AWC Shadowlands Cup 1 | Championship Sunday Full VOD

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World of Warcraft

Måned siden

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potatoe 2 dager siden
guys, who's the guy next to Pika in the thumbnail?
La Cai
La Cai 5 dager siden
Played pandas last time Arena looks pretty good.
SpecialDetermence 5 dager siden
Why didnt OTK play dk boomkin with sam?
Steve Dondelinger
Steve Dondelinger 7 dager siden
Supatease is an awesome telecaster! Condemn! Condemn!
Andrew Haun
Andrew Haun 8 dager siden
love how the chat is 96% troll comments.
La Cai
La Cai 5 dager siden
Stop trolling...
Jeff Headley
Jeff Headley 12 dager siden
whats with ven having like the saltiest responses to everybody looking like he hates his life the entire time
bahadır kul
bahadır kul 19 dager siden
why everyone attacking priests?
Andrew Haun
Andrew Haun 19 dager siden
the live chat is just Nerf this and Nerf that Lmao
Andrew Haun
Andrew Haun 8 dager siden
3% about the casters hair/makeup
Thomas R
Thomas R 22 dager siden
I started to watch this video but the new patch came out before it actually started. So I didn’t watch it.
Radim Fisera
Radim Fisera 27 dager siden
This is game is total garbage after years
Michael Henry
Michael Henry 28 dager siden
Lost confused sad needs dir
Nam Nami
Nam Nami Måned siden
Thus Girl ist beautiful.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that can reduce the channeling time on skills of allies or increase the wait time on enemies channeling their skills? I feel it would be difficult to operate this even in just theory let alone battle. I'm just throwing ideas out there. I figured if you're in a team it could show an icon on your teammate letting you know which skill they are using and you could try to speed their skill up. I figured if people like the idea that it could show what at least one enemy team member if not all is using so you could slow their skill down.
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
So shamans have heroism in arena which grants them a large amount of haste making their abilitys cast quicker. Night far mages have shifting power which is a channel which reduces the cd of all abilities by 10 secs over 3 secs. Death knights have an aura around them (if talented into) that when enemy players are in it, their movement abilities CDs are much longer, so s mages blink goes from having a 15 sec CD to a 30 second on making it hard to get away.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that act as long-ranged attacks that interrupt skills that are being channeled? I know there's a melee interrupt skill that interrupts skills being channeled from the monk. I was thinking maybe the long-ranged attacks would need you to be within a certain range and have a long cooldown.
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
What? Are you asking if ranged players have an interrupt. The answer is yes and it is usually 24 sec CD and silences for 4 secs.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that redirect a debuff from one enemy to another instead before the debuff runs out?
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills such as debuffs that reflect a buff from an enemy to their opponent (your team)? I thought maybe the enemy's skill could be interrupted with the debuff and your team would gain the buff instead right while your opponent is in the middle of casting the buff skill.
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
No, nothing to take while it's being cast, only mages can spell steal a buff when it has already been buffed. When a mage fights another mage they often use the PvP talent called kleptomania which steals all buffs from a target but now has a 30 sec cool down, this is to make sure the other mage gets stopped on their combustion, most mages run this with a cancel aura macro so they steal the buff and then delete it so it can't be stolen back
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that temporarily increase max health and or max resource for a character? I think it's obvious that resource means mana to a mage, chi to a monk, or rage to a warrior but I just thought I'd elaborate anyway for clarity's sake.
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
Theres the battle master trinket which temporally gives you like 10k more health, a few classes defensives work similarly to that like a demon hunters metamorphosis increases max health too.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that prevent debuffs for a short amount of time ahead of time? Like how in Baldur's gate there is protection from fear or protection from poison? I was thinking having skills that prevent impairment debuffs would be useful.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
I wish you could weapon swap at least 2 sets of weapons and or a shield with the press of a button in WOW like in D2.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there whole enemy party debuffs that target a limited # of enemies or target a set # of enemies with a yardage range?
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there skills that can steal buffs from enemies, and put the buffs that were originally on enemies onto your allied team instead (you the opposing team)?
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
Yes mages have spellsteal which does that, you can steal a buff for a maximum time of 2 mins
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there ever any pures teams? Like all teammates of one team being paladin?
