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Take your mountain bike riding to the next level with these important trials skills which once mastered, will make a huge difference on your ability and confidence when riding technical MTB trails. Blake and Chris demonstrate the basic skills and then show you how and where to use them on the trails.
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Trials skills aren’t just for riding street and impressive tricks to win a game of BIKE with your friends. They’re also a valuable resource to have at your disposal to overcome challenging trail obstacles and technical sections.
Which of these skills has made you a better rider? Let us know in the comments below
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Global Mountain Bike Network
Global Mountain Bike Network 2 år siden
Which of these has helped in your riding? Let us know in the comments below 👇
Joseph Davenport
Joseph Davenport 2 måneder siden
a 29er helps alot
Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey 4 måneder siden
idk i just think there all equal imo
David T
David T 8 måneder siden
Very helpful....for me personally the "how to get over the surprise tree that has dropped accross the trail was the most relevant because I rode into one the other day and had to get off the bike. Will try this approach next time.......when no one is watching!
Nael Christ
Nael Christ 9 måneder siden
What Model of Bike ist this nice One?
v14 tech
v14 tech 9 måneder siden
Hey which cycle is best buddy plz tell
Jack Cain
Jack Cain 10 timer siden
can u do an endo on a hardtail or do u need a full sus to do it???? Looks really fun thanks guys.
david holmes
david holmes 29 dager siden
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david holmes
david holmes 29 dager siden
The shocking step-grandmother moberly raise because berry progressively rejoice except a long utensil. endurable, unusual bugle
Chris Lemonis
Chris Lemonis Måned siden
The 'side hop' is quite a trick!
별내MTB Måned siden
Great MTB lesson. So helpful. I appreciate it.
James Mixon
James Mixon Måned siden
More trials on trail bikes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enzo Hilfreich
Enzo Hilfreich Måned siden
nobody... 0:04 Optimist music
Joseph Davenport
Joseph Davenport 2 måneder siden
what type of workouts would be recommended to increase the height of your bunny hop?
DNA_Hola 2 måneder siden
Blake would not be a good cross country rider
Blair Cabot
Blair Cabot 2 måneder siden
Was Blake trying to ride straight to the top of that tree?
Cannibal Cactus
Cannibal Cactus 2 måneder siden
I love the part where blake couldnt get through the uphill :3 funny stuff guys keep itt up
Zafal Garage
Zafal Garage 2 måneder siden
Nice tutorial
CombustionEng 2 måneder siden
That front hook is the only way to get up the hard line of a technical climb I know well. This is important because the easy line is usually blocked by riders that have stopped in their attempt to make it up. It's basically a muddy section with big boulders creating steps and a narrow line up one side that can be pedalled but only if you're accurate, most aren't. Usually the stuck rider starts apologising as you approach because they're blocking the only possible line, then they work out that you're heading to an impassable boulder and they generate a smug smirk as they anticipate your failure. This is swiftly followed by laughter... from their three mates when you lunge your back wheel over the step and make the stranded rider look very silly in their eyes. Thanks for giving me a way to reference the technique without fully explaining it, it was just something I did until now.
Maximo Gonzalez Villarreal
Maximo Gonzalez Villarreal 2 måneder siden
Audio is atroscious
Josep Rey Cases
Josep Rey Cases 3 måneder siden
2:04 He just invented tree biking by mere accident
황황세원 3 måneder siden
4:36 Korean mtb riders call that 잽탭 (Zap-Tap)
Derek Matthew Mountain Biking & Basketball
Derek Matthew Mountain Biking & Basketball 3 måneder siden
Mountain biking = So much fun !
Harry Baker
Harry Baker 3 måneder siden
Would love to see the same video but skills for a hardtail as I feel that some of these skills are top specific to full system MTB’s
2018SE 1
2018SE 1 Måned siden
Yes sir
theevster34 2 måneder siden
Literally all of these are better on a hardtail.... Trials bikes are rigid......
Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell 2 måneder siden
Juku 1
Juku 1 3 måneder siden
Woow it's great!!! Is it mutch harder to do all the jumps on a hardtail ?
Laurențio Coman
Laurențio Coman 4 måneder siden
it looks like you have a light bike As much as it weighs
Bob Guru
Bob Guru 4 måneder siden
No matter how good you get in bunny hopping I'll beat you down 1on1 in basketball. It's all about that confidence, training and God given skills. Still love biking more, no matter how much I suck.
Spring Bloom
Spring Bloom 4 måneder siden
2:00 OMG I need that, today 👍
Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends 4 måneder siden
do this video on a hardtail please
Ronald Vanveen
Ronald Vanveen 4 måneder siden
Wow ,nice educational vidio
Radio Raheem
Radio Raheem 4 måneder siden
Blake is freaking hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Sante
Joshua Sante 4 måneder siden
I wish I have those kind of bikes
Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey 4 måneder siden
These guys are bad ass
Tom.Allez213 4 måneder siden
Love this video. So much to learn and to practice. Thank you guys!!!
