How To Be A Chainsaw Hero

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3 år siden

Want to know how to use a chainsaw? Here is more info... Support us at
This video is a good place to start. Operating a chainsaw is a blast, just make sure you keep your focus. There are a lot of ways to get hurt with one of these, and a few ways to get hurt BADLY.
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HolzMichel 3 år siden
well i would like to supplement your monologue here a little and critique you on some other issues. the kickback on the smaller saw is higher because of the *power to weight ratio* with the heavier pro saws you have the inertia of mass slowing down the whole kickback event. correction: most cuts are not from kickback. most are cuts to the upper thigh because the user was hugging the saw, raising it above their waist line and then walking with the motor running and both hands on the saw. as soon as you lift your leg to step over *ANY* little thing on the ground - *BANG* the saw gotcha in the thigh. the way you start the saw is only recommended when the engine is flooded and you have to open the throttle fully to get the fuel out of the cylinder. it sounds paradoxical but that is the way a two stroke engine is. the safest drop down way is to hold the saw with your left hand and the starter rope in the right, run up on compression, let the rope spool back in as far as it will go and then give it a good tug while allowing the saw to fall slightly the chain brake handle on huskys usually has a small metal weight to help with the inertia in a kickback event. so that way the brake will engage no matter what position the saw is in.
HolzMichel 18 dager siden
@jimmy dean yes, you definitely need to put a little notch in the limb when cutting one off on standing trees. also what happens a lot is that the bark will peel down the bole of the tree thus making the wound much bigger than need be. best to leave a stobb of 10 to 14 inches when cutting back live trees and then take off the stobb. it adds an extra step to the process but you don't scar the tree doing it, thus attracting bark beetles that may kill it.
jimmy dean
jimmy dean 18 dager siden
@HolzMichel thanks. I only have a small electric chainsaw as of yet. I cut a big limb (biggest one I've cut so far) yesterday and I cut straight down from the top. After getting more than half way it fell and split. I'm assuming you cut a limb the same way you do to fell a tree ie: cut the notch on the bottom of limb and then put in the back cut? I'm big too but I've got the smallest chainsaw lol
HolzMichel 18 dager siden
@jimmy dean in part yes, and in part no. it takes a great deal of concentration and finesse to do a bore cut. as you correctly stated the bar does tend to want to rise up out of the cut. you counter it with pressure downward and forward, so the tip essentially feeds itself into the cut. you should not try a bore cut with a bar under 24 inches in length. you need to the weight of the bar and the saw to counter the forces at work here. my shortest bar for example is 30 inches. as it fits my stature best and i am not bent over all day while working up felled timber. you should buy your bar and saw according to your body size. i have a video on the subject coming up in a few weeks.
jimmy dean
jimmy dean 18 dager siden
I'm curious about kickback. I see professional (assuming they're proffesionals) tree cutters use the chainsaw tip first into a tree to fell it. How does that not cause kickback? Is it because it's at full throttle?
MrSGL21 2 måneder siden
or you can buy a cordless electric saw and not have these issues.
Erikk Friberg
Erikk Friberg 18 timer siden
4:00 minutes in and I have already learned something.
Fidel family farm
Fidel family farm 3 dager siden
I have an old Stihl 041. No chain breaks, heavy as all get out, runs like a monster! It also was my dad's saw. I love this video, thanks so much. I've seen this before but I come back to it because it's one of the first I saw of yours years ago that made me a fan. Thanks!
weird fishes
weird fishes 4 dager siden
PS: remember women use it too!
weird fishes
weird fishes 4 dager siden
Thank you. Such great info. I finally got a chainsaw. I was excited and scared when I was standing in line with it. It's almost equivalent to going to the shooting range to learn how to shoot a gun. So much power.
Tim Pape
Tim Pape 5 dager siden
Do you have any experience or advice relating to 40v lithium ion chainsaws?
ElivsIsAlive15 5 dager siden
Whish you, Sir, were my thrid gradpa 😃 Love to listen to you explaining stuff. I can notice the experience in your words 👍 keep on going!
Tim Jeffries
Tim Jeffries 9 dager siden
Thanks for the invaluable advice, Scott, very much appreciated, just bought my first chainsaw (Husqvarna 120 mk.II) so needed some pointers.
Popo and Son Lawn Care
Popo and Son Lawn Care 12 dager siden
Thanks, im gonna show this to my employees. Definitely good explanation!
kyzer mendez
kyzer mendez 14 dager siden
Nice video well presented. Had a twisted overhead looping branch recently about 500kg over one of my sheds very difficult to work out the fall. Cut it about halway and dropped it slow then pulled out the twist. Cut a bit more and it still kicked off the tree as I hit it with long pole as I had no escape route.but it came down safe where I wanted it but took my time planned it out. Otherwise this situation gets you badly injured or dead. Be safe out there don't take chances.