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
It is usually seen as a balancing issue when a double or triple team of one class or spec is viable. In this season it's quite common to see double mage, double rogue, double paladin, just because those classes had some tuning issues, but that is slowly being addressed.
sc universe youtuber
sc universe youtuber Måned siden
Are there any videos that show the initial setup for characters on teams before a tournament? Such as showing the players gearing up their characters and choosing skills?
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
Most of these players are streamers themselves and you often can catch them just playing. Guys like pikaboo, cdew, xaryu etc.
Rye Bread
Rye Bread Måned siden
I wonder if tren has ever taken tren, I’m on it right now. What a great name for a warrior too, the god mode steroid. I must say he doesn’t look like he has ever taken it.
Yo Cool
Yo Cool Måned siden
Wtf blizzard buff affliction warlocks in arena
Juddow22 Måned siden
Is he saying Bran or Brain???
Carlie Morgan
Carlie Morgan Måned siden
They need to change their name back.. i loved the cats name lol
Awsm Mórti
Awsm Mórti Måned siden
No attack on the casters themself but there needs to be something done about the Audio of all these casts. I have the feeling i need to play DJ one caster is okay until he screams UUHHH AHHH where my ears bleed, Other times the audio overall is just loud and 5min later they "chill" again and you need to turn them up.
J K Måned siden
nerf dps specc'd hybrid heals FFS
Daikon Memma
Daikon Memma Måned siden
Pillar hug, trade CDs and CC and wait for the inevitable burst, then the team that loses the first player quits game. I don't know why they kept trying to push this as the main format of PvP it's just not happening even after all these years since TBC.
Strongestweedstrain Only
Strongestweedstrain Only Måned siden
Is eiya single?
Theklickerman Måned siden
Nice m8 ✌️
Andy Smart
Andy Smart Måned siden
Ben Male
Ben Male Måned siden
Hey team, Sorry if a repeat question but is it possible to get these healthplates in game? I'm specifically looking for one for above my character! Thanks so much 🙏💖
Jordan Seawalker
Jordan Seawalker Måned siden
These are the normal wow healthplates I think. You can just go to your settings in game and turn them on
GoliothOnline666 Måned siden
This commentator sounds like Danny Trejo
John Jr
John Jr Måned siden
I am going to guess Pikaboo got smashed because he hasnt bragged about this tournament on his channel
Relinqished Måned siden
How can whaazz use a warglaive?
Matt Larkin
Matt Larkin Måned siden
The answer is simple. He obtained the original legendary warglaive. That looked like a warglaive but was a sword. Before demo hunters even existed.
Relinqished Måned siden
@Антон Ковалёв no only Deamonhunters can do that
Антон Ковалёв
Антон Ковалёв Måned siden
It's a transmog, I think. Rogues can transmog weapon as warglaives.
Recoil Mojo
Recoil Mojo Måned siden
WoW Arena has so much potential and it has since it came out...
Recoil Mojo
Recoil Mojo Måned siden
@Jake P the time commitment to be competitive is so annoying. I would love this
Jake P
Jake P Måned siden
imagine how big wow arenas would be if they made public arena only realms with instant max levels, and every character was on the same level
Erhan Alemdar
Erhan Alemdar Måned siden
Stupid mirror games boring
Asterius Måned siden
Soooo... mages and druids getting nerfed... right?
YuroStyle Måned siden
So much class diversity... come on.
Jay Fleming
Jay Fleming Måned siden
Eiya is an airhead
Denis Glotov
Denis Glotov Måned siden
Pro casting, thank you for your hard work!
Malphaze Måned siden
How did Whazz transmog a warglaive? I assume this is only allowed on the tourny servers? cuz in retail u cant tmog glaives as a rogue
Malphaze Måned siden
@Rafael Xavier No I know that, but rogues can't transmog it in retail, I guess they allowed it in tourny server
Rafael Xavier
Rafael Xavier Måned siden
Azzinoth's Warglaive from Illidan in TBC, its a one handed sword.
Cassla Måned siden
Was Supatease on drugs?
