Film Theory: Star Wars, Why don't Force Ghosts do EVERYTHING?

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5 måneder siden

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Star Wars has a LOT of ever shifting lore. One piece that has stayed and evolved since the original trilogy is the Force Ghost. You know, the blue filter versions of all your favorite dead Jedi that pop up to appease the fans - I mean, give sage advice. It's true, when we look at Force Ghosts throughout the franchise, they seem mostly useless. Until we get to the newest trilogy, where they are shooting lightning and lifting giant ships out of the ocean. What?! If these Force Ghosts are so powerful and able to interact with the real world, why do they not help out with all the crazy stuff going down? That's what I aim to answer today!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
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Muzell 5 måneder siden
"Obi Wans force ghost is also in a bit of a middle ground." No...He has the high ground
•Fallen •
•Fallen • 6 timer siden
You were supposed to destroy the with not join them!
Louise 8 dager siden
RaspBerry 13 dager siden
Aaron Titus he did
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 18 dager siden
you are a true fan of star wars
FIRE•BLADE Måned siden
The Muffin buster
The Muffin buster 2 timer siden
Wait the middle ground not the high ground
DreadFed 5 timer siden
I think weapon designers in Star Wars have a brain aneurysm/tumor/hemorrhage “Let’s invest SEVERAL QUINTILLION CREDITS to make a space station that blows up planets, although we could create a drone hyperspace kamikaze (An AI Missile) that is STUPIDLY CHEAPER and does the same job.”
Zaphod Stone
Zaphod Stone 7 timer siden
Maybe the force ghosts are like Dr Strange, they saw into the future and the outcome was a win without them interfering so they chose not to.
Thomas Routt
Thomas Routt 9 timer siden
I actually really enjoyed this movie. Just stop complaining and deal with the damm movie
Loic Lejeune
Loic Lejeune 11 timer siden
obi-wan is interacting with the world euhm... yes he is standing on the GROUND, he's affected by GRAVITY don't want to know what would happen if that wouldn't be the case
Mega 038
Mega 038 Dag siden
kylo ren never became a force ghost
Gibsoft Dag siden
Ellie Cole-Calderon
Ellie Cole-Calderon 2 dager siden
Matpat, you made me think twice at every little thing I see, and now my friends refer to me as "the theory nerd".
Ilan Rosenstock
Ilan Rosenstock 2 dager siden
Your force has worked on me; I have subscribed.
werd reee
werd reee 3 dager siden
Force ghosts are the will of the force and therefore technically they can't attack someone at the forces and want them to
ShttrdCrystal 3 dager siden
Well if the ghosts got involved on Endor, Darth Vader would never got the opportunity for redemption. If he ghosts can truly sense the future, they wouldn't've done anything on purpose.
Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie Hughes 4 dager siden
The reason anakin became a force ghost without having to learn was because he was the chosen one or so I think
FurretGaming _
FurretGaming _ 4 dager siden
The reason obi Wan didnt help at endor is because u know how he can see into the future, he can see that if he doesnt help Vader turns to the light.
kscool420 4 dager siden
It is a masterpiece
Donte Singleton jr
Donte Singleton jr 4 dager siden
Anakin was made of the force
Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions 4 dager siden
Hate to break it to you but I don’t think the lego Star Wars is cannon to actual Star Wars
jaxon's life and games
jaxon's life and games 4 dager siden
i liked rise of skywalker its the best of the new moivies
Alexander Amaya
Alexander Amaya 4 dager siden
You know I think force ghosts are just lazy
Emerald Emperor
Emerald Emperor 5 dager siden
Shoulda said "holier than Yoda's lack of a corpse" and then awkwardly explained the joke
Soloman Grundy
Soloman Grundy 5 dager siden
Isn't she palpatine's clones' daughter?
Manawar 7575
Manawar 7575 5 dager siden
Ha jokes on you force ghost mattpat I’ve already subscribed.