Magnus Nordström
Magnus Nordström 4 måneder siden
Try a loose sand bank, trainrails and then a loose sand bank on the other side...... how the f.... do one don´t crash...?
kill clown 101
kill clown 101 4 måneder siden
If only i can have one of those bikes
Wobblyme Leon Baker
Wobblyme Leon Baker 4 måneder siden
Love this channel. Addictive and so helpful to a beginner like me. Thank you guys. 👍
Jon D
Jon D 5 måneder siden
Eeeesh... riding on tables is naughty! ;-)
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 5 måneder siden
Awesome video guys, Thanks
11BobTail11 5 måneder siden
What kind of bikes are those?
Caesarion11 5 måneder siden
Thats liegh woods
Mitchell Bertke
Mitchell Bertke 6 måneder siden
That was the first time I have ever seen anyone ghost ride a bike.
mrad tv
mrad tv 6 måneder siden
I like blake's socks
Michael Fredrickson
Michael Fredrickson 6 måneder siden
Very good stuff. Thanks guys. Ride on....ill give these things a go.
ERVIN MALLARI 6 måneder siden
where can i buy those jerseys? please send link wink wink.
Global Mountain Bike Network
Global Mountain Bike Network 6 måneder siden
You can find them at :)
Zhijun Julian Liu
Zhijun Julian Liu 6 måneder siden
All these skills are practical and useful! I was wondering how others get through the tight switchbacks, now I know how!
Global Mountain Bike Network
Global Mountain Bike Network 6 måneder siden
Glad it was helpful!
Jack Chow
Jack Chow 6 måneder siden
Blake doing a verticals tree ride 2:03
uonadtehrrocks 6 måneder siden
looks like you guya are using 27.5" bikes?
Donna Adams
Donna Adams 7 måneder siden
I’m to old and unfit to do them technics , but it’s nice to watch you young ones do it🥴👍
Giff Miff
Giff Miff 7 måneder siden
Which gear do you (high / low) use for side hops / logs etc.Great video.
Jimmer73 7 måneder siden
This is leigh Woods right? I'll be giving these a go... And can try them out on the same obstacles.... Bonus 😁👍
Eric Jesse
Eric Jesse 7 måneder siden
I’m gonna be hitting the trails for the first time this week, this channels been so helpful, really like all the guys w gmbn. Will continue watching and I’ll subsribe right away! I’m gonna die right in and have idea to show off my first ride since I was like 14 on a BMX jumping curbs
Mike MUC
Mike MUC 7 måneder siden
The wooden Table? Dude, not cool. This is how you damage common property. This is not an half pipe.
Bryan Forth
Bryan Forth 7 måneder siden
Are you riding a 27.5 or 29er?
Philip Birgersson
Philip Birgersson 7 måneder siden
such a laid back video:)
craig chenery
craig chenery 7 måneder siden
Man u guys make this look so easy can u learns theses at 39 been trying to get skill been 2 weeks
Chet Kroll
Chet Kroll 7 måneder siden
Hi new to riding and love yoru vidoes. I was wondering how do you practice this without destrying your drivetrain when you miss short? It also looks like, on the table, your back wheel stops rotating are you hitting a brake in there too?
Elias 008
Elias 008 8 måneder siden
Kamote Industries
Kamote Industries 8 måneder siden
bunny hop is really essential when i learned them they just made mountain biking really feel like home to me
Auntieslapscake 8 måneder siden
I used to ride trials.. just bourght a dh bike..
Leigh Sheehan
Leigh Sheehan 8 måneder siden
paul 8 måneder siden
the slap tap bump, basically a wallie for bikes. so simple yet so satisfying
M 78
M 78 8 måneder siden
Really great compilation, thx a lot guyz
mocciar 8 måneder siden
You guys rock ! Keep pumping out these vids. Useful and entertaining at the same time.
Efa Efa
Efa Efa 8 måneder siden
Klass !!! 😉👍👍👍 Very good !!😎
timbomuffin 8 måneder siden
Dam good tip tbh and nice that you put in all the parts when you don't make it,that gives us all a little hope cheers
freddie A
freddie A 8 måneder siden
We’re get ur kneepads?
Daniele Cigo
Daniele Cigo 8 måneder siden
Nice video as usual 👍🏼 To "get on the table" it's easier with 27.5 or 29 wheels? Which feature of geometry is important for doing this?
MadJDMTurboBoost 8 måneder siden
I don't think it would matter either way. If you think about it, the bottom of the tire has to get on top of the table, so the diameter of the wheel doesn't matter. If the table is 3 feet high then you still have to raise the wheel 3 feet so the bottom of the tire is at table height. My guess is the best feature is having a lightweight bike to jump with.
Ian McNulty
Ian McNulty 8 måneder siden
Can you do these bump, slaps, & hop onto tables with clipless pedals or do you need flats??
phatpopsicle14 8 måneder siden
I love these videos. Any chance yall have any lady riders to show manuals? I just feel like the geometry come across differently for is ladies (who knows?)
