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I put my phone number in my rocket league name to see what would happen.
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amustycow 9 måneder siden
subscribe or my mom will ground you
Ken 10 timer siden
@LeMonke LOL
Robert The Unreal
Robert The Unreal 2 dager siden
@Zone - oooooooh
Robert The Unreal
Robert The Unreal 2 dager siden
BORDER MAN 4 dager siden
Well good I’m subbed
Leon Hoffman
Leon Hoffman 4 dager siden
wtf do you ring on
Csongor Rádai
Csongor Rádai 55 minutter siden
They are not real fans...they didn’t say “Sunless sucks” or “Subscribe to Musty!” or anything....
Braxton Lamb
Braxton Lamb 7 timer siden
I played with gamerguy
AGJ2310 8 timer siden
You know i feel like kona's chill
AGJ2310 8 timer siden
I got all *pro* camera settings
sjGenji 9 timer siden
Was this amommycow?
fxb1o_ 0707
fxb1o_ 0707 13 timer siden
Yusuf Alin
Yusuf Alin 16 timer siden
I'm gonna call you ok can you teach me how air drible
Nej Imperl
Nej Imperl 17 timer siden
My gameplay be like: 4:10
ItzMeNico 17 timer siden
9:44, 10:27, 11:28, 12:13 imagine getting called trash by ur idol... sad
Reset Future
Reset Future 20 timer siden
More vids with him plz
Koko Nazarov
Koko Nazarov 21 time siden
The last call wasa scam
Rendinjo 22 timer siden
Haku Dag siden
Your mom is so cool🔥😂
Lordsnord Dag siden
I have started youtube channel, if don't mind if u no subscribe. But i want make it on NOpost, you are first steps. Ples no hate Xxx
Shea Williams
Shea Williams Dag siden
fadil shabanaj
fadil shabanaj Dag siden
wtf was that last one
Mac Cannon
Mac Cannon 2 dager siden
wait you live in atlanta?????? your phone number said 404 which is Atlanta
Muhammed 2 dager siden
“Talk to you later” *knows that he’ll never talk to him again*
Engalishhh 3 dager siden
what you need when your mom supports you?
David VanCleave
David VanCleave 3 dager siden
The spam call at the end was funny af
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 3 dager siden
Mines octane, dot rush and yes i am saving to unlock my blueprint for a black market
Neil the Realdeal
Neil the Realdeal 3 dager siden
that would be funny if somebody made there name the papa johns phone number
Neil the Realdeal
Neil the Realdeal 3 dager siden
the ending tho
KKiNg_Pickle 4 dager siden
The end tho hahaha
Johnny Jefferson
Johnny Jefferson 4 dager siden
Tusk is the best ai in rl I have played with him before and he is that mvp
Among me
Among me 4 dager siden
Zathh is so rude
Antonio Zebrikov
Antonio Zebrikov 4 dager siden
Leon Hoffman
Leon Hoffman 4 dager siden
wtf do ring on
MasterFortStro MFS
MasterFortStro MFS 4 dager siden
In the intro was that a plot ??????????????????
Wannabe Ghost-chan
Wannabe Ghost-chan 4 dager siden
Musty I’m talking to you
Wannabe Ghost-chan
Wannabe Ghost-chan 4 dager siden
Musty is selfish don’t call your teammate trash your trash
golg spilo
golg spilo 4 dager siden
7:01 one sec i gotta score.......😆😆😆
Riley Canning
Riley Canning 5 dager siden
Ethereal 5 dager siden
Musty: hope someone isn’t streaming so no one knows my number. Also musty: shows his number in NOpost
Kevin Lopez-Mireles
Kevin Lopez-Mireles 5 dager siden
At 4.13 in the video he put the Kahoot! Sound
vinz dhrippy
vinz dhrippy 5 dager siden
cougar is da best bot in rl
YT Rom
YT Rom 5 dager siden
Bruh I was there I didn't call it taught it was something bad regret it big time
Shiven 5 dager siden
I was winning a tournament but then i hade to go to the toilet 😭😭😭😭
harryiscool224 Woodcock
harryiscool224 Woodcock 5 dager siden
Lol did you force ur mom to tell us to sub?
Theo Destino
Theo Destino 5 dager siden
5:14 "Stop copying that musty kid" Musty: "Sorry"
Albert Wulff
Albert Wulff 5 dager siden
The last call was so fokkd
yung_ burnn
yung_ burnn 5 dager siden
musty is lowkey toxic and i love it.
