CHAINSAW SECRETS - The Pros Won't Tell You About

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Chainsaw secrets the pros won't tell you about.
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jstar1000 6 timer siden
I live in Texas but did live in Alaska a while back in the 70s and I love left handed reels. all my bait casters are left handed for just the reasons you stated. They are hard to find sometimes here but when I find them I snag them up. I find them on sell a lot because no one is smart enough to want them lol.
Michael Rizzo
Michael Rizzo Dag siden
I clean and service mine monthly, and it never has a end of season. I clean and wipe down after every use on any day. The woods and mountains of Maine are cold at night and I like to eat hot food once -n- a while.
DIY TWOinCollege
DIY TWOinCollege 2 dager siden
East Coast guy here. Cutting hard wood trees ( not mushy soft pine trees) with my 18". Great video . 🙂 I always use Amsoil too. Great products.
Delaney Olson
Delaney Olson 2 dager siden
Use of compressed air on a air filter plugs it up.
Mancham Wangshu
Mancham Wangshu 3 dager siden
Which model is that.?
David Mattice
David Mattice 6 dager siden
Your drive sprocket is called a spur! From a eastern man.
John Hayes
John Hayes 7 dager siden
Diesel fuel works better for cleaning and it lubricates
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner 9 dager siden
I just finished a big cottonwood removal 42’inch bar 881 and I live in New York , beg your pardon ?
Tony Hearn
Tony Hearn 12 dager siden
Want a good secret use simple Green instead of solvent it cleans way better and doesn't dry your skin but simple Green leaves everything soap feeling to it but way better cleaner then solvent I run it in my parts cleaner
Rad Ham
Rad Ham 12 dager siden
"Living in the timber" 😄
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 12 dager siden
There are 2 different drive sprockets that drive the chain. The first is known as a rim sprocket this I found ok on soft woods such as pine. The other is a star sprocket and here in NZ I found works best last longer when cutting though our native hardwoods. Another point to note too is before one takes of the air filter one should always pull out the choke leaver which in turn will stop any sh?? entering the carb once the air filter is removed for what ever reasons. I notice on this clip you guys don't have a mit on the carrying handles guess you prefer to relie on the chain break ah.
Antony Thompson
Antony Thompson 13 dager siden
Another item for your spare part kit: plastic cap for gas/oil tank. I had one of the plastic caps break at the end of a cutting session in -10 deg weather. Now I carry a spare.
Dan Fraser
Dan Fraser 13 dager siden
You mean there is something besides gas to clean with? I do alot ATV trail work in spring before the blackfly season, so i kniw sap! Also this east coast guy has 20 inches, my saw bar as well.
Greg Banbury
Greg Banbury 13 dager siden
Any time I pull the air filter cover off I close the choke first to prevent any dust entering the carb. Sometimes the air filter will move away from the seat which has the potential for dust to enter the carb.
Leon Dodson
Leon Dodson 14 dager siden
Why is my saw cutting out when it gets hot??
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir 14 dager siden
Everyone out east that I know use left handed reels, I'm in PA myself and have fished alot over 35 years and can't remember anyone using a righty.
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir 14 dager siden
A man should always take pride in his tools. Better the maintenance, more the pride. From an East Coaster.
Al Wood
Al Wood 15 dager siden
In the northwest we run a pre filter and you missed the part about taking the rolled edge off the bar
poesiafang 15 dager siden
Why do you not grease the pilot bearing?
Hitchens Thinksnot
Hitchens Thinksnot 16 dager siden
I clean my chain with goo-gone, or goof-off, blow it out, then, put a dot of oil on each link. An old toothbrush works great for cleaning the teeth loaded with pitch. Don't honk to lock, it's annoying.
Manuel Moraleda
Manuel Moraleda 17 dager siden
Every chain saw owner should hear - "Don't put the chain saw in reverse."
Zach 17 dager siden
For what he has in spare parts I could buy a brand new saw. {just playin}. I know Its good to be prepared{and Richie Rich!}... Rock on...