Nikos Katsikanis
Nikos Katsikanis 9 måneder siden
thx guys
It's me
It's me 9 måneder siden
You guys are super talented!
JC cohen
JC cohen 9 måneder siden
For the 173 that gave thumbs down, I take it you guys must be seriously hard core world-renowned professionals, when you're not so busy touring the world making your $10 million a month mountain biking, maybe you can make a better video for us and show us how its really done? Just asking
Orian 9 måneder siden
Thanks from France guys !
Christoph Dettling
Christoph Dettling 9 måneder siden
Great video guys, thanks!
Ali E.
Ali E. 9 måneder siden
I don't only understand how did you manage to lift the back wheel in the hook technique. Nobody seems to explain that crucial part!
That Guy
That Guy 9 måneder siden
Noob question on the hook. Are you using special shoes to be able to pull on the pedals?
Global Mountain Bike Network
Global Mountain Bike Network 9 måneder siden
Both Blake and Chris are using flat pedals in this video. With the correct technique, it's actually better to use flats to bunny hop properly rather than clips to 'pull' on the pedals
Manuel M
Manuel M 9 måneder siden
Awesome video!
Patrik Fredholm
Patrik Fredholm 9 måneder siden
Great video Thanks! Is it possible to do all these tricks with a XC bike also? Many thanks
Ryan Halko
Ryan Halko 10 måneder siden
I like your socks blake I ONLY RIDE PARK
mark mccall
mark mccall 10 måneder siden
Is that a Nukeproof Mega???
Pierre B
Pierre B 10 måneder siden
At 11:48 that suspension is super compress this all body weight only is compressing the all fork that crazy.
WiLl Da BeAsT
WiLl Da BeAsT 9 måneder siden
Yah they have there fork very easy to compress it should be a little harder then that
gile 10 måneder siden
0:09 don't look at me like that
DayLightSensor 10 måneder siden
Rajni Malik
Rajni Malik 10 måneder siden
9:35 this could make someone slam into my legs if I do that
Patrick Ironwood
Patrick Ironwood 10 måneder siden
so good. brings tears because i have to wait till morning to ride and practice your style.cheers
Brian Collins
Brian Collins 10 måneder siden
WiLl Da BeAsT
WiLl Da BeAsT 9 måneder siden
I they are 29
How To Woodwork
How To Woodwork 11 måneder siden
I’ve started my own bike channel could anyone give me some tips on videos it would help because we are trying to gain subs.
Toby Crosthwaite
Toby Crosthwaite 11 måneder siden
What kind of bike is the black and blue one??
Fajar Nurhidayat
Fajar Nurhidayat 11 måneder siden
Can we do those with hardtail?
WiLl Da BeAsT
WiLl Da BeAsT 9 måneder siden
Yes but it's more difficult
rose smith
rose smith År siden
what kind of bike should I get to do this stuff, as a beginner I am obese too, so what would I as a woman be ableto do, I dont want to do the big stuff you all do bt would love to find a bike that can handle my weight and doing some ridingof trails (not the big downhill stuff tho). it looks like alot of fun doing stuff like that and good exercise too (non weight bearing)
KMS EBIKE År siden
Dan Furtney
Dan Furtney År siden
Looks so easy util I try to do it. How much does the rear suspension come into play vs doing this on a hardtail?
BDW År siden
Thank you so much for teaching me things I did not think I could do. Your instruction is awesome! Keep going!
Freedomrun32 År siden
I have a twin brother and last week he ask me if I could teach him how to ride a bike I was shocked that he didn't know how then I realized we are age 51 how in the hell did I not notice him never ever having road a bike,makes me wonder what else I have not noticed along my life's path. lol
Josh_6.0rado A
Josh_6.0rado A År siden
What bike is that orange one??
Shawn Levan
Shawn Levan År siden
Make a pump track😲
El sombra
El sombra År siden
Big thx .. 👍🍺
E. Lormans
E. Lormans År siden
Great video. These moves look so easy. But when i try.... I need A lot of practice. Keep making video’s like this. 👍
calvin moe
calvin moe År siden
Someone's rotors are hella contaminated
Amelia Carter
Amelia Carter År siden
They rocked it!!! 🤘🏼
Slippy 991
Slippy 991 År siden
I do a 1:00 Endo but only a 90° pivot I try turning head 😵
Reniel DeMesa
Reniel DeMesa År siden
Damn.. Those tricks are so hard yet he makes it look easy
Tariman Permadi
Tariman Permadi År siden
Thanks for the tips, after watch this video i do practice and now i still noob 😂
Tomislav Begić
Tomislav Begić År siden
Are you guys twins?
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor År siden
At 63 and my 1st full suspension mountain bike (29er ) this is very helpful, I just wish you guys were around the east coast for a couple lessons or so!!!!!
B R År siden
You can do this stuff on a 29er? I myself have been having troubles with manuals and bunnyhops.
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