Johnny Klingborg
Johnny Klingborg 15 dager siden
Makes a video about chainsaw safety, shows a picture of his daughter cutting with no other protection than safety glasses...
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 16 dager siden
I've had good luck with chain saws and never had a kickback. My Stihls have anti kick back, and I love it.
copper jacket
copper jacket 18 dager siden
Good stuff , and I like the long bar so you don't have to bend over. ha ha ha
Kris Hook
Kris Hook 19 dager siden
This looks like Springfield, Oregon
Vasilis Tsitsos
Vasilis Tsitsos 21 dag siden
Hospitals are full of people who "knew what they're doing" and "didn't need protection"
Harold Anderson
Harold Anderson 22 dager siden
Great video and entertaining. For the beginner you have a lot of great points and for the more experienced person many reminders. Way to easy to get hurt with such an effective tool.
James Mattis
James Mattis 23 dager siden
Sad thing is, chaps are illegal in Germany, we always have to wear cut protection pants and boots.
JAkE G 24 dager siden
....there are blades on that chain though right?...... lol
nutsackmania 24 dager siden
This guy is awesome.
Matt Earls
Matt Earls 24 dager siden
I wanted to thank you. I realized that my Poulan 18" chainsaw brake had failed, but I thought that I could still use it safely, and since it otherwise runs fine, I had been using it. It wasn't an immediate revelation, but when I went to pick it up the light dawned. Thank you for saving my femoral artery.
Peter Noway
Peter Noway 26 dager siden
LOL, safety from a guy who throws the saw to start it. BuckinBilly is the only way to learn and not end up on disability
Black Swann
Black Swann 26 dager siden
killer intro!!! hooked me!
Wang Alex
Wang Alex Måned siden
Hi Dear your videos is very impressive, we are a manufacturer for chain saw brush cutter, hedge trimmer etc., this is our channel, welcome!
Chip McManus
Chip McManus Måned siden
How do you find the time to build houses and make videos?
Craig Burwell forge
Craig Burwell forge Måned siden
That chainsaw will do most things most people need the small chainsaw
American Conservative University
American Conservative University Måned siden
Very helpful thanks.
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Måned siden
Chainsaw basics Own at least 4 of them😅
imateapot51 Måned siden
I am not a pro, far from it but do a few things to stay safer. When I walk with a running saw I activate the chain brake, and I hold the saw with one hand (no where near trigger) and bar facing behind me, so that if I trip and fall I do not fall on the saw. I also put on ppe not matter how minor a job I am doing. I had a birch tree come down and I chopped it up. Some people wanted some of the branches and I cut some for them to the size they wanted. They wondered why I put on all the ppe for that. I told them when I don't that is when I will screw up. I live with an EMT who has had several chain saw accident calls and many were pros who knew what they were doing.
Manoj Krishnan
Manoj Krishnan Måned siden
Thanks for yours kind video clip 🙏👏
Rosemarie McNichol
Rosemarie McNichol Måned siden
aTks for great ideas
Rosemarie McNichol
Rosemarie McNichol Måned siden
stay safe from covid -19🇨🇦
Aspen Cooper
Aspen Cooper Måned siden
Yeah I feel like a women when I use my chainsaw.
Andy Reed
Andy Reed Måned siden
Great video. Man I tell ya what that the terrain where you are at reminds me of my home county here in Oregon. Subbed
Patricia Ackerman
Patricia Ackerman Måned siden
Donte Johnson
Donte Johnson Måned siden
Thank you I never used one but we been having bab weather and I like the basics you explained
sean barrasin
sean barrasin Måned siden
i got one it is a efco mt 4100 s chainesaw
Brian Stazicker
Brian Stazicker Måned siden
Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes Måned siden
Today is my first day on the job, land clearing and getting properties up to fire code. Skirting threes and felling dead wood. Good video for my 15 minutes
mild sauce
mild sauce Måned siden
This is the dude I wanna grow up to be. Hes articulate and calm but throws in the occasional meme. 15/10
Barry Etherton
Barry Etherton Måned siden
Should be mandatory to watch this before you buy one.
Sinnerman 2 måneder siden
Great video, I would like to get myself a chainsaw. And if anyone would ever try getting in to my home. I swear I won’t be afraid to use it on or against that person as self defense of course. I did really like that long one and the husqvarna 👍
arms and fun
arms and fun 2 måneder siden
greate vid
D J 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the safety emphasis.
joe1849 2 måneder siden
I'd like to know what the old man is thinking ha ha ha.
