Trump Storms Out of 60 Minutes Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl: A Closer Look

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

3 måneder siden

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump whining about campaigning in swing states and attacking 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl as the coronavirus outbreak spikes.
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Trump Storms Out of 60 Minutes Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Mohammed Arshad Mahmood
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood 2 dager siden
I loved the Don's Spitting Image VP called "Caroni," "Covid Larry" would what Mike Pence's mascot would be called if he was POTUS.
Joe Della Selva
Joe Della Selva 3 dager siden
What is known is that the Apple Mac belongs to Hunter Biden (ie: receipt with his signature).. The Biden-Harris Campaign never said that it was not Hunter Biden's computer. They could have disavowed everything but said nothing so as not to lie. Democratic operatives went on offense to call it a Russian interference tactic. Lesley Stahl with CBS told President Trump the Hunter Biden story was debunked. When was it discussed and how was it debunked during that discussion?
Lisa Wiggins
Lisa Wiggins 4 dager siden
Dig it! I’m glad everyone knows about the ancient Chinese secret!! Bank account in China. To supposedly doesn’t like China he has a damn account there!! Unbelievable!
Missy Ouellette
Missy Ouellette 5 dager siden
Spot on, as usual. Serh meyers. Boss
Caroline R
Caroline R 5 dager siden
"coronavirus infectathons"! hahahahahahahaha!
Liron Deline
Liron Deline 5 dager siden
Shocker... 🙄🤦‍♀️
123ThisIsMe 5 dager siden
Who the hell is this stale host?
Stephen Kyburz
Stephen Kyburz 6 dager siden
Sean Hannity talking about real journalism is hilarious. Fox anchors were Trump's Nazguls for the last four year.
Juan Aristi
Juan Aristi 6 dager siden
Late Night show is awesome
Della Vest
Della Vest 6 dager siden
Uhhh, in Nebraska, the sky DOES turn green occasionally-usually just as the tornado hits!
Lyndsay Brown
Lyndsay Brown 7 dager siden after the Jan 6th events. That "Trump Condemns White Supremecy" headline looking more like a headlie
Dee Casey
Dee Casey 8 dager siden
Trump claims he allegedly had it made. Code words for 'I robbing you blind, and your too stupid to realise it!
Hayley Tucker
Hayley Tucker 13 dager siden
Looking at this after the election, it shows that republicans are never happy or satisfied. What’s the point of unifying
Vincenzo Weazer
Vincenzo Weazer 14 dager siden
Trump is a plague
Kelley Bella
Kelley Bella 16 dager siden
npx20 16 dager siden
Pathetic channel that deletes comments....
Chris George
Chris George 16 dager siden
The shaggy cathedral pathohistologically behave because seashore presently help since a valuable dungeon. disagreeable, periodic geometry
Gregory Eatroff
Gregory Eatroff 28 dager siden
That Great Lakes joke was such a dad joke.
Larry Barnhill
Larry Barnhill Måned siden
I feel attacked
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit Måned siden
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elisabeth strand
elisabeth strand Måned siden
oh, the ironi😹😂 Fox calling the other networks "fake news"
quierememucho lovemesomuch
quierememucho lovemesomuch Måned siden
Or your deft or blind, I don't know, but you're super duper, byas. She is not interviewing, she is criticizing and assuming and accusing Trump. She is byas and 100% Democrat...
Kay Jay
Kay Jay Måned siden
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Kay Jay
Kay Jay Måned siden
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Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 Måned siden
Does that Shirt say I'M THE ANTICHRIST!, Oh My mistake Seth said it says I'M AN ANARCHIST! I got Confused for A second There.
Nichole Måned siden
Go away Donald Trump
Luis ortiz
Luis ortiz Måned siden
Trump is gunna be the first president to take the copper outta the white house.
Robert Helm
Robert Helm Måned siden
Widespread fraud discovered in many states in the 2020 Presidential election.
Gina Cool
Gina Cool Måned siden
You're in for one helluva suprise
Laurie Clark
Laurie Clark Måned siden
Bahhhhh. News max. Newsmax
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver Måned siden
That lake joke is genius.
