Final Fantasy 7 Remake (All Cutscenes Game Movie , Japanese Voices English Text, No Commentary)

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9 måneder siden

Scene from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (2020) for the ps4.
- Japanese Voices, English Text
- Main story cutscenes, many sidemissions are present but chapter 9 and 14 have a few missing.
- No Commentary

#NoCommentary #ff7 #

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A-Dubs 3 dager siden
10:20:02 he said the N word.
Mr Everything 70
Mr Everything 70 10 dager siden
5:12:18 Casual reminder that Rude walks around with a backup pair of shades
Mr Everything 70
Mr Everything 70 10 dager siden
Cloud: Attempts to exist Sephiroth: Boo
J 22 dager siden
Thanks for the upload! Took me 5 days to watched it all 😂! Very entertaining, Japanese dub the best
J 23 dager siden
7:37:21 I swear, Cloud is the luckiest guy in this universe. Where Jessie at though 😭?
J 24 dager siden
4:52:32 a bunch of Cloud wannabes lol 😂
J 25 dager siden
English dub is pretty good, but Japanese sub just hits my soul. Thanks for uploading! With that being said, I will watch hard mode in English dub
Sankaku Potato
Sankaku Potato Måned siden
Sakurai voicing Cloud, hands down an absolute legend, Rest in Power for Fujiwara Keiji 😭
agent #525600
agent #525600 Måned siden
12:27:36 don't mind me, just leaving this here for myself.
B03 Albarracin, Almer Jacob A.
B03 Albarracin, Almer Jacob A. Måned siden
I wonder how many hours it took this channel to upload this vid.
Crypto Måned siden
French and Japanese are good additions, but how is there no Spanish dub?? I really wanted to hear Barret in a Dominican accent saying stuff like "coma mierda Shinra!" ( meaning "eat shit Shinra"). Plus I'll still laugh when Aerith says "mierda" when the ladder snaps off
Nolan Mendaxus
Nolan Mendaxus 2 måneder siden
Cloud sounds so young here compared to the English dub it's crazy
Nyixpuff fan girl
Nyixpuff fan girl 8 dager siden
@Mat Renzter T. Tumacas 😳😳
Mat Renzter T. Tumacas
Mat Renzter T. Tumacas 17 dager siden
And his japanese VA is 46 years old
Denly Pritannia
Denly Pritannia 2 måneder siden
Finally found it... Thanks
morlock2200 2 måneder siden
God the fact that i can tell that the Text and Voice lines dont match is funny but annoying
Austin - Striker
Austin - Striker 3 måneder siden
7:16 He said the thing
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Måned siden
@Livith what does that mean?
Livith Måned siden
@Barack Obama “Kyomi nai ne” (Not interested)
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Måned siden
Silvery Blue
Silvery Blue 3 måneder siden
This ver sounds more clearer :)
Sao alicization Zuberg
Sao alicization Zuberg 3 måneder siden
Marvin G.
Marvin G. 3 måneder siden
a better movie
zhengyingli 3 måneder siden
This is not a slight against Aerith's English dub because she did an amazing job, but the original Aerith Japanese VO simply has more power during tense scenes.
soothsayer 4 måneder siden
as someone relatively fluent in both english in japanese, the japanese one is way better. i mean, the game was designed for the japanese language and it adds to the atmosphere and context especially with cloud referring to tifa and him as 俺たち just gives so much more depth to the characters. plus the english can be cringy at parts.
Mat Renzter T. Tumacas
Mat Renzter T. Tumacas 4 måneder siden
It's so nostalgic to hear Takahiro Sakurai again TvT
make you happy
make you happy 4 måneder siden
worst game to sell to a fun !! stay with ff7 ps1
Léo Sora
Léo Sora 4 måneder siden
Not the same game.
Judar’s wife
Judar’s wife 4 måneder siden
It’s so strange for me to hear Giyuu Tomiokas voice here as cloud
Audrey Montoya
Audrey Montoya 16 dager siden
I know it's so weird
Eden Grisaia
Eden Grisaia 5 måneder siden
I'll be damned. Cloud's voice actor is the same as Kazami Yuuji's from the Grisaia series visual novel.
A Elvarita
A Elvarita 4 måneder siden
yeah he is sakurai-san
animolhairo 5 måneder siden
Jessica Fanguy
Jessica Fanguy 5 måneder siden
Me realizing that this is only Part 1 after watching 13 hours and now I have to wait for the next game to be developed 😵
Fragmented R
Fragmented R Måned siden
And it’s pretty hard to say how many more parts there will be, as this was such a small portion of the original game. They might try to cram it all into like two parts, which will be difficult as hell with this pacing, or they might make more than that to evenly space shit out.
글러드 5 måneder siden
William Lee
William Lee 6 måneder siden
Feel different for jp voice version! Sam: I know Corneo Taste very well Corneo: I like that Big bone girl
DaiDai 07
DaiDai 07 6 måneder siden
I feel like I can enjoy playing this game both English and Japanese, mainly because the characters lips actually sync with the language.