Lisa Sigmon
Lisa Sigmon 2 måneder siden
Wish me luck! Thanks for taking the time to teach us.
Ian Hillman
Ian Hillman 2 måneder siden
Thank you. You are a great teacher.
Crissy Ferguson
Crissy Ferguson 2 måneder siden
You're very funny! Had me laughing out loud. Fantastic educational video. Kept my attention the whole time. :)
da ne
da ne 2 måneder siden
The branches don't quite reach the top on Buckin, but he's a wood farmer.
Amour Mtungo
Amour Mtungo 2 måneder siden
Thank you
hk93shooter 2 måneder siden
136! that was my first saw!
justwannaname 2 måneder siden
just got my stihl ms250 over the summer and am watching the heck out of all these videos out of fear and respect for the tool. Thanks for sharing.
Carpenter K
Carpenter K 2 måneder siden
Favourite tools🙂
Woodley Noriega
Woodley Noriega 2 måneder siden
Great "How to" Thank you Sir!
bamaslamma1003 2 måneder siden
What length bar is on your Stihl 044 and the Husqvarna? Chain specs?
Cavalry Scout
Cavalry Scout 2 måneder siden
Experience is the best teacher.. I've worked with and around chainsaws since I was a youngster.. Listen to this guy folks.. he's giving you years worth of experience.. Lol.. Swedes make the best saws.. period.. ..and lmao.. I laugh everytime I hear someone say "I sharpened the BLADE on my chainsaw" oxymoron lol Question; does that Husqvarna not have dogs? When felling trees in thickly brushed areas, always clear a path of escape before cutting the tree.. lots of great advice.. but there are tons of things to know.. Which side (top or bottom) of the limb to cut without pinching the bar and chain.. When felling a tree look at the top of the tree. Notice where the heaviest branches are and any leaning of the tree. All of this determines the direction the tree is likely to fall and/or how to manipulate the tree to fall contrary to gravity. Pay attention to wind direction.. getting a tree to fall where you want it to fall is an art.. Learn how to break notch and why etc.. Be safe and cautious until you get a feel for it
MrMister1227 2 måneder siden
Cramp their style LMFAO
Vikingen Blix
Vikingen Blix 2 måneder siden
In Norway we call it sword (sverd) and i dont know but this might apply to Sweeden to and since swedes has history making chainsaws, the idea of sword on the chainsaw might be were people get the word Blade from?
Ross Fincham
Ross Fincham 2 måneder siden
Best advice I ever got from my training?, always look at the inside of your bar, that way no matter what your head is always in the clear. Kick Back happens to the best of us, so best to be out of the way...
albusai 2 måneder siden
Is it better when you start the chain saw to do it while the break is on ?
David Evans
David Evans 2 måneder siden
Stay away from the tip until your fully certified!!! He is giving life lessons here ladies!!!
Anthony Clancy
Anthony Clancy 2 måneder siden
You also got to teach people to always engage the chain break when they start a saw
Anthony Clancy
Anthony Clancy 2 måneder siden
I call the bar a blade every now and then I know I shouldn’t
Beelzebub Crumpethorn
Beelzebub Crumpethorn 2 måneder siden
imateapot51 2 måneder siden
Just a reminder to not use a chainsaw from a ladder. I had a big birch come down during a big snow storm. It was parallel to the ground and suspended 10 feet because of a few branches. It also snagged a cable line. I cut most of the branch that had the cable line off with no problem, standing on the tree trunk. When I went to cut the elbow off to free the line I made the extremely poor decision to use a ladder. From the top I was only 10 feet off the ground and there was two feet of snow. I had no idea what that line would do to that elbow. The line shot the elbow right at me on the ladder. I jumped off and away and activated the chain brake on the way down. The elbow smashed into the ladder. I landed on my back and legs at the same time and was not injured because of the snow, and maybe all those years of soccer and martial arts and having falling skills.