James Nelson
James Nelson 18 dager siden
Noticed something very important he didn't do but thats if this saw has one. The spark arrestor in the muffler. I run a 270 and a 360 but we have a 170 for small stuff and my dad couldn't keep it running so i noticed the way it acted and it sounded muffled and low on power like the exhaust was plugged well I took the screen off the muffler and it was so plugged!! Cleaned it up and it runs like a new one!
Chris Hewson
Chris Hewson 19 dager siden
I'd like to see how to take a link out of a stretched chain easily and cheap and put back together and back on working. Can you use a pocket bicycle chain splitter?
David Want
David Want 19 dager siden
The voracious parrot statistically guide because squid ganguly listen a a dusty session. ugly, juvenile hacksaw
Jerry Hubbard
Jerry Hubbard 21 dag siden
Hey yoooooz guys on the west, bring back the bow saw. Never understood why they think the straight blade is more safer than the bow saw which had a guard on top.
happy camper
happy camper 21 dag siden
is your name Brian
Tonganoxie Split Apiary
Tonganoxie Split Apiary 21 dag siden
Hey! I cast left handed and reel right handed! That’s the normal way! You guys are the abnormal ones! 😀
David Ward
David Ward 21 dag siden
don't forget people in the U K watch this some things are slightly different.what is the equivalant to mud slinger in the UK do you know
J. Witschor
J. Witschor 21 dag siden
Stihl is a German Brand and here in Germany, you almost only got Fullhouse Chains. Skip chains are nowhere to find , so you have to order them. With a 24 " Bar you can fell 99% of all German Trees. So Stihl‘s recommendation of max Bar length is for German standard Fullhouse Chain. With Skip you can run longer Bars like on your ms 260 . Thats the Background! Greetings from Germany!
pete langevin
pete langevin 21 dag siden
My daughter the arborist loved the comment about the 32” bar being more masculine. But there is something about a big saw that makes you feel like Tim from tool time!
J. Witschor
J. Witschor 21 dag siden
Stihl is a German Brand and they dont recommend these longer Bars for the ms 260, because here in Germany you will not find any Kind of Skip-Chains. So Stihl recommends their maximum Bar length only for Fullhouse Chains.
Brucer Ducer
Brucer Ducer 23 dager siden
An ordinary PAPER CLIP will clean out the channel of the bar and take out the sawdust that builds up inside the channel.
g w
g w 24 dager siden
Thanks good video!
rob cole
rob cole 25 dager siden
Do you run your 2stroke gas mixture with Amsoil Saber and at 100:1 ratio
Greg Butcher
Greg Butcher 26 dager siden
20 inch bar is more masculine then a 6 inch bar....that’s what she said...LOL
Les Connally
Les Connally 27 dager siden
Kerosene! Safer. Cleans just as well.
CubsFan12 27 dager siden
I bet money he sleeps with his chainsaw too. lmao
James Martin
James Martin 29 dager siden
A little more masculine, unlike your voice! 😜
Avalon Måned siden
Cody, did you ever publish the back to basics sharpening video you mentioned at the end of this one? I might have missed it, but I've went back through the whole range and not seeing one. If you did, can you tell me the name and date that I can go watch it? There is one a few months later using the $125 jobby. That wasnt it was it? Thanks.
edward williams
edward williams Måned siden
As you west coasters are cutting all that pitchy soft woos I'm cutting old growth oak with my 3120 and a 36" bar that gets buried on the way through. Keep chopping no matter where you are!!
wade barber
wade barber Måned siden
Still yes! I have a 190. Cut a tree over 36 inches once and needed a 24inch bar They recommended not to get it. Did anyway. Cuts great! Just need to listen to saw so it won't overload.
Mark Dressel
Mark Dressel Måned siden
32” bar and hairspray....... that’s very left coast
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Måned siden
I live in southern Illinois. 99% of the trees here are hard wood. And i mean hard. Like Hickory and lots of Oak. You better have a sharp chain. No sappy tree's here.
s. duro
s. duro Måned siden
Chainsaw cleaning ....brushes of different sizes, scrub pad (not the green ones) and WD40 Try it 1st and comment after.