Max Hibler
Max Hibler Måned siden
Is there a way I can see what gear the players were using? Want to see what Legendary the rets were running. TY! =)
kam grus
kam grus Måned siden
@Антон Ковалёв oh this is a good idea. I can understand why it is live too.
Антон Ковалёв
Антон Ковалёв Måned siden
@kam grus There is a link in the description to see gear. But it works only live (i mean it was updated during live).
kam grus
kam grus Måned siden
Yeah, it would be awesome if they would give more info live. Like show talents and gear.
Lawson English
Lawson English Måned siden
So, since all these actions are recorded as the server broadcasts them, why not create a high-resolution 3D cartoon out of them without the distracting health bars and toon names, similar to the fake battle cartoon you showed anyway? You wouldn't need that much intervention from a human animator (maybe some facial expressions and tweaking of body movement to make it more realistic in the hi-res version) and it would make it more interesting to those who aren't totally WOW freaks. The best battle scenes could actually make it into a movie with a genuine plot.
Teacher Jun
Teacher Jun Måned siden
Tomas Lekis
Tomas Lekis Måned siden
So holidays are over... what’s Blizzard’s excuse for not balancing classes..?
Simon Måned siden
@Pedro Elias People will allways play the best class. next moth its 2x monk and a desto lock
Pedro Elias
Pedro Elias Måned siden
@Simon so you think pvp is good when all the comps have 1 or 2 paladins, and it’s the same 5 or 6 specs played over and over.. cool
Simon Måned siden
Price to pay to have variation? State of pvp is quite good now.
Théo RADISSON Måned siden
@Michael Hay I dont think people want perfect balance. Most people just dont want perfect imbalance, which is the state its in right now. Regarding "class identity abilities", they are never the reason why a class a busted. Like pal for instance. Its not bubble or lib or prot which is busted.
Michael Hay
Michael Hay Måned siden
When are people going to realize that classes will never be fully balanced LOL. It's literally impossible unless all class abilities were nearly identical. There goes class variation.
Roguecraft Måned siden
best balance blizz
Mr Tank
Mr Tank Måned siden
6:43:15 - as a windwalker main this pains to see. Exactly what happens a lot this season, definitely need to sort those 2 button rotations out because that's not true PvP when you cannot even press 1 button...
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
Trill also had trinket and sat that stun behind the pillar.
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Måned siden
Wealthy used combustion fire blast Puri blast and meteor, he was out of los from cdew who had trinket. They got outplayed.
Abundy Måned siden
"just use defensives bro"
Broko Fankone
Broko Fankone Måned siden
cdew straight up left immediately, it's ridiculous
victor vassen
victor vassen Måned siden
who still watches this? rip wow
Kyleo M
Kyleo M Måned siden
Anyone know what health bar addon that is?
Przemysław Bartoszewski
Przemysław Bartoszewski Måned siden
Charles Brooksbank
Charles Brooksbank Måned siden
Triune Ward has entered the chat.
Giovanni russo
Giovanni russo Måned siden
Kinda laughable that paladins can offheal so much....
Robin Knaur
Robin Knaur Måned siden
What legos are shaman using?
Jj Swigger
Jj Swigger Måned siden
OTK got wrecked lmfao
Nishantha Jayasuriya
Nishantha Jayasuriya Måned siden
SVARUN Studios
SVARUN Studios Måned siden
Why can't the UI look like this by default in Arenas...
Borna Abramović
Borna Abramović Måned siden
@vet0 i understand this ui is maybe easier to follow for people that previously had no clue what was going on while watching awc with the old ui.....but to those that did its actually a hindrance
vet0 Måned siden
@Borna Abramović are you trolling? what we see here is the spectator ui. You talk about the ingame ui. also everything you listed could be fixed by simple console commands.
Borna Abramović
Borna Abramović Måned siden
ps...check twitch a bit and see what kind of UI do rank 1 players that dont compete and will not compete anymore (ziqo...venruki...mitchjones...sodapoppin) use and they CAN use addons to change it and make it identical to the one in this seasons awc....i guess they just think its good and like to play with it huh?
