Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles + Vacuum Former Rebuild!

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Adam Savage’s Tested

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Adam embarks on a build of the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles prop, an essential part of his Ghostbusters cosplay. And to create the rare night-vision goggle eyepiece, Adam turns to vacuum forming and carves an accurate buck of the frame. But when Adam's vacuum forming machine breaks down, Adam switches gears and rebuilds his vacuum former to restore this long-running tool to its former glory!
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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Noah Drumond
Noah Drumond 2 timer siden
47:20 famous last words
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez 17 timer siden
i like the editing in this one. cheers to whoever did it.
yjy Pyyj
yjy Pyyj 21 time siden
Adam: "not as much droop.." also Adam: fiddles with camera, explains the process for the umpteenth time, plastic still heating....
Skul_man2k 11 timer siden
Stolen comment
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Dag siden
Since the buck already has holes for the vacuum, can't you just blow an air gun into it to get the form out? Or would that cause more problems?
Josh Mittie
Josh Mittie Dag siden
I've never done vacuum forming but seems like a air gun and a shot in the seam would pop that mold off or a hole same size as the airgun tip through to a area getting cut out so the dimple doesn't matter. It works great on hand grips that seem impossible to remove
Dale Marcell
Dale Marcell Dag siden
A fire extinguisher could be a handy item to have on hand. 🧯. Not sure but if Adam doesn’t have a shop name I would say “ the Flash” would be a great !
Charles Lake
Charles Lake 2 dager siden
U should etch your on/off switches
Nick Coughlin
Nick Coughlin 3 dager siden
What if you used a small sheet of aluminum to evenly heat the plastic. The element would heat the aluminum and heat the plastic a bit more even (just a small improvement.
dcleondc 3 dager siden
I may have missed it in the video but i hope he utilized that earth wire for the front plate and the metal frame
Luke Fabis
Luke Fabis 3 dager siden
What if, instead of a 3-position switch, you used a levered momentary switch and a relay? Same idea: you’d have something that would immediately kill the heat and turn on the vacuum, but the difference is that you wouldn’t manually toggle it. Rather, as you pull the plastic sheet down, you’d hit the switch, triggering the relay to kill power to the heat and activate the vacuum. That way, you have no wasted movements, and can start pulling reliably. You’d still need a master switch to kill power when you’re done, but that’s just a good idea in general as a safety measure.
The Devil In The Circuit
The Devil In The Circuit 4 dager siden
Use a Forstner bit to drill two 1" diameter holes 1" apart and 2" deep in the center back of your buck. It serves as a handle to help remove it from the form; you put a finger and thumb in, pinch, and pull.
Matt Fleming
Matt Fleming 4 dager siden
Adam, I’ve been watching you since the inception of Mythbusters. You are a true master crafter. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching how your mind works in all these builds...... But you are the least safe crafter I’ve ever seen....dude, blowing chips from your lathe with an air compressor without eye protection, never wearing any kind of mask, gloves or glasses..etc, etc. today you blow fine dust under a heating element.... I don’t want to hinder your build flow but so many people watch you and look up to least tell people to wear PPE even if you’re not going to.
Sussie Sapphire
Sussie Sapphire 4 dager siden
Anyone else remember seeing the vacuum former on a few Mythbusters episodes? Anyone else like me think at the time it was an old popcorn machine he'd remade into something else?
Kas b
Kas b 5 dager siden
1:14:40 My life lol. I have people that ask me how I know all the shit I do or how do I know how to fix really random shit that most people wouldn't bother with, etc. It's cause I fuck up enough times to know how not to do something in enough ways to mostly figure out the right way to do it. Tbh mythbusters did actually help with that a bit cause every time I watched the show I would try and think up how I would do a particular experiment different than you guys did on the show. So now whenever I have shit that breaks I just kinda will sit there staring at it while in my head it's cranking at full speed running through every possible scenario to fix whatever broke, usually starting with the easiest (paying someone to fix it) to replacing parts with new things, old parts, or make my own fix. The latter two options are most common. Being able to come up with a solution vs having the funds to implement the best solution aren't exactly the same thing.
outseeker 5 dager siden
your vac form machine reminds me of an old gumball machine somehow- i like it! :)
BlackCell22 5 dager siden
Cool story Adam! But you forgot to make the ecto goggles...
