Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom Workshop Apron!

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3 måneder siden

Adam's apron is now for sale! Buy it here:
Adam makes his ideal workshop apron from scratch in today's build, after having recently discovered the joys of working with a shop apron in the cave. Made of leather and waxed canvas, this apron addresses all of Adam's tool carrying needs with streamlined pocket arrangements, durable straps, and is fitted for his own body. Follow along to learn how you can pattern and sew your own apron, and we'd love to see how you carry your tools while working in your own shops!
Adam's Everyday Carry in his apron:
Papermate Sharpwriter #2:
Pica Pen:
Whiteout Pen:
Small Machinist Square:
Flush Cutters:
Dial Calipers:
Giaco Maker Knife:
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Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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A Guy
A Guy 14 timer siden
using ferric chloride to etch brass, brilliant. I need to learn to sew and make me one.
nickwoo2 17 timer siden
For those interested in an apron, always get one that hangs on the shoulders rather than on the neck. It will eliminate upper back pain.
Arclight545 Dag siden
Front pocket is crooked. Otherwise it is one hell of a build
peter thygesen
peter thygesen 2 dager siden
somebody what is the name of clip that adam used on the back of the apron ?
Karan Allen
Karan Allen 3 dager siden
Love the apron!!
Richard Western
Richard Western 4 dager siden
Magnet let connectors Adam.
Luna Lockhart
Luna Lockhart 4 dager siden
really liked the herringbone, but then he forgot about the herringbone, and I don't think he addressed the change. berenstain bears all over again, man
ScottMcNorton 4 dager siden
Tape Measure?
Moony Reel
Moony Reel 6 dager siden
With the way my weight fluctuates I wouldn’t be able to make something like this.
Polthaus 7 dager siden
Absolutely beautiful work! I really love my overalls for shop work, for the same reasons that apron is so useful, but I may have to spend some time at the sewing machine after seeing that split leg design. Thank you for all your videos lately, Adam, they have given great inspiration in trying times.
sorins ingus
sorins ingus 13 dager siden
I like Your Jobs. Your shop super
gjp627 13 dager siden
I always ran my apron strings thru a couple belt loops and tied it in the front
Koyote 13 dager siden
May want to get yourself an edge beveler for your leather work, think of it like a chamfer bit for a router in wood working, then once you burnish the leather, you get a nicely rounded edge.
The Artisan Angler
The Artisan Angler 13 dager siden
This is my favorite episode yet!
Jeric Beachside
Jeric Beachside 13 dager siden
Adam tie your apron in the front just past the strings around the back I recommend you criss-cross them twice in the back and then bring around the front and tie your bow in the front Don't struggle with the back do like all weight staff doesn't all restaurants and tie them in the front
King of Dongles
King of Dongles 14 dager siden
I’ve always tried to install my rivets flipped around from the way Adam did it. They usually end up skewed an broken. Anyone know if that’s the reason, or does it not matter which piece is on top?
ItalianBrownsFAN 14 dager siden
Aprons are meant for women.
Ben Butler
Ben Butler 15 dager siden
As someone who works in a store where aprons are part of the dress code I can confidently say that a well fitting apron is essential. Very rarely do I need to walk off to grab a tool as everything I use regularly is always on me. It saves a lot of time and frustration, it also helps us forgetful types lose important stuff less often.
Ferret -007
Ferret -007 16 dager siden
Thank you for including a sewing project
Ryan Langan
Ryan Langan 17 dager siden
I don't want to be a narc, but it seems like you've been both dressing and undressing in your shop, and that strictly prohibited.
ROBIN MCCULLARS 18 dager siden
Bravo Zulu!
Merlin WM
Merlin WM 19 dager siden
Truly great work, man! Only thing I can think of to make it even more durable is putting some extra centimetres (as they are called in Sweden) on the bottom of the pockets and folding them inward, sewing the inner part of the fold to the apron first making the actual bottom a fold in the fabric instead of a seam. (Kind of hard to explain, being a Swede and all, bu I guess you can kinda get what I mean if you ever happen to see this.) (also, you, sir, are awesome.)
fiftyhunnug 22 dager siden
I would definitely add a Steel Rule to mine! I use them constantly. for more than measuring!
