Playing in every rank from BRONZE to PRO level in one day

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5 måneder siden

Playing every Rocket League rank in one day...I finally became a smurf. Here's what it looks like in each rank.
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SunlessKhan 5 måneder siden
Father forgive me for I have smurfed
lner 5 timer siden
Charizardx835 gaming
Charizardx835 gaming 6 timer siden
You are not forgiven
Leo Hope
Leo Hope 2 dager siden
Sunless you suck right
Infinite Player
Infinite Player 2 dager siden
You are forgiven
Carter Terpstra
Carter Terpstra 14 minutter siden
For some reason when I played competitive I was a no rank and skipped to silver lol
Intruvius 37 minutter siden
Me: I GOT IT Also Me: Oh wait no im a bronze
Colin Junge
Colin Junge Time siden
I can speed flip kickoff in diamond...
Dank Sharky
Dank Sharky Time siden
"Plats can air dribble" I will agree with u buddy but defense? Na defense is a challenge
Yash Grewal
Yash Grewal 2 timer siden
ok 10 mill views but 1 mill subs lol
Fusiondroid204 YT
Fusiondroid204 YT 2 timer siden
Who else realised the gold was once a diamond
leo ramos
leo ramos 2 timer siden
I don’t know about plat because I got to plat in 1v1s yesterday
xd_Raven_Gaming Gaming
xd_Raven_Gaming Gaming 2 timer siden
I know I suck now I’m in gold but I used to be in silver I played way better than those ppl
Sam Conway
Sam Conway 3 timer siden
Why’s he talking like champ is a low rank one of the highest rank in the game
Sam Conway
Sam Conway 3 timer siden
He plays bad when he’s like 3-0 up
Sam Conway
Sam Conway 3 timer siden
This vid is such basically him boosting his ego
JAYMZE 6 3 timer siden
How can you play the game and be in silver or bronze
conor c
conor c 5 timer siden
It's really just my tm8s
conor c
conor c 5 timer siden
I don't really do anything
conor c
conor c 5 timer siden
Am a plat and
865354hayden 5 timer siden
8:37 is the most eye opening comment I’ve heard so far in my short RL career, I’m diamond and have wanted to get there for months because I think they’re good, and I get in with randoms and it’s constant ball chasing and I’m always wondering, how are you this rank with these shitty decisions. But then I’ll mess up and just get shit on by my tm8s lol.
Jake Dumes
Jake Dumes 6 timer siden
Ur silver is bronze -839383292747
Mr Calipo
Mr Calipo 7 timer siden
When he was playing in champ I thought it was gold
Fred K
Fred K 8 timer siden
he played to good in gold because i'm gold and i'm not that good
ZRX Bluur
ZRX Bluur 8 timer siden
as a plat i can see, we do get good all of a sudden, but our defence is that of a toddler
little_alex_c 8 timer siden
them plats were shite haha
Isaac Rutelonis
Isaac Rutelonis 10 timer siden
When he own goals at 7:47 “I had to score atleast once”
Kyle Fraser
Kyle Fraser 10 timer siden
Don’t even talk shit on plats im a plat and I have better mechanics than you
GOD NEO 11 timer siden
Sunless and I’m silver and I can easy do basic airrials
Ash Howell
Ash Howell 12 timer siden
Plat is like the awkward teen phase.
Sweezy 14 timer siden
those are not the plats i play against...