Alex ಠ_ಠ
Alex ಠ_ಠ 5 dager siden
cringe asf
SquishyMuffinZ 6 dager siden
Musty please notice my dream is to 1v1 u please love your videos I also subscribed with all notifications and liked thank you
moudiongame 6 dager siden
9:51 me when i score once and my friend has 9 scores
Hedlinr Huntr
Hedlinr Huntr 6 dager siden
I laughed my head off when you got the last call
FN FOCUS 6 dager siden
This man lives in Atlanta @musty heart if I’m right
Katana 6 dager siden
They tried to fucking scam the dude
I suc bro lol
I suc bro lol 6 dager siden
good shot is musty s fav word
NATHANIEL ZECH 6 dager siden
ok I did
Mythic Gamer
Mythic Gamer 6 dager siden
did anybody notice at 13:00 the boost pad disappeared and didn't give him boost
ArMx RISH 6 dager siden
warranty for your octane
Pucky Pinguin4U
Pucky Pinguin4U 6 dager siden
itro was sooooooo scripted
NRG_Hawxzz 7 dager siden
i loved this soooo funny keep it up
Sheryl Brown
Sheryl Brown 7 dager siden
...........................uhhhhhhhhhhhh why would you do this?.............other people because
Archie Dickinson
Archie Dickinson 7 dager siden
Why is that phone number Australian?
Sxndxwn Is Snazzy
Sxndxwn Is Snazzy 7 dager siden
Kohna after the video:👁👄👁💧
Jack DeLuca
Jack DeLuca 7 dager siden
My birthday was in the beginning when you called your mom on the chart
Frederic Jacquot
Frederic Jacquot 7 dager siden
WoW 😯
CEO of Walmart
CEO of Walmart 7 dager siden
For the last call you should of said I drive an octane 😂
fadlullah shittu
fadlullah shittu 7 dager siden
man ur mom is epic
KATUKI PAIN 7 dager siden
this and joining random private matches are some of my favorites
Aggro grox シ
Aggro grox シ 7 dager siden
You should have said its an octan
VDOg8mes 7 dager siden
I love that intro it just work
Pichu pichu
Pichu pichu 7 dager siden
Tusk is no match against heater
Logan Hitte
Logan Hitte 7 dager siden
Hhahahahahahahha good vid
King Arthur
King Arthur 8 dager siden
When you was on a team with flip when u said he’s flipping thes guys out I should of said he’s flipping good
TJ W 8 dager siden
Watching 2021 and when his mom called I thought that he was in trouble
Rynthetical 8 dager siden
The last call was a scam
Bursy 8 dager siden
Why does your mom sound like Ian hecox mom??
Rune Fowler
Rune Fowler 8 dager siden
Musty: You’re cracked 5 seconds later Also Musty: you’re so trash
Build a boat god
Build a boat god 8 dager siden
Me alredy sub
tihomir Aleksandrov
tihomir Aleksandrov 8 dager siden
Musty, can you help me get to platinum, i need a few more wins? ADD:Thaur111 If it doesn't work, try RGK_Flexara_bg If you help me I will be grateful and also subscribe and like the video
Jackson Ware
Jackson Ware 8 dager siden
i am the best bronze u will ever see
Jackson Ware
Jackson Ware 8 dager siden
i am pretty good
Jackson Ware
Jackson Ware 8 dager siden
musty i get this is late but pls ccan we play
Desniis C
Desniis C 8 dager siden
Poor mom:))
Viktor Zigalik Vlogs
Viktor Zigalik Vlogs 8 dager siden
So many times bots have actually hepled :DD
Speedrun stuff
Speedrun stuff 9 dager siden
“oh we’re so bad” extreme communism noises
francisco lopez
francisco lopez 9 dager siden
That last part was funny phone call
No Name
No Name 9 dager siden
Zahth is toxic for sure
CJ Sheppard
CJ Sheppard 9 dager siden
Dude I get those car warranty calls!!😂
Carolina Cirame
Carolina Cirame 9 dager siden
Musty the last part was so funy omg
joe muanda
joe muanda 9 dager siden
Amit Levy
Amit Levy 9 dager siden
3:53 When you feel like you got better in the game and you see this in musty's video
Cui Ruiqin
Cui Ruiqin 9 dager siden
This is the best NOpost video I ever watched. I saw laughing the whole time! LMAO
Cui Ruiqin
Cui Ruiqin 9 dager siden
2:41 so funny
Crescendo 9 dager siden
The musty flick is good
Crescendo 9 dager siden
Your a really good player
Crescendo 9 dager siden
I love your videos musty
Tony Mirandelas
Tony Mirandelas 10 dager siden
To all the Portuguese people. We all know what "kohna" is
inkool 10 dager siden
what boost do you use? I'm stupid
Akxell Mendoza
Akxell Mendoza 10 dager siden
My longest ot was 4 min
GO13 Ghost
GO13 Ghost 10 dager siden
Click bait
PychicPower-_- 10 dager siden
Musty’s mom: get him to 1m subs to beat sunless khan Me: he’s at 2m subs already
Drew Ford
Drew Ford 10 dager siden
lollll that ending
Simon-Pierre Koffi
Simon-Pierre Koffi 10 dager siden
the last call was actualy funny
Oliverek0420 10 dager siden
Last call was a scammer lmao
Rapiid Radix
Rapiid Radix 10 dager siden
7 Upside Down Grand Champs vs 1 Bronze