Ranking Men By Attractiveness | 5 Guys vs 5 Girls

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Watch PART 1 (Ranking Women By Attractiveness) here: nopost.info/throw/ppO6lne-uZuXpMU/video
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Jubilee Måned siden
If you happen to be Pewdiepie... hey 👋 We asked 5 women to watch 5 men rank themselves from most to least attractive, then rearrange the ranking based on their own interpretation of attractiveness. Watch PART 1 here: nopost.info/throw/ppO6lne-uZuXpMU/video
TheSnowFoxParty 8 dager siden
@Baela he is too busy being insane on his own channel.
Quinzel Sabina
Quinzel Sabina 9 dager siden
samAesthetix 16 dager siden
10:04 girlllll have you seen yourself ? Like cmon bruhh
Mango Body Butter
Mango Body Butter 28 dager siden
​@soundseeker63 Lmao what meaningful insight did this video even convey?? They simply made groups "average out" their members' own ratings for each other, and that was it. Imagine this video but a group rated chicken prepared five different ways. What would that tell you? Even Mr. Little Baby Angel himself said that this wan't something to take anything meaningful out of.
Rosi Veizaga
Rosi Veizaga Måned siden
My ranking: 1. Roy 2. Jorge 3.Jeremy 4. Sam 5. Anthony
John Doe
John Doe 13 minutter siden
John Doe
John Doe 13 minutter siden
Lmao, none of the women are hot
Aimee Kathleen
Aimee Kathleen Time siden
i thought Jorge and Sam were cute.
Aimee Kathleen
Aimee Kathleen Time siden
i feel like it was really inappropriate to ask to see their butts... If they said that to the girls eveyoen would have freaked out on them
Dana C
Dana C Time siden
Black guy would’ve been first for me and the short one would’ve been last lol everyone else can fall where they may.
Low.Quality.Person Time siden
just out of curiosity who would yous rank as what? i cant mind their names so im just gonna use the numbers from the girls order but id do: 1. guy 5 |2. guy 4 |3. guy 2 |4. guy 3 and |5. guy 1
ayyeee. yanna
ayyeee. yanna 2 timer siden
It was the bootleg Michael B Jordon comment for me, knowing damn well that man don’t look anything like him lol
I hate He hers and he him be normal
I hate He hers and he him be normal 2 timer siden
Where are all the girls in there feelings when the girls were ranked LMFAO EMOTINAL ASSES THATS THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMAN
Hetal Raval
Hetal Raval 4 timer siden
You know men where straight forward while ranking not much talking just by their looks & vibe they ranked women but when women's turn came they just started judging (which was obvious) gossiping and having a entertaining conversation about them. That was fun to watch!
N G 6 timer siden
LOL I’m like Maria, I didn’t find any of them attractive either 😹👌
Fatseoptik 22
Fatseoptik 22 9 timer siden
I don’t get why the girls are talking about their personality? Shouldn’t they rate them by based on their look?
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell 12 timer siden
The way they started immediately infantalizing roy was so strange
Myana Thomas
Myana Thomas 13 timer siden
Did y’all notice the strong short guy had on heels
_cherryann 16 timer siden
For me Roy is definitely the most attractive one
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 20 timer siden
Not even the guys roasted the fuck outta the girls.
ryan 22 timer siden
We need a ranking women by attractiveness
All About The Rap Game
All About The Rap Game 20 timer siden
Already did that
sophie L
sophie L 22 timer siden
“I would walk past each in of them “ 😂😂
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Dag siden
deep down... girls always like confident smiling educated guys ..but they always talk about looks and attitude and dressing huh
Kiwi_peas Dag siden
I would have switch Anthony and the black guy in my opinion.
Zaid Hernandez
Zaid Hernandez Dag siden
The guys were more honest, that's nice...but does that say something about our society
Zaid Hernandez
Zaid Hernandez Dag siden
One thing I have learned through this video and some experience with bros...men respect muscles, I really love that
Mochi Princess
Mochi Princess Dag siden
Roy seems like the kind of guy who plays league and has gotten banned 10+ times for being toxic
Mochi Princess
Mochi Princess Dag siden
he may not be a frat boy, but hes worse. Hes a military dude
Zuzanna Dag siden
for me Roy was 1 and Jorge was 2. Roy was definitly soo good-looking and his personality was also sweet
Polixenia Bubulache
Polixenia Bubulache Dag siden
Roy is super attractive, and I DO NOT mean take care of me when I'm sick attractive like that girl said, I mean actually attractive😻
dragonmaster951753 Dag siden
The part that bothers me is outside of one, none of these girls would give these dudes a chance
Thaddeus Newton
Thaddeus Newton Dag siden
See how the black girl picked the black guy as first choice! Love the sisters man!
Thaddeus Newton
Thaddeus Newton Dag siden
Shortest dude is already in last place
Evan Meyer
Evan Meyer Dag siden
The fact this channel starts off this video thinking Pewdiepie owes them is evident of communist beliefs. Pewdiepie owes you nothing.