Borna Abramović
Borna Abramović Måned siden
@vet0 i am willing to bet all the people that compete would use the default frames and not these new ones even if they had an option to change them...yes, probably because they are just used to them and see things much better on it ... i personally hate the new ui. frames are too large, overlap each other so one totally covers other...kills the depth perception too... and the nametext color that used to distinguish teams is gone and only eay to distinguish frames that are 99% same for both teams (only difference is a thin border around in differend colour) and also the circle under player that is diferent color for each team but when they los you no longer see it....again just seems like they are fixing somethin that aint broken....hope they put their resources into fixing the mc bug and tuning classes, not redisigning stuff noone had a problem with and thats here since the begining of the game
vet0 Måned siden
@Borna Abramović Also if u want to compete in something like AWC u are forced to play without Addons. Know what you talk about before u go in like that^^
Nishantha Jayasuriya
Nishantha Jayasuriya Måned siden
Nishan Jayasuriya
Nishan Jayasuriya Måned siden
SL dot Nisha
SL dot Nisha Måned siden
SingerinEX Måned siden
Any addons that makes my UI look something like this?
Noah Hill
Noah Hill Måned siden
Wtf is going on with Ven’s lighting?
AledM11 Måned siden
Shadowplay - Afflock, Shadowpriest / Hpal is a really flavorful and synergistic comp. Its a shame that burst in the meta is SO HIGH that it means just 1 tiny misplay is SUPER punishable and ultimately makes the comp too risky to play in most cases
issolol Måned siden
Activi$ion, can you pls buff my Retri, 24k instant Heals are not enough, i want a 45k per heal at least, and my swifty makro doesn´t work, the enemy survived after every burst with 10% hp from 100 to 10% in one global, pls fix it my class is unplayable like that
Kaaga Måned siden
Why the hate on ret? They didn't do that good in either tournament, the team's with rets only got 4th or lower...
No Chill Kowa
No Chill Kowa Måned siden
Drink every time someone says “Big”. Pro casters btw
Woo Ping Weapon Master
Woo Ping Weapon Master Måned siden
Aahh yes convoke moonkins
Foren Power
Foren Power Måned siden
Which wow racial and epic item did snutz use on his warrior in the finals?
Katastrofoli Måned siden
Stop shouting into your Mic, Supatease. My ears are bleeding.
Fritz Mix
Fritz Mix Måned siden
Fix disc priest mana issues!!! Reduce by 15% the costs!!
Jason Alcala
Jason Alcala Måned siden
yo can you get this UI on live? like actually showing the enemies' cds like that/
BurglerHobbit Måned siden
Are you new or bad? We had enemy cooldown trackers since tbc. Enemy frames, cast bars, diminishing return timers, trinket trackers, you name it. All since tbc.
Whaler Whaler
Whaler Whaler Måned siden
@Jason Alcala gladiusEX shows the ability icons exactly like the ui
Jason Alcala
Jason Alcala Måned siden
@Isosceles I got big debuffs but I’ve never heard of the other two
Isosceles Måned siden
Addons " BigDebuffs" "threatplates" "Unitframesimproved" get these it will change your life
Grumberf Warcraft'
Grumberf Warcraft' Måned siden
nerf fire mage :/
Mavis Måned siden
They only thing that should be nerfed is combustion outside of that fire mages damage is quite low
I'm alive
I'm alive Måned siden
Vadim Semjonov
Vadim Semjonov Måned siden
they should ban teams who leave after the first die...
Saixilein Måned siden
Firemage, WW and Boomys looks fine. And i realy enjoyed all the Rdruids and MW Monks. Hope they dont get nerfed.
S B Måned siden
lol ret paladin healer
Christtel14 Måned siden
Every hybrid spec has insane healing. Ask enhance shamans how much does chain harvest heal for, enraged regen on guardian affinity druids or shadowmend on spriests...
Emil Glazik
Emil Glazik Måned siden
waiting whole game only for convoke :D awesome gameplay 1 spell game
James Måned siden
how does Drake have the warglaive of azzinoth tmog? just because it's a tournament realm?
Hubert reisng
Hubert reisng Måned siden
yep they play on tournament real.
