Tadej Pogacar Making History on Planche des Belles Filles | Tour de France Stage 20 | Lanterne Rouge

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2 måneder siden

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Tadej Pogacar stands to claim a stunning overall victory in the Tour de France after a dramatic time trial on La Planche des Belles Filles.
Roglic began the day with a 57-second advantage in the yellow jersey he has worn for 11 days, but it all went wrong for the pre-Tour favourite in the 36.2km time trial which ripped up expectations before Sunday’s traditional procession into Paris.
In one of the most dramatic finales to a Tour since Greg Lemond snatched yellow off the shoulders of Laurent Fignon in Paris in 1989, Pogacar won the stage in a time of 55 minutes and 55 seconds to claim the yellow jersey as well as the King of the Mountain’s polka dots and the best young rider’s white.
Roglic shipped almost two minutes on the day, his team-mates Wout Van Aert and Tom Dumoulin watching on in stunned silence as they saw their own hopes of stage victory go up in smoke alongside Roglic’s grander ambitions.
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MishMash 24 dager siden
The crazy part is how 6W/kg for probably an hour is a bad day xD Just goes to show how insanely strong the top competition is..
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb Måned siden
I don't think he would have won it by so much if he had to do it again. It leaves him open to the he must be juiced up And yes include myself in that camp as well because I think that also. Yes he won but as far as I am concerned that's another 3 weeks wasted
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb Måned siden
No they are looking as if to say I don't believe what I am seeing. It's not possible that he is clean and I'm sure that's what most people watching were thinking as well. I am sick of hearing he hasn't tested positive so he is clean. Just the same thing as Armstrong used to say and look what happened with him
The Cyclist
The Cyclist Måned siden
wow. Pogacar is a machine and I am sure he pretty much emptied the tank to the line. Great to watch and to know that you might not need to have a great team around you to win the biggest bike race in the world!
Svartez 2 måneder siden
That was a THERMONUCLEAR climb from Pogacar
Moishe Kaufman
Moishe Kaufman 2 måneder siden
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Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance 2 måneder siden
No comment on roglics helmet must of been some watts lost
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 2 måneder siden
Bravo ITV Sport for signing up LR to do these analysis videos - fantastic content!
James Rushworth
James Rushworth 2 måneder siden
I've never really understood the TDF until I discovered the Lanterne Rouge commentary. Different level to EVERYONE else. You can tell he puts a LOT of effort into describing what is going on and creating a sporting narrative. I'd watch all cycling events if this guy was commentating.
Stephen Browning
Stephen Browning 2 måneder siden
What happened to Roglic's visor?
East Lamb
East Lamb 2 måneder siden
Excellent video
Arley Gomez
Arley Gomez 2 måneder siden
How do we get rid of Carlton Kirby on Eurosport and get LR on there instead?
Ronan C
Ronan C 2 måneder siden
I am sure Lance would be proud of him
q q
q q 2 måneder siden
Thanks LR for your commentary
Dan Earl
Dan Earl 2 måneder siden
Chris Froome is cruel.
pravstar1 2 måneder siden
You deserve a seat on eurosport or itv4 for that analysis, top drawer
cormac meegan
cormac meegan 2 måneder siden
What was the deal with Roglic helmet? From the start ramp it looks like the visor isn't even covering his eyes, as if the helmet isn't pushed into his head instead just resting on top of it
Bob Houghton
Bob Houghton 2 måneder siden
Super content. However please slow down and take a breath occasionally. Gee it was an assault to the senses.
john pontes
john pontes 2 måneder siden
Roglic no doubt had something wrong he has more power than that alot more. What the hell happened to him. Roglic shouldve been faster than Pog on the flat only 2nd to WVA then on the climb maybe Pog takes 20 sec on Roglic. I think Jumbo Visma made a mistake not going full gas on that flat and Roglic wouldve had loads more confidence. But hearing on race radio he had lost time on the flat is no good. WVA needed to absolutely destroy the flat that shouldve been their strategy. Roglic can still win tdf I believe. He still has fewer years of hammering his body than all other riders his age because he only started at 22
Josh Knight
Josh Knight 2 måneder siden
What a hero. I wonder if Lance (when he was all doped up) could have held off that performance.