Matt Eagle
Matt Eagle 5 dager siden
I want to know how much Adderall goes into these video
Eric Vekaryasz
Eric Vekaryasz 6 dager siden
If it is possible to do so with the left over from the sheets of styrene(I've not messed with it and I don't know if this will ruin the properties of the sheets), you should make something to melt the sheet's waste and remake it into new sheets.
Justin Murphy
Justin Murphy 6 dager siden
If anything was learned in this video it's that super still can fix anything and everything, but who knew, now with baking soda!
Jason Aviles
Jason Aviles 6 dager siden
Demerit idea! Cutting on the wrong side of the line
kiwiruna 6 dager siden
Adam, Didn't you make a buck an identical buck for your Blade Runner Binos?
Ryan Saper
Ryan Saper 6 dager siden
Never tried vacuum forming, but I sometimes 3D print with ABS, and I feel your pain. Such a hassle
Robert McCallum
Robert McCallum 7 dager siden
You should use a magnetic switch for the heating coils that way when you disconnect your frame it automatically turns off the element. If you couple that with a safety stop type switch that shuts off the vacuum cleaner while the heater's on, it would make it so that you didn't have so much to do while trying to transfer from the heating element to the vacuum
Ryan D
Ryan D 7 dager siden
Thanks Adam, I love a bit of problem solving
Holofmeister 9 dager siden
Would it be difficult to add a removable handle to the styrene form so that it'll be easier to remove?
Angie Kyle
Angie Kyle 9 dager siden
Adam Savage: (i an only imagine; talking with his hands) the heater heats up the top Molecules which expandand, it bows up then wrinkles, then straightens out. Me: is that a giant swiss pocket knife, with moving blades?
nightcaste 9 dager siden
I think we know what happened to the "missing" metal frame.
SolarTara 9 dager siden
Adam, check out Colin Furze built his own custom size metal bender. No need to buy one! :P
Minja Leoppky
Minja Leoppky 9 dager siden
Since you'd be cutting out the lens area anyway, @Adam, would it not make it easier to cut that out while it's on the buck thus relieving suction effect from the back?
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson 9 dager siden
Adam, try turning on the vacuum before you drop the hot plastic sheet, and go a little slower when pushing down over the buck. you might be better able to control the forming of the corners. it might reduce the web forming...
Thresher 9 dager siden
Adam... could you not engineer your buck to accommodate a sort of blow hole... what i mean is use tapered holes to force compressed air through the buck to separate the two?
Trunin Mann
Trunin Mann 9 dager siden
Do you ever use aluminum foil to test your bucks before you do a pull? I have used that trick before to minimize the number of times I need to modify.
VolvoValor 10 dager siden
You can drill a hole straight in the middle of the form and use compressed air afterwards to get the plastic piece off. The middle part is waste anyways.
Edward MacMillan
Edward MacMillan 11 dager siden
I haven't seen if it's been brought up yet but I was thinking you could just 3D print it. Seems like it would be a lot easier.
Kaladin Stormblessed
Kaladin Stormblessed 11 dager siden
Tool and fixture making is the real magic of manufacturing
IronLichAsphyxious 11 dager siden
Adam made that wooden frame to place over the sheet and buck to help avoid creases. It didn't look like it worked too well. Would it have helped more to put the frame down before he pulled the sheet down, or would that stretch out the material too much?
Stan Juan
Stan Juan 11 dager siden
Time index 17:11 Correction Adam, that's the smell of cancer. Just sayin man.