Marceli Wac
Marceli Wac 22 dager siden
Sometimes I forget to like Adam's video and then I wake up in the middle of the night, realise my mistake and do it. *phew, close one*
DuaneB 25 dager siden
yeah, i misheard slot punch.
Jacob Riopelle
Jacob Riopelle 25 dager siden
I’m convinced there is nothing he can’t do.
Davis Clarke
Davis Clarke 28 dager siden
Adam could you make one of these for my granddad? He’s a master woodworker and would love one of these beautiful aprons for his work
Garrett Lim
Garrett Lim 29 dager siden
If you make another version of this, try putting the leg clips on the outside, like they do on ankle gaiters. It would keep them from interfering or catching each other. This looks so beautiful.
Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams 29 dager siden
I know this is a couple months old now, so no one will probably read this, but at 23:35 you put on your apron for presumably the first time, and end up doing a little dance. You say something like, “why am I dancing, I don’t know.“ I sew bespoke costumes and clothing, and I actually do know why you did a little dance. It’s one of those things that I’ve witnessed on almost every person I’ve sewn for. I work on a thing, and eventually it gets to a point where it fulfills the vision of the person wearing it. They get the same smile and they do a little twirl or a dance. That one moment is one of my favorite reasons to sew for people. 😊
Jemima Cassidy
Jemima Cassidy 27 dager siden
how to make an apron for artists
Rob James
Rob James Måned siden
I put a magnet in the cross back thing. It holds a hand saw and looks pretty cool when you reach for it
CreatorLilly Måned siden
Adam sniffing that canvas is like me sniffing all my colored pencils. I Get It.
Michael G
Michael G Måned siden
With a regular apron, for Adam, going to the bathroom is a real pain in the butt? Maybe he has more problems than just aprons.
John Key
John Key Måned siden
I would buy the crap out of an adjustable one of these. The other off the rack ones he has talked about just don't cut it. Especially with a Savage Industries brand on it.
Patrick Sanders
Patrick Sanders Måned siden
Thats a Maniminime!
rinkrat114 Måned siden
I like how he can just make something in less than hour that is so useful that anyone would wanna buy
Beau -
Beau - Måned siden
Soo.... are we not going to talk about that near perfect R2D2 imitation!?
kaikudo_art Måned siden
oh man how did I miss this video! :O I never done much sewing and have a similar apron project. Is so cool to see that some of my own solutions/design match with yours. This really help give me ideas and boots my confidence to finally start on it :D
startrek03 Måned siden
I've noticed, that your mostly using white yarn. Colored yarn could maybe seriously improve certain stuff, since the white one sticks out so much. In this case a something darker, that matches the color scheme, would've worked really well. Like green, brown or dark gray.
Owen Hayes
Owen Hayes Måned siden
Hey Adam, I work in a machine shop, and I tailored this style of apron to me for my job. I used duck canvas, and it came out great. Thanks for the inspiration
Lance LaPrarie
Lance LaPrarie Måned siden
It would be cool if Adam had been collecting DL44 parts and built his own DL44 with weathering and maybe a holster. I know he built one but this would be his and finished.
Edward Deaney
Edward Deaney Måned siden
I love the apron, but that chest pocket is annoyingly wonky...
Julie Ellis
Julie Ellis Måned siden
I don't have a cool roll of waxed canvas tucked into a corner, but I WOULD like to make a cover for a portable pizza oven and maybe an apron for the pizzaiolo. Does Tested have a recommendation for a reliable source of such canvas? Or a guide to key metrics like ... maybe weight?
Thorgraum Måned siden
love the sound of those scissors
nevzilla Måned siden
I need to get me an apron like this as I have taken to hanging all my "pocket tools" off the back of my belt so if I need a pencil or a knife I am constantly unzipping and rezipping a pouch above my butt. while it does work it means I am feeling blind for things and they are prone to falling off as I can't keep them on permanently.
crazynewt Måned siden
14:13 That's the BEAN CAN sofa prop. did he not give it to them or he just kept it for himself. I don't know but it's great to see it there.