Dan B
Dan B 2 måneder siden
Loved this! Are you doing it for Giro and Vuelta?
Zac Arkwright
Zac Arkwright 2 måneder siden
Lanterne the goat
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 2 måneder siden
The ITT summer up Pog’s tour, he just raced off of instinct and pushed all the way. He had no data or team radio for large parts and he just went for it. Best finale and one of the best tours ever
acme181169 2 måneder siden
I expect a lot of piss to be thrown over that young man, only time will tell if its warranted!
Kieron Ward
Kieron Ward 2 måneder siden
Super confused when I clicked onto ITV coverage to see Lantern rouge.
acme181169 2 måneder siden
If it looks to good to be true...... I'll bet David Miller is thinking EXACTLY what I'm thinking!!!!
Frank Ojo
Frank Ojo 2 måneder siden
Can I use this channel to say thank you to itv sport and Lantern Rouge for their excellent free coverage of this years remarkable Tour. If it wasn't for itv I would not have been able to watch that incredible time trial live. Cheers.
andytheciderman 2 måneder siden
The cotton wool had olbas oil on apparently to open the airways.
Scott McGaffney
Scott McGaffney 2 måneder siden
Roglic should switch PED supplier to the same one as Podacar
hernendez sanchez
hernendez sanchez 2 måneder siden
Ever look for something but it was right there in front of you the whole time? This is how I feel about pogacar, he was there the whole time, in front of us, taking stage wins, not losing time and finishing within distance of roglic every stage. Yet we all overlooked him. Im guilty of looking down the top 10 and looking for guys like porte, dumoulin, bernal, uran and WVA thinking they'd pop up and take the yellow. How wrong we all were. Bravo to pogacar 👌 Great analysis and content for the whole race. Def my go to cycling channel this TDF
Kurush Wadia
Kurush Wadia 2 måneder siden
Yes, please. If need be a multi-part video of the GC battle!
G U A Y N A A 2 måneder siden
Thanks for making such videos. Greetings and hugs 🔥✔🏁
Vance Keith
Vance Keith 2 måneder siden
Great video, thanks!
magpie1869 2 måneder siden
More reminiscent of when Cadel Evans destroyed Andy Schleck. I thought you were Austrailian.
Thomas W
Thomas W 2 måneder siden
Some people are estimating Pogačar put out 6.9 w/kg for 16 minutes. MADNESS.
DogFather0802 2 måneder siden
Sportsman of the Year, hands down.
acme181169 2 måneder siden
I doubt sport had anything to do with it. Maybe he was sponsored by big pharma too!
Torp 2 måneder siden
Dumolin and Van Aert know what's going on here. As they stressed Roglic didnt have a great TT but it wasn't bad. Roglic perceived struggle looks like hes panicking and if hearing on the radio you're losing the tour you cant blame him. 35 seconds down on two TT specialists is not a disaster as he 57 seconds to play with. The 1 min 21 gap from those two to the winner that's the one that's bugging me.
Jeffery Groves
Jeffery Groves 2 måneder siden
Pogacar bike change. Epic bike change IMO. The bike dismount beside the team car. It was an F1 style bike change compared to Roglic. Was also done on a better part of the track compared to Roglic. After bike change, Pogacar just rode away to take the win! So strong.
mrmagliarosa 2 måneder siden
... when you are doing a segment like this, you really should check how to pronounce the different names. This sound so amateurish ...
mark hancock
mark hancock 2 måneder siden
Great video.
Amaury Dehez
Amaury Dehez 2 måneder siden
why no strava data ??
