massive VOTING POWER as the new 19,600 IQ MAYOR role... (custom mod)

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Disguised Toast

Måned siden

Disguised Toast and friends return with more modded Airship Among Us. This time Toast tries out the new Mayor role with the ability to save votes to use at later.
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Intro soundtrack composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)
Edited and Animated by: Frosturne
#amongus​ #mods #disguisedtoast #airship

Mad Runner
Mad Runner 22 sekunder siden
Cluegames 3 dager siden
See when I went crabbing in Oregon we got a boat and went to the center of the lake, Massive crabs would recommend
GucciCowboy 5 dager siden
Mayor's just overpowered crewmate
Alexia Voinescu
Alexia Voinescu 6 dager siden
omg i am the only one that hear toast singing the haikyuu opening in the first game?
DofBanner 6 dager siden
You dont need a cage to catch crabs. You Can just use a small fishing pole with bait from your fridge.
Alena Conrad
Alena Conrad 7 dager siden
Anytime I see the Kermit head all I see is Zylus 🙈
j 7 dager siden
Dee Blitz
Dee Blitz 7 dager siden
Love how toast sing Haikyuu op Fly high😍😍
SaraLovesYou 8 dager siden
I think we've gotten used to Toast faking tasks, even as crew. BUT IT STILL BUGS THE FRICK OUT OF ME
Michael Salvino
Michael Salvino 11 dager siden
PETA after hearing Toast chucked the crabs
Jay Pea
Jay Pea 11 dager siden
The guts of fish, lots of them. You can buy them in packs from most fish mongers and are great for crab nets. You'll get the big ones then!
Adrian Burke
Adrian Burke 12 dager siden
is it just me or do the noises the comms make sound like markiplier saying random stuff
Raven vince Naguit
Raven vince Naguit 12 dager siden
Eyyy toast be like singing Haikyuu theme song😁😁
Diamond Phantom
Diamond Phantom 15 dager siden
At 9:36 he was singing fire force opening 1 lol
Diamond Phantom
Diamond Phantom 15 dager siden
Or haiyku
Tracey O'Hare
Tracey O'Hare 15 dager siden
not Toast singing a haikyu!! intro *o*
Chi Kei Lee Lee Chi Kei
Chi Kei Lee Lee Chi Kei 15 dager siden
Omg toast watches haikyuu?!!!
Haliel Cruz
Haliel Cruz 15 dager siden
toast watches haikyuu???
Bill Schmidt Jr
Bill Schmidt Jr 15 dager siden
Dunno what bait you're using but most people use turkey necks. My cousin goes crabbing and switched to razor clams, gets bigger and larger quantity of crabs.
Demonic 16 dager siden
Catching crabs is a problem you may want to get check by a doctor
Gavin L.
Gavin L. 16 dager siden
Put chicken legs as bait in the cage, crabs eat them and it works lol
Braden Spendlove
Braden Spendlove 17 dager siden
3 WHOLE CREWMATE TASKS! thats a new record for youtube toast.
- Sorrymasendeshita -
- Sorrymasendeshita - 18 dager siden
9:26 is toast singing Fly High! by BURNOUT SYNDROMES :o
dice 19 dager siden
I love that the mod is called TownOfUs, i like the reference
LinkAkward 19 dager siden
There should be a mod. were you play with 1 imp that can take the form of the one she/he kills. and the body dissapears when he/she takes it.
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 19 dager siden
9:26 oh my gosh, that song is so good. The best opening of that anime! (FLY HIGH!!)
Mishel Escano
Mishel Escano 19 dager siden
Did Miyoung just call Toast a jerk for doing what he normally does? Being right? 💀😂
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang 19 dager siden
Corpse after killing Rae: "I'm noooottt okay, I'm noooooott okay, whaaaat's the point" Rae: "IT'S OKAYYY CORPSE!!"