Carlos Gutiérrez
Carlos Gutiérrez 11 dager siden
Adam: Is it possible that i dont have any more perforated plate? (He finds some perforated plate from 40 years ago) Me: OK, Adam has it all! Adam: Let´s talk about what a metal brake is! Me: W-H-A-T?? Where does he find space to put all these tools?
Rule 62 LIVE
Rule 62 LIVE 11 dager siden
Why not Kydex? Is Kydex another name for Styrene?
Zim Zimmerman
Zim Zimmerman 11 dager siden
been listening/reading to a lot of dresden files by chance?
Justin F
Justin F 11 dager siden
Disappointment you didn't name it MegaMaid
houseatwrongtown 11 dager siden
As soon as he mentioned changing the switching I knew exactly what I would want to do. Having my instinct match up with what Mr Savage has decided on is probably the most satisfying feeling I'll have all day 😁
Eric Steele
Eric Steele 11 dager siden
make this with a 3d printer
Michael Hazen
Michael Hazen 12 dager siden
Back in our own "olden days" we had "Boeing Surplus" man there were treasures there.
ISAAC MAROLT 12 dager siden
he had me at... WHAT i have here is A BEAUTIFUL virgin...
Korben 77
Korben 77 13 dager siden
That hat fits you perfectly!
Joseph Russell Maceda
Joseph Russell Maceda 13 dager siden
I know I don’t have a workshop like you do Mr Adam but I just wanted to say from other videos I have seen when it comes to metals being rusty i have heard that soaking metals in a Vinegar bath for a little bit of time tends to work to help with the rusty parts you may come across in what ever projects you may work on in the future but regardless love the videos and keep doing what your doing I wouldn’t change a thing and have a nice day Mr Savage
Red62 14 dager siden
I feel like the power switch should read "Activate" and the selector switch should read "Intensify" and "Throttle"
robdude1969 14 dager siden
19:34 - How about a burst of compressed air here - That cushion of air helps release tight things. works great for getting grips off bike handlebars.
Christopher 14 dager siden
I love the videos but it just doesn’t work when Americans try to use British slang
Hazel c
Hazel c 15 dager siden
I did that same make a chocolate bar shaped wood block, vacuum form it and then make the bar in design and technology at school! Only I'm in the UK and it was 2010 😂
Skin Is delicious
Skin Is delicious 15 dager siden
Excellent work Hephaestus
Chris Braun
Chris Braun 16 dager siden
Scott Schering
Scott Schering 16 dager siden
For those without a press break look up a "Klein Steel Folding Tool" It's made for folding duct work flanges.. It has a 3/8" and 1" depth slot for making clean bends in 24g sheet metal by hand.
LLGames 16 dager siden
Adam, I know you have a thing for wire nuts: but would it kill you to put your connections inside some kind of junction box? You are one watch snag away from dangling live wires. Speaking from experience here.
James Anderson
James Anderson 16 dager siden
17:06 sawdust fire
Mike Maund
Mike Maund 16 dager siden
Adam you made a great choice in the Bridgeport milling machine, I spent many hours using one, it came in very handy when building a sorting conveyor to sort cans of underweight salmon. The mill worked great for making keyways in the rollers and round shafts. Yes, the conveyor also weighed the small cans.
Mike Maund
Mike Maund 16 dager siden
Adam, you are a Savage when it comes to perfection, and I Thank You for it. The youtube videos are very interesting and exciting. Keep up the GREAT work. I spent over 20+ years as a millwright/machinist, primarily in Alaska, this includes power plant within this period. Thanks again for all that you do. You have also put together a very nice shop too.
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget 16 dager siden
I wish I could have mentors like you did when you were younger adam. Sadly I live in a town were most people from that era are long gone. I found a mechanic shop were I got a job and there is the owner who knows a lot about mechanical engineering yet he settled for being a mechanic. This guy fixed my tail lights wit a bottle cap so I thino I found somone to learn from. I think we all need a mentor once im a while to help us on our path to figure out who we really are.