Chef Doom
Chef Doom Måned siden
Nerf dh to the ground but allow for classes like this in SL? Disgusting. Being back a PvP dev. PvE players should not be MANAGING PVP!!!
scott overholt
scott overholt Måned siden
@Poison Heart Agreed DH's aren't people. Their class should be scuffed.
Poison Heart
Poison Heart Måned siden
They just need delete dhs who cares about illidan loosers simps anyway
Emil Glazik
Emil Glazik Måned siden
pathetic blizzard and their game "one shot arnas in 0.7 sec "
ExaltedSlinky Måned siden
Whoever is in the background and behind the scenes....M U T E Y O U R M I C.... nobody wants to hear your keyboard!!!!!!!!
msannethr0pe Måned siden
10+ hour vids need timestamps
tehjamez Måned siden
@hushpuppi3 okay...
Carlie Morgan
Carlie Morgan Måned siden
Naw, spoilers.
hushpuppi3 Måned siden
@tehjamez Dude, all they did was rip the vod of twitch/youtube and paste it on a video (if it was a YT stream this could have legitimately been automatic) timestamping everything would take almost certainly 500%+ more effort than just pasting it on here
tehjamez Måned siden
@hushpuppi3 is that some unwritten rule that nincompoops abide by?
Radenkovic Måned siden
@prov dawg i agree but sometimes u just have to appreciate the things that u get and not always cry about things u dont have :) i mean u can run through life and only see the negative things but u can also try to see the positive. makes ur life better
Константин ок
Константин ок Måned siden
terrible balance in pvp. the classes are just not configured. someone can kill in 1 hit, and someone cannot do anything at all. where are the monks and druids of gila? they are not, because with such one-shots they cannot do anything. paladins and shamans run with full mana when druids and monks have 0 mana. 2 weeks left of payment, if there are no balance edits, then I don’t want to play this game and will not.
Poison Heart
Poison Heart Måned siden
​@Константин ок Lenguge its a non-sense now my godness, if u play rdruid all your life u can reach 2400 without a problem i did it, GET GOOD, also you know whats its a non-sense? your stupid stadistic of top 100 rank because u are not showing class representation.
Константин ок
Константин ок Måned siden
@Poison Heart aaaaa so we now play CLASSES? Lord, do not write such nonsense anywhere and never. Why should I play as an owl or as a cat if I play as a rdruid all my life? and where can I find a healer? what should my partners do? they also look for a healer?
Poison Heart
Poison Heart Måned siden
@Константин ок what about learn to write? U SAID CLASS, EVERY CLASS HAS A GOOD SPEC, rdruids are not super viables rn but they will be once they get the inmune shield like in the beta, also boomys and ferals are super good so THE CLASS = DRUID Its OK, mw need a rework? yes but ww are insanes so the CLASS is good.
Константин ок
Константин ок Måned siden
@Poison Heart and you do not see what features are not present in the tournament? do you even play arena? above 2100 healers - 500 paladins and dc priests, 300 shamans, 100 druids and 3 monks. But this is not a war of the paladins. Why does the restordruid heal so badly at 3/3? no not like this. he heals classes such as warlock / shp or shaman / warlock or shaman / shp. but why can't I heal melee cleaves? Yes, because the healing is simply not enough to heal such a lot of damage. tell me where are the druids and monks healers in the tournament?
Poison Heart
Poison Heart Måned siden
@Mavis tell me wich class doesnt have a good spec?
Rhaine Måned siden
Paladin never goes oom. Works as intended!
Rhaine Måned siden
@Perry Marks haha funny guy. I was critizising that the holypaladin is completly broken. Or wasnt in every game one.
Perry Marks
Perry Marks Måned siden
Any team that has a ret never goes oom
martin yachev
martin yachev Måned siden
You mean resto shaman. Every fight one of the teams have a holy pala and enemy have resto shaman Its just the resto shaman game of never ooming.
Budgie Måned siden
Seein Cdew getting convoked and trill combusted on feels good to watch knowing how they react usually :D
LordSabo Måned siden
The seed is complete bullshit.