Mark King
Mark King 2 måneder siden
"she'd clear cut the property" I almost hit the floor :D
BrayDay 38
BrayDay 38 2 måneder siden
Thank you for the tips
Surfrby 2 måneder siden
Thi was a great video , I have some trees down in my yard and just bought my first chainsaw, a Husquvarna 455 rancher, thanks for tips and adv
Guy Classen
Guy Classen 3 måneder siden
Excellent tutorial. Very down to earth and good humour
Phnex 3 måneder siden
12:37 That's the truth. I really liked how you said it. It seems like the piece of wisdom my father would have gave me.
sh00t1ngf1sh 3 måneder siden
Wall Street Bets degenerates need to watch this first before trading
jeffrey Asmus
jeffrey Asmus 3 måneder siden
Ridiculous! It is %110 called a chainsaw blade. All the lil BLADES attached to the chain is a dead give away XP lol
Justin Gilbert
Justin Gilbert 3 måneder siden
I thought you had Swedish in you. Nice to hear you mention it.
Pyrenees MTB
Pyrenees MTB 3 måneder siden
What model is the Jonsered. My dad owns a 2071 Turbo and I'm wondering how close it is to my dad's in model number
Aaron El
Aaron El 3 måneder siden
For PPE I always keep a tourniquet rubberbanded horizontally to my belt too. I use a rubber band so that it can be pulled off/broken with ease if I'm in a hurry
Simon Jacobs
Simon Jacobs 3 måneder siden
Thank you for great advice
Different Handyman
Different Handyman 3 måneder siden
I love power tools more than an average guy, but used a chainsaw for the first time only in my forties. Always had a certain fear of this tool having heard horror stories from people with big scars. Once you get a feel for it though, the fear goes away. I even tend to overuse it now. But as the fear goes away, a healthy respect shouldn’t. I would never start it without my face shield and chaps on and making sure the brake is engaged.
Chug Galipo
Chug Galipo 3 måneder siden
Guy being super safe but starting his chainsaw in the less safe way ever. haha! If you're gonna start your chainsaw standing up like he does, at least activate the chain block first.
Destiny Dad
Destiny Dad 3 måneder siden
You should buy your wife a toy chainsaw just as like a gag gift I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it
Project Retro
Project Retro 3 måneder siden
STOP! I have a phobia of chainsaws!
Kevin Coyle
Kevin Coyle 3 måneder siden dads saw...He cut the chain brake... dude...whats as i say not as i do huh?
Kevin Coyle
Kevin Coyle 3 måneder siden
comes with a sheath ...keep it..(as he tosses it aside) hahaha
Alicia Frye
Alicia Frye 3 måneder siden
I am determined to conquer the chainsaw sitting in my garage. Great beginner information. I wish there were classes at Lowes or Home Depot on using a chainsaw. We have many saplings and small trees that need to be cut down. Looking to educate myself first on all things chain saw first. Knowledge is the key to safety.
axiz 753
axiz 753 3 måneder siden
Doom slayer: (visible interest)
Julio Villalta
Julio Villalta 3 måneder siden
God bless you for you value advices. I learned a lot today.
Aaron Beard
Aaron Beard 3 måneder siden
Pain Monopoly
Pain Monopoly 3 måneder siden
Love your passion!
Feroshus1 Servin
Feroshus1 Servin 3 måneder siden
Thank you. I cant wait till I get my first real saw
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 3 måneder siden
So far I've cut timber for 14 Years...nothing said here is plausible
Gus Kelman
Gus Kelman 3 måneder siden
I love old chainsaws man
Eddie Sasa
Eddie Sasa 3 måneder siden
CraquedEggs 3 måneder siden
A pair of chaps saved my knee a few days ago.
Mike Restad
Mike Restad 3 måneder siden
12:37 That is the most honest and accurate statement about what it's like to run a gas chainsaw for the first time. Well stated.
Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons 3 måneder siden
Husky vs sthil which is better? And watch the war begin lmao
Helmig Homestead
Helmig Homestead 3 måneder siden
BenRittenhouse 3 måneder siden
I was branded a rank amateur a long time ago... great video!
Alexander van Wyk
Alexander van Wyk 3 måneder siden
Thank you Sir. I worked with machines all my life, everything imaginable from angle grinders, crushers, lathes milling etc. Now retired, bought my first chainsaw. Very cautious, afraid, not quiet but surely a bit uncomfortable especially climbing the tree. Will say my prayers before.
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit 3 måneder siden
Just about to clear some land. Buying and using a Chainsaw for the 1st time - cheers for the tips
Sassy Pants
Sassy Pants 3 måneder siden
Thank you
Gazr Gazr
Gazr Gazr 3 måneder siden
Good advice.
David Azinger
David Azinger 3 måneder siden
If your doctor smokes get a new doctor !!! If your pastor is a thief, get a new pastor.
buck buck
buck buck 3 måneder siden
This guy is right on about the saftey aspects...... Only takes a second with a chainsaw. Alot of loggers died due to arterial nicks before they could reach help. Loggers use chainsaws everyday all day.
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