Cecelia 20 dager siden
Hi toast nice to meet you.💩
I wuv Anime
I wuv Anime 20 dager siden
h-he was singing "fly high"?! 9:28
I'm a gamer
I'm a gamer 20 dager siden
Ocean city NJ has shit tons of crabs I go crabbing and we come back with 50 keepers
Aurora _On
Aurora _On 20 dager siden
Being Mayor On A 2v1 And U are Sussed Out By Someone Is Like The Call The Ambulance But not for Me Meme Bc They Have More Voted
Sky Thomas
Sky Thomas 20 dager siden
RIP Lily!🤣🤣
Minecandy 21 dag siden
Toast slowly begins humming haykuu op
amanda devine
amanda devine 21 dag siden
"CORPSE ITS OK". I'm sobbing that was the the best line I"ve ever heard
omarion The nine tails jenchuriki
omarion The nine tails jenchuriki 21 dag siden
9:27 anyone hearing that haikyuu opening
Its_Me 1410
Its_Me 1410 21 dag siden
9:27 it sounded like he was singing fly high✋✋
Black Wolf Boi
Black Wolf Boi 21 dag siden
“They were like two inches” “That’s it?” “Yeah.. Hey Not the first time I heard that, AYOOOO!” 🤦🏽‍♂️ tho the animation was good
Big_ Daddy_D007
Big_ Daddy_D007 21 dag siden
Tuff o caught 10 crabs that were 15 inch and had to throw them away and use chicken in the cage to lure the crabs
SantaKiller2 GT
SantaKiller2 GT 22 dager siden
My dirty minded brain just thinks of the crab catching thing as lice😅
Mhiesi Iralu
Mhiesi Iralu 22 dager siden
Ayad Mohamed
Ayad Mohamed 22 dager siden
9:29 I appreciate the Haikyuu reference
Kurt Ryan
Kurt Ryan 22 dager siden
Yes Toast knows Haikyu, Toast best dood
Naqi does PS4
Naqi does PS4 22 dager siden
"How big were they?" "Around... Two inches." "That's it?" "Yea... Not the first time I heard that! HEYOOOOOOOOO!" This had me dying.
Noah Dyhouse
Noah Dyhouse 22 dager siden
Toast where do ya live
psd streloop
psd streloop 22 dager siden
Was that a d!CK joke?
Green Boy
Green Boy 22 dager siden
Everyone: finance Fiancé: ㅇㅅㅇ ㅠㅠ ;d
sum_er 22 dager siden
He really caught me off guard when he started singing Fly High-
casey b
casey b 22 dager siden
West coast of Florida between Tampa and Panama City is a good area to catch crabs. Its very undeveloped, lots of marshes and wetlands for young crabs to safely grow up into big crabs. I used to live in the area and there was a lot of them, like a epidemic of them, because I wasn't even trying to catch crabs, I was trying to catch fish, but every time I cast my line, It would come back with a blue crab clinging on to it eating my bait.
Taehyun -ing
Taehyun -ing 22 dager siden
Is it just me or did i hear the haikyuu song at 9:29
Akiko 22 dager siden
I like how the suit on the thumbnail is just the pants, not even on the arms lmfao
x Camz
x Camz 22 dager siden
Is it just me or when toast was the spy and you say a color change to a different color mean that is who killed the first color?
MikeWho 22 dager siden
You should collab with Taku from OutdoorChefLife - hes a pro Angler/forager in San Fran
JACLYN GRIFFITH 23 dager siden
i watch all your vids toast
Pika Astra Jewels
Pika Astra Jewels 23 dager siden
I just love the fact that kkatamina's scarf is the trans flag. 😊
BTS Lover
BTS Lover 23 dager siden
Why does the scarf have the trans flag colours?
BTS Lover
BTS Lover 23 dager siden
@Pika Astra Jewels I love it
Pika Astra Jewels
Pika Astra Jewels 23 dager siden
I think it's to be supportive.
Tyron Jones
Tyron Jones 23 dager siden
I'm pretty sure crab fishing is called crabing
Coach Kevin
Coach Kevin 23 dager siden
come to san francisco and we’ll take you crabbing on our boat @toast
ThermodynamicLovePotato 24 dager siden
Toast should have known it was Corpse when he said 'speedrun' 🤣
Nero Gaming
Nero Gaming 24 dager siden
So Toast also watches Haikyuu..
DarkValkyrieSin 24 dager siden
Haikyuu! Toast!!!! My man
Eliminz 24 dager siden
1:37 I never hear it right. Ha, this guy's toast.
BigDaddyDoc 1
BigDaddyDoc 1 24 dager siden
Singing fly high from haikyuu
Jens Pettersen
Jens Pettersen 24 dager siden
You have to go into deeper water to get the big crabs. Or you could go out at the sheepbacks by the sea by boat in the night with a flashlight, and then grab them while they go up in the shallows to eat - that is very fun!!