DaiDai 07
DaiDai 07 2 måneder siden
@Chad Narukami that’s what I’m saying, it’s not just synced with English but also Japanese.
Chad Narukami
Chad Narukami 2 måneder siden
The lips are only synced with the Japanese audio
Evan The Gamer imoliana
Evan The Gamer imoliana 6 måneder siden
If you guys know minky momo AERITH say it on the middle of the game
Lili Cyrus
Lili Cyrus 6 måneder siden
HOLY- thanks for this. You even included some of the small cutscenes
Chrizianne Guerrero
Chrizianne Guerrero 6 måneder siden
As a Final Fantasy Fan since i was a kid Sakurai voicing cloud is one of the best in this franchise he was the best😢👌
maged ahmad
maged ahmad 6 måneder siden
silentazn89 6 måneder siden
Awwwww welcome back NOBUO
Pipu Smash !
Pipu Smash ! 7 måneder siden
1:27:56 I want to say "no you'r very pretty dressed like that"
Hezkezl 7 måneder siden
Best part of the whole game: 7:05:16 Nailed it, I know. Thank you. Moving on.
Chad Narukami
Chad Narukami 6 måneder siden
@ᅚ Tifa's Japanese voice fits her more than the English one.
7 måneder siden
imo that line was better in the english version.
Animum Rege
Animum Rege 7 måneder siden
That and madam m getting bleeped
oookaayy doood
oookaayy doood 7 måneder siden
RIP Reno's VA
soniccinos 8 måneder siden
7:21:34 had to see Aerith reaction on japanese voice, after Aetirh's VA Briana White explains the behind the scene direction for the English voice over.
Victor Chan
Victor Chan 7 måneder siden
Hoo heeeee!
oookaayy doood
oookaayy doood 7 måneder siden
Hehe that was funny
Jarno Rondas
Jarno Rondas 8 måneder siden
The lighting in the cutscenes when fighting Reno in the church really impressed me it's beautiful!
A wild cyclist appears!
A wild cyclist appears! 8 måneder siden
Sakamoto Maaya is really elevating Aerith to another level. Japanese VO for her and Cloud are clear winners for me.
NikolitaNiko 25 dager siden
I also personally really enjoyed Barret's seiyuu as well. The main quartet really knocked their roles right out of the park.
EdwardChronicles Måned siden
Is the original 100%❤️❤️❤️
Aarin Monroe
Aarin Monroe 5 måneder siden
I love Takahiro Sakurai (Cloud)! He even said he was a big fan for final fantasy! Aerith's voice is also SO adorable ❤, I can never get annoyed by it! I can listen to her bicker days on end!
Chrizianne Guerrero
Chrizianne Guerrero 6 måneder siden
Yeahhh I Love her so muchhh she voices so much on Fate franchise that i literally bought this game once i knew she was voicing aerith in the remake!
Richard Henckel
Richard Henckel 8 måneder siden
Zack fair is alot more enjoyable in the japanese dub. Maybe i'll get adjusted to the japanese voice actors if zack is in part 2 or if the cutscene of him surviving is an alternate universe then i might not change it from the english dub
Zero Style
Zero Style 8 måneder siden
Sephiroth: Let us defy destiny...together. 13:10:27 Cloud: (Daga) Kotowaru.
Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin Måned siden
Léo Sora
Léo Sora 4 måneder siden
Same voice too
Issac 7 måneder siden
Jojo reference?
Chloe Moretz Fan
Chloe Moretz Fan 8 måneder siden
Does anyone know where the hell is Yuffie?
loa byk
loa byk 3 måneder siden
I was hoping I might see her when the Angel of the Slums (thief) side-quest came up. Wonder if she is the rumored angel?
Oυт oғ мy мιnd
Oυт oғ мy мιnd 7 måneder siden
She doesn't appear in Midgar that's why she's not in the remake yet. I guess we will see her in the second part of the remake.
mocca 8 måneder siden
Thank you so much im really like japan voice thanks!
Pan Ban
Pan Ban 8 måneder siden
Dem, even without gameplay takes 13 hours 😳😳 ?! And this is just part 1 😫 thx anyway for this upload 👍 59:33 everytime I see this scene, I was hoping she could, like, pay him by sleep by his side or sort of, lol 😆 Just realized the Owner of where Cloud lives is Marle ? I wonder if she has connection with Chrono Trigger's Marle 🤔😋 ?
Arya Nugraha
Arya Nugraha 8 måneder siden
thank you so much for uploading this! you're the best
YuanZhi Zhao
YuanZhi Zhao 8 måneder siden
omgosh....Aerith is sooooo cute love aerith
Corey Lucas
Corey Lucas 8 måneder siden
I miss Keiji Fujiwara already voicing Reno/ Axel/ Ardyn/ Leorio/ Hughes/ Kihara/ Principal Ass man in Prison School. I screamed in pain when I heard the news. One of my favorite Seiyuus! Goodnight, Sweet Prince.
