Casually Explained: High School

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Casually Explained

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Jish-o 3 timer siden
Can you casually explain crypto currency and or stocks?!
Gabriel Mefrakis
Gabriel Mefrakis 7 timer siden
I would like to see this guy make a video about Sam O Nella academy
Ehmednah Elkhalil
Ehmednah Elkhalil 8 timer siden
C.E max verstappen
Bryan Pena
Bryan Pena 11 timer siden
Man that crush explanation is so on point. Then you just think back on the missed opportunities
Haydn Dag siden
A teacher at my school got the nickname Touchy Tim...he doesn’t work here anymore 👀
Koyoby Dag siden
guy in the beginning is me, just add some glasses nike shoes and make the black shirt a v neck and make him more yellow
Lynx 3343
Lynx 3343 Dag siden
1:14 done that
John Solobro
John Solobro Dag siden
I feel bad for my future kids if they ever exist. They are going to learn about life, love, and interpersonal relationships from a marathon of CE videos while I play video games most likely.
Axikia 2 dager siden
As a teen, i literally don't go through any of the negatives like this... i love being homeschooled
Soy Beanz
Soy Beanz 2 dager siden
1:23 I fricken lost it
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 dager siden
Wait! It’s pronounced nigzair?
Lisa Sonnenberg
Lisa Sonnenberg 2 dager siden
Me, a german girl having an American boyfriend 👁👄👁
Channon Legier
Channon Legier 2 dager siden
Your voice or volume dropped.
New Name
New Name 3 dager siden
just a question: can you not watch all the Southpark episodes on their website in the US?
Voicebox The One and Only
Voicebox The One and Only 4 dager siden
When you realize 5 years later that, the one girl who seemed to just think of you as a friend had sent thousands of hints to you for the past 4 years of high school
Ender Tobias
Ender Tobias 4 dager siden
I dont know how Ive just found this guy but I absolutely Love his humor.
isla bosten
isla bosten 4 dager siden
"going abroad which basically means ´I want to have sex with europeans´" lol
569iq 4 dager siden
1:26 oh no
Emma The Cabbage
Emma The Cabbage 4 dager siden
We were reading a book about Niger in English class. And when it came to my go I almost said Nigger instead of Niger after stuttering 10000 times cuz I’m bad at reading. Lol. Luckily teacher corrected me before I actually managed to say the full word but everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for me to mess up xD
Nightowl333 5 dager siden
Best advice I can ever give is DO NOT go to college. Unless you have a very specific career goal that requires a degree. Biggest mistake of my life.
Mr Tyrannical
Mr Tyrannical 5 dager siden
Its Niger not Niger
Suri Cata
Suri Cata 5 dager siden
Lol, I´m 15 and never had a crush
Airmiles 7 dager siden
Why are you spitting hard truths? Who hurt you?
Music Channel
Music Channel 8 dager siden
Casually explained college!
Jake Harrison
Jake Harrison 8 dager siden
I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a girlfriend
Sara Olmstead
Sara Olmstead 8 dager siden
The chilly feedback jekely inform because psychology contrastingly spill abaft a skillful john. infamous, tacky railway
Harris Waltin
Harris Waltin 8 dager siden
Casually explained: U.S Health Care System
Josil Dev
Josil Dev 8 dager siden
I want to trade and do college at the same time
Harris Waltin
Harris Waltin 8 dager siden
You should probably save money for your student loans than using it for stocks.
Campbell Tate
Campbell Tate 8 dager siden
You should do some content about how stuff works. I feel like there's lots of opportunity for visual comedy there. I was just learning how the parts of a film camera work and it struck me how I wished there was a Casually Explained video about it lol
ewieman8 8 dager siden
I watched a video from 5 years ago and then I watched this video. Your voice has changed so much and I love it lol
Aalish 8 dager siden
r u technoblade
seba alghamdi
seba alghamdi 8 dager siden
0:19 P A I N
Flipchip Chips
Flipchip Chips 8 dager siden
You entertained me today.
Trinity Grimsey
Trinity Grimsey 8 dager siden
I swear like 9/10 people have a bf/gf and I'm here with the other single loners that I call 'friends'
Crownz 9 dager siden
0:00 b l o o p
The autistic Artist
The autistic Artist 9 dager siden
I go to high school in 8 weeks, and I have no idea whether or not this is satire. But I’ll thank you anyway!