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace Måned siden
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Abby L
Abby L Måned siden
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wate25 Måned siden
At 3:39 his bodyguards and driver in his car had correct PPE attire on while President Trump was contagious with Corona virus just like nurses do treating covid patients. Proper PPE treating a covid-19 patient by medical staff requires: 1 Isolation gowns 2 N95 mask 3 gloves 4 mask shield Trump's car staff had these on.
Y Wang
Y Wang Måned siden
I made a wish to Buddha before the election: Buddha, please do not let Donald Trump win the election. If you make my wish come true,I will go to the temple in Canada to thank you. I am planning my trip now.
wade Wilson
wade Wilson Måned siden
Im actually a caregiver for a woman who has m.s. epilepsy had a stroke she found out weed helps her with a big chunk of her eliments even some movement and feeling but we live in kansas kansas is very backwards if you can throw any help this way or even support would be more than great and gratefully appreciated love watching you your segments are smart refreshing funny all things kansas sorely lacks due to idiots on meth and inbreds that are well so delusional its fucking crazy
Janet Woods
Janet Woods 2 måneder siden
We are being lied too!!!!! Wake up Americans
Mythoclast 2 måneder siden
I live near Erie. Nobody wants to live in Erie.
Rabid Riley
Rabid Riley 2 måneder siden
Sending love and respect from New Zealand Seth. You make us laugh our ever lovin' asses off.
Ocrilat 2 måneder siden
Meadows watched 'every minute of the interview and then some'? So he watched more minutes of the interview than the interview lasted? How did he do that?
Hollie h
Hollie h 2 måneder siden
Anytime anyone asks him an uncomfortable question, he says it was a setup and an attack. Seriously, high schoolers having a class debate are more mature than this.
Yobe 1
Yobe 1 2 måneder siden
All these late night guys are in the lefts back pocket aren’t they??? Will never watch either of them again
Anthony Butler
Anthony Butler 2 måneder siden
WHAT ABOUT MY JAMBALAYA!? I can't with this
Jeffrey Wiggs
Jeffrey Wiggs 2 måneder siden
You know it’s so very sad that the press is purely globalist and has NO national patriotism. It’s all about their pocket and national exploitation.
Joseph jo
Joseph jo 2 måneder siden
US Judge Calls Trump Claim Challenging Biden Win in Pennsylvania 'Frankenstein's Monster' A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit critical to President Donald Trump’s long-shot bid to overturn his Nov. 3 election loss to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, calling his legal claim a ”Frankenstein’s Monster.” The Trump campaign had sought to prevent state officials from certifying the results of the election in the state. U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, described the case as ”strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations.” Brann, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama, said that he ”has no authority to take away the right to vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens
Jaywalk 2020
Jaywalk 2020 2 måneder siden
Lois Lane
Lois Lane 2 måneder siden
still baffles me how 73M voted for him :(
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 2 måneder siden
Trump even treats his supporters with disdain. Imagine what he thinks about the rest of Americans......
Xueli Lu
Xueli Lu 2 måneder siden
The woman is rude to president
Foxtrotuniformcharliekilo 2 måneder siden
Kitchen joke was off.
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso 2 måneder siden
If Trump were Captain of the Titanic: There isn't any iceberg. There was an iceberg but it's in a totally different ocean. The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon. There is an iceberg but we didn't hit the iceberg. We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly. The iceberg is a Chinese iceberg. We are taking on water but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat, and they are beautiful lifeboats. Look, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them. We don't have any lifeboats, we're not lifeboat distributors. Passengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats. I really don't think we need that many lifeboats. We have lifeboats and they're supposed to be our lifeboats, not the passengers' lifeboats. The lifeboats were left on shore by the last captain of this ship. Nobody could have foreseen the iceberg. I’m an expert on icebergs. I’ve got lots of friends who deal with icebergs. Some of the best. Really good people who know their ice, and bergs. The best people.