God of airsoft
God of airsoft 14 timer siden
I am a diamond
Samuel Hofford
Samuel Hofford 14 timer siden
Dude.... The gold three players I'm up against have a speed flip kickoff... Idk what ur talking about smh 😞
ᴀsᴛʀᴀᴛᴏᴍʏ 15 timer siden
If u want to be a plat then get useless touches, ball chase, and try to be mechanical and fail
Jordan Holmes
Jordan Holmes 16 timer siden
why cant they fast Ariel in plat the plats i fight littarly save every shot
Josh Mitterling
Josh Mitterling 16 timer siden
i stg those are the worst plats ever or i suck eggs
Logan Anketell
Logan Anketell 19 timer siden
Bruh I’m silver and can fast Ariel better that a plat
Rachel Bazire
Rachel Bazire 20 timer siden
I’m sliver 3 and I can air dribble and aerial air roll
SKOD -_-
SKOD -_- 20 timer siden
Wait I’m plat 3 and can do a speed kickoff
Nicolas Rizzo
Nicolas Rizzo 20 timer siden
I feel like every plat is a diamond now and every diamond is a champ, on playstation at least
mr games
mr games 23 timer siden
He thinks silver suks
Mr RblxZ
Mr RblxZ Dag siden
10:59 are u Itsmatrix
Hunter Murphy
Hunter Murphy Dag siden
my plat freind speed flips like that idkn that it was meant to be for champs
William AVORY
William AVORY Dag siden
Sunless I think you should be diamond in rocket league
Eman Dag siden
Anyone see the plat name
LooneyTwins Fun
LooneyTwins Fun Dag siden
I am gold and u do not play lime the golds i play with
Mystic Blitz
Mystic Blitz Dag siden
Do this again
Joe Games
Joe Games Dag siden
My friend is gold 1 and he can air dribble
FaZe GLICH Dag siden
Bro ima dimond and those bronzes i can just sit in net and wait🤣😂
Cxdish Dag siden
Im gold and can nearlly air dribble i play ps4 on oce servers
Connor HC
Connor HC Dag siden
he was not like a gold
its Daejon
its Daejon Dag siden
Crazy i used to be in bronze and whiff like damn near everything now I'm sick in plat 😂😭
lazer shot
lazer shot Dag siden
wow this has 10 million views for a 1.68 million subs youtuber
Gert Ka
Gert Ka Dag siden
ur underrating plats do you know that some of us can speedflip
Gert Ka
Gert Ka Dag siden
you played in plat like a gold ur opponents were just trash
Adam Karim
Adam Karim Dag siden
Bronze: constant or no boosting at the ball Silv: using more techniques such as power slide and flips Gold: attempts at ariels with some success faster gameplay Plat: better ariels and harder and faster hits Dia: air dribble attempts and good touches and less ball chasing Champ: air dribbles are on point and very fast games
Mooshimoca Dag siden
is this usa? when i play gold in eu its harder than diamond in this vid haha, seeing 3 diamonds going for the ball is hilarious
Noah Copeland
Noah Copeland Dag siden
3:18 cities is the same for me Edit: Lol i swear ive seen flores in one of my gold games..
Amon Dahl
Amon Dahl Dag siden
Anyone else notice the gold in diamond rewards 😂😭
Strombolly Dag siden
8:07 my favorite fruit
Sigurdur Stefan
Sigurdur Stefan Dag siden
Silver and gold are much better
James Panichi
James Panichi Dag siden
He be like o yeah champs can’t speed flip
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Dag siden
im gold and can dbl touch can we have a pt 2
The X Rageman
The X Rageman 2 dager siden
diamond then seems kinda like plat now
Chicks with me Ya
Chicks with me Ya 2 dager siden
That is not how a silver plays I can air role and Ariel to
Wynn Gaber
Wynn Gaber 2 dager siden
your making fun of my rank :(
Ironically Agena
Ironically Agena 2 dager siden
Mystic Lontle
Mystic Lontle 2 dager siden
Z0lr0m 2 dager siden
i was playing with my friend today (i was unranked at the time) we were playing competitive, right after we win the last game i needed to be ranked i was thinking i was just gonna get bronze 1. But then i got really surprised my first rank in 2's was gold 1, i was really happy. I was coming from unranked to gold 1.