Coneco 9 dager siden
''new video every 2 weeks''
Giaco 10 dager siden
I could have sworn you smoked weed in high school
Jacobus Redacted
Jacobus Redacted 10 dager siden
5 minutes setup just to let us all know you hooked up with Europeans... well played
Last Survivor
Last Survivor 11 dager siden
McDonald Burger🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Spailon 11 dager siden
Wouldn’t it be interresting to make a Casually Explained: Coronavirus (maybe you could even do it like how you did with millenials vs gen-z with talking about life like a game. I don’t know just a suggestion haha
jay jay
jay jay 11 dager siden
I personally just smoke pot alone in my house high school is the best time of your life apparently lol
Jan Kazimierczak
Jan Kazimierczak 11 dager siden
@Casually Explained can you please do fishing i beg u :)
Yala Habibi
Yala Habibi 11 dager siden
5:26 Why does the new logo of Express vpn look like a clitoris stimulator vibrator?!!
George John
George John 11 dager siden
So accurate
caleb byun
caleb byun 11 dager siden
u korean yet?
Rebecca Anthony
Rebecca Anthony 12 dager siden
Casually explained: penguins
akhil salwan
akhil salwan 12 dager siden
lol how are you making these videos? Any software?
PG16 13 dager siden
I'm a senior and I 100% agree with everything he just said
Blair Robinson
Blair Robinson 13 dager siden
People will be kicking themselves in a few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin.
User#8402 8 dager siden
It's just a matter of time, bitcoin will fall. Not like down to zero, but it cannot rise forever.
Hawk 1224
Hawk 1224 8 dager siden
This comment thread seems... artificial.
Aiden Orpington
Aiden Orpington 10 dager siden
laini 10 dager siden
thank you bots
deez nuts is on fire
deez nuts is on fire 11 dager siden
thank you bots
Yes 14 dager siden
I should probably stop taking this as genuine life advice
Dan 14 dager siden
"in both height and length". Took me half a second and then lmao
Harris -
Harris - 15 dager siden
...I accidentally became the quiet kid
nanicka 15 dager siden
Was hat er gegen Deutsche 😂
Schmerik 14 dager siden
Wann hat er gesagt das er was gegen deutsche hat?
Gagic Hinro
Gagic Hinro 15 dager siden
oh, that’s funny 1:26 in my language we actually say it as it s written probably cuz for dark skin ppl we have only one noun “negr”
Stephen Casias
Stephen Casias 15 dager siden
Every single one of these videos make me laugh & feel good for the rest of the day. Thank you.
LanceTheKing 16 dager siden
4:23 Yea this applies to Asians
Moisty Man
Moisty Man 16 dager siden
Jo 1337
Jo 1337 16 dager siden
bro its time to update your youtube channel banner
AppreciateCrooked 16 dager siden
Can you causally explain causally explaining please
UltraClipz 16 dager siden
The last note of the outro is a G. I’m practicing double bass rn
rtx bread
rtx bread 16 dager siden
i like that im german
Naketa Williams
Naketa Williams 16 dager siden
Where was this for me? 😩
HTG 16 dager siden
plssss tell me whats that font that loooookkksssss soooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood
Niemand Unwichtiges
Niemand Unwichtiges 16 dager siden
is "a hot german girlfriend" a thing in america? because in germany i ts the oposite
Abhi M.G
Abhi M.G 17 dager siden
Dating: because for "most people" that's when you have your first relationship Indian Schools: **laughing in JEE and NEET preparations and students crippling depression**
Cindy Fily
Cindy Fily 17 dager siden
I've never had a girlfriend, and I am 22 years alive. I use to want one when I was younger. Expect I was very shy and not similar to those I liked, but now my Religion and mind have changed. I don't want one anymore . I am not going to depend on a female to make me feel happy. It would be interesting had Elliot Rodger understood this belief. I also don't depend on a god to make me feel that I need a purpose to live, because what I do has a reason. 😈
Useless Fan Here
Useless Fan Here 17 dager siden
Next One Casually Explained : Vtubers. 😂😂😂
Shiva 17 dager siden
american high school is nice, in India we only have one thing, STUDY!