Kid Kootenay
Kid Kootenay 2 måneder siden
People always assume or accuse others of things they think about or do, wanna figure out trump investigate him for everything he accuses others of doing, landslide.
Aritro Pathak
Aritro Pathak 2 måneder siden
that was met with eerie silence.
Mark Babli
Mark Babli 2 måneder siden
Stop scamming people for money!! Like father like son i guess. Keep playing the masses in order for your broke con asses to make money
Thomas Petters
Thomas Petters 2 måneder siden
If there was a law that people with an IQ below 50 cannot become president,theTrump problem would never existed
Meg Cusac
Meg Cusac 2 måneder siden
So cutee
Megan Martinez
Megan Martinez 2 måneder siden
"He spent over 45 minutes" on a 60 minute interview on a show called 60 minutes Let me check my math... Yep our president came up short...again.
michael D
michael D 12 timer siden
"I reviewed every minute and then some." lol like how do you watch more than what was recorded? was he just looking at footage of an empty chair after that or what?
Vocal V
Vocal V 2 måneder siden
I love Seths impressions
Ishita Shailesh
Ishita Shailesh 2 måneder siden
Why's he so scared to call it covid?
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 2 måneder siden
Who do you think will win the Chicken & Weasel Tournament?
Crying Broken
Crying Broken 2 måneder siden
Soooooo......what's new??!!
Ninja 77
Ninja 77 2 måneder siden
Trump is and will be instrumental in “draining the swamp” after all......... it will be himself and his corrupt fascist cronies in the White House!!! See yourselves OUT 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
WokePatriot AmusedandAmazed
WokePatriot AmusedandAmazed 2 måneder siden
AND WHEN YOUR EARS OPEN you will begin to hear about "hammer", "dominion", "scorecard" and all the other software that was used to add 100,000 votes to Biden, and take away 1,000's of votes from Trump, like magic at 4 in the morning after election day. Nothing suspicious about that. Nor is there anything suspicious about the 105% to 125% voter turnout in almost every swing state in question. Move along, nothing to see here.......ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE!!! We can forget about the arisen dead, they're just voter chump change.....
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 2 måneder siden
Congratulations to President Mr. Joe Biden & Vice President Mrs. Kamala Harris. Bid you Godspeed in life. Journalist Mrs Lesley Stahl the great.she is an extraordinary Journalist. Speaker Mrs Nancy Pelosi the great. She is an extraordinary speaker. John McCain the Great. President Biden & Dr. Anthony Fauci is an extraordinary talented & brilliant personals. They love people. God said if you want me then first love people. Shakespeare said “Beauty is truth truth beauty” we must wear musk for our own protection. Save yourself & save others. Give respect get respect. Bid you God speed in life. We are all one creator people. May God bless & protect s all human beings & shows the righteous path. In t exitcrisis on coronavirus pandemic spread time testing is essential & very very important. God bless & protect all human beings. Maniac people does not exist forever.without any fact & evidence should not blame complete government system. Upstart & stubborn people are not smart.stubborn.I think seriously politically mistake is ( Don’t test. If you take a test then we get more cases) God said if you want me then first love people.
Mr. Magoo
Mr. Magoo 2 måneder siden
Trump dummies
Jan Lynn Simpson
Jan Lynn Simpson 2 måneder siden
I think Phil Robertson is Osama Bin Laden...js
80sOutrunFan 2 måneder siden
Fox : "Green skies" LOL
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 2 måneder siden
Anytime anyone asks him an uncomfortable question, he says it was a setup and an attack. Seriously, high schoolers having a class debate are more mature than this.
Bonnie Fuller
Bonnie Fuller 2 måneder siden
You are idiot . He earned his money.
Irene Nielsen
Irene Nielsen 2 måneder siden
"Superior" Performance from Canada :) LOL
Rob Vonk
Rob Vonk 2 måneder siden
Miranda Devine works for Rupert Murdoch, 'nuff said.
