It will live with me FOREVER - Conor Coady scoring for England at Wembley

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ITV Sport

Måned siden

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Eddie Driftwood
Eddie Driftwood Måned siden
I'm Irish but this warmed my heart to see, a genuine, honest lad honoured to represent his country.
Carl Cleaver
Carl Cleaver Måned siden
Up the wolves 🐺 well done me lad
Andy kentwolves
Andy kentwolves Måned siden
Well done lad, we, re chuffed to bits for you,
Tyler B
Tyler B Måned siden
Desperately trying so hard not to burst out smiling at the beginning 😂 Wonderful to see. Fully deserved his moment and he should become a permanent fixture in our back line.
wolvesdown Måned siden
Gary lineker will be pissed off,an English man scored for England
Harry Woodward
Harry Woodward Måned siden
Done the wolves proud for years, so great he is getting his chance now for England. Class act on and off the pitch
Wade Ragsdale
Wade Ragsdale Måned siden
Love him first choice all day
1346crecy Måned siden
How refreshing. I smiled all through that interview.
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown Måned siden
Made up for the lad
Simon Peter Burton
Simon Peter Burton Måned siden
He’s from the same town as me. Proud of you Connor. Well done mate
English Stacey
English Stacey Måned siden
@Simon Peter Burton Ah so the "English not Scouse" is true then! 👍
Simon Peter Burton
Simon Peter Burton Måned siden
Yeah he is from St. Helens. Same town as me
David B
David B Måned siden
@Kryptonite A1 Brookside.
James Banks
James Banks Måned siden
Proper leader
W Måned siden
Any scousers spouting that Scouse not English rubbish trapped in ya little bitter bubble, wonder what this guy thinks of all that 😂 well done Conor
English Stacey
English Stacey Måned siden
I just keep seeing "English not Scouse" with regards to Coady on Twitter...he's boiled some piss certainly 😂😂😂
A Y Måned siden
Myles MCR
Myles MCR Måned siden
We need to play like this against Belgium. Hopefully Grealish starts
A Y Måned siden
Nice to see a patriotic man who loves to play for England look at his face that's what we need alongside quality.
drakey27 Måned siden
Yeah lovely to see an Englishman loving playing for his country.. very refreshing these days. Gone are the 90’s
Legion Of Kinsmen
Legion Of Kinsmen Måned siden
TripinHipHop Måned siden
A Y agreed
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards Måned siden
Captain Fantastic.
Joey Varden
Joey Varden Måned siden
You were brilliant last night Conor, the goal you scored was insane what a whip from Trips !!