Paddy Mack
Paddy Mack Måned siden
G*d hates a coward.
Ken Shores
Ken Shores Måned siden
Use fuel oil or kerosene instead. Higher flash point. BTW used gasoline for many years.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Måned siden
My Efco is Italian made but it's damn near identical too your saw.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Måned siden
How many cc's is that particular chainsaw? I have a Efco saw that is 50 cc with an added 20 inch bar and chain.I would like to go with the longest bar/chain i can without hurting the engine.I would like your or anybody experience opinion on that question.Thanks.Brian J.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Måned siden
Safety Sally I luv it
Daniel Padgett
Daniel Padgett Måned siden
Where do you get the wear guards inside the cover at? Probably at the stihl dealer
Adam Mayle
Adam Mayle Måned siden
Wv here and saw has to stay on the ready, always using it. And smallest bar i own is a 20" for small work and go all the way up to a 36" aswell.js
c Måned siden
Thanks great info very helpful, I wish all the people cementing on the how to blow the air filter, could also comment about the other 99 right things in the dam video
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Måned siden
I really like your videos because you know your stuff and you don’t get to preachy and when you do it’s just to be funny. Comical to keep it lite. I learn a lot from your videos and I appreciate you. Thanks.
Sam Bullard
Sam Bullard Måned siden
Wranglerstar question is there a difference between a Rip chain and a cross cut chain? i can not find on the social media. Or I am not asking the right question...
Charlotte Ouellet
Charlotte Ouellet Måned siden
David Robinson
David Robinson Måned siden
I've cleaned with gas probably 65years works for me
Derf_the_Mule Måned siden
Trick to winterize your saw. Mine start in 2-3 pulls with this method for 2 cycle engines with primer pumps. Drain Fuel, pump carb dry, put 2-3 oz mineral spirits into fuel tank, pump through carb, dump mineral spirits, pump dry, remove spark plug and pour in a little 2 cycle oil, pull start cord a few times, replace spark plug, pull cord until compression is felt. This works well on 2 cycle with primer bulbs. The mineral spirits is easier on the urethane tubing and carb rubber/plastic than gasoline. Always use fresh gasoline.
Can-Am Mike
Can-Am Mike Måned siden
By no means am I pro, but have 100’s of hours on Husqvarna.. for a 20 yr old saw that sat for 5 yrs, all it needed was a new chain and air filter cleaned.. I take very good care of everything I own. Still running original bar and even spark plug.. You give AMAZING tips on longevity, bit I would never recommend blasting an air filter from the outside in.. otherwise great video.. Keep it clean and will last a lifetime with anything you own..
John Woods
John Woods Måned siden
All of us out in the north east are spoiled burning only hardwood so we don't have such bad resin buildup.But great cleaning tips! Thanks.
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole Måned siden
I don't think that blowing the air filt outside in is the right way , that's the direction the dirt is traveling , by blowing in , you're enlarging the filters' micron screening . Blow from inside- out instead of forcing the dirt thru the media .
ProTrees Måned siden
I like the silicone idea! 11:40
ProTrees Måned siden
8:55 air filter cleaning: I would not blow direct inward towards the inside! I just blow sideways also blowing directly can ruin filter BTW. As I love to pick your how to videos apart. haha
Eddie Hoogstins
Eddie Hoogstins Måned siden
I also am here to read the East coasters comments 😂😂he must be a city boy wearing his orange rubbers lol
jcallesano Måned siden
Also, thank you very much for this video. Very informative. Well spoken as well
jcallesano Måned siden
I have an old stihl 011a saw that was gifted to me. I run the powercare pre mix fuel 50 to 1 ratio in it. Am I going to ruin the saw using this? I also used the power care bar and chain oil with this soft. I've only had it for about 2 weeks
Daniel West
Daniel West Måned siden
I fish the same way ! Best way I figure.
Bad Driver
Bad Driver Måned siden
I use Mean Green degreaser and brake parts cleaner, works great and got the information at a local dealer 😂
Austin Long
Austin Long Måned siden
Here in the South Carolina we don’t store our saws we run year round.