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget 16 dager siden
I allways try to look for scrap metal for my projects its sad that I cant find a metal store around where I live. The one that is close to me is around 16 miles away.
Will Sofer
Will Sofer 16 dager siden
Always lovely to see how enthusiastic you are about most of the projects on this channel. You often inspire me to be more proactive in undertaking my own projects (I'm a chronic procrastinator, to be honest), so that I can experience a little of that very same satisfaction. Keep doing what you're doing, Adam. You obviously enjoy what you do, and that's definitely admirable. And you're quite good at it.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 16 dager siden
small brake, hard to find or out of budget?
Jason Simonds
Jason Simonds 16 dager siden
Hey Adam!! Saw this on eBay
Adam Denne
Adam Denne 17 dager siden
I just want to know where I can get the instrumental from when he begins working.... Shazam was of no help.
Nu Focus
Nu Focus 17 dager siden
"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently capable fool." murphys law
Starrigger83 17 dager siden
What would happen if you blew compressed air into those holes in the buck? Would that help in removing the plastic from the buck?
Andrew Gillis
Andrew Gillis 17 dager siden
Long time ago, early 1960s, there was a toy that was a vacuum former. Mattel made one called Vac-U Form. They stopped making them because too many children got serious burns. I knew some model train and RC model plane makers who were able to to make pieces that had undercuts by making the positive (buck) in multiple parts that were then joined together for the process.
Hendrik 18 dager siden
Can't you just shoot compressed air into between the plastic and the model to separate them more easily?
frank doster
frank doster 18 dager siden
Adams the only hoarder i've seen that uses his stuff.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 18 dager siden
maybe you should search some german companies about that vacuform machine...with google i found 3 german companies using the term "vacu form" or "vaquform" and so on... gl
G. Jose Malave
G. Jose Malave 18 dager siden
Seeing that you have to handle the form once you flip the switch from Heat to vacuum perhaps a footswitch so you can bypass the one on the panel leaving your hands free to manage the material without having to run up and grab which could lead to grabbing the wrong thing or damaging the material; depressing the footswitch triggers a relay that turns off the heating element and connects the vacuum line one on the NO and the other on the NC side with positive on the COM terminal. Just gotta get one that will do the trick when it comes to amperage. Something like a guitar foot pedal would do the trick to trigger the relay with low voltage, but it does add complexity. Vacuum Former 3.0 ;)
Lunatick666 18 dager siden
I want to see you make a mini bruce Jaws working shark. GET ON IT!!!!
Auburn Elvis
Auburn Elvis 18 dager siden
Could you reduce the webbing effect by adding small pieces of wood, approximately the same volume as each web just past the edge of the form? It seems like that would give that extra plastic somewhere to go by stretching over those wood pieces. And since your vacuum bed is perf sheet, you could add little finish nails to the underside of the wood pieces that would sit in the sheet's perforations, and temporarily hold them into place. Maybe. Just an idea.
Thule 19 dager siden
Hey Adam. A little pro-tip, my buddy taught me. When you strip the wires, dont pull off the sheathing all the way off.... Use the cut-off sheath to perfectly twist the wires every time,, without wearing out your fingers.
TheAngelsPenthouse 19 dager siden
"Hells bells, Margaret ! I'm not doing that" -Adam Savage. lmfao
Zhenya Dashuk
Zhenya Dashuk 19 dager siden
why not blow compressed air between the form and the part to make it pop out easier?
Steph D Magpie
Steph D Magpie 19 dager siden
Please don't ever stop telling your really long stories.
Harold Driscoll
Harold Driscoll 19 dager siden
Would it help if you turned the buck 90 degrees?