Kingsly Gluc
Kingsly Gluc 2 dager siden
The silent aries dentsply dare because kohlrabi cytologically branch failing a rough donkey. quickest, elfin brother-in-law
العاب ميرال از
العاب ميرال از 2 dager siden
Tyler Vena
Tyler Vena 2 dager siden
"Plats are a little weak on the defense" Me (A diamond with plat skills because I put emphasis on defense): 🥲
Trubble 2 dager siden
U 100% smurfed in plat they can't air dribble
Elias Krafft
Elias Krafft 2 dager siden
whatsup Sunless, u will probally not see this but im a unranked trash player and would like some coaching. Im subsribed and watch your vids:)
MJ Macaroni
MJ Macaroni 2 dager siden
My friend is plat 1 and he can speed flip
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 2 dager siden
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 2 dager siden
A silver would of been able to areal
•Diggy• •Dino•
•Diggy• •Dino• 2 dager siden
I was playing in gold duels and I was getting freestyled on
Saqeeb Ahmed
Saqeeb Ahmed 2 dager siden
I love how sunless foreshadowed accidentally in bronze
St4r 2 dager siden
Sunless: Does a ground to air dribble in gold Me: a plat 2 who can’t ground to air dribble: hmm yes 👁
jay 2 dager siden
“I guess plats can’t defend” bro you played one team 💀. There probs a bunch of plats that can defend and are good
Atrocious Gaming
Atrocious Gaming 2 dager siden
Fatima Begum
Fatima Begum 2 timer siden
If they can’t aerial than why don’t you? Stop blaming your teammates. if they aren’t good, then YOU should get good so you can actually win
Stryker Jones
Stryker Jones 2 dager siden
Silvers better than that
Le Le
Le Le 2 dager siden
Aspxct _GhosTz
Aspxct _GhosTz 2 dager siden
He does a normal kickoff in platinum and I’m a silver and I can speed flip kickoff
Rocking Boy6
Rocking Boy6 2 dager siden
Videos starts at 1:15
YouTube 2 dager siden
Can anyone carry me and my brother we are struggling to get out of unranked
Shelton Johnson
Shelton Johnson 2 dager siden
I love how every good rocket league player says their bad but they know there wanna of the best players in the game
Metal RL
Metal RL 2 dager siden
Speed flips aren’t hard I’m plat and I can do them
Lucasplayonez 3 dager siden
Hello, gold in your video is me in platinum these days.
Ruy Regalo
Ruy Regalo 3 dager siden
Hes just making all the bronzes sad
boy channel
boy channel 3 dager siden
Where the first guy wheels black dicei's!!!!!!
WHOKNOWSSTUDIOS ! 3 dager siden
The champ legit looked like silvers im dying
GJG 3 dager siden
I like sucking at rocket league 😂😂 well done Sunless
Sanzix Memes
Sanzix Memes 3 dager siden
I’m in platinum and those were not platinum players, no chance😂
- MagicMayhem4011 -
- MagicMayhem4011 - 15 timer siden
I agree
Nathan Todorovski
Nathan Todorovski 3 dager siden
I’m offended of being a dimond now sunless doesn’t like me damn
leo ramos
leo ramos 2 timer siden
FortniteFishy Z
FortniteFishy Z 3 dager siden
Just saying I'm silver and I speed flip
Rayan ghofaili
Rayan ghofaili 3 dager siden
You were playing better in gold than plat lol
BRAM0 3 dager siden
bentondude on Tiktok
bentondude on Tiktok 3 dager siden
my brother is in the champion leauge
Ben gamez
Ben gamez 3 dager siden
I can do aerials when I’m a bronze and I could do a speed flip when I am bronze bro btw musty is better than you
macoey 3 dager siden
Im a gold. The game was kinda the most common match, 1 good player that carries the other ones
Elias Holmberg
Elias Holmberg 3 dager siden
I can do the speed flip. And im plat 2
Imogen Doherty
Imogen Doherty 3 dager siden
I’m bronze but I never play but I’m beast
Eric the master of all Things
Eric the master of all Things 3 dager siden
Hey sunless can I have the fennec pls I have been trying to get it for a long time.
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