Blake Klob
Blake Klob 2 måneder siden
TOMORROW: CBSN will have exit polls, state-by-state results and analysis on the presidential election and critical down-ballot races. Set a reminder to watch live on November 3, starting at 5 p.m. ET:
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
By “The plague hit us” do you mean “I failed to contain it” because that’s what happened.
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
Juan K And theres no hatred selling as far as I’ve seen. Unless you count Fox. But they stopped being credible long before trump.
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
Juan K Hiding from the media doesn’t solve the problem either. So you have to pick. Either be semi- informed while making your own judgement, or disown the media entirely as false bias and be hopelessly uninformed with little to now way to draw your own conclusions. Idk I’d say that’s an easy choice.
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
Juan K i don’t care about media. I watch how a leader acts how he conducts himself how he speaks what kind of language he uses the choices he makes. Those are the attributes that make a leader. Trump demonizes the very person that technically saved his life from Covid if it weren’t for the ACA he would have had to pay for every hospital service he had. Granted he’s a billionaire what does that matter to him right? Say that to the millions that aren’t billionaires. Obama doesn’t need to prove anything because he has nothing to prove, he acts as a leader should act he uses unifying speech he conducts himself with dignity and self respect, he treats others in the same manner even his opponents, he inspires hope in people as a leader should. He’s nationally respected by leaders all around the world. And the things he’s done for this nation greatly outnumber what Trump has done. The best way to use media is not to take everything they say as truth rather watch all sources and draw your own conclusions. Find out what is credible and what is not. Just because I recognize the bad in trump doesn’t mean I don’t see the good. The issue is that bad greatly outweighs the good.
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
Juan K and no I wasn’t speaking of the Black Plague I was using trumps words he used to describe Covid.
Azazel Siad
Azazel Siad 2 måneder siden
Juan K Theres just two problems. One I dont have that kind of power over so many lives. And two what good would it have done if skeptics like yourself wouldn’t listen to me in the first place. I blame the person who has the power to lead at the time of this pandemics and failed to lead by example no he wanted to argue the entire time and still continues to do so and thusly lives are lost because of it. What you fail to grasp is that one person is indeed responsible for the lives of many when that person is the president. That’s kinda how the job works.
Doug Eisenberg
Doug Eisenberg 2 måneder siden
15 Years in Business Joe wins we CLOSE the Doors 30 People all with Families now NO JOB Thanks Democrats you did it Democrats / Pedophiles / Terrorist WIN / MSDNC SWAMP RATS DNC destroyed the USA and they are so happy Now we get more Illegals NO wall more Terrorist NO Cops Tax tax tax made in China Mexico Iran Obama gets a NEW Mansion Joe Gets a BRAND New Mansion All the DNC gets a RAISE Gona be real nasty soon for all Democrats
Zane Rush
Zane Rush 2 måneder siden
Trump wasright about one thing, and he recognized it more than decade ago - “Republicans are some of the dumbest people”
Wayne Brady
Wayne Brady 2 måneder siden
Rounding the turn alot means your traveling in a circle
Hank East
Hank East 2 måneder siden
Trump 2024 ! Don’t be salty guys ♥️
Alexs Soaa
Alexs Soaa 2 måneder siden
I'm relieved Trump survived Covid-19 (if he actually had it). It'd be really unfortunate for him to expire anywhere but inside a prison.
Montgomery Scott
Montgomery Scott 2 måneder siden
Anyone have a good Instant Pot Jambalaya recipe? Mmm!
Daniel Curcio
Daniel Curcio 2 måneder siden
Every accusation Trump makes about anyone else is usually something he's done himself. That's the only reason he even thought of it.
Liron Deline
Liron Deline 5 dager siden
The glitch and crutch of a narcissist.
Matthew MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald Måned siden
@Nat Lenan - Correct. That is precisely what it is.
Nat Lenan
Nat Lenan Måned siden
Absolutely. It's narcissistic projection.
Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets Måned siden
@Blake Klob My eight year old niece is more mature than that... I'm so bad.
Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets Måned siden
The beauty of projection.
