No Man's Sky - Next Generation Trailer

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29 dager siden

No Man's Sky is getting a huge free upgrade which will be available day one on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Blast Askar
Blast Askar 2 timer siden
No man sky>>>>>death stranding
Bruno Myrrha
Bruno Myrrha 3 timer siden
I think that they finally have their original vision represented in the game.
Mucka Ch
Mucka Ch 4 timer siden
Pre-ordered (original) Played for few days Disappointed Uninstalled
1ro 14 timer siden
Every FFXV players dream
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert 19 timer siden
This game for a while was $39.99 on Steam, now it's $59.99.
Vishnu Varatharajan
Vishnu Varatharajan Dag siden
well well, what are the odds. THIS is the most impressive phenomenon I've ever seen.
chad ntm
chad ntm Dag siden
hmmm we've been there before not falling for this one again :P
Emil Jørgensen
Emil Jørgensen Dag siden
No man sky is like the kid that lied to everyone about his dad working for nintendo. But then 20 years later got a job at nintendo
RPG LORE Dag siden
Why make it look like fornite? I don’t want to play it now.
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 5 timer siden
Wtf it looks absolutely nothing like Fortnite 😂
Obsidian Zarok
Obsidian Zarok Dag siden
I don't trust like that
Pajeet Singh
Pajeet Singh Dag siden
Your mom is procedural too.
robo memes
robo memes 2 dager siden
Is this a dlc or a brand new game
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 5 timer siden
Free update
Mr. W
Mr. W 2 dager siden
Anyone watching the trailer actually playing this game? It really doesn't look like that. They improved the draw distance a little bit, but still everything pops up as you're walking or flying. Props to the dev for trying to improve, but this is almost false advertising.
C33 2 dager siden
Are 4 years so much time?
Jan Vít
Jan Vít 2 dager siden
Simone Rossi
Simone Rossi 2 dager siden
I think Hzthz this is hzhhzz a beautiful experience hzzzt
Mazgic 2 dager siden
Anyone that still butt hurt from the diabolical begining must surely have no heart if they cannot forgive something worked on so long since its release.
Kai Jäger
Kai Jäger 3 dager siden
Lol funny how many people are willing to forgive a company AFTER they tricked you into giving them millions of dollars so that they could start develop a decent game. If you ever buy a car and you get a halfed finished thing without engine or motor you gladly wait a couple of years after payment so that the missing parts will be delivered.
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 5 timer siden
You must be one of those narrow minded people that hold a grudge with no expiration date
g g
g g 20 timer siden
It's been 4 years....
crisisASP 3 dager siden
nobody likes a company that makes excuses, fortunately this is not one of them
Roy David
Roy David 3 dager siden
Four Years, four freaking years supporting the game and still going, i wonder where the paychecks are coming from. I mean, we all got the game and pretty much buried it on the shelf or sold it for dirt after a week. We didn't expect this kind of dedication, these guys are awesome.
N S 3 dager siden
Standing with the Anomaly increased
B Montibeller
B Montibeller 3 dager siden
Hello games deserve respect!
unitor699 3 dager siden
so it took 6 years to make this game
Connor Black
Connor Black 3 dager siden
Never been so hyped for a update in my life
$amSon 4 dager siden
I bought a used PS2 two years before this game came out as soon as I heard about it. When the game came out i bought it used a month later for 20$ bucks. It wasn’t that bad of a game and although the complaint were valid I’m glad Hello Games really had a vision and stuck to it.
Tyson Goudie
Tyson Goudie 4 dager siden
Weird to see a failure of a game become probably one of the most ambitious games of the last decade
HasanKaan HK
HasanKaan HK 4 dager siden
hala çöp
Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng 5 dager siden
I use to hate this game for its price and lack of content :(
Lin Xu
Lin Xu 5 dager siden
If the devs keep giving out free upgrades, they gonna run out of money.
olekzonder 4 dager siden
Not really. With updates come new people who are interested in the game and buy it, so the revenue comes in. In this case, No Man's Sky Next Generation update ports the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, so that's a new audience of people who can buy the game. So they won't really run out money anytime soon.