#AkoSi- Bong
#AkoSi- Bong 2 måneder siden
but most importantly, pogacar proved disk brakes manufacturers wrong ... he doesn't need disk brakes to win the white, polka dot and yellow jerseys all at the same time ... disk brakes belong to MAMILs, not the tour ... (hehe)
DoglessEndeavor 2 måneder siden
Should have done a whole section about Carapaz switching helmets before the climb.
Md Rony
Md Rony 2 måneder siden
I don't owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Moop T
Moop T 2 måneder siden
Amazing ride, incredible. I was excited until on Sunday morning ride I met a local veteran pro rider who used to work with Andrej Hauptman (UAE DS), and knows a few insider stories about Mauro Gianetti (UAE Team co-founder and CEO... the guy that almost crushed Pogačar with hugs after crossing the finish line.)... This rider said to me: They all think we are stupid... it is sad, nothing has changed... Anyway, check out this link about Gianetti: www.cyclismas.com/biscuits/who-is-mauro-gianetti/
E.R. Wagteveld
E.R. Wagteveld 2 måneder siden
The offensive rider won and defensive rider list. Simple like that. Throughout the tour Pogacar took initiative and Roglic just followed. Well, for the next year's a new hero and I wonder who can take this guy. It's all mental with him. Not great athletic abilities but between the ears he is by far the best. Abit like Verstappen in F1. Beautiful to see.
Felix Lievano
Felix Lievano 2 måneder siden
A fabulous product of the Slovenian School of Doping. I am not impressed, time will reveal the ugly thruth
Dirkie N
Dirkie N 2 måneder siden
Ewan ? Bike change was so slow. Rather DEGENDT
Dana Hadiana
Dana Hadiana 2 måneder siden
From Cheko
Kendrick LO
Kendrick LO 2 måneder siden
Mik B
Mik B 2 måneder siden
All of the alternative media (NOpost) cycling commentary that has emerged over the last couple of seasons has made watching traditional broadcasts, well, let's just say . . . painful. But this video specifically, with Lanterne Rouge commentating, is probably a new pinnacle. I've watched the video four times and will watch it a few times more. "So no jokes allowed" 😂🤣 probably made it just formal enough without stripping it of all that makes LR commentary great. No offense to the other commentators ITV featured this year, but not everyone is the best commentator in the world, and it's time to let LR's star shine solo going forward. 👌👌👌
Noel E. Tongson
Noel E. Tongson 2 måneder siden
Thanks! You are far better than Eurosport in making this summary. I watched Stage 20 and so far, I find this video the most telling.
rogase68 2 måneder siden
Great recap of a fascinating stage. Great race this year.
Felix Newstead
Felix Newstead 2 måneder siden
Amazing recap LR! ITV more please!
Bernard Ibrahim
Bernard Ibrahim 2 måneder siden
I wonder if I taking it for granted: witnessing a 21yo spectacularly winning TdF with yellow, polkadot and white jerseys in hand. surely legend in the making
Pat Whelen
Pat Whelen 2 måneder siden
Great summary. Sad for Roglic, but I'm happy for Porte
Charlie Smith-Khaira
Charlie Smith-Khaira 2 måneder siden
These highlights are excellent, great insight and well thought out! Great work
Zarp Sterr
Zarp Sterr 2 måneder siden
TOP Comentary...better than any of the BBC guys. Npw don't let it go to your head and you'll be great.Once again.....excellent,old chap. Best of, in your future.
michael haas
michael haas 2 måneder siden
cna we talk about that water drink pogacar took after he got on his road bike?? it is major sketch... no splash liquid, obviously not full and why not??
Zach C
Zach C 2 måneder siden
Pogacar tapped into ultra instinct
Bill Keane
Bill Keane 2 måneder siden
Thanks for your excellent, incisive coverage. After the vacuous, cringe-worthy ramblings of the Tomalaris crew at sbs, this is like a breath of fresh air.
