I bought $1000 worth of Bootleg merch

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Buy dat merch. But not dat merch. I'm upset and this is how i express myself.
NOT BOOTLEG MERCH STORE- creatorink.com/collections/somethingelseyt-by-adam-ortiz
Animated by yours truly
-Thanks to my homies for being in the vid-
Zalinki: nopost.info
Circletoonshd: nopost.info
twitter ► SomethingelseYT

Instagram ► somethingelsegram?hl=en

Songs used:
Bootleg by somethingelseyt (additional mixing help from zalinki)
Where are they now (end song) by Zalinki
And a bunch of Kevin MacLeod god i love that guy

SomeThingElseYT Måned siden
(Edit: Dont know if i wanna put the song on spotify and stuff just yet. Only made it cuz i was bored and thought it was funny for a video. Also i am on spotify, the way to differentiate me and the fake is that my page is verified and has my songs you see on youtube.) Original post: lesmfg;lsdmvwopds;x, kb pkrmaelf,sdflv,fvwpekfmef,mpwkrgmpwfm w
margaret lopez
margaret lopez Måned siden
dream amn
dream amn Måned siden
Can you ask jams to post
frogie :3
frogie :3 Måned siden
good job with that exorcism ritual
Andre Baboulene
Andre Baboulene Måned siden
no no no no no that just wont do lol 0:20
Rexhep Krasniqi
Rexhep Krasniqi Måned siden
I love you
Spitfulbench 2 timer siden
not monetized by the way
Purple Peber
Purple Peber 2 timer siden
What a coincidence, at 1:49 I actually got a notification on my phone!
Unicorn Cat
Unicorn Cat 3 timer siden
It's been a month... R u dead?
Blabbing With Brady And Co Projects
Blabbing With Brady And Co Projects 4 timer siden
Adams neighbors: wat 5:20
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 4 timer siden
mama: im coing for u me: help help i want to duble tap u pls i dont ant to die help
Warturtle Watches
Warturtle Watches 5 timer siden
'FUN' fact:If you light a match stick it will get lighter as you light it
N o
N o 6 timer siden
Can you make another song
Sydni 6 timer siden
Okay Adam... but it’s a bop 💫💕
Adam Nawaz Khan
Adam Nawaz Khan 6 timer siden
Yay u and me have the same name
AC-Anonymous 7 timer siden
Funny and all but why you became monke halfway in the song
Rusthiya Nisthar
Rusthiya Nisthar 8 timer siden
Idiot stupid
RatNoobius 13 timer siden
The slightly quieter version of Sr Pelo
Kimberly Bemah
Kimberly Bemah 14 timer siden
3:16 epic rap song of adam 😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Its sherif
Its sherif 14 timer siden
did adam burn his own $1000 merch?
Rachiele Lumarlan
Rachiele Lumarlan 15 timer siden
Is that pewdiepie chair?
thewhat 15 timer siden
k o m m o n s c h e m m e n s e
Alyssa Saunier
Alyssa Saunier 15 timer siden
I don't know what this video was, but I love it.
Aitorti 19 timer siden
The video is fantastic
Elijah Schmidt
Elijah Schmidt 20 timer siden
Adam, Are you ok?
AnimationsOnIce 21 time siden
Someone make Adam a voice actor for Helluva boss pls!
Poonam Gagain
Poonam Gagain 22 timer siden
Phoenix God657
Phoenix God657 23 timer siden
where have u been
BINGLEFART nice Dag siden
No wonder he draws himself as a demon
Ethan Bradsha
Ethan Bradsha Dag siden
Chinese government would like to know your location
FNAF fan
FNAF fan Dag siden
Ur voices are great
Opaque The Lion
Opaque The Lion Dag siden
FoundWeirdGuyYT Dag siden
Adam: Buys 1,000$ of fake merch Haters: WASTE OF MONEY Adam: ._.
Sheila Hyde
Sheila Hyde Dag siden
I love your videos
Oof YeetPlzVerifyMe
Oof YeetPlzVerifyMe Dag siden
The prime example of what coronavirus has done to the sanity of the human race
TheBigGD 34
TheBigGD 34 Dag siden
Nice new art style
Graciela Mancilla
Graciela Mancilla Dag siden
2:02 drip goku
Typical Ken
Typical Ken Dag siden
Imagine its 3 am and you see a man dancing and jumping on his backyard while burning clothes
Nathaniel Giron
Nathaniel Giron Dag siden
You're just a money bag
·Itzkatiekalita· Dag siden
Unsure_Walrus Dag siden
Zalinki cool
Setherson! Dag siden
Oiyoumations Dag siden
Adam:no goin back now already bought it and no refunds Adams wallet:he..lp mmme ☠️😰
Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar
Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar Dag siden
I didn't get a notification for this there for me only seeing this a month after posting
Spooki TDM
Spooki TDM Dag siden
He’s gone insane...
I forgot the name of this channel so i searched adam animation guy and it worked!
Kitty Cafe With CNQ
Kitty Cafe With CNQ Dag siden
So let me get this clear you buy $1000 worth of that Murch and you just burned it
Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong Dag siden
yo ya $##
Slendy Girl
Slendy Girl 2 dager siden
I got a hoodie and its wicked comfy i love it
Pixel gun gamer Luke YT Widows wine Soda
Pixel gun gamer Luke YT Widows wine Soda 2 dager siden