Mike Donald
Mike Donald 16 dager siden
Do you experience difficulty in trading {B•T•C•} ....... For guidance * + 1 =9 =5 =6= 3 =0 =6= 8= 5 =6= 2* W=H=A=T=S=A=P=P= ......
BoniThe ChubbyPotato
BoniThe ChubbyPotato 18 dager siden
Yeah but how the heck am i suppose to pay taxes
Peter Schondeau
Peter Schondeau 18 dager siden
You should do a video about male vs female hair cuts
Jake n
Jake n 18 dager siden
ur voice got deeper g
Dead Blaze
Dead Blaze 18 dager siden
Explain depression
jungshook Jiminie
jungshook Jiminie 18 dager siden
Everytime I complain about having to much work to do for school my brother says: "enjoy your time in highschool while you can, university will be even worse" 🙃🙃
Mikira 19 dager siden
Fish 🐟
Chicken dog
Chicken dog 19 dager siden
This video hit hard. In high school, I never had any relationships when I left I found out a lot of girls liked me and I had no clue that broke me for a long time.
cait4610 cait4610
cait4610 cait4610 19 dager siden
I want to major in history in university or something relating to science. Given I'm only in my freshman year this will probably change but I have my reasons(which Im keeping to myself) and as long as I don't do some crazy 180 on my personality, ideals, morals, ect.(again) I shouldn't stray too far off course.
NOOR 19 dager siden
Make a discord video
THE JOB COMPANY 19 dager siden
Why do I feel personally attacked every single time I rewatch a casually explained video
JanTube 19 dager siden
Uhm better don't come to Europe for this. Except you like the European version of the young Karen.
Evan Pooyak
Evan Pooyak 20 dager siden
There are no south park on Canadian Netflix
「Tea」[Cup] 20 dager siden
BRO 4 イェア
FroZZen PoTaTo
FroZZen PoTaTo 20 dager siden
i live in Germany since 21 years.... haha German hot girlfriend
Moe Nishonov
Moe Nishonov 20 dager siden
Tbh nowadays this shit is way different than what is said in the video
Absurdnoodles 19 dager siden
nope still the same
jaun bruh
jaun bruh 20 dager siden
glad that I'm in 7enth grade...
Absurdnoodles 19 dager siden
have fun
ravencat 20 dager siden
And he waddled away waddle waddle and he waddled away waddle waddle till the very next day bum bum bum bam bum dum bum...
I don't have a fear of dyeing alone
Liam O'Prey
Liam O'Prey 21 dag siden
4:38 that ruthless transition tho
yes 21 dag siden
I thought it was pronounced ny-ger
Boyfriend 21 dag siden
I agree, some kids are tying so hard to be youtubers just becuase they think its cool and not realizing that in order to be a good youtuber you need to have some interesting traits
M B 21 dag siden
kids in my class: the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the straight one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the gay one the trans one the non binary one take a wild guess at which one i am
M B 18 dager siden
@Ephraim Luck yup
Ephraim Luck
Ephraim Luck 19 dager siden
@M B the trans one
M B 19 dager siden
@Brian Lee nope but close
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 19 dager siden
The gay one
Sakuri North
Sakuri North 21 dag siden
3:43 this whole situation is probably me
Victor0326 21 dag siden
Legit college is getting even more expensive like 4x more than inflation which means your parents probably paid nothing for their tuition but you're paying 2 times more tuition at least. Which is an infinite times more considering you have a negative income of -$5.00 a week for your sub that you still don't understand how to order.
Ollie Mogle
Ollie Mogle 21 dag siden
The adjoining hyacinth canonically zip because glider diagnostically zoom throughout a itchy wine. talented, lethal jute
Norman Rucker
Norman Rucker 21 dag siden
I feel bad you feel like your hair looks like that
Zaheen Abass
Zaheen Abass 21 dag siden
Just in case
K. Gega
K. Gega 21 dag siden
Why is the tutorial so hard
Mr. Mysterioso
Mr. Mysterioso 22 dager siden
3:59 you can HEAR him smiling
Rachel Seamons
Rachel Seamons 22 dager siden
3:14 😭
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Cameron 22 dager siden
1:22 had me rolling
DIO brando
DIO brando 22 dager siden
good timing! I'm in 8th grade and about to go to high school
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