Thaddeus Haas
Thaddeus Haas 2 måneder siden
Jumbo Visma were clearly the strongest team, but Tadej Pogacar was clearly the strongest rider throughout the Tour. Even given the time he lost due to the crosswinds, JV still couldn't shake him. Every time they went, he went, I think with the one exception being on stage 17 or 18. You could also see hints of his superiority on the stages where he out sprinted Primoz to win. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say that Sepp Kuss was stronger than Primoz. There was no way Primoz was the stronger rider. Flip the script and put Tadej with the JV team, does anyone honestly think that Primoz would have been hanging with them and making up time with the UAE domestiques? There is no way. Stage 20 showed us clearly who deserved to win the Tour.
Christy Dolan
Christy Dolan 2 måneder siden
I was away from the tv for the fireworks on Saturday, saw most of the TT and roglic helmet and being down but had to get away to do something else. Bloody life . Anyway, Lantern Rouge, cheers for the video. I can’t get itv 4 where I am and was away from the house to see the rest of the highlights. Eurosport NOpost is a disaster, way too short
Dream Jackson
Dream Jackson 2 måneder siden
Great race. Great drama
ke0kie 2 måneder siden
A sea...of rim brakes! Cheers Tadej!!!!!!
welsh logic
welsh logic 2 måneder siden
6watts per kilo. Juiced. Still love it.
Stephanie Saczawa
Stephanie Saczawa 2 måneder siden
In the first rest day, Froome said that Roglic tends to tail off during the third week of a Grand Tour. In the second rest day when Ned Boulting asked him for predictions, he correctly said Pogacar to win with Richie climbing onto the podium for third place
cliff cox
cliff cox 2 måneder siden
Primoz looked sheet white and sick.
tolstoyed 2 måneder siden
no worries for roglic then if he can still hang in with the best on his off day
thehomme 2 måneder siden
Any more info on the awful JV helmets? They were ok with the visors fitted but then they seemed to ditch the visors and both Roglic and Dumoulin looked like kids in cheap illfitting helmets
remote control
remote control 2 måneder siden
Look at all those rim brake bikes, so beautiful.
Srb M
Srb M 2 måneder siden
And what with doping testing? Look on the arm of Pogačar finishing the etape before Roglič. You can see the puncture of his vein. Is It possible that nowbody takve the doping after Armstrong and “empty” years that he stolen from the cycling?
TheVinokourov 2 måneder siden
Appalling that this guy is considered a road cycling expert. Not a clue about the cotton wool.
ion 2 måneder siden
I think roglic slept way too much , he had the strongest team but was he the stronger rider , i feel lile he should of proved to everyone he was on stage 15,16,17
Emiel Ramakers
Emiel Ramakers 2 måneder siden
LR on top form once again. ITV get this man to do even more!
Moritz Sauer
Moritz Sauer 2 måneder siden
Quality of the video is on another level, even for Lanterne Rouge standards tbh
TheLafingas 2 måneder siden
LR = instant like
Jacob DeAngelis
Jacob DeAngelis 2 måneder siden
Put your face in the thumbnails dude
MAX__Apex 2 måneder siden
No humour :( LR
Luca Pignata
Luca Pignata 2 måneder siden
Great video!
MAX__Apex 2 måneder siden
LR doing his thing
max power
max power 2 måneder siden
It was clear early on roglic wasn't on a good day and he looked nervous In the start house even pedaling backwards when stationary which looked strange to me for a pro but he didn't have that bad of a day pogacar smashed everyone in that tt
Drew Cama
Drew Cama 2 måneder siden
This is absolutely the best! Thank you ITV sport for putting the right man in the right spot to inform us. That's what I needed!