LucidGhost Måned siden
Man i would kill to have an apron like that... or i could just use overalls xD almost the same thing imo.
Tuffsmoygles Måned siden
I've been binging adam's videos and as a leatherworker I was like "man, I should make him a better apron" and then I found this video.
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin Måned siden
That manequin makes me want an adam savage costume if I ever make it out to an actual real life comicon... =p
Brian Bell
Brian Bell Måned siden
I have a welding apron that's shaped exactly like this and I need to repair and remodel it after this
viki organics
viki organics Måned siden
Inspired by this, I made the humble kitchen apron. Must say turned out really satisfying.
Lance 00Nelson
Lance 00Nelson Måned siden
What's the drill bit you're using to burnish the ends of the leather also where did you order that waxed canvas I like the color
WurstBee Måned siden
I love that I noticed the apron in your latest videos (the Hellboy gun videos) and I was like "huh. never saw an apron like that. wonder where he got that." and NOpost was like "here. you might want to watch this video."
P S Måned siden
What kind of scissors are you using when sewing?
Onyx Måned siden
Want to meet Adam? All you have to do is post an ad on Craigslist for machining tools and wait for him to show up. It’s like setting cheese in a trap for a mouse 😂
OrganistJohn Måned siden
Adam emptying his pockets is like those cartoon scenes where loads of stuff gets pulled out
Ian M
Ian M Måned siden
I would love to try to create an apron like this for my Pop for Xmas. Any chance you could make a pattern available on the Tested store page?
NOCTURNAL_YT Måned siden
When the pocket on the chest isn't straight/level...
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker Måned siden
other people: *drink, do drugs* Adam: *sniffs fabric*
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker Måned siden
damnit, i was hoping he might have linked those Leash clips he used :P
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose Måned siden
Are we all going to ignore the fact that at 12:58 he does the r2d2 whistles?
Lee Kitson
Lee Kitson Måned siden
Hey Adam. If you like waxed fabric. How about I make you a waxed jacket? Very much like a Barbour/Abel staff. Send me your measurements all I’ll make it to your size! Ask me for pictures. I know you’ll be impressed!!
Hugo Dahl
Hugo Dahl Måned siden
I love some of the extra details, such as the leather on the front where the straps are sewn on. I am curious though, where did the whiteout pen end up going? Belly pocket? Finally, can we call the manakin "Colonel Savage"? From the profile view, he just reminds me *SO* much of Colonel Sanders in his white suit!
Potato Mc.Muffins
Potato Mc.Muffins Måned siden
how do you wash that, do you just wipe it with cloth
ojm0317 Måned siden
At about 23:39 the apron falls a little on the mannequin and I wasn’t watching it closely at first so I thought the mannequin lunged forward slightly
6miler Måned siden
You should try out some carhartt overalls. They got all the function of your apron plus you can add kneepads to them. Your apron still looks badass though.
Koff Måned siden
I noticed this apron in later builds and thought "wow I really like that apron, I wonder where he got it?" Currently being out of work I didn't look to purchase one for myself yet but seeing as this was a custom job the possibilities are endless.
Steve Soldwedel
Steve Soldwedel Måned siden
Lo, I asked about your apron on another video and, behold, the Google delivers this build to me.
Alfonso Alonzo
Alfonso Alonzo Måned siden
didnt he have a big piece of leather he was saving for an apron i dont remember the build where he mentioned it but he needed some leather and said he wasnt using this specefic piece as it was the prefect size and shape for an apron
Shawn Coleman
Shawn Coleman Måned siden
is this the same canvas you can make an impromptu raft out of if you need to escape a non-specific island prison?
Rick Bowen Design
Rick Bowen Design Måned siden
Easily one of my favorite human beings on this planet.
Scross217 Måned siden
Watching anything with Adam Savage makes me feel stupid.