YuhBoiBaker 5 dager siden
Matpat: fortnite connects marvel and star wars,Me: Marvel DC crossover
DarkMatter1700 5 dager siden
actually, if you think about it all the Jedi's are dead at the midpoint of ROS as Ray is a Palpatine which technically makes her a Sith
Jan Mokry
Jan Mokry 5 dager siden
cold you make a theory about Coco becose it doesn't have a haping ending
jeffy fan20
jeffy fan20 5 dager siden
Sgt. PATRIOTIC PIC 6 dager siden
The Jedi cannot take revenge, so they cannot attack someone after death because it would be revenge
Cameron Clifton
Cameron Clifton 6 dager siden
awesome do more
Mirror Reflex
Mirror Reflex 6 dager siden
Religion Supertitious.
Zach Stuart
Zach Stuart 7 dager siden
Joe The Eskimo
Joe The Eskimo 7 dager siden
Bespin is actually covered in Beldons that produce the Tibanna gas the city mines.
suravian666 7 dager siden
That isn't a Plot Hole, THE Death Star Was in Orbit around the Planet The Shield was on Endor, besides killing random clone troops who were fine with how the Indigenous People lived. them destroying a shield generator would just cause it to be rebuilt by the Massive amount of resources needed to build a friggin Death Star. not a plot Vader, and the emperor never stepped foot on the planet and probably on purpose
Darth Sandiest
Darth Sandiest 7 dager siden
Maybe they didn't help on endor becausethey needed to get up to the emperor and they knew they had to use Darth Vader to get him there
Will Barlow
Will Barlow 7 dager siden
There’s a lot of tiny details thatStar Wars the Star Wars fans will get mad about if you make a tiny mistake with including me I’m here to say that even though you do many other theories you are a great Star Wars theorist
Itzryonhi 7 dager siden
123 go
abc abc
abc abc 7 dager siden
This was the first question I thought when I first heard of force ghosts.
Rhonda Utt
Rhonda Utt 7 dager siden
Make a Steven Universe theory
Jassu Rahal
Jassu Rahal 7 dager siden
can you do a scp theory
Cheesygamer42 8 dager siden
Eggs and batteries in space. Battery consumes eggs.
ethan shmit
ethan shmit 8 dager siden
I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney stole this exact explanation
EJ Young Music
EJ Young Music 8 dager siden
You mean M-Count.
Kaju1 Corruption
Kaju1 Corruption 8 dager siden
I wanted Fey.
Erlend Andre Smalo
Erlend Andre Smalo 8 dager siden
This theory is wrong. Because in the Canon comics, the force gost of anakin was only able to visit leia once and never again. And how did obi wan talk to luke when he was in space bear the death star. And if force ghosts can show UP in space, why did they not show up at palpatens doorstep, when he has million of troops on the planet with him.
Totally Mad 4Science
Totally Mad 4Science 8 dager siden
Balance is an eaquel amount of 2 things not 1 dominant thing.
living. for. herron
living. for. herron 8 dager siden
Use me as a "there should be another star wars movie to bring Ben back" button
Tooner Studio
Tooner Studio 8 dager siden
15:38 enough proof for the theory that they just want to enjoy retirement
marsel dagistani
marsel dagistani 8 dager siden
What about Darth Marr from the Old Republic
GamerFlair 8 dager siden
I feel like theres a fair amount of good logic in this, but also ignores a little more. Its not just location they are tied to, its people. They are only able to help those whom they have an attachment with (IE; Rey never sees a ghost of Obi Wan or Yoda. Only Luke sees them. Rey only sees Luke and Leia because she had bonds with them). Also, given that its a light sided ability, it makes sense that any help is physically limited to assisting the person responsibly for manifesting them (and more then that, its probably likely the force power they are able to use is linked to the user "generating" the ghost.) All the actions taken physically by the ghosts are something the user wanted to do (at least on a subconcious level). Usually when the generator of the ghost is in a state of confusion, inner turmoil. The actions taken by the ghosts are something the generator could do (even the ship, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that xwing was probably around somewhere.)