Neo Mkwanazi
Neo Mkwanazi Dag siden
Roy needs to be number 1
Kaelyn Dag siden
Why did they put the basic frat boy teen at number one spot? Jorge def deserved that spot, then the black guy, then Roy, then vin diesel jr, and THEN frat boy
Soulara Diez
Soulara Diez Dag siden
Ppl have different tastes and opinions, you should rrspect other opinions
Jo O madain
Jo O madain Dag siden
Jorge is number 1
Army._ Dag siden
Roy was the most attractive my opinion though
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Dag siden
Roy is so underrated
Eat, Sleep, Bangtan
Eat, Sleep, Bangtan Dag siden
honestly i feel like it should have been: 1. Jorge 2. Roy 3. Jeremy 4. Anthony 5. Sam
Be1smaht Dag siden
Women take note. They care Less about how attractive they are because THEY KNOW that that doesnt matter as much as" personality, earning potential, other qualities ( organization, financial management) ,and what you do with what you got.
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo Dag siden
I'm so confused. Roy was a legitimately good looking guy. I don't understand why they were infantalizing him and acting so weird to him?? Im not even saying this cuz I feel bad or anything, I just don't understand unless Roy irl looks massively different than Roy through a screen. The only one I thought was better looking was the tall black haired guy, I don't remember his name. Omg I'm so confused!! They self ranked and put the 2 best looking guys in the worst looking spots??!
Zoey Giller
Zoey Giller Dag siden
ugh roy is so cute
karis is cool
karis is cool Dag siden
the white man really won today...
Eazy Dubz
Eazy Dubz 2 dager siden
The Trickster Pill
The Trickster Pill 2 dager siden
Cringed at reading normie comments. Embrace the Blackpill, it's not an idea, it's a reality. If you are a normie in looks, look into "Looksmax" it will help boost your own confidence in the long run.
Eric 2 dager siden
This is normal come to Africa no one will look at a white girl twice
Anonymous 2 dager siden
Bruh is this most attractive to least attractive or lightest to darkest
Kayla 2 dager siden
Mine was Anthony, Sam, Jeremy, Jorge, then Roy
Shou A-jah
Shou A-jah 2 dager siden
I'm sorry, but I detect cap! The Asian girl is first The hispanic is second The black girl is third The heavier set girl is fourth The blond tall girl is last The Asian girl had the prettiest face and skin. The Latino girl dress the best THAT day and had a humble confident attitude. The black girl had the most fit body hands down. The heavy set girl had a nice personality and was the sweetest. The blonde was not realistic in my opinion. She was a bit too assertive mixed with tall, which doesn't identify with femininity generally speaking across the board. That's my opinion and I will respectfully decline to argue 🤷🏻‍♂️
Zac Atkinson
Zac Atkinson 2 dager siden
Trump supporters are the best
Rose Burkholder
Rose Burkholder 2 dager siden
Roy was getting ignored...tf
Rose Burkholder
Rose Burkholder 2 dager siden
Dude Jorge....im defiantly attracted to him smzmmznz
Kristian James
Kristian James 2 dager siden
The black guy gets last of course
Miles Morales -UF#4
Miles Morales -UF#4 2 dager siden
Beauty is subjective kids
Gemma Sherman
Gemma Sherman 2 dager siden
Y’all sleepin on roy
Pink Panzerfaust
Pink Panzerfaust 2 dager siden
Roy looks decent. This rating is not understandable at all...
Ava cintron
Ava cintron 2 dager siden
Roy is the most attractive one wtf
Anxme 3 dager siden
Tbh not only does this look like they rated light to dark the woman also made it weird they pitted Roy,whose a grown men and they literally said to see them naked tf,imagine if it was switched
Andrea G
Andrea G 3 dager siden
Okay Im just gonna drop my personal ranking here: 1. Jorge 2. Roy 3. Jeremy 4. Sam 5. Anthony
Asia williams
Asia williams 3 dager siden
Jeremy was actually cute just needed a new wardrobe 💀
casie love
casie love 2 dager siden
Not to be he is least
Timmy 3 dager siden
they picked the bottom of the bottom with this bunch of guys 💀
God nerfed me
God nerfed me Dag siden
They certainly didn't since you were not there.
Юля 3 dager siden
YOUR JOKING that ugly green shirt guy
sarah mckinlay
sarah mckinlay 3 dager siden
cute they all just have socks on hehe
Scorpio93 3 dager siden
*Anthony* *is* *good looking*
Charli Stuart
Charli Stuart 3 dager siden
Jeremy all the way.
SANDRA IBRAHIM 3 dager siden
White girl has such a white savior complex and is all about performative social activism. The way she spoke about Roy like a child? Called the white boy a Trump supporter? Put short guy on top bc he’d usually be last. I can’t stand her
casie love
casie love 2 dager siden
White girls act like like others races saves em
Susan V
Susan V 3 dager siden
That white guy should have been at most a 3. Would have put: Jorge:1 Anthony:2 Roy:3 White guy: 4 Black guy: 5
Susan V
Susan V 18 timer siden
@Eysox NOW Hispanics are white?🙄
Eysox 23 timer siden
There were 3 white guys in the video, who are you talking about ?
