing what they r suppose to do is to protect And serve don’t take ur anger on the wrong people. Besides violence isn’t the answer.
Helen Toy
Helen Toy 7 timer siden
How about you get your facts right before you start your BS. Did you not see the bus loads being escorted in by the police. Before this happened
Euckee Rojas
Euckee Rojas 7 timer siden
Trump is quickly reaching Hitler on my list of people to abduct as babies and leave them to other families if I ever get a time machine.
Donna Belony
Donna Belony 7 timer siden
A bunch of fools listening to a stupid so call president nothing...
Margrete Margrete
Margrete Margrete 7 timer siden
Yes this was bad but the summer roits were just as bad and yet the media down played. You are jyst talking crap!
Eduardo Concepcion
Eduardo Concepcion 7 timer siden
Insided job.. all evil doers in congress need all hang for stealing the future of generations..
RK9 8 timer siden
4:20 anyone notice the black cop in the bright cyclist helmet?
Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed 8 timer siden
BLM protest seems like a parade now compared to this.
KelsaRavenlock 8 timer siden
Trump and supporters doing something crazy and refusing to leave was called years ago. Considering it's been a topic for years the fact they were not prepared for it at the Capitol means some people really need to be replaced.
Tominftl ThomasP
Tominftl ThomasP 8 timer siden
Trump doesn’t want a briefing. Give him a coloring book and crayons and he’ll understand it. He loves to practice making his signature too.
angel eide
angel eide 9 timer siden
Some of people near the front of the mob and doing some of the coordination did have some training but I believe most were just untrained mob mentality morons. Those guys using a military tactic to move through the crowd were doing it incorrectly unless they're all left handed. Your Dominant hand is your weapon hand. If you're right handed then your right hand needs access to your weapon therefore when using this "hand on the shoulder" formation you would put your left hand on the shoulder of the man in front of would never use your weapon hand for unless they're all left handed...not a lot of training..or maybe they're just this my daughter would say ¿porque no los dos? 😂why can't it be both?😂she's right and it is😂
Manny Dean
Manny Dean 9 timer siden
Why hasn't guiliani been indicted?
Duane h
Duane h 9 timer siden
Democratic party still nuts all I have to say omg
maria sanchez
maria sanchez 9 timer siden
Gulianni is a freakin traitor
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs 9 timer siden
TRUMP’S declassification of everything will reveal the truth. Then the rats will run !!! Including the rats at MSNBC
Dbo GMaw
Dbo GMaw 9 timer siden
Wasted time trying to reason with them should have had a high powered fire hose and blasted there racists behinds past the sidewalks. Just reinforces the truth that police only feel threatened if they are confronting blacks.
R K 10 timer siden
That gallows picture was a very disturbing one and it clearly indicates it was pre-medicated.
Daniel Cady
Daniel Cady 10 timer siden
A whole lot of people have to go to prison for a long time over this. If these maniacs can't be reasoned with, they must be locked up. It's that simple. And it's unprecedented in our history. They must be dealt with harshly.
Patrick Buchler
Patrick Buchler 10 timer siden
Looks like Venezuela's opposition
Paul Riley
Paul Riley 10 timer siden
Yes, prosecute the little guys who did wrong but justice should run through the whole mob starting at the top. ok, impeachment but why are Trump, Giuliani, and other LEADERS not in federal custody? As the famous lines say we are all equal in the eyes of the law, really?
David Calderwood
David Calderwood 10 timer siden
The guy at front what a moron .What drugs was he looks out his face on something 🤔🤔🤔🤔
TempestuousD 11 timer siden
Strange man!
Lab Rynth
Lab Rynth 11 timer siden
Guns should go brrrrr now
Tracy Lynn
Tracy Lynn 12 timer siden
Always remember that our President refused to send in help. He was watching this unfold on tv and he was happy. Never forget!
Mr. H
Mr. H 13 timer siden
amazing they never feared for their lives
Ruben Santos
Ruben Santos 13 timer siden
All SCHMUCKS gathered together by the SORE LOSER DOgNALD TRUMPet. The founder of SCHMUCK MOVEMENT🤪
Speakup 13 timer siden
I'm still in shock. So much hatred. Smh. After watching I think they would have killed their own family member if they stood in the way and age nor gender would have mattered. What have we become. This is truly heart breaking.
Snutchy Butchy429
Snutchy Butchy429 14 timer siden
It's funny how democrats could let them rioting but when republican riot they freak out about it's good maybe the demarcates would learn to not cheat a election
CowGoatPig2GotMilk 14 timer siden
Holy crap, they didn't use lethal force in this situation? I'm not wanting a Tiananmen Square incident, but jeez
Sarah Herbert
Sarah Herbert 14 timer siden
Sadly, our country has another "WE WILL NEVER FORGET" moment on our hands. Terrorists will be terrorists. And these sadly, home grown... smh
Walt F.
Walt F. 14 timer siden
They thought they were going to get away with this! Will they!?
M S 14 timer siden
😂.... Now we see who really are the evil ones. And if they really going to go through with these things they're planning in 50 states they must be ready to die in the name of all that hate!
Stacia Osiecki
Stacia Osiecki 15 timer siden
I understand very & I’m quite sure planning started more than weeks in advance. I think they should all spend their remaining days in isolation of the most extreme kind. Put them in individual soundproof cells where they have a sink, toilet & a makeshift bed of some sort. The slot in the door only needs enough room for a tray of food & they can eat with their fingers. They get three hots & a cot. They don’t need anything else.
lauruguayitausa 15 timer siden
I don´t know why... but the name Trump (maybe because of the phonetics of it)... always reminds me the word "tramposo" in Spanish which means cheater...
martin deano
martin deano 15 timer siden
You gotta laugh at the leftist demscum as they cry and whine about the capitol protest. These same communist morons in BLM and antifa who rioted, looted and burned American cities to the ground for 4 years. The selective outrage and gaslighting by the media and congress is a pathetic and perverse comedy unleashed on Americans by a truly soulless group of lying pieces of garbage.
Valerie Naidoo
Valerie Naidoo 15 timer siden
Guiliani is one sick old man....dark arts performer
Nancy Ball
Nancy Ball 16 timer siden
Could you find out why Rudy and don jr have not been arrested and why Cruz and Hawley have not been removed according the 14th amendment. Please, I don’t understand why this hasn’t been done. Now I hear the draft dodger will have a military send off. This can’t be tolerated.
martin deano
martin deano 15 timer siden
Cry harder, you're amusing
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