SHOM DOGE 9 dager siden
MatPat - so overall the reason force ghosts can interact is because the amonunt of life is higher. The studio- yea totally that’s why the force ghosts are like that,totally not something that we used to solve certain problem
Dark gaming
Dark gaming 9 dager siden
Me hearing Darth Pat: UNLIMITED THEORIES!!!!!!!!!!!
vel kyundamee
vel kyundamee 9 dager siden
I like how u call the sequels a perfect movie yet they're being phased out of starwars canon Thank god for that btw
Spongebob, but Indian
Spongebob, but Indian 9 dager siden
I'm sorry, but did he just say, "I think we can all agree the "The Rise of Skywalker" was a perfect movie. "
Lego Leviathan
Lego Leviathan 9 dager siden
In the video the cartoon midi-chlorians look like fried eggs 😂 🍳
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 9 dager siden
Theory: If the ghost had stopped Vader Luke would not have been able to turn him to the light side and bring back balance and since the ghost can see the future they would know not to stop him
Generally Tankers
Generally Tankers 9 dager siden
Obi wan was still the master of trolling even after death
Jonathan Happel
Jonathan Happel 10 dager siden
Dang it. Jedi mind trick worked on me
Tasha Rogers
Tasha Rogers 10 dager siden
This is big brain time
RI_Frontiersman 10 dager siden
most plausible theory yet
Keith & Gretchen Haney
Keith & Gretchen Haney 10 dager siden
dood that movie is old, they didn't have as good speshal afecs
King Trier
King Trier 9 dager siden
U good bro
Dragomir Zec
Dragomir Zec 10 dager siden
Disney screwed up star wars.
Darth Cyon
Darth Cyon 10 dager siden
this is probably right for canon. in legends it was the same. ghosts could barely do anything besides conjure themselves unless the force was strong in either a person or place they could draw from. in legends the force could hurt the ghost of opposite alignment so it was risky for a ghost to manifest if they weren't strong enough because if the spirit is destroyed then well that's just non-existence afterward
ᆞᆞ 10 dager siden
You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, now it’s time for Yoda in a Skoda, Rey on a tray, Fin on a bin, Luke was a fluke and Maul on a call
Brick Men
Brick Men 10 dager siden
I died force ghost 2pac
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman 11 dager siden
Answer Rian Johnson and disney wanted to do something that o lied cool even though it breaks the rules of the force and the series Notable examples Yoda lighting Hyper speed ramming Force healing (Healing like the one shown in tros) That space cancsr thing Rey just Rey And so much more Say what you will about the prequels at least they didn't try to break any rules and recycle stories from the ot. Isn't that right force awakens and rise of skywalker
David Domino
David Domino 11 dager siden
force ghost 2 pac xDDDDD
Briana Mills
Briana Mills 11 dager siden
In short, despite what it did well, there were many little things that make the movie silly
Ray Stimphil
Ray Stimphil 11 dager siden
The reason the force ghosts did not help on Endor is because they wanted to give Luke a chance to redeem Vader.
Malia Bright
Malia Bright 11 dager siden
It's also possible that force ghosts follow a certain set of rules that prevent them from interfering.
Arrow Bomb
Arrow Bomb 11 dager siden
"all joking aside" bruh lego star wars is great. they made the first 3 movies into masterpieces. plus, its lego star wars
Fleato 11 dager siden
honestly the dumbest thing... is leia.... WHY IS SHE A FUCKING FORCE GHOST. WHY DOES SHE NOW HAVE FORCE POWERS.
Julian Saiz
Julian Saiz 11 dager siden
What if the whole reason the Jedi didn’t sense a plot to destroy the Jedi was because corosaunt with all its infrastructure and disconnection to life it made them weaker to the force
John Violette
John Violette 12 dager siden
If you were right with the reys parents theory the kiss would have been... lets just say Alabama 100
Elena Wilkins
Elena Wilkins 12 dager siden
I love Renlo too XD. I am so sad he died.
ben trimble
ben trimble 12 dager siden
Luke:: "A Jedi's weapon deserves more respect." Me: Says the guy who tossed the lightsaber off a cliff. 😒
Sumbody 69
Sumbody 69 12 dager siden
This whole entire new trilogy was fucking god awful and I feel bad that this is what kids today have to consider star wars.