Ozi R
Ozi R 2 måneder siden
Trump Jr grew a beard to compensate for that weak ass chin
Silvertree 21
Silvertree 21 2 måneder siden
That stool is too big...bring out the one with 1/2 a buttock! hahhahahha...just lost my drink
G Double LL
G Double LL 2 måneder siden
Keep us sane this week, Seth ❤️
Matthew M Bober
Matthew M Bober 2 måneder siden
You are NOT funny, Seth. The thumbnail of your huge ugly face for this video (and many of your other new videos) is the funniest thing from you since...well ever.
T K.
T K. 2 måneder siden
Joe Biden is able to give his opinion consistently and accurately.
GRT XYZ 2 måneder siden
Are we sure that Trump is not secretly Alex Jones in disguise?
Nino Miel
Nino Miel 2 måneder siden
Reporter is Democratic, bias and against Trump, She doesnt appreciate anything he did for the country ,Her attitude is negative from the beginning, She judges and criticizes Trump, She is looking for diminish trump from hate, She has a selective hearing SHE SOULDNT BE IN THIS JOB
Wake Up
Wake Up 2 måneder siden
Dude get a damn haircut! I just saw a picture of you clean just from nine months ago and I didn’t even recognize you because you were so handsome. But your hair is messing everything up now! If you cut your hair Seth Biden will probably win!!
ching Wong
ching Wong 2 måneder siden
COVID 19 = China Originated Virus In December 2019 (It's called WUHAN VIRUS in Hong Kong). Don't forget it is originated in WUHAN CHINA. The President has reacted quickly to close the borders from China but these 5 million biochemical weapons escaped Wuhan many through Hong Kong to spread the virus to the rest of the world. Don't blame the President. It's all China and WHO's faults.
orry townes
orry townes 2 måneder siden
Trump jr. lookin like a sad Jason Sudeikus with a broke-ass Versace misprint on.
orry townes
orry townes 2 måneder siden
Eeries is as truthful as Trump gets.
M Alibozek
M Alibozek 2 måneder siden
I’m sick of listening to Trumps constant whining and complaining.. He plays the victim 24/7 and his supporters call him an “alpha male”.. Trump is a functional idiot and his supporters claim he’s a genius.. It just shows you how intelligent his supporters are.. I’m not looking forward to all the craziness that’s bound to happen after the election..
amccorkel 2 måneder siden
TRUMP 2020
Leonard Pearlman
Leonard Pearlman 2 måneder siden
I keep thinking that what he's doing is actually a kind of stand-up comedy! I find it hard to listen to as CuriousK and three thousand others remark... but I make the effort from time to time, and it always seems like a comedy routine. Is it just me? It's mean and rambling, dishonest and not nice, but comedy! I think he's going for a big in-joke effect.
christopher loyd
christopher loyd 2 måneder siden
He's the super spreader super spinner undercover in the building just make sure you not there 😎💯
Dan Ray
Dan Ray 2 måneder siden
F a k e news.....always touching up the real story must be dumbocrats ...sad....and I thought I saw a putty cat.......ain't anyone got a real job ?????!!!! I need some free food 🍲 too....steak 🥩 blood rare and bake tater....toss the salad 🥗 please..HEREEEEEE.🤩 ss me.. Tish tosh ......
hollowdoll mc coy
hollowdoll mc coy 2 måneder siden
Trump ist so cool. I love him.
Susie Hulcher
Susie Hulcher 2 måneder siden
Come on...He did not storm out… He lumbered away, which is not the same thing. I am by no means a fan of the man, but you do yourself no justice with exaggeration.
cole younger
cole younger 2 måneder siden
Hmm.. Let's see I'm not good enough to be a legit news reporter or a comedian I know I'll half ass do both the lefty's will make me rich!!!
mbcraig2 2 måneder siden
President Trump did not "storm out." He got up and walked normally having sat for 45 minutes already. No one cares about Ms. Stahl. She denied the spying on Trump campaign, and she denied the reality of Hunter's laptop. Stahl is a truth denier. No news from her at all.
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