Jazlee Jimenez
Jazlee Jimenez 3 dager siden
Jorge is super attractive!, also he seems super sweet!
Shymilk YT
Shymilk YT 3 dager siden
Quotes from the girls I liked „I need to see their booties“, I don’t really like their Outfits“, „I am very big on height“, „I like a guy who is not so skinny“. What I also liked is moving Someone because of pitty
Megan Howard
Megan Howard 3 dager siden
IMO Jeremy is the best looking. First off got me with his height. Handsome face too.
Megan Howard
Megan Howard 3 dager siden
These girls were rude AF. You think given their last visit being ranked 1 to 5 they wouldn't have been so.... Judgemental.... He looks like he punches drywall? He looks like awww a poor little baby? Wth. Girls ffs. What is this....
rina 3 dager siden
i fell in love with roy as soon as I saw him.
Jinxed 3 dager siden
Why did they sleep so hard on Jeremy? I’m annoyed he was 100% #1
Sean Morrow
Sean Morrow 3 dager siden
They're all handsome wtf
krirt13 3 dager siden
First of all, Jeremy deserved to be 1. Second, not sure how Jorge made it into 2nd as he wasn't wearing any damn pants.
Ray G
Ray G 3 dager siden
Roy definitely was a 3 IMO or 2
Valbert 3 dager siden
This is so much more wholesome than the women
moselc.09 3 dager siden
Face: Green shirt> Blue Sweater>Black guy> Pink Shirt>Roy Personality: Blue Sweater > Green Shirt> Roy> Pink Shirt>Black Guy Body/Posture/Swag: Pink Shirt> Black Guy> Green Shirt> Blue Sweater> Roy Overall: Blue Sweater>Green Shirt>Black Guy>Pink Shirt>Roy
moselc.09 3 dager siden
"I think might...." "...Cheat on you?..." "No, be a Trump Supporter. " *Bursts into Laughter!!!!!!
Kenzie Kay
Kenzie Kay 3 dager siden
10:52 it looks like Anthony is wearing a pair of high heels. LOL, don´t know why my mind saw that.
sky_ w
sky_ w 3 dager siden
The boy always gotta hit on eachother lol
Michelle Vo
Michelle Vo 3 dager siden
Roy is actually super cute. Don’t disrespect my guy like that
Divinity Worsham
Divinity Worsham 3 dager siden
Honestly ik they were trying to be nice, but the way they patronized Roy & treated a grown man like he was a child was really disrespectful
it's kr0sta
it's kr0sta 3 dager siden
Roy is hands down the cutest, wth is this ranking
HAZƏY FLOWƏRZ 4 dager siden
The gay jokes 😂 they're so cute
L41l4sl0v3ly 4 dager siden
Am I the only one that would put Roy like 2nd or 3rd-
Bella Juarez
Bella Juarez 4 dager siden
I would rank roy 2 and the dude with the swag the drip number 1
Kelli O'Dwyer
Kelli O'Dwyer 4 dager siden
"He's for sure one?" Nooooo his face is the blandest...... Ugh.
Nana Guerrero
Nana Guerrero 4 dager siden
1. Roy 2. Jorge 3. Jeremy 4. Sam 5. Anthony
Genre D’ambiance
Genre D’ambiance 4 dager siden
Roy is so cute omg
Malena 4 dager siden
Wow even before the thing started Roy caught my eye. He has a really really attractive build with broad shoulders and being tall and slim, and I thought his face was cute
David O'Keeffe
David O'Keeffe 4 dager siden
5:40 now imagine a guy said that about them...
Jess M
Jess M 4 dager siden
Michael Jordan guy was easily the most attractive
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 dager siden
Where is the overweight man? Why is there an overweight woman but NOT an overweight man?
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 2 dager siden
@Stalinity none???
Stalinity 3 dager siden
You have to apply for these vids. Maybe no overweight guy applied
Jakiyah L. Jennings
Jakiyah L. Jennings 4 dager siden
They went with European features first. They need to do this video again with different girls
Val Wicks
Val Wicks 4 dager siden
that’s gotta hurt
Kamora Babbiee
Kamora Babbiee 4 dager siden
I watched both of these 😆 and why do both of the black folks end of last
Janettt :9
Janettt :9 4 dager siden
emelina sousa
emelina sousa 4 dager siden
stop i liked roy
Holly Fraser
Holly Fraser 4 dager siden
That teacher girl was so disrespectful...
Rosa Hernandez Casillas
Rosa Hernandez Casillas 4 dager siden
Idk why i just don’t like Anthony
Senses 4 dager siden
Oof, if the roles were reversed when they were ranking them, those comments won't work..
Lisa Bistodeau
Lisa Bistodeau 5 dager siden
Their first order was the most accurate maybe switch vin deisel with shorts and jacket guy
Dane Gonzalez
Dane Gonzalez 5 dager siden
Men kept it simply and the women made it over complicated. Just pick them on physical attraction, it's not that hard. Pink shirt, black guy, muscle guy, white guy, last guy. Pretty simply.
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