Kyle Whitaker
Kyle Whitaker Måned siden
This would be a pretty sweet merch item, he said he felt like working
Wes Jackson
Wes Jackson Måned siden
Adam, I always modified my shop aprons with velcro on one end of the waist strap and one end of the neck strap so that if the apron should get caught in a running machine tool it would come loose and not pull me into the machine. Also, I noticed in the video where you made the large brass bolt and nut that you were wearing your wristwatch, another no, no. A good way to get severely injured if it got caught by a rotating tool.
VideoNOLA Måned siden
I could see magnetic catches being useful for the leg straps, so they quick-release.
VideoNOLA Måned siden
D-clips for attaching carabiners and what-not are also a nice addition to any apron.
VideoNOLA Måned siden
Bought my first apron this year and can't wait to use it regularly. Much better than a carpenter's belt!
Beautiful as always Adam. Just a thought… Rebel little brass blacking solution on that name tag and then buff it off again and it will stay in the recessed letters and they will be more prominent. We’re just use the hell out of it until everything gets a nice patina in a few months and the letters will stand out just fine on their own
Trent Moseley
Trent Moseley Måned siden
Hey bud. How much would you charge to make someone an apron like this? I don't have the proper utensils or know how or patience to do it myself.
Ruaridh Mackenzie
Ruaridh Mackenzie Måned siden
Saw this apron in your recent Hellboy Samaritan Prop. Think I'm going to make one of those aprons. Cheers :)
John Krakatoa
John Krakatoa Måned siden
What model is that Janome sewing machine? pls?
Stuart Conner
Stuart Conner Måned siden
I gotta make one.
Chuck.U.Farley Måned siden
Hang on, where are all the jokes?? OH! It's SAVAGE , not SANDLER .. my bad..
Matt Bobe
Matt Bobe Måned siden
It looks great, super organized, tons of pockets... but how does it smell???
Peter Cole
Peter Cole Måned siden
my favorite part....No cellphone pocket!!!!
C Kirk
C Kirk Måned siden
That apron is sooo geeky; I love it!
Pillock Måned siden
All those pockets, and not one 6" rule.
Benjamis Prime
Benjamis Prime Måned siden
Is that a Hamilton reference at 29:50?
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood Måned siden
Awesome work. Anybody else notice the final webbing was different to the one he showed us initially? Also a 9 volt battery, sone Q tips, alligator clips and salt water would do a deeper etch 👍
Jonathan Kilburn
Jonathan Kilburn Måned siden
Hamilton reference at 29:53 ❤️
dadygee Måned siden
>This is my first: Oh look, cool.. I want to make one. And I sort of did. I bought a bbq-leather apron and modified it after this. The leg-half-chap-thing, new belts behind back and not behind neck.. still a thing or two to mod but its ready to weld, paint, carve, mess around the shop.. next up: Tool cart and sewing station.
ohcrossman Måned siden
Love the apron. You should find a company to make them and sell them in your store.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor Måned siden
I'd dance too on completion of such a functional tool/tool holder... Nice job
bomdus Måned siden
Is it just Me or is the leather pouch on the Chest Crooked...?🤔
Cameron Cashin
Cameron Cashin Måned siden
Where the HECK is your PICA!!?!?
silmarian Måned siden
I'm really glad you did this, there's a lot of anti-"soft things" bias in my local maker community. As in, sewing isn't making because, I guess, it's seen as stereotypically "feminine". I'm looking forward to sending this video to some of those dudes.
ella melcher
ella melcher Måned siden
The green canvas looks like what they used in MB for the raincoats for Alcatraz
Tavish Måned siden
12:51 Adam's The Clanger's audition lol
Gilead Måned siden
Man, I can't tell you how incredibly useful it would be for costume making to have a full, life size mannequin of myself.
Jeremy hanna
Jeremy hanna Måned siden
Merch how about a apron
CleaveMountaineering Måned siden
I made a shop apron too and should have done it a long time ago, when I worked in a fab shop. It would have saved many steps looking for the sharpie, tape measure, knife, square, 6" ruler, calipers. The split leg apron is also good for blacksmithing, sometimes you need to hold the tongs between your legs so you can hold a punch or chisel in your other hand to hammer on. To each their own, but I'd recommend the 4" double square for the apron (PEC or Starrett) rather than a machinist square. That way you get the adjustable measuring as well.
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