Olivia Harper
Olivia Harper 12 dager siden
oh oh oh I know this! mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell
WebKarma 13 dager siden
Star Wars's biggest plot hole
Phyrexian Walker
Phyrexian Walker 13 dager siden
This is like listening to people trying to solve the The Problem of Divine Hiddenness. They cherry pick the hits while ignoring the misses.
Sylfix 13 dager siden
lego star wars on the DS was such a fun game
Fancy Underwear
Fancy Underwear 13 dager siden
I agree with these complaints especially them saying ray is a Skywalker I'm a pissed about that
Luis Velez
Luis Velez 13 dager siden
I’ve think is because the sith are dark type and force ghosts are resisted by there presence
Gabriel Uriarte
Gabriel Uriarte 13 dager siden
I've always considered that perhaps they use the force connection with the person who get's to witness the force ghosts, this would explain how come in endor no-one other than Luke seemed to be able to see the ghosts
5353Jumper 13 dager siden
They didn't just do everything because eagles are Miar and do not influence the events of middle earth, just assist the good side with ex machina saves.
memey boi
memey boi 13 dager siden
for the endor thing yoda wanted luke to face his demons and obi wan likely knew it so they didnt do anything since if they did something luke might not have been strong enough to face the emperor
Ifbb pro Jasper Jawanda
Ifbb pro Jasper Jawanda 13 dager siden
And qui gon was not the first one it was the original Jedi in the old republic and sith
Ifbb pro Jasper Jawanda
Ifbb pro Jasper Jawanda 13 dager siden
They don’t interfere because it disrupts the force causing imbalance
Jacob D.
Jacob D. 13 dager siden
The fact that movie exists brings me pain
Geeky Gamer
Geeky Gamer 13 dager siden
simple. If you can wield the force, you can wield force ghosts. (because force ghosts are actually embodiments of the force, so if someone that wants to control them and has the force then they can do pretty much whatever you want to them)
Granville Steele
Granville Steele 13 dager siden
we not gonna mention the time in the OT where yoda lifts an X-wing? Just like Luke?
xMAGICKYT 13 dager siden
Hey matpat- matpat how bout make a video on... why the sequel trilogy existed
John Ree
John Ree 13 dager siden
And yet there is no light or dark side it is just how they access the force
Bob Haddon
Bob Haddon 14 dager siden
They did not attack Vader on endor because they needed him to return to the Light before he died. That also explains why they let luke (a woefully inexperienced teenager) face Vader (the deadliest warrior in the galaxy) because they needed luke to be vulnerable to play on Vader's biggest weeknesses, fear of losing family and inability to control his emotions.
Boro Stepanovic
Boro Stepanovic 14 dager siden
Well that was always bugging me..ben kenobi told darth vader that if he strikes him down he will return more powerful than he can imagine..force ghost wouldnt be really powerful ir even just strong if they couldnt interact with the physical world 👀
Everett Dean
Everett Dean 14 dager siden
I’m sad Star Wars the skywalker saga ended
AquadarK22 14 dager siden
How about this? The line spoken by those who originally taught the ghost technique. "Then the blessing I give..." Who's to say there isn't also a condition upon becoming a force ghost even beyond just location.
Abel Demeter
Abel Demeter 14 dager siden
Well,just to let you know,your force manipulation in the last seconds worked ;)
Matt Wang
Matt Wang 14 dager siden
I will subscribe and turn on the notifications
Dantiel82 14 dager siden
AARONrandom 14 dager siden
Force ghost 2pac
minkeyandzomble 14 dager siden
So.. what you're saying is that force ghosts have phenomenal cosmic power.. and itty bitty living space
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