LP Vin-ill
LP Vin-ill Måned siden
Best comment I've seen in a while! :D
Little Huey
Little Huey Måned siden
When we get a new saw or do clean up we started to use car finish ceramic coatings Turtle wax seams to be the best and it makes the silicone sprays work even better ! Tty it ?
sporty22011 Måned siden
They make a specific bar groove cleaning tool that works better than a hooked pick......
A P Måned siden
Great video. We don't use gloves in Texas.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Måned siden
Who loves their chainsaw??thanks for this, what brought me here is my chain fell off my brand new chainsaw and I have never had one before. Found this interesting thanks oh don't forget your dental tool when you head to your day job 😋
Teninch Richard
Teninch Richard Måned siden
My 6 inch bar never really gets to the bottom..but its Hell on the walls going down..
Ed Kohl
Ed Kohl Måned siden
We used to use Kerosene, works about the same but not quite as flamable
Jeff Brosky
Jeff Brosky Måned siden
What's a Compressor i use canned air
Jeff Brosky
Jeff Brosky Måned siden
Put it away never always in. Use one day or another
Scott Cleveland
Scott Cleveland Måned siden
Thumbs up for the safty sally and west cost comments.
Chris L
Chris L Måned siden
You didn't flip your bar
Tired Iron
Tired Iron Måned siden
I like to fire it up after and get a film of oil on the chain.
Peter Irwin
Peter Irwin Måned siden
Great video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Bikelife 2wheelsdown
Bikelife 2wheelsdown Måned siden
Do u keep a spare chainsaw in ur saw kit also? Just get u a new pair of panties and u should be good buddy.
Tj R
Tj R Måned siden
West coast lost the rights to say anything after California happen... don’t get the chaps in a bind 😂😂😂 I will always love this channel 😂
DaTallestMidget Måned siden
This guy has never worked a full week in his life in forestry or tree work. If you’re bucking 8 hours a day there is not a chance you’re flipping your bar every time you sharpen lol like the heli is going to wait for that
Vasilis Vasilakis
Vasilis Vasilakis Måned siden
Echo is my choice I don’t need a pro saw I think a Timberwolf is enough 60cc is ok
fricknjeep Måned siden
Jack Heppell
Jack Heppell Måned siden
What’s a 6”
farmer864 2 måneder siden
I am in SC and have NEVER, EVER seen a right hand reel on a fishing rod...
j rendt
j rendt 2 måneder siden
gasoline is no more flammable than carbonator cleaner. My dad always used kerosene.
Mudwalker 2 måneder siden
O found out that toping them off and putting a little Lucas in the gas keeps things from growing in the tank
Torbjörn Lindroos
Torbjörn Lindroos 2 måneder siden
remove the fullwrap handle! if you limb with it you limb the tree with wrong technuice.and when winter comes you take out your chainsaw not put it in. You aren't a pro, more like a amature.
John McGowan
John McGowan 2 måneder siden
Here in Georgia, I get a lot of comments about my left handed reels. A lot of people think I am a lefty but I just ask which hand do you use to throw a baseball ?
Deplorable 2 måneder siden
Great Video My go to saw is of course Stihl MS391 always wanting to run a longer Bar, What is a good length I fell, and limb quite a few jobs and i'm not happy with the 20". Suggestions ?
Marc Doiron
Marc Doiron 2 måneder siden
You can use the thin metal piece under the bar ...oiler groove cover . To clean the bar chain groove . If you don't have a tool handy .
Ashlee 2 måneder siden
Big bar little you know what, that's a east coast fact we know about ppl from the west😘
MoonlightFireShow 2 måneder siden
What would you do when the sawdust/oil doesnt come off with a compressor? I'd like to clean it as new for reselling but it's really nasty and sticky and my compressor doesnt blow much of it away.
Paul V
Paul V 2 måneder siden
Since when is gas red?
Jay Sweet
Jay Sweet 2 måneder siden
Mine looks 5
Jay Sweet
Jay Sweet 2 måneder siden
Gass is the best
Billy Johns
Billy Johns 2 måneder siden
We cast fishing rod with right hand then reel with same hand.
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