The beginning (edit: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ( I’m not mocking anyone I’m not being an a$$hole
Draconic_Doodles 2 dager siden
I’m turning on the notification bell cause I’m tired of missing your videos. Which I always look forwards to as you are one of the greatest boosts of serotonin when I watch them. Thank you for being great:$
Patt Kline
Patt Kline 2 dager siden
No one is going to talk about that there is hand cuffs behind his bed
OROB 2 2 dager siden
I still bop to I’m something else
christian darras
christian darras 2 dager siden
adam's next uplead : adam's funural
Blake Bricker
Blake Bricker 2 dager siden
10/10 video. I laughed. XD
youssef ahmedツ
youssef ahmedツ 2 dager siden
2:26 anyone notice pewdiepie's gaming chair
Doughnut for life Doughnut
Doughnut for life Doughnut 2 dager siden
I try to buy and merch but I did are you a devil
SHADOW C.M.F 2 dager siden
You have a big talent Adam when you do a New video i said this boy are going to go so far more than he already has (postcrip) i like all your videos and continue like that ♡♡♡
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo 2 dager siden
Well thanx for all youre videos becouse Im in deprecion man and your videos help to dont have might
Cash N
Cash N 2 dager siden
Make a time line of x-men dude
Noah Cook
Noah Cook 2 dager siden
3:33 bullies in movies be like
Bernard Diaz
Bernard Diaz 2 dager siden
I miss the old adam
Wolf Alex
Wolf Alex 2 dager siden
Adam, you are my childhood. 🥺 Now I know what I what for Christmas and my birthday 🎂
Fox samurai r.e
Fox samurai r.e 2 dager siden
Have did I not get notified >=(
Sophie Animates
Sophie Animates 2 dager siden
XD this is hilarious!!!
Savannah Mccaleb
Savannah Mccaleb 2 dager siden
Love the new video
yeeticus 47
yeeticus 47 3 dager siden
Mak Šahović
Mak Šahović 3 dager siden
Imma gonna head out
Erdenechimeg Biligtbilgvvn
Erdenechimeg Biligtbilgvvn 3 dager siden
where do u live?
Tailisu 3 dager siden
fgteev been real silent since your new hit dropped
J Ritz
J Ritz 3 dager siden
Why did he cus so much
Orion Gabriel Derez
Orion Gabriel Derez 3 dager siden
5:26 me at 1 am after finding out that shirts are demons from a random website
Tikboy Animation
Tikboy Animation 3 dager siden
I want to be like you sir🤘🤘
Sarah Monaghan
Sarah Monaghan 3 dager siden
he got 4000 subs in a month.... come on guys we can do so much better
martonios polus
martonios polus 3 dager siden
I read online what your song help was about are you overwhelmed of your fans because that’s what it said
liquify 3 dager siden
Robbers be like 4:14
Shadowc1121 Z
Shadowc1121 Z 3 dager siden
Burn them. BuRn ThEm ? BURN THEM!
Alex Morales
Alex Morales 3 dager siden
How dare they
Elizabeth SandovalDuarte
Elizabeth SandovalDuarte 3 dager siden
qwerty mcnugget
qwerty mcnugget 3 dager siden
Well, the bird in the beginning weren't as positive as we think.
Kleinblatt 3 dager siden
Adam: *sings the song* The subtitle: *Trash*
Josiah Fredericks
Josiah Fredericks 4 dager siden
3:16 Don’t mind me I’m just saving this for myself
Blake Bricker
Blake Bricker 4 dager siden
꧁aesthetics Gacha꧂
꧁aesthetics Gacha꧂ 4 dager siden
While he was buying all the merch I was drinking his Chocky milk
blank blank
blank blank 4 dager siden
Do you play fortnite
Pog -_-
Pog -_- 4 dager siden
Funny thing is: Go on Amazon and search something else yt merch, and people still are doing it Clearly, people haven’t gotten the message
Hannah D
Hannah D 4 dager siden
Why are you cursing so much
Voxxie 4 dager siden
0:36 That animation is beautiful
MaryfleureWasntFind short
MaryfleureWasntFind short 4 dager siden
You sound like swaggersouls
RobotXpert Gamer
RobotXpert Gamer 4 dager siden
Hola buenas :D me gustan tus vídeos aunque no sepa ingles
Echo Productions
Echo Productions 4 dager siden
The first cavemen to discover fire at 5:18
andaman 14
andaman 14 4 dager siden
I had never heard you swear
ron zanni
ron zanni 4 dager siden
can you make a common sense blanket or plush?
Diego Luna
Diego Luna 4 dager siden
When I first saw your face I thought u reminded me of some other NOpost who though it was Markiplier are you his twin
KingDeadly 4 dager siden
Finally back to 2011 like ive always wanted
Cesar Andrés Ramos
Cesar Andrés Ramos 4 dager siden
Really Adam are you okay dude?
05_Light_Guardian 4 dager siden
NOpost: *inhale* Adam: yeah i know... demonetized.... =/
Ken Kaneiki
Ken Kaneiki 4 dager siden
Why you swear?
Paw Ko
Paw Ko 4 dager siden
Hey can you make another music please?
Scott Cline
Scott Cline 4 dager siden
booty sniff
booty sniff 4 dager siden
The hell
KakashiUchia 5 dager siden
This was an unusual video
we bored
we bored 5 dager siden
His hair really got long- we love it :)
CL4WZZ YT 5 dager siden
I genuinely want to animate like you do.
y0kiAn 5 dager siden
adam u ok
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