Mateo Tolić
Mateo Tolić Måned siden
Whats the name of the music in background on 56:23? Pleasee
The Cleric
The Cleric Måned siden
Jeremy Partridge
Jeremy Partridge Måned siden
For the love of god, does anyone know whats making that bird tweeting noise?
p3rsi4n1 Måned siden
I think it's every time someone goes into soulshape?!
cye299 c
cye299 c Måned siden
whats the point of having pikaboo's picture in the finals thumbnail. they never make the finals
Perry Marks
Perry Marks Måned siden
@Josh Holmes yeah honestly they make a lot more from streaming than they would playing tourneys and they don't have to put in as many hours so I Def don't blame xar
Josh Holmes
Josh Holmes Måned siden
@Perry Marks xaryu would be good, but he's not interested
Perry Marks
Perry Marks Måned siden
@Nick Anderson Wiz needs to get better at mage or they need a new mage when they run mage rogue
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Måned siden
@Russell Lariscy lll who is weak on his team then
Russell Lariscy lll
Russell Lariscy lll Måned siden
If pika played on a new team he’d win finals
Alucard Måned siden
Venruki, Supatease, my boiiisss
nice Q
nice Q Måned siden
Kaaga Måned siden
Why the hate on ret? The team's with ret placed 4th of power for both cups...
Иван Добрынин
Иван Добрынин Måned siden
Nerf rogues!!! 2 much rogues everywere
wizbiz Måned siden
Please buff fire mages, boomkins and monks
Johan P
Johan P Måned siden
I agree. It sucks they barely get used in these tourneys
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira Måned siden
LOL prot pala legendarys on other specs so much fun
Christtel14 Måned siden
Blizzard legendary design specially for paladins is quite weird. Like conduits are stronger than legendary items for ret. Ringing clarity is way way way stronger than paragon or final veredict. And because the game is so bursty most are using sephuz which is a boring legendary. I crafted final veredict so I don't care. Please buff final veredict blizzard.
Perry Marks
Perry Marks Måned siden
@Jack Gemuenden worst part is that is a 5min cool down for prot pallys
Jack Gemuenden
Jack Gemuenden Måned siden
@Xiaoxu Chen It's whenever the pala gets below 20% health, he gets a 50% damage taken reduction for 4 seconds. can proc once every like 30 seconds or 1 min something like that
Xiaoxu Chen
Xiaoxu Chen Måned siden
whats the legendary he using?
Ymmm Z
Ymmm Z Måned siden
Who is cow-ie
T J Måned siden
Fire mage pyroclasm crits for 40k in pvp :)
arian johnson
arian johnson Måned siden
@Mavis then it will be like frost does ok damage and ok burst but no one plays frost cause there's just better options like convoke
Mavis Måned siden
It would be so easy to balance fire mages just buff their damage outside of combustion and nerf combustion and done
Frederic Kötter
Frederic Kötter Måned siden
@Oliver it's not purgable
Oliver Måned siden
would just be purged off way before they could hard cast a pyro lol
Liam O'Brien
Liam O'Brien Måned siden
What is frustrating is the fact that even with this 1 shot meta you can still get deep into dampening that tells me that all the teams will flock to those classes to create another degenerate season,
Daniel Måned siden
I dont get it, blizz gonna kill their potential for almost good expansion over not changing classes before tournament. Since wow is not about causal players right blizz? Prefer a few players over milions other. The tournament will be forgotten, but broken pvp expansion not...
Joshua Lucas
Joshua Lucas Måned siden
@issolol because you can with every class (even warlock demo)
Klynx22 Måned siden
@Daniel Every single expansion has people saying it is the "most imbalanced expansion" for pvp, and then in hindsight the top level players walk that back. Outside of tank specs in arena, BFA 8.2/8.2.5 (pre corruption) was the most balanced arena stretch in half a decade and people were still complaining.
issolol Måned siden
@Joshua Lucas what a roman and rating blaming, why you dont call him to play one of these classes, like ret pala or enhancer shaman, and he get instantly 2.4 rating :D
Vexial Måned siden
@Daniel If you are 2k link it, because if you think this season is bad I do not believe you are 2k. This is the best meta since BC..
Daniel Måned siden
I love shadowlands, but I also want devs to keep updating and working on problems :) and 2k is not that high i didnt say 3k lol :D
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Get In The Bin | Taskmaster
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