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 2 måneder siden
you have the best detailed analysis anywhere. glad to see it’s being recognised. Pog looked best GC rider all tour to me, despite crap team and stage 7 mishaps. Odds on Friday night looked crazy skewed. JV needed to use super strong team to aggressively break Pog, as Rog is very good climber and TT guy, but not great one. not able to do single handed superhuman days like Froome, for example. On this very unusual ITT - not short by modern standards and mix of rolling and sharp climb at end, 57 secs looked quite doable to me. 10/1 was crazy. I went for 14/1 for Pog to take PD too, as if he had Yellow in sight at bottom of climb he would crush it, whatever energy Carapaz had saved for it. Best GC rider usually wins TdF. 06, 12, 14 and 18 were outliers for different reasons. Big trains only as good as their leader ultimately. Pog was easily strongest GC guy. Margin looks suspicious, one has to say. But I’ll believe until proved wrong.
Ayomide George
Ayomide George 2 måneder siden
Man lances channel was way better wtf did itv do to him
rn bv
rn bv 2 måneder siden
If I had the money to finance a wt team I'd hire LanternRouge as a general manager.
Le Dérailleur
Le Dérailleur 2 måneder siden
Dumoulin and Wout prayer: Please God juste make a flat tire for this young killer .
Blaz 2 måneder siden
4:10 anyone caught Roglic doing a cross as Pogacar started?
Dan Earl
Dan Earl 2 måneder siden
Well he is Slovenian.
SinuoSalice -
SinuoSalice - 2 måneder siden
No one did the cross for primoz......
Stian Pollestad
Stian Pollestad 2 måneder siden
Well spotted.
Laura And Thomas Gmail
Laura And Thomas Gmail 2 måneder siden
Would love to know how you worked out 6.5w/kg. If that is right I don't think that's out of this world. It's not like Lance's reputed 7w/kg ftp. Pogacar does not sound impossible to me for a 56 minute effort.
Denis 2 måneder siden
I still disagree that roglic had a "bad" day. Roglic had a normal day based he was only 30 sec behind Dumoulin and this is what would you expect after 3 weeks of racing. Meanwhile Pogacar went like this was his first stage, despite showing much more weakness than roglic in latest stages. Roglic looked like human, Pogacar looked like inhuman.
taso nice
taso nice 2 måneder siden
Question: if Roglič didn't have his teammates this entire tour would he have been in yellow as long as he was?
RL9 Bayern_Legend
RL9 Bayern_Legend 2 måneder siden
Could have been a great sport, ruined by corruption It's not the riders that win by the team behind them, to be precise..... Doctors and labs with drug enchacements
Hernan Hernandez
Hernan Hernandez 2 måneder siden
Fantastic analysis. Thank you!
Arif M M
Arif M M 2 måneder siden
How is it possible you’ve made the greatest stage of the TDF sound boring?
world valeur
world valeur 2 måneder siden
This is the best possible re-cap of a TT! Thanks so much - I don't have access to watching the stages live, so this was just perfect. Amazing job from Pogacar, and I too feel for Roglic.
mark cooper
mark cooper 2 måneder siden
Love these vids great analysis...
Stephen Barrett
Stephen Barrett 2 måneder siden
UAE vs Israel next year at the Tour de France? A new wrinkle to conflict in the Middle East.
Paul de Bellefroid
Paul de Bellefroid 2 måneder siden
i cried i fucking cried
Cyclonasaurus Rex
Cyclonasaurus Rex 2 måneder siden
The floating head kind of creeps me out.
news buster
news buster 2 måneder siden
To add some perspective: Pogacar clime time was 2 seconds faster than Fabio Aru when he won the stage on La Planche des Belles Filles. Nothing outerworldly, just a very good climb.
sanastela 2 måneder siden
@news buster thanks... That is what I wanted to hear.
news buster
news buster 2 måneder siden
@sanastela Nope, sorry. Just heard it on tv. Richie Port also had a very fast climb pace, I think second after Pogacar and not too far behind. Mas and Bilbao were also among the fastest. But Pogacar was really fast on the flat also.
sanastela 2 måneder siden
Do you maybe have a link to all the climb times?