HalocraZze 8 måneder siden
Same here :'( I feel you, may he rest in peace T^T
Sesshomaru-サー 8 måneder siden
The Japanese voice version has too many sighs that my parents think I'm watching 18+
silentazn89 6 måneder siden
But some one I loved and he was my boyfriend so so different
Alyssa D Morales
Alyssa D Morales 7 måneder siden
Akmal Rafi A A
Akmal Rafi A A 7 måneder siden
Lmao same
Gavyn Smith
Gavyn Smith 8 måneder siden
I'm not going to even hate. I love the English voice actors in voice actresses for this game. but to me personally, the original Japanese voices sound a bit more natural.
Gavyn Smith
Gavyn Smith 13 dager siden
@《 SomeDud09 》 exactly!
《 SomeDud09 》
《 SomeDud09 》 2 måneder siden
I personally like the JP voices more because they used the same voice cast from Advent Children....and also because it's the OG.
Illyasviel Von Einzbern
Illyasviel Von Einzbern 3 måneder siden
Original is original is the best than dubbing fake ofc
Ra 8 måneder siden
Reno: What class? Cloud: Vas Reno: 🙂
Mr Everything 70
Mr Everything 70 6 dager siden
That’s a Far Cry from the answer I expected
Philip Santos
Philip Santos 3 måneder siden
Soruja Fas Kuras
putty in training
putty in training 8 måneder siden
i'm debating with myself whether or not to play this game, I played the original when it first came out, and its been my favorite game of all time... what people need to realize is, this isn't the same game, it's not the same experience... and I truly treasure my experience with the original because it was the first time experiencing the story, if I play this one, it will feel like a betrayal of my memories of the original, so for now, i'm not playing it
Levi IsTooShort
Levi IsTooShort 7 måneder siden
people do realize that it's not the same game and will definitely not be the experience. You playing the game won't ruin the memories u have played the first so I don't know why you're fretting over this.
Keisho 8 måneder siden
Ok dude, but you're missing out!
DEBARSHI goswami
DEBARSHI goswami 8 måneder siden
It adds to the original and does not replace it. And it's not trying to replace it. If you play it you would understand that.
Jomaru Joestar
Jomaru Joestar 8 måneder siden
Adrian Yu
Adrian Yu 8 måneder siden
you da real mvp
ginrumrai maiyoodyon
ginrumrai maiyoodyon 8 måneder siden
thank you so much
chung tran
chung tran 8 måneder siden
waiting 4 ep 2 and another game that u're going to make like this . pls dont cut too much scenes when u walkthrough if it short , tks u 4 video
Shirozel 8 måneder siden
Japanese version are better for me.
soothsayer 4 måneder siden
@Corey Lucas weeaboo? でも、日本語稿はいいですよ
Sylvie Lassiaille
Sylvie Lassiaille 5 måneder siden
Barret's voice is a lot better in english imo.
Keisho 8 måneder siden
@Mikoto M. Me too! She has an angelic voice
VinnyVidiVici 8 måneder siden
I can't stand barret VA in japanese. It just doesn't fit at all. The rest are good
Mikoto M.
Mikoto M. 8 måneder siden
I like Aerith’s english voice a lot😢
Lucia Krause
Lucia Krause 8 måneder siden
After watching the English full movie version first, now this... The English actors were very dull in comparison.
Sylvie Lassiaille
Sylvie Lassiaille 5 måneder siden
Normally I prefer the og japanese dubs, but in this case the english VAs knocked it out of the park. I prefer Cloud and Aerith in bapanese, but Barret's english VA steals the show.
Hana Music
Hana Music 7 måneder siden
Well a weebo always hate the english dub no matter what.Atleast most people who prefer the english dub still praise the japanese dub if you look in comment section.
Just Some Dude on the Internet
Just Some Dude on the Internet 8 måneder siden
Shiro wrong
YourOfficial Sephiroth
YourOfficial Sephiroth 8 måneder siden
Corey Lucas
Corey Lucas 8 måneder siden
I disagree. Both are great.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 9 måneder siden
Where 720p???? I need it
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 8 måneder siden
so long
Joshiball 8 måneder siden
depends on youtube
Akmal E-Store
Akmal E-Store 9 måneder siden
360p only?
Joshiball 8 måneder siden
for now, youtube takes a while to process 13 hour videos
Kryptonical 9 måneder siden
Please have the OG Buster Sword in every scene
12345AAee 12345AAee
12345AAee 12345AAee 9 måneder siden
Joshiball 9 måneder siden
ff7re is finally done. HD qualities will probably be available in a couple of days lol, meanwhile you can watch the chapter by chapter videos here: Playlist:
Sofia Dahdah
Sofia Dahdah 9 måneder siden
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