Xander Mek
Xander Mek 24 dager siden
Air ship is doooooky
Strong Kobayashi
Strong Kobayashi 24 dager siden
poki flexing
Eric Playz
Eric Playz 24 dager siden
8:30 dont mind thsi just keeping a tiem stamp
Jman Aviation
Jman Aviation 24 dager siden
Phoenix10km 25 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about how Toast was humming ‘Fly high’ the 2nd theme from Haikyu? No? Just me?
Hee Hee -
Hee Hee - 25 dager siden
Lily: self-report? Toast: you know what, its Lily
Cat 25 dager siden
Corpse is always more talkative when he’s imposter
A_Person 25 dager siden
Is there a special modded crewmate role where you have impostor vision?
Iccyyy 25 dager siden
LMAO Toast humming that Haikyu! theme was so funny.
Last Resort
Last Resort 25 dager siden
Toast you can do that folder task with grabbing one folder. So when you open the cabinet click on the empty space four times it completes it
Wxrd5 25 dager siden
Is you're intro Disguised Toast or This guys toast
Amy Liu
Amy Liu 25 dager siden
o my god is that a trans scarf miyoung is wearing
Liv Shoemaker
Liv Shoemaker 25 dager siden
WHy didn't Kris die when his lover did?
Game Graves
Game Graves 25 dager siden
Probably a place where the big crabs be, hopefully close by
Payton Chan
Payton Chan 26 dager siden
Me just figuring out finance is fiancé!🤯🤯
Not Ped
Not Ped 26 dager siden
Cowboy Toast doesn't exist: 13:33
jack o' lantern
jack o' lantern 26 dager siden
OG music pogchamp
rmz1986 26 dager siden
You need to go deeper for bigger crabs. Only small crabs come close to the docks. Best to rent a boat.
Denovis 26 dager siden
9:27 he started to sing Haikyuu opening. Okay now i like this dude even more.
Dustin Edwards
Dustin Edwards 26 dager siden
Why isn't toast using the glitch to finish records in one go?
oCloudy 26 dager siden
Nina Nina
Nina Nina 26 dager siden
9:25 Toast was singing "Fly High" from Haikyuu 😂
Eman 26 dager siden
I friggin love these intro's!!!!
Noah Frías González
Noah Frías González 26 dager siden
in the minute 0:33 swoop swoopies swoop swoopies xd
ThatHappyOldMan 26 dager siden
Sometimes poki is soo unbearably anoying... that laugh ma dud... no wonder why rae is winning the content game...
Mauro Alvarez
Mauro Alvarez 26 dager siden
THANK YOU!!!! LOL perfect way to start my monday morning, im a teacher and im already getting a lot of emails from parents that arent happy with grades i turned in last week T-T
emileee bb
emileee bb 26 dager siden
rae is so sweet for reassuring corpse at the end there ;-;
nefariou5 26 dager siden
Another new role that isn't introduced 0:15 - wtf is a swooper? edit: apparently The Swooper is an Impostor that can temporarily turn invisible.
Echo Reaper
Echo Reaper 26 dager siden
In the second game, corpse said speed run=corpse being imposter.
2D anime boys supremacy
2D anime boys supremacy 26 dager siden
9:29 is he singing fly high - haikyuu op?? lmao
Gelardo Victor
Gelardo Victor 26 dager siden
2 inches. that's it ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin C
Justin C 26 dager siden
Toast I used to catch crabs as a kid, you need to tie a raw chicken drumstick with some string and hold it off a dock. You will catch like 4-5 large crabs per drop!! GL HF!!
Stephen P Adamo
Stephen P Adamo 26 dager siden
Great video! Just out of curiosity, 5up said he got out of bed because the lobby needed another player. Quick Google search says he is from Tunisia. Is this true? I don't follow streams, only NOpost videos, and most everyone from Toast and Hafu lobbies are awesome. Just wanted to confirm, please. Thank you!
huhu 26 dager siden
13:40 Why did I sing Wendy, One day, One day eh.
【yantxg】 26 dager siden
3:40 Also maybe because of morphlings
Anna Yang
Anna Yang 27 dager siden
Idk y but I think Toast was humming to one of Haikyuu’s op??
Luige Nicolas
Luige Nicolas 27 dager siden
I like how toast faking his task even thou he has his own task
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