Carlo Bassetti
Carlo Bassetti 5 dager siden
Me 2016: preorder NMS NMS 2016: Almost a scam Hello Games 2017: "NMS isn't dead. We did wrong, but we will make this game a milestone." Me 2017: "Yeah, sure. You took the money and now you'll disappear, as usual in these cases." Hello Games 2020: " ... and this is nothing, we have so much more ideas!" Me 2020: "You can do and say whatever you want, at this point."
Andrei _
Andrei _ 5 dager siden
Best apology evah
FlxzJohnson 5 dager siden
Can somebody explain how to transfer ur ps4 no man sky data to ps5 no mansky
isodoublet 5 dager siden
This game is worthless without the jurassic park theme on the melodica.
Waqas Mansoor
Waqas Mansoor 5 dager siden
jeez this game is expensive still and going strong , i wish it gets on some nice sale so i can finally taste it :)
Gabriel Leander
Gabriel Leander 5 dager siden
i won't fall for that again
Gamer's Empire
Gamer's Empire 6 dager siden
I thought they were going to play "Heart of Glass"
Just Steve
Just Steve 7 dager siden
looks nicer, yet every planet still feels like the same
Seth שת
Seth שת 7 dager siden
This game is the only reason I'd ever spend money on a PS5 or Xbox console.
Johann Rosario
Johann Rosario 7 dager siden
This game is the “Apple Macintosh/Steve Jobs” of all games.
Qlaspi 7 dager siden
Game had the biggest glow up
Rektangel 8 dager siden
spore 2
RedAlfa 8 dager siden
Fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice not gonna happen
Scott Reichert
Scott Reichert 8 dager siden
How are they making money off of this? whatever it is.. keep it up
Emulation4Life 8 dager siden
This game will be updated next 10 years final product will be insane..
AxJB Exposureofpotentiallydangerousinfo
AxJB Exposureofpotentiallydangerousinfo 8 dager siden
Next generation of capitalism in video games 🙄
earth was cool xD
earth was cool xD 8 dager siden
No guy's sky
anestis kastellos
anestis kastellos 8 dager siden
You lost your chance and our trust :/
Flash Rogue
Flash Rogue 8 dager siden
Its soooooo pretty
peps 8 dager siden
0x39 8 dager siden
I have so much respect for Hello Games for sticking with it and actually turning this game around.
Chelovek_ylibka 9 dager siden
No thanks. I tried this game once. No forgiveness
Yombo -_-
Yombo -_- 8 dager siden
You're the one missing out then
sudanema mimikiki
sudanema mimikiki 9 dager siden
so is it just graphical upradge? or are they going to flesh out atleast some of the features??
Aakash Sivakumar
Aakash Sivakumar 9 dager siden
Unfortunately I don't hv the ps5 so I can't play this update
Yombo -_-
Yombo -_- 8 dager siden
It's a ps4 update...
Kaizer2001 9 dager siden
They could've titled 'No Man's Sky: Redemption'.
Baguette 9 dager siden
Started from the bottom, now we're here
PixelFoundry 9 dager siden
I would be more interested in this game of they just added boots on the ground combat, not just aerial combat. We could fight space pirates, dangerous creatures, and other interlopers. This game is just dying to have gun-based combat to really tie it all together.
Pietro Casella
Pietro Casella 6 dager siden
The way things are going, it might as well be the next big update
DeZiio 9 dager siden
" From that one dude who lied about everything " " We bring to you" " Our Next Generations Journey "
BEISisICE 9 dager siden
The gane wasn't unfinished, we just needed to keep exploring.
BEISisICE 9 dager siden
No but for real, the game was unfinished
Icarian 9 dager siden
Multiplayer keeps unplayable, missions not getting update properly...
Jacob Simonsen
Jacob Simonsen 9 dager siden
Is multiplayer still gonna be pointless?
Tyson Rockford
Tyson Rockford 9 dager siden
chinamac marshmallow dantdm swampletics
Peteyabit 9 dager siden
after 6 years its actually half decent now:o
gb997 9 dager siden
mom can i get star trek the video game no we have star trek at home star trek at home:
nguyenthithanh phamhungcuong
nguyenthithanh phamhungcuong 10 dager siden
mrfreshasian furelise undertale oddfuture montypython nigelfarage
Vincent 10 dager siden
Now we can do nothing except with better graphics!