Håvard Hamran
Håvard Hamran 20 dager siden
42:13 Pro tip if you can't reconfigure your break to match the box! If you bend the four sides in sequence, you can place each previous bent corner on the edge of the Break, and then you only have the last side that you can't bend in fully 90 degrees. Bend it as far as it goes, then do the rest with a hand tool. Then the bend is already started evenly, and you can jack it up to square without deforming the plate as a whole :) Great build Adam! :)
Tyler Hopaluk
Tyler Hopaluk 20 dager siden
@11:52 There is nothing more permanent then a temporary fix that works.
Zean Droid
Zean Droid 20 dager siden
Should put a temperature meter so you can regulate the
Huns Adham
Huns Adham 21 dag siden
First glance i thought a popcorn machine
Levi Johansen
Levi Johansen 21 dag siden
He pulled it down when the plastic was drooping too much, making a lot og webbing. Then he did it exactely the same multiple times in a row, while saying he would do it sooner 🤦🏻‍♂️
SongDog7 21 dag siden
The quickness you need to pull the plastic down and then switch on the vacuum and then go back to holding the frame kind of makes me wonder... Is there a such thing as a giant rocker switch that has the A, B and Off positions you could use as a foot switch? I'm talking huge thing that looks like a guitar wah pedal. Turn off the heat/on the vac with your foot while having your hands free to drop and hold the frame. I gotta look into making something like that...
Shadow Mancer
Shadow Mancer 21 dag siden
can you reverse the shopvac to blow up and separate the plastic from the buck?
Lynwood Jackson
Lynwood Jackson 22 dager siden
I think the word you were looking for is "output".
Ron Rich
Ron Rich 22 dager siden
Sparky 22 dager siden
i swear Adam is that cool uncle who owns a shop who lets you come in and teaches you how to make stuff than once done lets you take home one of his cool projects to take home and play with.
Brian Simpson
Brian Simpson 22 dager siden
a trick I'm surprised you didn't know, to easily separate stuck plastic buckets, or a buck from a form, blast your air compressor into the gap between them and it will crate an air cushion that makes them slide apart easily.
MC Boromir
MC Boromir 22 dager siden
Production team: "Adaaam, that's a 5000$ camera! Use IT'S stand!" Adam:"NAH, I don't know where I left it, Ima improvise, it'll do fine." THEN: 11:15
Zfrenchy 22 dager siden
put this junk away (or keep in your museum) and use the second better vacuum-form machine you have, SAFER BETTER
Zfrenchy 22 dager siden
Pieter Oosthuizen
Pieter Oosthuizen 22 dager siden
Adam use a heat gun to heat the creases while the wrapping is still hot and while the vacuum still run and massage the crease out, it will also help if you raise the form a little from the vac bed with frame , that will help with neater folds at the sharp corners but make it a little more difficult to get it of the form, we normally used a wood planers blade to make crisp cuts at the bottom of the form. Glad to assist the master this time hehehe Peter South Africa
Colt Zahradnick
Colt Zahradnick 22 dager siden
you could also grab some SToner Mold release spray. Works amazing with any plastic forming. As well as giving plastic a slick surface.
Colt Zahradnick
Colt Zahradnick 22 dager siden
shoot some air in the holes you cut for corner suction. the mold should force itself off keeping everything intact
swc2001 22 dager siden
Love the shirt. Awesome video! Love your stuff man!
legsakimbo666 22 dager siden
I wonder if you could use balsa foam also?
qwertymodo 22 dager siden
Easy way of taking off those vacuformed parts, take your air hose and blow it into the vacuum holes you drilled into the buck.
Phatt Jay
Phatt Jay 23 dager siden
ADAM! Talcum causes cancer in California!!!!!!!
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 23 dager siden
why not build vertical tracks for the tray to run on so that 1) it is easier to maneuver down to the form and 2) you can guarantee a level/uniform drop of the plastic onto the form. Could be as easy as 4 rods that the bottom of the plastic tray attach to (so you can still hinge the top) or more complicated with counter weight and height adjustment for one handed operation and adjusting how close the plastic is to heat.
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