Jabiel R Figueroa
Jabiel R Figueroa 10 dager siden
Year 9007654 we made no mans sky irl cuz its the best game so do your damm work Developer
DRAGON BALL FAN 10 dager siden
Strating நல்லா தா இருக்கு ஆனா Finishing சரி இல்லையே பா
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 10 dager siden
I cant wait for No Mans Sky: Revelations
Ts IV 10 dager siden
Waiting for No Mans Sky: Redemption. Oh wait, it has been out all these while :)
Merlin 10 dager siden
I hope they fix xbox controller on pc
Doodling Hitman
Doodling Hitman 10 dager siden
this whole world looks like plastic :/
gurzhag 10 dager siden
Biggest scam in videogames history. Creators should be in jail.
Ethan 10 dager siden
How is this still going?
Michael Li
Michael Li 10 dager siden
I still remember my excitement when seeing this game will be launched on PS4 back in 2013...
Siyavash Torab
Siyavash Torab 10 dager siden
It's dest game
Simply_Power 10 dager siden
Ok but I still cannot forgive the fact that I somehow ended up over 500 warps away from the last mission of getting the Living Ship after going through all those 24 hour missions.
MGamingIL 11 dager siden
One of the best games that has ever came back, they couldve left the project with tons of millions of dollars. I was never dissapointed by them, i bought the game when mulitplayer was added and had so much fun, respect to them for not abandning this masterpeace of a game
Triggered Wizard
Triggered Wizard 11 dager siden
wow a remaketake my money pls pppffffftttt
Amirul_Izz 11 dager siden
I hope my computer afford this game
Magi V
Magi V 11 dager siden
This just looks incredible. No other word for it. Bravo.
That was Z.Z B.B
That was Z.Z B.B 11 dager siden
Pre ordered now to get the Travis Scott plant
SabyasachiBasak3399 11 dager siden
If No Man's Sky looks like this what will happen after then????? What surprises does Sean wants to make us see who knows. BTW Congrats Sean Huge Respect and Salute coz you deserve it.
Kosmiczny Szperacz
Kosmiczny Szperacz 11 dager siden
I can't stop playing this game. xD
Carlos Freire
Carlos Freire 11 dager siden
We have Father Star Citizen. Then there is this baby who cries
託生 ジャビラント和田
託生 ジャビラント和田 11 dager siden
Nico Paolella
Nico Paolella 11 dager siden
no man's sky has truly the best redemption history in the gamming industry that has ever happened smh
filipinowhiteboy 11 dager siden
So this game is worth getting now, I'm assuming. How does it perform on PC?
nabidiboy jones
nabidiboy jones 11 dager siden
It's sad thinking that this would've been the game of the decade if the initial release was anything remotely close to this.
Elder One
Elder One 11 dager siden
Can’t believe I bought this for 10$.
Wozzled 11 dager siden
This is cool but i want a reason to play the game.
TheTop HatNerd
TheTop HatNerd 11 dager siden
Press “D” to doubt
Someguy6571 12 dager siden
If only they launched the game like this then maybe they would have had more of a player base. Still after all this time the ship flight still feels very stiff and uninteresting. I still just feel like the ship is on rails. The ground game is just another base building survival simulator. Hopefully at some point I can come back to this and enjoy the game. Though not until they fix how ship flight feels. Its just to janky.
nikolygtx 12 dager siden
Excuse me but i have trust issues forward this
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza 12 dager siden
PSVR support, great. Mom, I am moving to a different planet forever!
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza 12 dager siden
I feel so bad for thinking this game was so bad 🙈
Kalen Amunugama
Kalen Amunugama 12 dager siden
To be honest, if you are going to show "next gen" games for anything, I think its best shown using the new RTX 3080 GPU
hermann La Grange
hermann La Grange 12 dager siden
Next Generation, its the best thing since...well, Next Generation!
Ixiah27 12 dager siden
Amazing what you can do with a Game when you have no moron soulless Publisher that tells you to stop trying to fix a Game and churn out the next DLC.....
NBW DOUGHBOY 12 dager siden
This Looks Beautiful! Why was the game considered so bad at first?
A. Remis
A. Remis 12 dager siden
It was buggy, empty, overpriced and missed a lot of stuff they showed in their first gameplay trailer.
RANA CREED 12 dager siden
this the best game ever do more update
Adam Ursell
Adam Ursell 12 dager siden
So... its almost to the point it was supposed to be at on release day? Woohoo!
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